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Summer Infant Complete Coverage Color Video Monitor Set with 7" LCD Screen and 1.8" Handheld Unit
List Price: $299.99

Our Price: $269.00

You Save: $30.99 (10%)


  • 7'' LCD color flat screen and 1.8'' color handheld parent's unit
  • 900 MHz technology for superior clarity and 350' range
  • Built in carry handle, swivel stand and tilt option on 7'' parent unit
  • Belt clip, flip stand and 10 hour rechargeable battery for handheld unit
  • Both parent's units include auto time-out feature on screen, LED sound lights and one touch video on/off for night time convenience

Customer Reviews:

  • Decent product with surprising limitations
    This system has good range and acceptable audio/video signals. The surprising thing about it is the limitations it has for a $300 system...
    I have more than one child and wanted to purchase a second camera so I can switch between channels and view each child (a reasonable expectation since many lower cost systems offer an extra camera option to do just that). Here is the response given by their customer service: "There is not a second camera option for that system. It has two channel selection to minimize interference" (huh??? you have two channels but cannot use a second camera?) This seems very short sighted to me unless their expected demographic is only for people with one child, especially for the cost of this system.
    Another oddity is the use NiCad batteries in the portable monitor, Nicads have well documented memory effect issues if you don't allow them to completely discharge before recharging them, this is another inconvenience that I am not sure why they chose this instead of NIMH or LI-Ion batteries.
    I suppose I can live with the battery issue but the camera issue is making me consider returning this product for another that will fit my needs....more info
  • Loving It!
    I bought this to replace an earlier model Summer video monitor and just love it. Since we have two floors, it is nice to have a monitor in our bedroom and a handheld that I can cart around with me. Everything works well, and it is so nice to see my child no matter where I am in the house. The video quality is good, not superior, and gives me what I need. If you are expecting television quality picture (especially those HD viewers out there)you won't be thrilled. Overall, I am very pleased and wouldn't be without this product. ...more info
  • Good product but prefer Summer BestView model better
    Very good monitor.

    (+) Really like how it includes two monitors (so two people in different places can both monitor our son).
    (+) Like how the handheld video monitor can be connected and displayed on large TV

    (-) Some static interference once in a while
    (-) Handheld video monitor when not connected with the ac plug will go into sleep mode after a few minutes (not audio, just video). You'll need to press a button on top to turn it back on
    (-) Can't pan or zoom

    For roughly the same price, you can get the Summer Best View monitor which I also bought (kept both for different locations). Personally like that one better due to. It pretty much addresses all the down falls of this unit being reviewed: clearer picture, ability to pan & zoom and video stays on even when AC not connected. The only thing is that the Best View can't connect to a larger TV and only includes the handheld unit. Really all you need in my opinion though.

    Summer makes great products.
    ...more info
  • Summer Infant Complete Coverage Video Monitor
    This is a GREAT monitor. I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 beacuse of the volume control on the large screen. There is no happy medium, you either can't hear it or its too you just kinda get used to it. However, the portable monitor wtih the small screen is super convenient. We had an older video monitor set that died but this one has MUCH beter clarity and great portability all around....more info
  • Excellent! especially if you need the range.
    We bought this early (before the babies arrive) to test it out and we are not disappointed. We are using it right now to monitor an ailing relative who needs near constant monitoring and the nature of the set up is she is in a separate home on the property. So the monitor and sound are working perfectly at a range of about 275 ft between two homes. The handheld device can also be hooked up to your tv which puts the picture large and very convenient. You have the option of having sound, picture or both which is a nice feature. I give this high marks and cannot wait to use it to monitor the babies when they arrive....more info
  • Works Like A Charm!!
    After trying out a few other video monitors, we saw this one online and ordered it immediately. It works beautifully. The picture comes in perfectly, day and night. It's absolutely worth the money!!...more info