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Dead Space: Downfall
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  • a great addtion to a great game
    dead space was a great game and this movie only help to fleshout the world of dead space everyone should watch this movie before playing he game for it gives you a better sense of what is the situation when the game startsif you own a ps3 there is no reason you should own this blue ray
    Dead Space...more info
  • Spoiler to the Game?
    This movie could be viewed on it's own without being a gamer, but the real satisfaction in Dead Space Downfall is being able to watch the events that occurred on the USS Ishimura prior to the start of the 2008 video game Dead Space. So if you're not a gamer, and you've stumbled across this movie, I recommend perhaps a pass...or better yet, I recommend becoming a gamer!!! Here's why....

    I know I raved about BioShock, and I think my raves were warranted. But I compared my Bioshock experience to Resident Evil 4. I guess that I didn't completely remember how exhilarated and immersed I was in RE4, because I started Dead Space this past weekend, and I never felt like I was going to have a heart attack playing Bioshock like I did in Dead Space.

    Dead Space is awesome! And to top it off I bought my first Playstation 3 Dualshock Wireless Controller, and what a cool thing I've been depriving myself of. The first affect was when I stomped on something. I never thought that a silly controller vibration could add much to the gaming experience....but don't knock it til ya try it certainly applies here.

    Gotta say, I'm not sure that watching Dead Space: Downfall first was such a great idea. It was actually kind of a spoiler; I guess I'll just have to play like I was able to watch a log of the Ishimura's events before landing on it.

    Sick. Game. Did you like the movie Aliens? Do you like to be scared? Pass on the movie and try the game Dead Space, but prepare for an adventure that's perhaps more intense than any movie you've ever watched or any game that you've ever played.
    ...more info
  • Great movie
    I loved it and it made the game much clearer.
    It's a must to watch the movie before playing the game, it puts everything together....more info
  • Entertaining, if middling, action film; 3.5 stars
    Leave it to Electronic Arts to find ways of making money. Recently, they've been doing grand things with new IPs, what with Mirror's Edge and Dead Space. But, even then, they're constantly thinking of the bottom dollar. Cross platform has been a buzz term recently, as a way of maximizing the profits of their newly crafted IPs. Which brings me to Dead Space. Dead Space is already, technically, a trilogy. Sure you have the game, but there's also a comic book detailing what happened on the mining colony where a mysterious artifact was found. Then there's Downfall, this animated movie that bridges the gap between the two stories.

    Downfall begins with the discovery of The Marker, an artifact that the religious movement in Dead Space called Unitology, and its removal and transportation to the Ishimura. Very quickly things start to spiral out of control and, without getting into the details, the necromorphs that inhabited and destroyed the colony inadvertently end up on the Ishimura. From this moment on, it's up to head of security Alissa Vincent and her ragtag team of stereotypes to figure out what the hell is going on and...well, I guess it's not a spoiler to say they don't stop it since if they did, we wouldn't have Dead Space, the game.

    Honestly, Downfall is about 90% action, 5% filler and 5% story which isn't a bad thing. It's actually a pretty entertaining romp, albeit a generic one that, like the game, steals a lot from other better films. One big problem I had, though, was that I was expecting a bit more connectivity between this and the game. I purposefully waited to watch the film for fear that it would ruin something from the game. Truthfully, though, there's not really much connection. The only link is that of Doctor Kyne and he, in fact, shares a scene in both the game and the movie. Unfortunately, it isn't the exact same scene, which completely ruins the continuity.

    What I did enjoy is that, taken with both the game and the comic, it helps present a fuller picture of the events in the game. It's also pretty entertaining with some very nice animation and plenty of gore. People in Downfall are ripped to shreds, impaled, gored, disemboweled in ways I've never really seen on a film. It also looks pretty damn good on Blu Ray, with crisp colors and the dark blacks needed for atmosphere. Great clarity with not so much as a tear as the screen moves. Nicely done. So for those looking for an action-packed animated movie, Downfall is a good pick. Just don't expect too much....more info
  • Good set up for the game
    If you like the game and are curious about the back story than you will like this movie. It is a good set up for the game and the animation is good. ...more info
  • Prequal to Dead Space the game
    Ok well if you liked Dead Space the Game or the Comics or Book this is a must. Awsome on blu ray good story summary to help understand the game....more info
  • Ehhhh~.... an ok anime or cartoon...
    Dead Space the game looks great and so forth. Going to play it soon and am looking forward to it. Before playing the video game I wanted to watch this anime (cartoon) before playing so I can get some preface to the game.

    Storyline (2/5)

    Without spoiling any part of the story, or going into it, there were still much holes in the story line. You'll know when you watch that you are left with more questions, as they were never addressed in the anime (cartoon) itself.

    Graphics (3/5)

    Some of the layout looked cool, but the character detail is lacking. Looks simple. Even during the gore and blood, there isn't much detail in that, even (homage to Snagglepuss).

    Dialogue (3/5)

    Yes, I do not consider dialogue the same as storyline. Dialogue would be he presentation of the storyline, which is good at times and not so good at another. Empty dialogue can be a bit of a bore and certainly needs more depth, which I can't be without spoiling the anime.

    Sound/Music (3/5)

    Not bad. Pretty good. Needed more splat sounds for *certain* occasions. Music can drown the dialogue a bit at times, which I consider neglect on their part.

    Overall (2/5)

    Overall is not average of all the scores together, but the anime as a whole. I was really expecting much from this. Maybe I am disappointed is the reason for scoring so low, but there was so much hype already. The anime doesn't bring the game ANY justice. So, if you've seen this, please do not base Dead Space (game).

    Feel free to comment or query if needed, without spoiling anything about the anime.

    Thanks for reading. I tried to keep this review short and brief....more info
  • Hmm, HM style?
    Only watched the first 2 minutes (the free minutes, hehe)
    Seems like the type for us Heavy Metal fans. Will have to rent
    to find out....more info
  • Decent bridge between the DLC animated comics and the game.
    For those of you who aren't aware, there's significant story arcs precluding the Dead Space game. They come in the form of animated comics released an "issue" at a time on both XBL and PSN. These are free downloads and even if you don't purchase Downfall, I strongly recommend downloading the comic series.

    Downfall takes place in the space between the animated comics and the game. It's a decent story about how a seemingly routine "planet crack" goes awry when a "marker" is found on the planet being excavated. There's a nice story here but I don't think it's absolutely necessary to watch to fully enjoy the game. I feel that although the animation was well done and the gore was on par with the game, the story just wasn't creepy or deep enough to really make it a hit.

    The creepiness in the animated comics was largely lost in the feature film. Don't get me wrong, it's no Disney movie, I just don't think it was quite on par with its predecessor. Unfortunately, it seemed like one of the major climax/action sequences exists only in the deleted scenes and even then it only exists as an animatic (meaning a series of uncolored rough sketches displayed in succession with audio tracks overlayed, for those unfamiliar with the term.)

    Finally I wasn't really impressed with the quality of the blu-ray format. There's some extras in the BluRay live section that I imagine don't exist in DVD form, but I still don't think that the Blu-Ray version is worth the extra $5. The promised cheat codes exist as easter eggs within the movie. Not a big deal for me, but just wanted to give a heads up to those who expect a card with codes listed on it when they open their case.

    Honestly, it's not a bad movie by any means. I just think they could've pushed the creepiness a little more as well as putting higher highs and lower lows in the story arc. If you're really psyched about the franchise it's worth getting (again, I'd grab the DVD version and save your five dollars.) If you're on the fence, you may want to rent or borrow it first. If you have no intention of playing the game and are just looking for a good horror anime, I would look elsewhere.
    ...more info
  • Okay horror, but not Dead Space
    Downfall is supposed to be the prequel to the Dead Space video game that was released prior to the video. There was a series of preview comics that were downloadable off the XBox marketplace that, and I assumed that the movie was going to be a base for the movie. However, this was not the case.

    Ther movie primarily follows the Chief of Security of the Ishimura, who tries to contain the outbreak of violence and the necromorphs on the mining ship. The sequence follows a predictable path of disbelief, followed by a dug-in resistance. Several scenes are badly handled. Namely, a officer sees his own wife decapitate herself, and reacts as if she dropped a carton of eggs on the carpet. The ending is very dark and in line with the games tone. That was probably the only scene that reminded me of the Dead Space game.

    Downfall was written and produced by someone who was told the plot of the video game, and maybe saw it played, but had no opportunity to play it themselves, and also had only cliff notes on the backstory. None of the scenes from the movie that appeared in game are remotely similar, and were well done in the video game, so it was disappointing to see them mess with it. None of the weapons of equipment from the game even makes an appearance, though one that does show up prominently, I wish had been in the game.

    If the movie had had another title, it would've crawled up to 3 stars, as I wasn't a fan of the srtwork, but the name Dead Space raised expectations, which weren't met on almost every front....more info
  • Waiting with great anticipation?
    Many fans of the game might be inclined to watch this movie, simply because of their love for it but like Star Wars fans who watched the prequels, many watched more out of curiosity of how the story would develop, opposed to great movie making. The parallel between Star Wars and its prequels would be the same as playing Dead Space and watching this movie...prepare for disappointment.

    It seems that the people who were inspired to make this movie saw a good money making opportunity but did so with as little amount of money as possible. I'm always captivated by new fresh ideas and genuine creativity and so I had much hope for this film. Even if a movie is poorly done, if it is a novel piece, I'll like it to some degree. Unfortunately, this movie wasn't as unique as you might think. Much of the movie parallels Event Horizon [Blu-ray] and to a lesser degree John Carpenter's The Thing [Blu-ray].

    Event Horizon (Two-Disc Special Collector's Edition) wasn't a great film but compared to Dead Space: Downfall, Event Horizon deserves an Oscar. A saving grace would have been high quality art work, along the lines of Ghost in the Shell and incorporating the techniques used in Family Guy - Blue Harvest episode. Sadly though, it ranked up there with many of the Saturday morning cartoons, with the addition of gore. Its use of cgi didn't help, mainly because of the poor art work; the cgi didn't blend well where it complimented the movie.

    When it comes to fear factor...there wasn't any. Maybe because it's a cartoon. I have yet to see a cartoon horror movie that is actually scary. Live action horror movies use lighting and mood, which can't be reproduced in a cartoon. At least not well. Despite the use of props, when you see a live action horror movie, you close your eyes because it looks real. It's the cheap, low budget movies where you can tell it's all props, which you want to either laugh or make fun of it. Going live action would have made this movie a little scarier.

    Anyone concerned with nudity or looking for it, there isn't any other the scene in the showers, where people are being attacked. In that segment, you're only going to see nude men, one in particular where you see a guy's "equipment." There are no nude women scenes or sex scenes, which is common with the anime genera.

    One pathetic aspect of the movie is that the person putting the story together and/or the director, took ideas from different movies and tries to make it work in this piece. Many times when a writer or director puts details here and there, it makes a symmetrical arch later in the movie. With Dead Space, you can see small elements from other horror movies but doesn't make those small elements work because they don't fully use the components to its full extent.

    Take for example the end of the movie. Before it goes to credits, you hear a child's limerick. The child's limerick doesn't fit any where because you don't have any earlier segments where they utilize aspects of the child's limerick. You don't see any of the character's childhood where the song is sung, or even anyone communicating with a parent where it makes some sense to include that in this movie. Furthermore, having the limerick doesn't do anything to enhance fear.

    There are portions of the movie where you see what's going on from the monster's point of view. That worked well for Predator [Blu-ray]. The reason it did, you didn't know what was stalking the people. You had little glimpses here and there but it took a while before you really got a look. Doing so kept the suspense and mystery up. Try to have the same effect after you know what's coming after the characters, doesn't work because at that point, you already know. That's why Predator 2 [Blu-ray] wasn't as hot as the first movie. In Dead Space, you only see things from the monster's point of view, long after you know what's attacking people.

    Other aspects of the movie, you really don't connect with any of the characters so you really couldn't wrap yourself around what's going on and hope that the characters make it. The dialogue was also weak. It would have been interesting to see more about the historic background of the Dead Space universe. Granted fans of the game probably have read it already but for a movie, it would have been nice to have included it. Having scenes of life on Earth would have also been interesting.

    In one part of the movie, the second in command has to step up to the plate. He actually reminds me of one of the characters on King of the Hill - Seasons 1 - 6. The similarity isn't just in the way he's drawn but at points, you hear the same voice as this particular character from King of the Hill - Season 7. I wonder if it's the same actor.

    This movie had so much potential of really good story telling but drops the ball. Unlike many movies that have either gone from books to movies or video games to movies, many of them are bombs but at least they try to make the movie work. When it comes to Dead Space, I think this movie is an insult to fans. A company produces a product that generates interest and obviously enough interest to make this film but instead of giving its fans something to talk about, they instead produce a cheap, hopefully money generating bone. I wouldn't recommend buying this product. First off, it isn't worthy the price they are selling it for. If you want to know how this story line goes, you are better off renting it. When you see this movie, you would understand why you wouldn't want to keep it in the house because all it will do is create dead space....more info
  • Where is the relation?
    I was a huge fan of the Dead Space video game and thought the story line was drawn very well. The graphics were intense along with the creepy suspense that followed you throughout the entire game, which can be very difficult to do with a video game. The prequel on the other hand was a different story. ///SPOILER\\\............It explains that the whole crew is dead but I ALREADY KNEW THAT. It never went off any of the auido logs or the written logs, didn't explain anything and was very poorly drawn. The characters were unbelievable and where were the weapons that were used in the game. I was expecting the prequel also to give background on clarke's girl. That was a very interesting story and would have been great if they included it.///END SPOILER\\\

    Summation: Get the game, not the movie....more info
  • Mission Accomplished
    I was eager to watch this when I heard of Dead Space. I'm very impressed when cross media franchises are done well, and the thought that this was the prequel to the game made me very curious as to how it would perform. It did a perfect job of making my mouth water with anticipation. The story was well done, the soundtrack is effective, and the atmosphere provides just the right amount of creep factor to let you know to never let down your guard... Watching this has gotten me more than ready to plug in the game!...more info
  • Better than some horror movies.
    This movie has stunning action and lots of gore. If you like anime pick it up. You won't be disappointed....more info
  • deadspace the video game the animated movie
    I really enjoyed this title, for the price I got it at, it was well worth it. I already knew how it'd end given I played the game first, but I thoroughly enjoyed the movie for what it was worth. Nothing but a bunch of space zombies getting cut up and killed from a few survivors of the ISG Ishimura before Issac arrives to find what's left of the crew....more info
  • Wonderful prequel
    I don't think guys like Adam Stapleton paint a real picture here. This movie gives a great backstory and explains motives and actions of all the main characters of the game, except for maybe Dr. Mercer. I enjoyed it a lot and recommend for buying if you really enjoyed the game....more info
  • "The sedative must have punctured his brain"
    "The sedative must have punctured his brain" With dialogue such as this, who needs writers. This movie is essentially a prequel for a cross-platform critically acclaimed video game. Unfortunately the talent used in making the game was not part of this animated movie project. While the plot could have been good, its execution was horrendous, making it painful to watch. Gore and foul language are over-the-top, it is as if the producers wanted to make sure this was an "adult" film. If characters are going to curse, they should do so in a grammatically contextually correct way. Guts strewn across the floor, blood on walls, blood dripping through the air, skulls torn open...gore for gore's sake does not automatically translate to horror and when its animated is seems silly. The artist did a fairly adequate job, but nothing to write home about. Keep the hour + of your life and don't waste it here....more info