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Body of Lies (Widescreen Edition)
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Roger ferris uncovers a lead on a major terrorist leader suspected to be operating out of jordan. Studio: Warner Home Video Release Date: 02/17/2009 Starring: Leonardo Dicaprio Russell Crowe Run time: 128 minutes Rating: R

Customer Reviews:

  • Body of Lies
    Leonardo and Russell are, not suprisingly, stellar in this complex and believable film. A must watch.
    jimmy...more info
  • Good movie but has some odd bits
    Okay, I'd be the first to admit that DiCaprio was an odd choice to play Ferris. He doesn't look Middle Eastern at all, but other than I think the actor does a good job. Granted I only got sixty pages into the book before seeing the movie. Crowe's character is interesting and rather funny. He talks about intelligence operations at the family soccer game and while he helps brushes his kids teeth. The movie has just got an odd air about it tho. The first time I watched this movie I enjoyed it but it wasn't what I was expecting, but when I popped it in when I was bored a few days later I really enjoyed it. DiCaprio is the only part that through me off but tbh I thought he was good he can pull action movies like Departed and Blood Diamond rather well. But he doesn't fit a Middle Eastern spy lol...more info
  • One of Scott's lesser movies and Crowe's very worst.
    Hard to understand how with all the talent involved this movie turned out so very so-so. I find it hard to point out exactly why I didn't like it that much. Crowe seems wasted in such a small, repetitive role (a first for him). DiCaprio is at it again cursing throughout the whole movie with another of his "I'm way past the Titanic-pretty-boy role". The exact moment you see an attractive girl turn up in the movie you realize he is going to fall in love with her and she is going to be threatened in some way by the bad guys. And then all the middle eastern names sound so very all the same to me, half the time I didn't know who or what they were talking about. Spending so much time in such rough unattractive places made me constantly wish for an intermission and that they would show commercials in theaters half-way through movies. I find it a miracle I didn't fall sleep watching BODY OF LIES. All of this is not to say this is a terrible movie. The satellite spying scenes are pretty good and you'll be wondering yet again how exactly it is they can't find the 9/11 terrorists with all this technology (you'd think they'd have to get out of the cave once in a while). Anyway, this ought to make a better DVD than theater going expirience. ...more info
  • DiCaprio looks extremely silly in this film
    I don't know who did the casting in this movie, but this movie should be enough to make sure that they never work anywhere of repute again.

    Dicaprio (still looking about 14 years old) tries very hard to breathe life into his character-- which is supposed to be that of a hard-nosed, foul-mouthed veteran spy. But it just doesn't work (and that's being generous). The role would have been more appropriate for someone like Billy Bob Thornton or Michael Wincott.

    The plot is not all that interesting, and it was hard to sit through the whole movie. Or maybe it was a marginally interesting plot-- but it collapsed under the weight of trying to believe DiCaprio's character....more info
  • You must be joking
    You're kidding, right?

    Roger Ferris (Leonardo DiCaprio) plays a supposedly tough, know-all CIA agent, searching in Jordan for the master-mind of several particularly grisly terrorist attacks. Ferris' idiot boss Ed Hoffman (Russell Crowe) spends most of his time glued to a cell phone ear piece, while watching his kids eat Cheerios or play sports. Against Hoffman's advice, Ferris turns to the Jordanian intelligence chief for help in nailing the terrorist culprit, and nearly gets himself killed in the process.

    First of all, I blame David Ignatius for one of the most ridiculous Middle East story lines I have ever seen. But director Ridley Scott also did an awful job. The entire film is unconvincing....more info
  • Intense Leo.
    Enjoyable romp, if somewhat unbelieveable at times, hard to think the Jordanian secret service is more effective than the CIA, but may be it is! Russell Crowe is brilliant at the seedy off the wall CIA controller, Leo is a bit over the top and basically appears to be reprising his Blood Diamond role. ...more info
  • Widescreen Single Disc
    I saw this in theaters and bought the single disc. Beware: the single disc of this film has no special features. So if you're planning on buying it, it won't have a parred down version of the two disc features! It doesn't even have a special feature option on the menu, so you pay for the movie alone. Disappointed that the trailer wasn't even present....more info
  • Action and intrigue
    Leonardo DiCaprio plays the part of a CIA agent in the Middle East. He believes in working with local authorities wherever possible, but his boss in Washington has a different agenda. As DiCaprio works with the head of intelligence in Amman, his boss (played by Russell Crowe) undermines the efforts of both men. This movie has intrigue and lots of action....more info
  • Watch it once
    I purchased this movie solely based on the previews I'd seen and two actors. I enjoy Russell and Leonardo in just about all their films. However, I didn't really care for this movie. I think my favorite character was Hani, played by Mark Strong. He fit this role perfectly. I was surprised at how many times Roger was `forgiven' for the doings of his boss. First he's told to leave Jordan, and then invited back. His would-be girlfriend is taken and he's tortured. There's a lot of action in this film and Russell's role is how I'd expect the boss in the states barking orders to the undercover guys. He spent most of this movie eating and watching his kids while barking orders. There wasn't one thing I didn't like and there wasn't one thing that made me want to see this movie again. It was ok....more info
  • Great cast, great movie
    With Russell Crowe and Leonardo DiCaprio in a Ridley Scott movie I expected that it would be good and it didn't disappoint. I thought it went beyond the usual spy movies and got deeper into the actual day-to-day workings of how the field agent worked with Washington and got tied in with local players.

    I have no idea if the 24/7 phone and GPS contact, the set ups, only looking to the goal with no regard for who gets hurt along the way, etc., are realistic to how things work, but it all seemed plausible.

    Even when I had already pretty much figured out how this was going to end, I still didn't know how the story would get there. The writing, acting and direction created characters that were multi-dimensional and as a view I wanted to know what was going to happen to them every step of the way. ...more info
  • A real sleeper
    Worst movie I saw this year!!! It put me to sleep. Don't waste your time or money to buy or rent....more info
  • Meh. Could Have Been Good, but Stumbles Badly
    The easiest way to summarize it is not smart enough to be Syrianna and the action didn't compare to The Kingdom.

    It sort of attempts to do both and comes up neither.

    That, and a muddled storyline don't help. I'm not sure what to make of it other than the so-what ideas that: a) there's plenty of jihadists that hate us and will kill us no matter what and b) we've done plenty throughout history to incite this kind of behavior. Not exactly a newsflash.

    What is also completely distracting is Crowe's first peformance ever where I didn't buy it. He's so completely superficial and they pound home the point that Leo's in the desert getting shot at while Crowe shuttles his kids to school plays, conducting war via cellphone. Not exactly subtle.

    DiCaprio is solid but hardly able to save this mess. Far more superior are the aforemetioned Syriana or The Kingdom, if you want to see DiCaprio in a political action thriller that does hit on all cylinders, try Blood Diamond....more info
  • Excellent...
    I missed "Body of Lies" in theaters, but finally watched it on dvd!

    Excellent! DiCaprio and Crowe were excellent together in this CIA thriller! The movie is set in Jordan, where DiCaprio is the man on the ground, hunting a radical cleric.

    Leo DiCaprio was on top of his game as undercover CIA agent Roger Ferris, his roles are always believable and in my opinion he's one of the best actors making movies right now. His last several movies have been outstanding: "Blood Diamond" (06), "The Departed" (06) and "Catch Me If You Can" (02).

    Russell Crowe plays Ed Hoffman, DiCaprio's (Ferris) CIA eyes and ears in Langley, Virginia. The role seemed a little out of place for Crowe, but he played it really well. Love him or hate him, Russell Crowe has only made blockbusters since 2000 - "American Gangster" (07), "3:10 to Yuma" (07), "Cinderella Man" (05), "Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World" (03), "A Beautiful Mind" (01) and "Gladiator" (00).

    The movie moves along at a fast paced, is thrilling and has a few twists and turns.

    If you liked "The Kingdom", "Vantage Point" and / or "Charlie Wilson's War", you'll love "Body of Lies"~...more info
  • Interesting, Provocative DiCaprio/Crowe/Scott Thriller
    "Body of Lies" is a taut, riveting thriller that weaves a tale of terrorism, espionage, and betrayal amid the current landscape of violence and retribution in the Middle East. The film is based on the novel by David Ignatius.

    Leonardo DiCaprio continues to prove that he's got the acting chops and is believable in action films. Here he plays Roger Ferris, a CIA operative working to track down a bin Ladenesque terrorist named Al-Saleem. Al-Saleem's trail leads Ferris to Jordan, where he must balance working with and between his CIA handler (played with relish by an overweight, aged Russell Crowe) and the head of Jordanian intelligence (brilliantly played by Mark Strong), who are working at crosspurposes with each other. Ferris further complicates his mission by falling for an Iranian nurse (played by Golshifteh Farahani).

    The movie uses wild technology, lies and counterlies, torture, and Ferris' growing disdain with the intelligence community. Some of the movie seems quite fanciful, and maybe it is, but except for a couple of places, it holds up as a brutually honest thriller.

    "Body of Lies" isn't perfect, but it doesn't have to be. It's fiction. Some may find it unbelievable, but it's a movie, and that means it doesn't have to get everything right. It just has to entertain, and it certainly does....more info
  • The eternal clash between pragmatism and theory!
    "Body of lies" is a powerful denounce, a realistic portrait between two agents. One of them (Di caprio) is assigned to infiltrate himself in order to get the location of a feared terrorist, the main chief of an organization disposed to punish and seek revenge against all of those who don't share the holy visions and doctrinal principles that support that distorted vision about the world; while the other one (Russell Crowe) is a bureaucratic agent whose avidness to get the minimum information is even able to screw up pacts and internal agreements established over the own battlefield.

    This growing lack of focus and clashes of approaches around what is priority and what is not, will lead them to an unavoidable breakthrough that eventually will collapse the main goal.

    These two visions (one from the same ground of the happenings and the other one based on theoretical principles) is nothing new. But it's a real pity the first-rate technology doesn't run parallel respect the multiple contradictions of the human behavior. This is the awful truth.

    Don't miss this rewarding and courageous film.
    ...more info
  • 4 stars
    Very well acted. Russell Crowe is fantastic. A great entertainment but as a statement on things it's pretty MOR... IE politically correct....more info