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Product Description

The all father has vanished, creating an opening in the pantheon. To fill the void, Demigods from across from the mortal world must wage war against one another in a bid to ascend to true godhood. Demigod is a real-time, tactical strategy game that includes extensive role-playing elements. Choose from several Demigods, each poised for battle with their own unique capabilities and awe-inspiring powers. Vanquish other would-be gods as you gain levels, increase in power, unlock the power of mystic artifacts and slowly battle your way closer to joining the Pantheon.

For gamers who love Real-Time Strategy (RTS) and Action Role-Playing Games (RPGs), Demigod offers a unique hybrid that brings new fun for fans of both genres. In order to become a god, you'll have to master two types of game play: building up a hero for single battles and controlling armies for an entire war.

Level up your character and gain new skills and weapons. View larger.

Strategically command an army of allies to victory. View larger.
The Best of Two Genres: Real-Time Strategy and Action RPG
Demigod allows you to control two types of demigods -- generals and assassins. When playing as an assassin, you'll have control of a warrior who gains experience and money as he kills enemies. You'll have the ability to upgrade weapons and items, and to learn spells, just like in an action RPG.

When playing as a general, you'll control allied forces, commanding them to attack where you want, just like in an RTS game. Allied creeps and minions continually enter through reinforcement portals, and as the general you direct them into battle.

The goal is the same whether you are playing as assassin or general: capture the enemy's control points. Each different general and assassin has his own unique set of skills and powers, and you'll need to learn how to use each one effectively against another.

Zoom in and out to see individual fights or the whole war. View larger.
Fantastic Graphics and Beautiful Art Style
Demigod features a beautiful art style that has a sense of whimsy. The game takes place on different maps, each featuring unique elements. Beautiful, exotic locations include a lava mine, waterfall temple, and more.

The monsters and creatures of the game are rendered in great detail, and observing a mass of them engage in battle is a thrilling spectacle. Angels, demons, and creatures both gigantic and tiny all inhabit the world at the same time, giving it a diverse and varied look. By zooming in and out of the map, you can see just how massive everything is. From a birds-eye view, you'll barely be able to see the movements of the small creatures, yet zoom in and you'll be a part of an epic battle. Depending on whether you're playing as a general or assassin, you'll make different use of the zoom levels.

Different game play Modes Provide Replay Value
Demigod has different game play modes including single-player, skirmish, and five-on-five multiplayer. Single player mode provides a compelling story line concerning the tournament to become the newest god.

Multiplayer mode provides many options: you can jump right into a game for instant gratification, or you can join in tournaments that allow you to carefully build up a character and upgrade him to your liking. Multiplayer games have different settings for players to tweak, such as the amount of gold income and achievement items that can be reached.

System Requirements
Windows XP Service Pack 3 or Vista Service Pack 1
1.8 GHz
3.0 GHz
512 MB
1 GB
DirectX Version
128 MB gfx card (GeForce 6800/Radeon 9800 or better)
256 MB gfx card (GeForce 7600/Radeon x800 or better)
Broadband connection for Online-Multiplayer

  • PC game combines elements of Real-Time Strategy and Adventure Role-Playing Game Genres
  • Zoom in and out to fight individual battles or manage the war effort
  • Hundreds of items and upgrades to purchase and acquire
  • Choose between unique demigods that have different special skills and powers
  • Multiplayer mode lets you set up quick matches or play in tournaments

Customer Reviews:

  • Great... After the next patch.
    I'm a RTS-o-holic, and this is one of the most fun and original games I've ever played. The RPG + RTS genres mesh perfectly in this game and provide a fresh new dynamic that so many other games on the market currently lack.

    There is plenty of variety in game play, the graphics are beautiful, and this is one of those few games that has me staying up to 1:00 AM on a week night because it's just that damn fun.

    However, getting multiplayer games going as of now is difficult at best. Stardock is actively working to correct the issue, however, so hopefully the next patch will make everything right.

    5/5 on fun factor; 4/5 overall because as of now, it's so difficult to play online that the "multiplayer-only" focus leaves much to be desired. This will be corrected soon, however....more info
  • Good God
    Demigod is an RTS/RPG hybrid published by Stardock (the guys who brought us Sins of a Solar Empire and Galactic Civilizations) and developed by Gas Powered Games (they guys who did Supreme Commander). Aside from having a slight learning curve, Demigod is very entertaining and challenging. It reminds me a little of Dawn of War II and Diablo in that you point and click where you want to go and then level up. That's a bit of an oversimplification because Demigod can be as deep a game as you want it to be. More on that later.

    From the opening cinematic I was hooked. You learn the back story of Demigod from an announcer/narrator that sounds like Christopher Lee in Lord of the Rings (it's not him though). The menu is easy to navigate and has a nice design. The single player mode features either a tournament (which is like a campaign) or skirmish. I have not tried multiplayer yet, but that mode does require online activation for any updates (via Impulse). I already had an Impulse account, so registering was easy. I hear that no other DRM is present in the game.

    The bulk of my experience with Demigod comes from the tournament. The point of the tournament is to determine which Demigod will ascend to God status. You get to choose from 8 different Demigods, each with their own set of characteristics (four Generals and four Assassins). I chose the Rook, which is the large walking castle on the cover of the box. He carries a huge mace that can destroy structures and take out other Demigods. He's slow moving but packs a wallop.

    Gameplay for the most part involves you controlling only your Demigod. You are surrounded by your minions in battle, but you don't really control them. Depending on which Demigod you choose you might be able to issue some commands to a few minions, but that's about it. The game essentially has you lumbering around the map taking strategic points and killing various minions and Demigods. As you do this, you gain XP and gold. As you gain XP and gold, you level up and can purchase various upgrades and use favor points to increase your skills. As you battle your way through the 8 or 9 contests you rack up points. The Demigod with the most points at the end wins the tournament and becomes a god.

    The interesting thing about Demigod is that all the leveling up you do during a contest (in real time) doesn't carry over to the next contest. You basically have to start over again. I was a little disappointed by this. I spend time leveling up and increasing my skills only to lose it all at the next battle. I'm not sure how this works in the multiplayer component, but it would have been nice to develop my Demigod over the course of the tournament. A small complaint.

    Graphically, Demigod is a treat. The level design is beautiful and all the characters are very detailed. Battlefields take the shape of various platforms in a fantasy realm surrounded by water falls, mist, and blue sky. Colors are pastel and illuminated by bright sunlight. You can zoom in on a particular character or zoom all the way out and see the entire map. Gorgeous.

    My system specs allow me to run this game at 1920x1200 resolution on a 24" monitor. You would do well to have a multicore processor and at least a couple gigs of ram. I've got a Q6600 @ 3.0ghz, 4gb or ram, 8800gt, and Windows XP 32bit. I can run everything on high with 2x AA and vsync on. Smooth frame rate, no glitches.

    Hybrids seem to be the rage these days, and Demigod contains all that is good in an RTS and an RPG. Even if you're a purist I think you will find Demigod engaging. ...more info
  • Fun RTS with action-RPG elements
    I have been playing computer games for a long time, and my favorite genre is RTS (real-time strategy). I have seen several user reviews mention Defense of the Ancients, which is a custom map/ mod for Warcraft III. Although I have never played that particular mod, I am a big fan of Warcraft III, Starcraft, and most other classic RTS games.

    One of the strengths of Demigod is the short duration of each round. In today's world, most of us don't have enough free time to spend hours on one round of a computer game. Demigod is action-packed and fun, focusing on combat between the Demigods, with the "reinforcements" automatically spawning through any portals that your team controls. The game removes most of the micromanagement inherent in the RTS genre, with the emphasis on multiple small focused battles, leveling up your Demigod, and leveling up your citadels (team HQ).

    I am currently deployed to Iraq with the Air Force, and have not yet tried the multiplayer online component, which is actually this game's main focus. But, based on the single player skirmish and tournament modes, I can say you will probably enjoy this game if you like RTS games with an RPG component, like WC3. I am looking forward to trying out the online aspect, which supposedly had some serious troubles around the time of release, which I imagine are cleared up by now.

    Plus, No DRM!!!
    ...more info
  • Making Strategy Fun Again!
    I've always had a love for RTS games since the original Warcraft and Command and Conquer games. However, as of late even the really great RTS games such as Company of Heroes, the Total War games, and Warhammer have not been able to hold my attention for much longer than the tutorials. This is not the fault of the games as I completely believe they are amazing products. Its just that my tolerances for INITIAL time investment in the learning curve in games has drastically went down since I was a kid. I love deep games, ones that reward players for putting hours into a game, but I tend to get bored with games that require such investments upfront. Demigod is a very deep game which is also fun the first time you play. Thats not to say on my first game I understood the ultimate strategy or what everything did, or even realized I could upgrade the citadel and buy upgraded armor/items. But I still had fun, and the gameplay immediately resonated with me. I'm really excited about adding this game to future LAN parties as I'm confident everyone will be pleasantly surprised to play an RTS without being bored (coming from friends who only play FPS in LAN parties). This game only requires one copy of the game for lan parties and the manual even encourages it (manual is very funny btw). Buying games from Stardock just makes me feel good because they treat their customers so damned good. Keep up the great work guys!...more info
  • Fun Finally
    I say Finally becuz they finally patched the online play so you can actually connect!!! buy it now and have fun!...more info
  • Too bad there isn't a half star rating...
    Where do I start? Well to begin with, I had to download a 2GB patch just to get the game working! And that was just the beginning. Once the game finally did work, it was disappointing at best. No real strategy to the game. Just you slugging it out with mindless, uncontrollable minions or other demigods. There are still a ridiculous amount of bugs in the game. The tournament mode is stale, and there is no real storyline. It seems like they put all their efforts into making it look pretty, and not much else. I would sell this game, but I've decided I wouldn't even feel right giving it away. I'm starting to wonder of all the 5 star ratings for this game aren't all from people who work for the company....more info
  • Spectacular and addictive multiplayer
    Understand one thing up front: Demigod is not a single player game. Sure, there is a single player skirmish mode that pits you against the computer; but Demigod is not a single player game. Those of you looking for a game in the same vein as Dungeon Siege (also by the same creator), move along, there's nothing to see here. Go ahead. I'll wait. Alright, the rest of you still with me? Good. Let's move on.

    Demigod will remind Warcraft 3 players of Defense of the Ancients (DotA), which is the intent. It's basically a single-minded game that wants to recreate that experience with fantastic graphics and sound, superb characters and that magical something that creates an addicting game. But let's back up a bit. When you first start playing Demigod, you will choose one of eight characters broken into two categories (General and Assassin) and then fight in one of eight arenas with the intent of decimating the other side.

    The two groups of characters classify the type of character and how you'll play the game. Generals play like a small RTS-lite, giving you the ability to purchase totems of varying strength to summon a small force (two of each minion type for a max of six). The Generals aren't as strong physically and usually augment their minions, relying on them to do the most damage. On the other side of the spectrum, Assassins play like a Warcraft RPG hero. You don't get any minions, but then again you won't necessarily need them.

    Each of the characters play so differently and I've yet to discover a character I don't like. Whether it's Lord Erebus, a vampire who can turn dead enemies into extra minions to augment his six, Oak, a tall hulking tree-like thing that can place standards to attract souls and heal his allies, or Torchbearer, an assassin who has two forms (ice and fire) with which to rain down destruction on his foes, there's a lot to love here. Each character has its own strategy and way of attacking. When I was playing as Lord Erebus, I tended to stay in the back, directing minions and making new ones as needed. However, when I played the similar Oak, I would try to get in on the action as my killing would heal myself and my minions.

    During each fight, you can purchase upgrades for your character (items, potions, armor) and at the end of a match you gain favor points with which you can purchase lasting items. During each match, you can equip an already purchased "Favor Item" that will stay with you and which you can keep from map to map. As you kill enemies, you'll also game experience points and level up (to a max of 20). Like similar games, you have skill trees that you can put points into various skills, unlocking them and powering them up. What's good about this system is that there's really no wrong way of leveling. Each skill is useful and you can find fun and entertaining ways of combining the skills into effective combos.

    Once you get into a match, you'll probably feel overwhelmed. I know I was, not knowing what to purchase, how to play or what I should be doing. This is where the single player mode comes in handy. Basically, the intent behind the matches is to capture flag points that provide bonuses (extra money, experience boosts, cooldown benefits) and eventually destroy the other side's citadel. The eight maps are broken down into sizes, giving you some idea about how many players per map you should have (anywhere from 2v2 to 5v5). While the arenas seem very standard, they do a good job in creating a different play style. Two of the 3v3 maps are completely different, with one being very open and the other very small, forcing battles constantly.

    What I wasn't prepared for was just how beautiful the game looks and sounds. Demigod is built on a strong engine that can really output great visuals, effects and huge clashing armies with nary a stutter. There's been a problem off and on with online connections (a lot due to pirates in the beginning, but that problem has been lessened after a day two patch) but it's getting better I've noticed.

    It's still not perfect and if you're holding off on buying the game because of the issues, know that Stardock is working to have it fixed by this week. In the meantime, the developers at Stardock are trying to provide other ways of playing. They recommend using a free third party program called GameRanger which acts like Impulse/Steam and allows you to play Demigod with friends. I've used it and it is a good work around until the issues with Impulse have been fixed. I bring it up as an option for those wanting to play with friends.

    Overall, the music demands the spotlight. You might not recognize it right away, but it's there, adding to the chaotic spells and often funny mutterings (Torchbearer: "Would you like that well done or with a little pink?"). However, once you start to push towards the enemy's citadel, the music gets more and more majestic, feeding into your attacks. On the reverse, if you are losing, the music takes a drastic turn and I found it put me on edge, feeding into my adrenaline. It's very exciting and beautiful.

    In the end, Demigod would be lacking if it weren't for a magic spark: it's addicting. It's hard to describe what the spark is, but you know it when you see it. It's Team Fortress 2's undeniable need to be player. It's Warcraft 3's tower defense that still lives years on. Demigod has it, too. And if enough people buy the game and Gas Powered Games/Stardock supports it, it can definitely have legs for quite sometime. It's great fun and I'd definitely recommend checking it out. ...more info
  • Optomistic but sincere review
    Short and sweet review:

    -As far as style,graphics, sound, fun and playability, its a 6-star game.

    -That said, if you buy it today, you're going to have to deal with its teething problems (networking issues). Because of this, right now its a 4-star game.

    -Bottom line - these developers are responsive and working furiously. Follow the forums [ ] wait a couple of weeks or so to buy it when it'll be a 5-star game.

    (p.s. do yourself a favor and buy/download the online version. really.)

    (p.p.s. Don't be a fool. Fight on the side of Light!)...more info