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Executive Decision
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  • Blend of top entertainment with poor quality DVD

    First of all, there is absolutely no question about the entertainment value of this movie. When I received it, I watched it twice two days in-a-row! It is an excellent action movie if you like hostage/terrorism themes.

    Although there have been complaints about Seagal's early demise, I am neutral about it. He played a great part and his role/performance was effective.

    Mostly, I review the quality of the DVD so here we go:

    "Widescreen review" must be crazy with their 5.0/picture, 5.0/sound, or I didn't receive the same DVD. The picture is pretty bad for a 1996 film (released on DVD approx. two years ago). The picture is grainy with various spots and blurs. At times, there are blue lines around the actors' faces, and it's not from anything glowing, either. It is just poor quality. The DVD starts right away without going to the menu.

    The best sound comes at the beginning of the movie with some cheesy words typing across the screen and the effect follows the typing from left to right. Was that necessary?

    My picture rating: 1.5 at times, 3.0 maximum in the best shots.
    Sound: 3.0 overall

    I hope that they remaster this movie in the near future. Clearly, this film was slopped to DVD just to make hasty sales. If you don't mind the [bad] picture, by all means purchase this DVD and enjoy! But I would wait another year or so. It doesn't look like it has a lot of sales so a new release may never happen.

    Oh, entertainment rating on a scale of 5: my vote = 6.0!

    *...more info

  • One of the best action films ever made
    I first saw this on video and I immediately liked it. When I found out it was available on DVD, I got it right away. The action and the story was fast-paced and kept me entertained for the whole film. I also liked Steven Seagal's performance in the film. I don't that this film was weak or depressing at all. I really enjoyed this movie....more info
  • A lot of fun if you don't take it too seriously
    A group of fanatic middle east terrorists hijacks a US-bound airliner, holding its crew and passengers hostage and demanding the release of their leader - a fearless mastermind of terror brazenly seized by US special forces in a daylight raid. We soon learn, from a brilliant civilian analyst named Grant (Kurt Russel) that the hostage bid is actually a clever smokescreen - that the airliner is actually loaded with a highly potent nerve gas, perhaps enough to end life as we know it on America's east coast. Without any proof, the US government has the choice blasting the plane into oblivion to end a threat it could never prove, or allowing the plane to reach US airspace, where it will disperse its deadly cargo. Instead, a tricky plan is chosen - use a stealth transport with a special airlock to insert a team of special forces onto the plane, to retake it and disarm the bomb.

    Up until then, "ED" is content to be a generic, enjoyable yet eventually forgettable action movie involving airplanes and "reel bad arabs" (Hey, I didn't make that up - some guy wrote a book about stereotyping arabs, and somebody else recommended that instead of this flick, as if the audience of one and the other's readership overlap that much). This flick came out in March - not quite the time when people are lining up at the box office. Though not a bad movie, it somehow manages to approach what we all love as the "so bad, we love it" category. Something funny happens midway through though - you realize that you're watching a parody (probably unintentional, but why spoil the fun?) with plenty of violence, but still one that isn't quite right enough to take seriously. Steven Seagal plays the intrepid head of the special forces, but he's dispatched early on, leaving his team to shoulder the task of ending the flying seige. You really know something's wrong when, while describing the plan, Seagal suddenly but calmly tells the military brass and the political heads involved that what he really wants is Kurt Russel's character (tuxedo and all) to come along for the trip. The script suggests he's laughing inside at Russell who'll have to face these bloodthirsty terrorists alone, but he's more likely laughing at us. The flick lards it up further in its choice of miscasting - adding BD Wong and John Leguizamo in as footsoldiers in Seagal's crack outfit. Finally, in what may be a nod to all of those "Airport" flicks of the 70's (okay, so there were only 3 of them), the flick climaxes in the single least-convincing airplane crash-landing ever depicted on the modern screen. (This is perhaps the strongest proof that the flick was intentionally parodying action movies: years earlier, a cosmetically altered 707 was used to brilliantly and chillingly simulate a crash landing 747 in "White Nights"; another 707 was dispatched in speed - certainly they could have done more than used models ala something by Sid and Marty Croft) I'm conservative, but ED hadn't had me scamper around frothing about "arab terrorists", nor did I look at this flick in a new light because of September 11. (I've seen far worse arabs in other films, while this one hints that most of the hijackers were out of the loop about the plan to dump nerva gas on the east coast.) Instead, it's a welcome diversion from more self-conciously serious action movies, even if you'll forget most of it (even Donald Trump's ex, Marla Maples as a flight attendant, or the late JD Walsh as a senator) the next day....more info

  • Did real life terrorists get some ideas from this film?
    It is ironic that after 9/11 Hollywood shies away from directly dealing with Islamic terrorism. So much so, that the very recently released The Sum of All Fears based on Tom Clancy's novel changes the identity of the evil doers from fervent Islamicists to ultra right-wing Nazis. The earlier Executive Decision was filmed in 1996. It addresses forthrightly, without fear of politically correct reprisals, the menace of Islamic radicalism. A few scenes even have the terrorists speaking Arabic to each other. In many ways, Executive Decision, warned us about the possibility of the attacks of 9/11. The actor who primarily makes this film work is David Suchet who portrays the diabolical Nagi Hassan, a dedicated Islamicist who hates the United States with an unrelenting passion. He ultimately plans to use a hijacked airplane as something of a heavy duty bomb to murder millions of American citizens. This fiendish individual is committed to sacrifice his own life, but hides the final aspect of the scheme from his fellow terrorists. The latter believe that they are merely participating in a plot to free a fellow Islamic radical. Hassan fails to inform them that they are on a suicidal mission. Does this not remind one of the hijackers of 9/11? Osama bin Ladin also did not tell most of those 19 hijackers that they were going to die on that fateful day.

    What about Kurt Russell, Steven Segal, Halle Barry, and the other very fine performers? I will be blunt: the primary focus should be on the Nagi Hassan character. It is a very accurate depiction of the extremist Islamic terrorist mindset. Did the fast paced action thriller Executive Decision unwittingly provide a few ideas to those Islamic radicals who almost certainly viewed this film? The answer must be a reluctant yes. Should anyone therefore involved in the production of Executive Decision feel guilty? Not in the least. Artists usually cannot be blamed if the malevolent inclined interpret their work in a manner not to their liking. This is a must see movie. The Nagi Hassans are not merely the figment of a creative writer's imagination, but real live threats to our American values and freedoms. Executive Decision earns five stars....more info

  • Action
    The beginning of this film with the strike team and later the civilian analyst who advises the military has the feel of a Tom Clancy novel. While not nearly the quality of a Tom Clancy story, it does have an excellent cast which makes it enjoyable to watch. The flight sequences are just too unbelieveable to take seriously. There is a lot of action and an engaging plot which will keep your attention. I enjoyed this film just from the all star cast.

    While this is a good film, I recommend Tom Clancy's series based on the character of CIA Analyst Jack Ryan. (The Hunt For Red October, Patriot Games, Clear And Present Danger, The Sum of All Fears.)...more info

  • buyIt
    EXECUTIVE DECISION by Warner Studios with a running time of 133 minutes in color starring Kurt Russell and Halle Berry receives five stars from me because of the overall package that it gives to the viewer. It has suspense, action, and drama. I think the movie was real smooth in responding to the different situations that arose on the airplane and the resources that were used to aid them. The spy cams and sleepers are great. I was on the edge of my seat the entire show. Joe Morton was great also--who could diffuse a bomb with a broken neck. Halle Berry--wonderful job--brave in the face of adversity. However, to have the whole plane saved by a piece of plastic is just funny as ever, which gives it a little comical bit.

    The only part that was confusing was that S. Seagal was killed out very early in the show and for someone of his stature, it seemed odd.

    Overall, I just love this movie. It is the best....more info

  • The Most Brilliantly Executed Hi-Tech Thriller Ever
    This film should be required viewing in every film school in the country as a pitch-perfect example of how to structure a thriller,and how to execute it.The plot is deceptively simple:terrorists hi-jack a plane,and it's up to a covert team of operatives to rescue it.It's from this skeletal foundation that director Stuart Baird constructs an almost overwhelmingly suspensful film with climax that rocks.What really works well is the pacing(not surprisingly,director Baird is a veteran editor),so deliberate and logical at first,with no wasted shots of gratuitous fist-fights or side-tracking,that leads to the slam-bang finale.I won't give any of it away if you haven't seen it,I'll just say that this is probably the best made of all the modern "Die Hard" type films,and greatly benefits from a top-notch cast,led by a perfectly believable Kurt Russell.His brilliantly naturalistic performance draws you into the story,and gives the whole enterprise a sense of genuine urgency;it feels like it's happening to someone you know.Buy this film.It's riveting the first time,and holds up to repeated viewings which allow you to marvel at the amazingly skillful way this was put together....more info
  • GREAT sdbut by Baird!
    Editor Baird made a great debut in direction. Good acting, good cast, good scrit, good action-thriller. Russell is always amazing, nothing new here. But Seagal's name in the credits fools the public, because he dies in the first 20 minutes....more info
  • An Action Packed Movie!
    This was a very good action movie. I hated that Steven Seagal got killed but the movie was still action packed. Kurt Russell came off very well as the hero. A jet is hijacked by a crew of Arab terrorists. A chemical bomb is put into placed that will cause a great ammount of damage. Kurt Russell and an anti- terrorist team are slipped onto the plane in midair. This is where we lost Steven Seagal. From here the race is on to get the plane away from the hijackers. The terrorists are truly evil and sinister. The plot of this movie is good as well. This is a very good movie that you should not miss....more info
  • Kurt Russell at his action-hero best
    Okay, it's Die-Hard-on-an-airplane the way _Speed_ is Die-Hard-on-a-bus, _Under Siege_ is Die-Hard-on-a-battleship, and _The Rock_ is Die-Hard-at-Alcatraz. But it's a fine action flick and it beats the heck out of _Air Force One_.

    I like Kurt Russell; to my mind he's never gotten the credit he deserves as an actor. And if (like me) you're not a big Steven Seagal fan, you'll be gratified to learn (about half an hour into the film) that he's _not_ the hero of the story.

    This film probably couldn't have been made today. In the post-9/11 world, every moviemaker is carefully shying away from the 'Arab terrorist' stereotype; the screen adaptation of Tom Clancy's _The Sum of All Fears_ substituted neo-Nazis, and even the Gubernator took the safe route (using Columbian drug lords in _Collateral Damage_). But in fact, this script does a pretty good job of making clear that the head terrorist (David Suchet) is a loon who doesn't represent even the views of his collaborators, let alone those of the larger Arab/Muslim world.

    Anyway, if you like a good action-suspense yarn, you'll like this one. Sure, parts of it are implausible, but less so than in lots of other good action films. And Russell makes an excellent hero....more info
  • One Word "Intense"
    I've seen this before, but it was just on tv, and it's actually a pretty good action/thriller. Definately not one of those YEAH RIGHT THAT IS SO FAKE movies, indicating they concocted everything with precision and knowledge. You enjoy it from beginning to end with it's non stop action and intense scenes between the american soldiers and the terrorists. Kurt Russell proves once again to be a hands on actor and a worthy main character. There is another similar movie but not as good as executive decision. It's called passenger 57. In the past I always confused the two. But if you enjoyed this one, try passenger 57 out. It's with Wesley Snipes....more info
  • Excellent Tom Clancy style thriller
    Where do I start? First of all, Executive Decision is definitely NOT an action movie. Everyone who didn't like it is probably just bitter because they expected non stop fighting between soldiers and terrorists. If that's what you want, try Die Hard or Passenger 57. Executive Decision works more on suspense. In fact, the terrorists have no idea the soldiers are on the plane until the last 20 minutes! Until then, they hide out above and below the passenger area while trying to come up with a plan for taking the terrorists out. Also, they can't risk fighting the terrorists until they defuse a bomb in the luggage area, because one of the terrorists is masquerading as a passenger and would instantly set it off. The thrills are delivered non-stop in a very realistic Tom Clancy like fashion. In fact, the only thing I think could make it better would be if Clancy was actually an advisor or writer....more info
  • Kurt Russell's midair masterpiece, so drop Dead Segal.
    Soldier's Kurt Russell teams up with Not so tough voice and good martial arts actor Steven Segal in this Mid-air Suspensed action thriller. Kurt is a man working for Military Intelligence who is asked to team up with A Counter terrorist assault team lead by Steven Segal. to secretly get on-board a hijacked jumbo jet which is set on corse to Washington DC. The plane is hijacked by Iraq Terrorists, who on a rescue mission to rescue a Arrested terrorist memeber. They have 3 hours to get on-board and stop the plane from reaching Washington DC. (I'm glad Steven ain't the hero of the movie)...more info
  • Great action thriller
    Kurt Russell stars as a suit-and-tie Intelligence analyst who ends up leading a crack Special Ops unit in the rescue of a hijacked US passenger plane which coincidentally has a bomb onboard. They have until US airspace to defuse the bomb--or the US will have no choice but to blow the plane up. The action's fast and the humor in places is politically irreverent. This is definitely one to own and watch again and again. ...more info
  • this one coulda been better
    Executive decision , the movie about a 747 being taken over by terrorists. Starring kurt Russel , Steven Segal. ok, how can this movie coulda been better?? this movie coulda been so much better if they didnt wipe out Steven Segal in the begining of the movie. Im watching for the First time and i was surprised with what had happened ,im like "What?!?!?" and i didnt like the idea of it.They coulda Used him in the entire movie and they woulda done better. they coulda done better, it was good though , so because of that 2 and hlaf 3 stars , Kurt Russel did great regardless. it was ok the movie itself though but Stick to Hard to Kill, and Under Seige 1 and 2 ,the movie with the Train explosion in colorado, and others with Steven Segal....more info
  • An Excellent Movie Featuring Unsung Talent
    Get over the Segal thing, people. This movie is not just action. It's action/suspense, and that's something Segal could never carry by himself. Yes, he dies early in this movie, but given the talent that permeates the cast, he IS the weakest link. Don't get me wrong, Segal is good in an action movie, but the man can only play one kind of character (which is why he's the only one in this star-studded cast who is not working right now). He was put in the same movie with Kurt Russell, Man of a Thousand Characters, a surprisingly effective John Leguizamo (and I wish he'd take more serious parts like this one), a very talented and versatile BD Wong (the non-martial-arts Asian whom nobody appreciated enough to mention), and Oliver Platt, who is entertaining no matter what role he plays. With these guys on one hand and Segal on the other, you can't blame the powers that be for their (pardon the pun) executive decision. At least he went out better than Emilio Estevez in Mission Impossible....more info
  • It was great!!
    No words can express what I feel about this movie... I just love it!!...more info
  • Chopped up
    This is a cut version, there is about 15 minutes of footage cut out of this movie....more info
  • and cut !!!!
    executive decision was a very fine movie.i saw it in the theater three times. so i remember every thing and every scene. especialy the one's with halle barry. oh what a woman but!!!!.
    wait a minute isn't the director supposed to say cut when the movies being filmed not when it's already been shown in theaters all around america. this is the most chopped up film i've ever seen! it's a shame. there are about five key scenes cut out of this movie shortening it's lenth by about 12 to 16 minutes.they are very important when they setup the infrared lighting system. that's cut. or when they have to move the leader of the team "joe morton' after his back is injured and they have to carry him on a strecher through the plane to get to the device they cut the part out where they actually move him. all of the sudden he's at the device.there are too many cut's in this film to justify a purchase but if they do come out with a full lenth version of this film i will for sure be inline to get my dvd....more info
  • A Solid Action Thriller
    Though director Stuart Baird helped mangle the "Star Trek" franchise with the last "Next Generation" movie outting, his "Executive Decision" deserves a look by fans of the action genre. Kurt Russell plays a Jack Ryan-like intelligence operative swept into a covert assault on a hijacked airliner. Along for the ride are a crack team of commandos, played by such familiar faces as B.D. Wong, John Leguizamo, and Joe Morton, that tries to defuse a nerve gas bomb and rescue a plethora of hostages, including Halle Berry as a sympathetic flight attendant. Despite its similarities to "Die Hard" and "Air Force One" (and, eerily, some of the 9/11 goings-on), "Executive Decision" manages to establish itself as a unique effort through a combination of humanized characters and a plot that keeps ratcheting up the stakes. The movie is even gutsy enough to kill off Steven Seagal's character, who gets a nice John Wayne moment that is more salutory than most of his onscreen efforts. Fans of the "Poirot" mysteries may be surprised to see David Suchet as the villain here, but he deserves special note for taking a one-dimensional figure and giving him both menace and intelligence. Jerry Goldsmith provides a strong score, and though some airplane model work, especially at the end, is rather obvious, the film's production overall is suitably believable....more info
  • No Seagal ,No Problem
    This is a very ironic movie, it came out only 5 years before the 9/11 attacks. its plot is very similar in a way to what happened on that day, or what could have been done to prevent the incident. Sure enough the movie is fiction, most of what is seen would work up to a certain point. Either way the movie is a great effort at demonstrating what could be done in a time of crisis.

    A commercial airline is taken over by Islamic extremist; the main terrorist is Nagi Hassan, at first it seem that his demands is that the U.S. must release a man named Jaffa or they will suffer the consequences. But an analyst named Dr. Grant (Kurt Russell) believes different, his belief is that Hassan doesn't really want Jaffa's release; instead Grant believes the plane is carrying DZ-5 (an extremely dangerous explosive) and that he will detonate the plane killing millions of Americans.

    Grant, Colonel Travis (Steven Seagal) and a group of trained soldiers are planning now to take control of the plane with a special stealth plane that can attach to its commercial airliner. At first when I heard there plan it didn't feel realistic, but they do it just right, making it quite believable.

    For Seagal fans like me, let me tell you that this is not a Seagal movie. This is a Kurt Russell movie. Seagal is in the movie for tops 20 minutes. It seems that Seagal had some issues with the producers and his role was minimized. Funny though you can tell in some instances that Seagal doesn't want to be in it; he does give a good supporting role but we have seen better. Anyhow the movie is fantastic, a bit dated in some areas, but overall good. The major problem I have is with the DVD, it's horrible, the picture quality is crappy; Warner needs to re-release this remastered


    ...more info
  • Non-stop action drives this popcorn movie
    In "Executive Decision", Kurt Russell stars as a reluctant hero who is charged with saving the country from a airborne terrorist attack on the US that would have unbelievable consequences on the country. Co-starring are Steven Seagal as Col. Austin Travis, the leader of a group of Army Rangers who provide Russell with the backup that he needs during the movie. Halle Berry (before she really became HALLE BERRY) stars as the brave airline attendant, Jean, who provides the Rangers and Russell with help during their counterattack.

    The plot revolves around a terrorist group's reaction to the capture of their leader in the Mideast. Their response to the arrest is to take over control of an American airliner and hold the passengers for ransom. Or is that really their plan? Rather than provide the viewer with too many plot details, let me suffice to say that a significant plot twist occurs during the first third of the film that changes the pacing and interest level of the film dramatically.

    Viewers who enjoy Kurt Russell's action movies and any of the "Die Hard"/"Lethal Weapon" genre' of films will certainly enjoy "Executive Decision". The action is pretty much non-stop and will keep many viewers on the edge of their seats....more info
  • Oh brother!
    Such a dumb movie. Sad, sad! Even Steven Seagal wanted out! You will too!...more info
  • Can anybody ever come up with a good screenplay?
    Although there are a few good scenes to keep you interested, much of the screenplay is hard to believe and a lot of the dialogue is typical Hollywood hype. Halle Berry is actually one of the best acted roles in this otherwise overblown terrorist saga; the terrorists are more believable than the stars.

    The roles of Oliver Platt, John Lequizamo and Joe Morton are poorly written, with the honors of stupid lines being attributed to Lequizamo. I'm not sure what possesses people to like his over the top portrayals. He always plays his roles as if he is the most important one in the film. Didn't he ever hear of subtlety?

    Oliver Platt, another throw-away part given absurd lines, the same for poor Joe Morton, an actor who deserves more than he is usually given. He plays solid supporting parts, but here his part is ridiculous.

    As for the planting of the bomb on Morton and the various efforts to defuse it, all ridiculous. Can't they ever think of something that makes sense. It's like watching an episode of "24".

    Kurt Russell, a good actor whose movies are never "A" efforts. So much sweat and strain over so little.

    The film is basically a Jerry Bruckheimer epic, have you ever seen ConAir?
    Similar in their ethos and forgettable in their presentation. As I said, Halle Berry actually was convincing in her role and the terrorists would be the only reason to see the film. It is typical Hollywood all the way....more info
  • Excecutive Decision (1996)
    Director: Stuart Baird
    Cast: Kurt Russell, Steven Seagal, Halle Berry, John Leguizamo, Oliver Platt, Joe Morton, David Suchet, Len Cariou, B.D. Wong, Marla Maples Trump.
    Running Time: 135 minutes.
    Rated R for violence and language.

    Although it is a formula that has been used time and time again, "Excecutive Decision" succeeds just as well, if not better, than the "hostage-takes-over-plane-so-action-hero-has-to-come-to-rescue" genre predecessors because of wonderful performances, an in-depth and enjoyable script, and top-tier direction from rookie Baird. Very simliar to 1992's "Passenger 57" staring Wesley Snipes, but with more emphasis on the supporting cast instead of one central star.

    Kurt Russell stars as a United States government expert on Middle East terrorism who finds himself out of his office and on a die-or-die mission with gung ho commando Steven Seagal and Co. when an American airliner is taken hostage while in midair. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), Seagal is killed about a half an hour into the film, allowing Russell to take full command of the film. With the help from gorgeous flight attendant Halle Berry, Russell is able to learn about the situation and guide his great supporting players John Leguizamo, Oliver Platt, and Joe Morton as to how they need to approach the dangerous situation.

    If there is one major drawback of the film, it is that "Executive Decision" is fairly fairfetched and predictable at the same time--the anti-terrorist crew actually gets onto the plane while it is in the air and without the terrorists knowing--come on! But despite some of its logical fallouts, it is a film that makes up for it with a superb lead role, fine performances from Platt as a brainiac and Leguizamo as a rough-and-tough go-getter, and a gut-wrenching, thrill-ride (literally) of a finale. A nice directorial debut. One of the better action films of the mid 1990's and is on par with other plane thrillers such as "Con Air"....more info

  • Good Action Flick! Nice Boeing 747 Images!
    1996's "Executive Decision" ends much the same way several other air disaster films have concluded. The proverbial "somebody-other-than-the-pilot-must-land-the-plane" scenario is on hand here....this time with Kurt Russell at the controls of a Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet. Kurt doesn't win the safe-drivers' award for the year, but he does manage to skid the Jumbo to safety. But I liked the earlier scenes aboard the jet even better than the exciting ending. There are more than enough high-flying action sequences to keep your heart racing throughout this film's entire length of 133 minutes. I'm hoping there will be a sequel some day. A good title for that one would be -- "Another Executive Decision". :)

    Did You Know? ...... That the Boeing 747 used in the ground shots for the film "Executive Decision" was the 332nd B747 ever to roll off the assembly line at Everett, Washington (USA)? It's a Boeing 747-200B Combi. Its "c/n" (construction number) is #21541. The big four-engined bird first flew on July 17, 1978, and was first operated by Kuwait Airways.

    This 2-sided DVD was originally released by Warner Home Video in September 1997, which was a year and a half after the film debuted in movie theaters (it premiered on March 15, 1996). One side of the disc contains an attractive 2.35:1 Widescreen (Anamorphic) version; while a horribly-butchered Pan-&-Scan, Full-Frame (1.33:1) version that nobody on the right side on senility would ever watch in a million years (unless being ordered to do so by foreign terrorists) resides on the opposite side. Needless to say, the Widescreen side is the only one worth watching here. :)

    Audio booms out nicely via the DVD's Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround soundtrack. No special features are included here, other than some text notes.

    "Executive Decision" is kind of a "guilty pleasure" type of a flick. It's pretty much way over the edge on the "realistic" scale, but fun nonetheless. And the characters are all likeable, with well-acted performances by the cast....more info
  • The best airborne action film since Airport
    I don't watch a lot of "contemporary action" flicks, but this one is really good. To me, its scenario of a jetliner being used as a weapon of terror has an eerie prescience that lends a touch of horror and plausibility that its makers, back in 1996, probably didn't anticipate. Kurt Russell plays Dr. Donald Grant, a think-tanker who, through a series of plot twists, finds himself, along with a technical engineer (Oliver Platt) and a special-forces team (John Leguizamo, Joe Morton, B. D. Wong, Whip Hubley), secretly boarding a 747 that has been hijacked by a fanatic Islamic terrorist (David Suchet) and his band--most of whom don't have a clue about his secret agenda, a nerve-gas bomb whose presence Grant has deduced from his studies of the perp. Their mission: find and disarm the bomb and take down the terrorists before they can slaughter the entire East Coast. With the help of a stewardess (Halle Berry) and a plainclothes air marshal (Richard Riehle), they do both, only to find that the pilots have been killed and Grant, who's never flown anything bigger than a single-engine Cessna, must get the damaged liner down safely. The tension keeps ratcheting up steadily as complications are tossed into the Americans' path: the loss of their leader (Steven Seagal) and much of their equipment, an injured team member (who happens to be its bomb expert), the discovery of failsafes on the bomb and a sleeper agent aboard who can set it off manually, and a flight of combat jets prepared to shoot the plane down. Even after you've viewed it once, you'll still find yourself jamming your foot on the brake in the last few minutes as the crippled liner makes a long terrifying slide through ranks of parked small craft and into an earthen berm. A wild ride and one that any lover of nonstop action should enjoy....more info
  • Overlong and underdramatic
    "Executive Decision" promises to be a fast and glossy big-budget aerial adventure. However, even the special effects were not as impressive as expected. The last reel was a disappointing misfire. The script was poor and unmemorable. The performances were appalling and the plot was tedious and unsuspenseful, not to mention implausible. The impregnation of the jumbo jet by the stealth is strictly fantastic. And why should the terrorists go through all the trouble of hijacking a plane in order to detonate the DZ-5 over Washington? Shouldn't they have quietly shipped it in a crate and and activated it, thus taking the Americans by surprise? And the scene at the beginning, showing Kurt Russell taking flying lessons anticipates the ending oh-so-predictably! But there is one major plot twist, in the first twenty minutes, that will jolt unsuspecting viewers out of their seats......more info
  • Interesting Action movie without the leading action star
    This was a good movie and Kurt Russell did a great job in his role. I was disappointed that Steven Seagal was killed about 20 minutes into the movie, but if he hadn't, the movie would have been over in another 20 minutes as he would have retaken the plane in no time, all the bad guys were weak in comparison.

    This was the most realistic depliction of trying to board an in-flight hijacked plane I have ever seen, it's not something and just sky-diving onto a plane. The truth is you would probably kill everyone on board trying.

    The terrorist were just a bit too sophisticated for real life though. Come on, who creates a bomb that is too difficult to disarm on a plane where you are very unlikely to find a bomb squad around.

    Good movie, great to watch once, but not worth the space in the library....more info
  • Seagal's best
    Seagal is truly at his best in this film, he dies 20 minutes into it. This is the story of terrorists that take control of a flight heading to the U.S. and have loaded it full of explosives and chemicals that will essentially wipe out the entire east coast.

    Kurt Russel plays the terror expert that takes over for the Delta Force crew when their leader (Seagal) dies as the stealth fighter they are using to board the plane detaches and explodes.

    This is essentially one of those action movies that seemed cool to watch but not very credible. That is until 9/11 happened which makes this movie only a little more believable....more info
  • Better Than I Expecter
    While this movie seems just mediocre at the start, partially due to the hero role that Steven Seagal is put into, after the first twenty minutes it greatly improves. When the James Bond like scientist proves Seagal's character wrong we finally see that this movie has hope. Once Seagal's character falls to his death at 30,000 feet, the movie loses its stigma of just another action movie and opens a new avenue to the remaining characters. This then forces Russell's character into a lead position, allowing him to gain respect by one of the nation's top military strike teams. What really made this movie seem interesting was how it veered from the original action movie storyline, to a suspense action movie. Overall, this is a movie that I can, surprisingly, watch time and time again....more info
    We see a lot of movies. I was beginning to lose faith in my movie picking abilities because rarely do I see anything that truly engrosses me. Until this movie. This movie, on DVD is great. The visual is fantastic and the sound, oh my God, the sound. The ending, unlike other movies, doesnt undermine the rest of the film but truly provides an amazing climax. I rented it tonight but will buy it tomorrow. I loved it and applauded at the ending....more info
    Executive Decision is one of those rare action films that offers an intelligent plot and good characters while avoiding the lapses of violence and excess that are often typical of the genre. The makers of Executive Decision ensure that the movie does not degenerate into a story that revolves around one dominating ego. What makes Executive Decision a great movie is that it gives us an ensemble of characters who suddenly find themselves in a situation that forces them to be more than they ever thought possible. Kurt Russell, in a fine departure from past macho roles like Snake Plisken, is a deskbound analyst who unexpectedly finds himself coming up face to face with a terrorist whom he previously studied in the safety of his cubicle. John Leguizamo acquits himself well as the gung-ho Rat, who finds the burden of command thrust upon him, and learns that he must balance his desire to charge into the fray with patience and planning. Oliver Platt, as the engineer Cahill, perhaps finds himself witht the most daunting task, disarming the bomb under the guidance of the paralyzed Cappy (Joe Morton). The always lovely Halle Berry, as the stewardess Jean, also gives us the character of an ordinary person finding the courage to be brave in an extraordinary situation. David Suchet as the villain Nagi Hassan, plays his character with the proper level of creepy calculation. Arab-Americans have condemned Executive Decision as promoting stereotypes of Arabs as evil terrorists, but I do not think that the charge is warranted. When Nagi's right hand man realizes that Nagi's plan was not to free their leader but to make a suicidal bombing attack on the United States, he condemns Nagi, saying "This has nothing to do with Islam!" My only complaint with this film is having Kurt Russell's character, who is taking flying lessons at the beginning of the movie, land the jet airliner after the pilots are killed. I couldn't help but think of Robert Hays in Airplane with buckets of sweat pouring down his face while Robert Stack cajoles him from the tower and Lloyd Bridges declares that he picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue. Aside from this minor lapse into absurd excess, Executive Decision is an intelligent action thriller with a great cast. It is one of the most treasured movies in my video library....more info
  • I liked it!
    This was a good film. It immediately caught me off guard as Stven Segal was killed off in the first action scene. Although I don't dislike Segal and his acting this movie was probably better off without him. This is the first action film I have seen Kurt Russell in since Brackdraft and Stargate, and I always forget just how wonderful he doed in this type of film.

    The story line is a bit far-fetched as far as the rescue goes. I don't see hooking up to a commercial jet-liner with a stealth via a cloth-like tube in mid-air probable. I guess if anyone could find a way to make it happen it would be the military with these types of tools, but I just don't think it would happen. If it did it probably wouldn't come off as well as it did. If you can get past that you should enjoy the film however....more info

  • High caliber tension thriller!
    Despite the plot has been taken into screen so many times, this well handled and better written script around a group of terrorist fanatics who demand the liberation of an important leader , threatening an airplane with 400 passengers on board, is filled of histamine along the plot because it has several dramatic nerves to resolve.
    Excellent effort of Kurt Russell, Halle Berry and Sauchet as the leader terrorist.

    ...more info
  • Too bad picture quality suffers
    I have seen this movie many times on tv and never tire of it. So recently I decided to add the dvd to my collection. I was VERY disappointed in the picture quality. Not at all sharp, even on my PC screen. This DVD release is 10 yrs old so hopefully it will be re released in some sort of special edition with the quality the way it should be....more info
  • A fun movie
    This movie is excellent! This is a fun and exciting movie. Everybody in this film is just great. When you have the shock of a big ego star like Segal allowing himself to be killed off in the first ten minutes just for the story you know that it's gonna be awesome. This movie will make you laugh and cheer. Rent it, buy it, do whatever you have to to see it....more info