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Magic Study
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So far, I've managed to survive. You would think after being kidnapped as a child, imprisoned in my teens and released to become a poison taster, I would have endured enough. But no. The discovery of my magical abilities--powers forbidden in Ixia--has resulted in an execution order. My only chance is to flee to Sitia, my long-lost birthplace.

But Sitia is unfamiliar. I'm treated like an enemy--even by my own brother. Plus I can't control my powers. I want to learn about my magic, but there isn't time. A rogue magician has emerged and I'm targeted as his next victim.

Will my magical abilities save me...or be my downfall?

Customer Reviews:

  • Magic Sudy is Amazing!!!!
    I absolutely loved this book! It is even better than book 1 (Poison Study). I could not stop reading it! The characters are marvelous and the story is very unique. Can't wait to read book 3 (Fire Study)!...more info
  • Very Addictive
    I started this one almost immediately after finishing Poison Study. I was drawn into the world, and I loved most of the characters more. I also couldn't put this one down. It was worth the read....more info
  • I just couldn't put it down!!!
    Wow! That is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about this book. I read this book cover to cover in a day. It was written so well that it flows almost seamlessly from the first book. Yelena is still my hero and much beloved. It was interesting to see the "other side". I won't spoil it by going on into the exact plot but, if you loved the first one, you need this one!...more info
  • Wow! What a Sequel
    Yelena's story continues and grabbed me from the first page. I can't wait until her next book comes out. ...more info
  • Yelena's life gets even more intense...
    I agree with many of the reviewers here who said Magic Study is both a great read and at the same time too intense (one reviewer said "lets see who can kill Yelena next" and that is dead accurate). There are many harrowing scenes that Yelena must survive through.

    And that's what I want to point out to other readers -- that this book deals with some extremely evil characters who do a lot of damage to young girls -- both mentally and physically. Nothing is describe in too much detail, but the scenes are there and we witness the aftermath.

    Still... I really love the world Maria Snyder has created starting with Poison Study (which also has flashbacks to some very intense scenes) and I'm glad I read Magic Study. I'm pretty invested in the characters now and I look forward to reading the third installment, Fire Study.

    ...more info
  • No Sophmore Slump Here, Great Return for Yelena
    Okay, so I know that some feel Yelena has too many powers. What's the point of writing fiction is you have to write with restraint. Then it becomes non-fiction and I don't care as much. Yelena's three powers are speaking mind to mind with someone, healing, and seeing into someone's soul. She had to have three powers because by themselves that's just not enough to keep the book rolling. Plus, there is an Ethical Code that states you can't look into someones soul or speak mind to mind with them without their permission, that brings us down to one, count 'em, one power for everyday use.
    All in all, the locations were great, the characters weren't pretentious and had alot of depth and flavor to them. I'm excited just to start the third one....more info
  • Magic
    I bought this book for my 17 year old daughter who devoured it within 24 hours. She couldn't wait to start into the next one....more info
  • Magic study
    I enjoyed reading this as well as the pevious one. It got me within the first page. I would consider it a fantastic read and I can't wait for the next one....more info
  • New book, New Setting
    After reading some negative reviews about this novel, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I loved this book just as much as I loved the first one. I really liked meeting the new characters while also keeping with the same ones from the first novel.

    This book introduces Sitia which is a totally different setting from Poison Study. It is creative, and just plain fun (I can't imagine my mom climbing a tree!).

    If you liked the first novel, you will not be disappointed!...more info
  • Good in spite of issues
    I didn't enjoy this book as much as Poison Study because for some reason, Yelena's defense of Commander Ambrose and his system of government bugged me more here. Ambrose reminded me too much of Hitler - killing people for something they had no control over (here being born with magic), the uniforms, the papers needed to travel, etc... Yelena continues to admire a man that decreed her death twice because she killed someone in self-defense and then because of an accident of genetics (the magic thing again). Why? When Cahil states his reasons for wanting to take back Ixia from Ambrose - to give back the Ixians inherent freedoms - Yelena thinks these superficial. Freedom and liberty are superficial? This from someone who acts independently to the point of foolishness through the whole book. She asks Cahil if the Ixians even want his help - did Ambrose ask the Ixians before his military coup? This was no revolution of the peasantry - it was a military coup that put Ambrose in power as a tyrannical dictator.

    This sympathy for the devil is probably the only reason I wouldn't give the book a higher rating. ...more info
  • I liked it
    This is the sequel to Poison Study. Like the first book, this is a page turner and next to impossible to put down. Yelena has traveled to Sitia to hone her magic abilities. Along the way she is reintroduced to the family she was stolen from when so young. She's discovered she has a brother, Lief and he's not very friendly. When she arrives at Sitia she's made an apprentice due to her age and strong magic. She'll also meet Cahill, who claims to be only living heir to the Ixian throne.

    I enjoyed Yelena's telling of her story. She's strong willed and takes matters into her own hands. She's very powerful, and when she heals Tula and then brings her mentally back to the world you get a taste of what Yelena can really do. Cahill acts as though he would like to be more with Yelena but then turns very cold when he discovers she is in love with Valek. I was pleased the author didn't lessen the connection Yelena and Valek have.

    Yelena will also gain a new companion she can trust completely. A horse named Kiki. She discovers she can talk with animals and Kiki adds a bit of light humor always asking for peppermints. Janco and Ari will appear again. I very much loved them in the first book as they are the older brothers Yelena never had. Valek will also be back. I was expecting more from Lief, but he is so angry I was kind of glad to not spend the whole book reading about him. Towards the end when Lief and Yelena come to a sort of agreement, it seemed a bit too easy to let bygones be bygones. However, the twist of Cahill freeing Ferde leaves this book open to the next one. As the reader, I can't wait to read Fire Study. I hope it's as good as the first 2 books.

    Again this book reads for older teens and adults, there is rape and torture and love making. However, they are described in any other detail than it happened. It's not graphic and it's not descriptive.
    ...more info
  • Just as unique as the first
    Not long after the discovery of magical abilities and the resulting Ixian execution order, former food taster Yelena flees to Sitia, a neighboring country. She hopes to find peace and refuge in her newly discovered birthplace, but Sitia still seems foreign and Yelena has yet to regain her memories of the home she doesn't know. She is uncomfortably unfamiliar with the customs of the various clans in Sitia, including her own, the Zaltana Clan, and even her own brother treats her like an intruder. But Yelena has little time to ponder her feelings of being an outsider or yearn for Valek, the only home she has ever known, because there is something terribly amiss in Sitia, deaths and disappearances likely to be the work of a rogue magician. Once again, Yelena finds herself a key player in a greedy ploy for power, a situation only she can remedy if she can learn to control her magical gifts.

    Fast paced and exciting, Magic Study is a terrific continuation of Yelena's story from the fantastic Poison Study. Snyder beautifully weaves another unforgettable tale full of secrets and intrigue that is impossible to set down; she is a storyteller so powerful that the reader is drawn into the story as if they are actually there. There are many threads to this story, but they are quite easy to keep track of. And it's not just the interesting and unique plot that captures the reader's attention, but the vivid and realistic characters. Yelena is as strong willed and independent as ever, and I admire her resourcefulness and determination to help all those who need helping; she still steal the reader's heart all over again as she confronts old demons and battles new ones. I think it's very interesting how there's not any real set of defined rules of right and wrong and how these gray areas and various interpretations are so integral to the story. Loyalty as well is a large influence from Yelena's Ixian friends to surprising past relationships. I feel a sort of greater theme is at work developing here besides Yelena's trilling tale, and I'm excited to see how it plays out in the conclusion to this trilogy, Fire Study.

    Fans of Poison Study will certainly not be disappointed in the unpredictable and satisfying story in Magic Study. Readers who enjoy this trilogy will also like The Abhorsen Chronicles by Garth Nix, Princess Ben by Catherine Gilbert Murdock, and the Mortal Instruments trilogy by Cassandra Clare....more info
  • Loved it!!
    This was just as good as the first one. I can't wait for the next one to come out. Very exciting! Once I read the Poison Study, after the first few pages I was hooked. This one did the same thing!!! I'm hooked again, now I'm just drooling for the next one!!...more info
  • Amazing.
    I read this book and the previous Poison Study in two days. I couldn't put either down until I was finished. It's thoroughly entertaining with magic, action, romance. It has everything. One of my favorite reads....more info
  • Not as intense as the first, but still plenty of peril...
    Yelena is no longer in thread of immanent death from poison, or death/rape/soul-snatching by the nasties in the last book. She's going home--or rather, to the place she was kidnapped from as a child--where she finds suspicion and difficulty fitting in--and love from estranged parents and friends--but is quickly called away to more problems--a brother who wants to kill her, a prince who wants to torture her for information, a mage who wants to rape her mind... all at the magic school she's supposed to study at! Furthermore, she's involved in the search for a serial killer who is horribly raping and torturing girls. (Hmmm... a bit much on the torture/rape themes!). But it's still an interesting tale. Love the characters from the first book popping up... although a lot of the elements seem a bit thrown together a tad improbably... and Yelena's powers are a bit all-powerful at some times and at others she's totally helpless, which is disconcerting... But this is still a series worth following. (Mostly for the characters.) ...more info
  • Loved the first, love the second!
    I loved Poison Study, and Magic Study wasn't a let down at all!

    Follow Yelena as she learns Magic, including her crazy adventures!

    This is a great read....more info
  • Absolutely Fabulous
    I loved POISON STUDY but I was unwilling to pay for a hardback when MAGIC STUDY came out. Now however, I am pre-ordering FIRE STUDY. This is a fabulous tale and I can hardly wait for the next one. The trade paperback is now out for MAGIC STUDY and I encourage you to get it now.

    Yelena is very leery about going home and meeting her family, she has no memories of them and tho she longs for a family her heart belongs to Valek. Imagine her surprise to find a mother and father who love her and a brother who doesn't. Yelena is still unsettled by her magic and doesn't know what her special magic is. But maybe all the trauma and torture and adversity have honed her talent and she will be surprised where it may lead.

    Valek is the Commander's Chief of Security, a master assassin and poisoner. The Commander is ruler of Ixia. I love Valek's confidence and the love he has for Yelena, if you haven't read POISON STUDY, you really need to find and read that book also. Although he is hated in Sitia, the country of Yelena's birth, he is willing to take chances to see his beloved. Valek is a null and magic doesn't affect him but somehow Yelena does and only she seems to be able to breech his non-magic.

    Lief is Yelena's brother and senses the blood she has spilled. He is determined to hate her and seems to betray her at the first oppertunity.

    Yelena will be taught by Irys, the fourth Master magician. She has much to learn about trust and using her abilities. There is a serial killer, a master magician, stalking young girls and when he turns his eyes on Yelena all bets are off. Yelena is no fifteen yr old, and she has friends who will stand by her. The world of MAGIC STUDY expands and opens up to marvels and wonders Yelena has never seen.

    I found it a diverse and wonderful journey and I know you will love it as much as I did. Well worth the time and money and I am sorry I didn't get it earlier.

    ...more info
  • AMAZING!!!!
    This writer will keep you flipping the pages.*cuation* if you don't have time to read this book in one shot put it down because you won't be able to stop.She takes you and wraps you in the story...=p

    ...more info
  • Wow!
    I think that I liked this one even better than the first! It was much more unpredictable and who doesn't love a "talking" horse? This series is really great - I love the fabric of the land that Snyder has created. And the love affair between Yelena and Valek is just great. The Commander's character is certainly interesting too... I'm excited to learn more about that and Soulfinding in _Fire Study_. I must admit, I am disappointed that the next one seems to be the last one in the series. I read that she has a new book coming out in April, but it looks like it follows a different main character in the same land... I am not sure if Yelena will be in it at all all. Still, I am looking forward to reading it.
    I certainly stayed up way too late to finish this book in one sitting and if I didn't have to get up in the morning, I would be starting _Fire Study_ right now! Even as late as it is, I am having trouble not "just reading the first chapter!"...more info
  • Yelena returns home, but the adventure continues
    First of all, this book does not stand alone well and it would be much more enjoyable if Poison Study were read first.

    In Magic Study, Yelena returns to the home of her childhood, reunites with her family but then immediately leaves to begin studies at the Citidal to learn to control her magic. She is a powerful magician with an equally powerful stubbon streak and regularly gets into trouble.

    Her problems abound when she is accused of being a spy, finds out that her brother hates her and the #1 magician in the land wishes she were dead. Ah, highschool!

    Soon Yeleana is involved in the hunt for a killer, a person who is torturing and killing women. It becomes a race against time and a battle
    against magicians as she tries to stop the psycho before the final victim is killed.

    I enjoyed Poison Study and equally enjoyed this volume. Its creative, moves well and has interesting characters. I also find it refreshing to find a fantasy female lead characters.

    ...more info
  • As good as the first
    As a 49 year old male I am slightly worried by how much I am enjoying this series. Especially the references that suggest this is a 'Young Adult' book, I think this has much wider appeal then the YA readership.
    Anyway, following on from the excellent Poison Study here we have Yelena going back to her family roots and exploring her magical abilities. She makes both friends and enemies as the story unfolds and as she tries to discover more about herself and her long lost family, she has to study magic with the ultimate threat if she fails to be able to control it...
    Fast moving, well plotted stuff and highly recommended. ...more info
  • Do we have an editor in the house?
    Well, first off, I still liked Magic Study. It wasn't as great as Poison Study, but it was still good and still captivated me until around thirty pages from the end when it became clear that the book could have already ended three times. So anyways, here are, in my opinion, the reasons that the second book came across as less amazing (mild spoilers):
    -Grammar! Besides the annoying, unrealistic phrases that must have been meant to sound sophisticated, there were also punctuation errors in these phrases and even errors such as mixing up "whose" and "who's."
    -Lack of realism in the relationship with Valek- besides the fact that our love interest doesn't come back until halfway through the book, it would seem that the relationship consists solely of sex and Valek calling Yelena "my love" every other word. I almost expected him to poison her with the poison of the same name, but no such luck.
    -Overuse of magic- while the magic was realistic, one can't exactly discover a new power every time she needs it.
    -Yelena- everybody hates her even more in this book! She doesn't fail to anger everyone with her foolhardy actions and attention seeking.
    -Lack of originality- I'm probably not alone in having picked up Poison Study for its original concept and the whole food taster thing. This book holds maybe five references to food tasting, and the cliches in Poison Study almost doubled in Magic Study. A group of people living in the trees is fine if you put your own twist on it, but these people had a cardboard cutout living structure made "different" by the ceiling fan and armchairs. Etc etc etc.
    -Another "cliffhanger!" Magic Study really wasn't great enough for this to be an effective way of ending the book- it just made it seem like Snyder had forgotten to wrap up a few points.

    All in all, I would advise reading the book. Just don't expect much, and hope for better in Fire Study....more info