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Max Payne (Unrated Edition) [Blu-ray]
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Studio: Tcfhe Release Date: 01/20/2009 Run time: 99 minutes Rating: Pg13

Any film based on a first-person shooter video game should, as a rule of thumb, be full of epic shootouts on a level equal to Sergio Leone or the Wachowski Brothers, and in that regard, Max Payne is an unqualified success. Mark Wahlberg also lives up to the game's pedigree by brooding mightily as the title hero, a big city detective mourning the murder of his wife and child. Revenge is, of course, Payne's ultimate goal, and with the assistance of slinky Russian hitwoman Mila Kunis, he dishes it out in elaborate set pieces overflowing with gymnastic gun play. Viewers seeking just that and nothing more will get their money's worth from John Moore's film adaptation, and most likely be impressed by its fashionably gloomy art direction and cinematography. Those seeking a bit more than gunpowder and gristle will find Max Payne utterly derivative of a half-dozen better films (Christopher Nolan's Batman films, most notably) and violent to the point of cartoon absurdity. They may find some refuge in appealing supporting turns by Donal Logue and Chris "Ludacris" Bridges as diametrically opposed cops and Beau Bridges, who offers his usual roguish charm as Payne's former superior. --Paul Gaita

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Customer Reviews:

  • Another Failed Adaptation
    If there is any positive factor I can say while watching this movie, it was the special effects used, especially during the hallucination scenes that would take place before death.

    Unfortunately, special effects alone do not make a good movie. It seems that the production team just scrapped a summary of the video game series and the characters and used it to form the movie. The plot is jumbled up and doesn't make sense, and when the acting is completely sub-par, it just makes things worse. Mark Wahlberg comes off as one-dimensional throughout the film, seeming like he just wanted to walk through this and get it over with. I wouldn't blame him if that's true, because I just wanted this to finally end once and for all. The action is minimal; there are more flashbacks and hallucinations. When there is action, it just mindlessly spoofs The Matrix (when Wahlberg shoots backwards at his enemy).

    Wahlberg himself said that he had no intention to play the games; he would have been surprised to see how different the movie is to the games. A completely wrong step that I do not recommend, even for those that are unfamiliar with the series. ...more info
  • Another mediocre video game based flick
    Okay, I just saw this movie last night. I was kind of looking forward to it. I like Wahlberg and the film looked visually cool. I've never played the game, never really heard of it, but due to the title I figured it was either a video game or a comic I've never heard of. Putting on a movie based on a game is never something I'm overly-excited about, plus with the addition of the director John Moore(directed terrible remake of The Omen, Behind Enemy Lines, and the not so bad remake of Flight of the Pheonix) I started feeling less and less excited about this movie's prospects.

    Well, lets just say the movie isn't terrible and it's a long way from great or even good. The trailers that I saw led me to believe this had strong supernatural or horror elements to it, one of the reasons I was intrigued to watch it.*SPOILERS* Well, it doesn't at all. Despite its stylized look, color scheme, or the fact that angel like creatures appear every once in a while. They aren't really there you see, they are hullicinations of the psychotic soldiers and various others that take a blue liquid drug(they drink it of course, no needles allowed in a PG-13 movie). I was okay with this. It was the only unexpected twist this clunker offered. Part of me was sad that there was no supernatural elements but another was happy to have a kink in the mundane plot.

    This is your basic police detective looking for revenge story. *SPOILERS* I'm sorry to say but the whole movie is really easy to figure out about fifteen minutes in. The only part I didn't get yet was the flying creatures, but in about 20 more minutes that becomes obvious and then there's nothing really interesting done with the concept beyond the dopey climax, where our hero is all doped up and maniacal has he shoots everyone. This is basic connect the dots screenwriting and it's so ham-fisted that the only type of people who could possibly be entertained would be those who have never seen a film before...EVER. And that's actually not necessarily a fact. Once we meet Donal Logue's character you know he's dead, once you know that Wahlberg's dead wife worked for a drug company and everyone is downing viles of a blue drug, you know they were in on her death, as soon as Beau Bridges shows up as a friendly face and head of security for the drug company you know he's the main bad-guy, and so on...

    There's one scene which I love the most. It's towrads the middle when our dynamic duo of Mila Kunis and Wahlberg find out that all the victims in the story are linked by an angel-wing tattoo. They track down the spot where one victim got the tattoo and the tattoo artist not only knows the meaning of the wings, he even has books about the subject, right next to him on the counter. It's like he read the screenplay and knew which materials he needed to have. Lame. Plus, can anyone tell me why the Mila Kunis character was in this thing? She wasn't interesting and the help she provides Wahlberg could've been acheived a million different ways on his own.

    The acting is capable. There's no bad performances, but there's no characters to play either. Eveyone is just competent. The visuals are the only memorable thing about this film. I liked the snowy atmosphere and muted look of the film. John Moore is a really good visualist. He'd make a good director of photography, special effects technician or concept artist. Unfortunately, he's the director and he is not very good at that. He's like Michael Bay that way. Though, Bay is getting better wtih his last two flicks having stronger material. Maybe Moore will get better too, but four films in and we only have one decent remake......more info
  • Max Payne
    Great Movie,Full of Excitement.Hope they make another one.He really is good for this part.I had watched it before i bought it,thats why I wanted it to keep....more info
  • Better Than Anticipated
    I think that the film did a better job than portrayed by recent reviewers. I think that Mark Whalberg does a great job as Max Payne, not to mention Luda as Lt. Jim Bruvera. Those of you that have actually have played the game would like to know that Mona Sax is a main character as she is in the 2nd installment of the video game. Not to mention how they make the drug look ridiculously trippy. I watched the unrated version and would recommend it to all Max Payne fans....more info
  • NeVeR ReCeiVeD
    This service was such a long & tedious one that I will never again purchase anything from amazon. It has been OVER a month & I have still yet to receive my complete order. Not only is the process so long & drawn out, amazon promises discounts yet only if it is Not involved with third party so when u think you're actually getting a deal, in reality you are not. I might as well have purchased all of my movies from walmart, I would rather pay the difference from there than trying to rely on an unreliable service. God Bless. ...more info

    It seems that while most movies based on a game are usually poorly received [and usually for good reason] Hollywood continues to make these movies in hopes that fans of the game will come out to see the movie. Now I am not one of those people who are against this concept as I have enjoyed most of those movies, including this one. Now this film is far from a classic and to be honest isn't great but it is good. I tend to turn the old brain off when watching any movie because I like to be entertained, but at the same time you can't like everything. This movie is one of those that you really want to be great but it just ends up as ok.

    The story follows Max Payne a man on a mission and that mission is finding the person who killed his wife, he already got some. Max makes his way through the city, the suburbs, and even ice filled water all in hopes of catching this guy, and to be fair he wasn't in that last place by choice. It seems that there are demons running around killing people or maybe that is just a drug, don't worry I really am not ruining anything for you. From here he moves on to one clue after another with some girl helping him along the way who at one time wanted him dead. Also he has a cop or two on his side or so it seems, once again not ruining a thing since you get all this right off the bat.

    The thing about this movie is it just seems underwhelming I guess is the way to explain it because you really want to like it. I enjoyed the games and I have always like Mark Wahlberg and I liked the director's work on films like "Behind Enemy Lines" so I really wanted to love this film. The thing is it just doesn't feel right and as far as video game adaptations go I would say this is not in the top ten. But on the positive side the film looks wonderful and the effects are great, I like that they kept the slow motion style shootouts like on the game. Also the look of the film is great because I have always liked those dark looking films with snow, don't know why but it just looks cool. Speaking of which the shot were Max kills the dude on top of the building is excellent because they actually show the snow on top of the gun, and when he follows the gun once again it just looks cool.

    Director John Moore just seems like he didn't get the game and didn't know how to properly translate that style to the screen, other than the slow motion stuff of course. The direction in this film seemed uneven and the film just moves along with that style. Writer Beau Thorne is also up for blame with the uneven feel because the script was obviously lacking in certain departments. The thing that really ways his script down is that you see every thing coming, does that make sense? But to be fair to both of them this is far from the worst movie ever made and is not even the worst video game movie ever. Also depending on if you like it or not there is a lot of style in this film, it looks smooth as ever.

    As far as the acting it is ok I guess seeing that they didn't have much to work with so maybe they could have done much better with different material. Mark Wahlberg is good as the lead as one would expect but I always thought the character would be played by a much more rough looking guy kinda like what they did with "Punisher: War Zone". Mila Kunis is actually pretty entertaining in this film but she is not used enough. Beau Bridges is ok in this but his character just need to be more evil if you know what I mean, even though you see it coming you would expect more from that character. Nelly Furtado makes her film debut with this film as Bridges wife, she does a good job with her small role. Speaking of musicians' rapper Ludacris is ok in this, Amaury Nolasco is good as a crime boss and Chris O'Donnell is good in this as well.

    This movie is not as bad as it sounds because it is entertaining enough for a rental at least. Who knows you may like this movie so I recommend every at least see the movie, either on TV or rent it or whatever. Like I said before this is not the worst movie ever just don't expect much from this film. And for all the action nuts out there this does have a decent amount of action but not as much as you would think.

    ...more info
  • Suspend disbelief and enjoy!
    The Blu-ray Disc includes the Theatrical Version and the Unrated, Extended Cut. We watched the 'Extended Cut' and were not disappointed. They spared no change in producing this film. If you want to see the best your Blu-ray system can deliver, then look no further. It was extraordinarily beautiful---almost 3D like. I'm left to think of some of the snow scenes and how I felt I could reach out and capture the giant snowflakes---how I reached for a throw, suddenly feeling a chill.

    I thought Mark Wahlberg did a splendid job portraying Payne. I was immediately drawn into the storyline with him seeking those responsible for the brutal murders of his wife and baby and how he was willing to die to avenge their deaths. His grief and anger were palpable and justifiable.

    I've enjoyed Max Payne video games and I don't feel that they did an injustice to the gaming fans, with this production. I could easily translate Mark Wahlberg's character and the setting, into that of the games.

    I did have to suspend disbelief regarding the pharmaceutical company and, 'the drug.' This is why I took off one star. For example, every person who takes a hallucinogenic drug will not have the same hallucinations, so I was a little baffled by the big winged creatures that appeared to be everyone's' side-effect, but they looked really cool, so I almost forgive them.

    Several have said they felt there were slow moments, but I have to say I was on the edge of my seat for the entire 103 minutes. Perhaps I would not have felt so positive about the movie, itself, if it had not been such a spectacular AV experience. But considering the complete package, I do recommend you give it a try. You might want to rent it first, before buying, since this one seems rather polarizing with folks either liking it a lot, or hating it. ...more info
  • Max Payne
    This is a very good movie! Over the top!! Great for all those who love action packed movies with an excellent plot and twists. For those who buy the DVD, it has both the theatrical and the unrated director's cut and for those who don't know yet, there is an extra scene after the credits that leaves the door open for another Max Payne movie. ...more info
  • Brooding, bleak, and boring.
    Have you ever noticed how nefarious accented gentlemen always sit behind their desks sharpening their knives? How minor characters who haven't gotten very far in their lives (say, a down-and-out tattoo artist) always seem to know crucial historical details that the more educated investigators can't seem to figure out for themselves? How the investigators suddenly discover evidence at the most crucial moment, despite the fact that it's been right under their nose (as they themselves are fond of saying) the entire movie? How one man with a pistol (who never reloads) manages to survive an assault by an entire team of machine gun wielding sharpshooters?

    "Max Payne" features all of these action movie cliches and more. There's a plot in here, somewhere: a detective still trying to solve his wife's murder, stumbles upon to a case that, golly gee, just so happens to coincide with that one relatively minor case a while back. And, thrown into the mix, are a bunch of tattooed creeps and a very attractive woman who likes to wear leather.

    The problem with "Max Payne" isn't that it's a mindless action movie with no soul whatsoever (I'm pretty sure it doesn't even have a pulse); the problem is the film takes itself way too seriously, and actually tries to be something more than it is--indeed, more than it ever could be. Wahlberg has the brooding detective role down pat; he played it to perfection in "The Departed;" after his Oscar-nominated performance in that film, he seems to have resigned himself to making dull, unremarkable movies that completely waste his talent. Amaury Nolasco is chilling and menacing enough, but he's playing a role that's been played in pretty much every other action movie ever filmed. Mila Kunis is a talented comedic actress, and she looks great in black, but she should really stick to what she's good at; all she can do here is look menacingly at her costars and spit out lines that are far below her. Olga Kurylenko, the latest Bond girl, should simply go back to modeling.

    So, to sum everything up: "Max Payne" could have been a great waste of time (a mindless popcorn flick with some great action and an interesting plot), but alas, it's merely a mindless romp with no real point to it. There's nothing new, nothing really interesting. The only thing this movie will leave you wondering is: Why the HELL has Mark Wahlberg decided to only make crappy films now?...more info
  • Supersoldier redux
    This is a good retelling of the government's, chemically-induced super-soldier gone wrong, but not terminally. Worth the price. ...more info
  • Not nearly as good as the game
    Kinda like the game but not nearly as good. Seemed really out there to me. Todays movie writers dont know how to make good movies....more info
  • Dark
    I've played the game, briefly and watched the game be played. I thought they followed the spirit of the game very well. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, though they could have thrown a little more of Max's morbid humor into it. Still, I don't understand what everyone is complaining about? The actors did well, the special effects were pretty good...I would recommend it to those that like a gothic/rogue police movie....more info
  • Beautiful imagery in service of a mediocre action flick
    I only vaguely remember having played the original Max Payne video game--that the movie brings back any of those memories is to its credit; that it doesn't really live up to those memories is only an expected letdown. I wanted to see a little more of the game's comic-book feel up on my new HDTV, and I imagine people who even half-remember the game were hoping the movie had taken a few more pointers from the film adaptation of Frank Miller's Sin City. The film does open with a little of that influence, but quickly gives up trying to integrate it into its cookie-cutter shoot-'em-up script.

    But even if the film wasn't as noir as its source material, it still nailed some impressive visuals (I consider it both a plus and a minus that if you've only seen the trailers, you've already seen most of them.) The demonic hallucinations of the drug Valkyr remind me of one of my B-movie favorites--The Prophecy with Christopher Walken--and are neatly incorporated into the action. The snow flying off the slide of a fired handgun is a bit of poetry appropriate to the game's Hong Kong action influences. And while The Matrix's "bullet time" effect has become something of a clich¨¦ since Max Payne was the first video game to introduce it to that medium, it's used in the movie subtly and sparingly enough that it's not terribly obtrusive.

    Beyond the visuals, any other commentary about this movie is really just a footnote. The story holds pretty closely to the game's, but loses the pulp dialogue and occult elements that added a lot of texture and tension to the original work. Together, the story, dialogue and acting don't really rise above what you expect out of a Hollywood shoot-'em-up (Mila Kunis is just a touch over her head as a mob hit-person who doesn't even get a name until about 45 minutes into the film; Mark Wahlberg doesn't really go above-and-beyond in the film's title role, and that's coming from a fan of his stuff), but I'll bet you probably knew that already. If that's something you can live with, you should enjoy Max Payne at least as a rental. If you expect your blockbuster action movies to adhere to laws of physics or common sense, a viewing of Live Free or Die Hard should break you of that unfortunate habit.

    As a Blu-Ray, this movie looks great. Visible film grain was only a little noticeable to me in one or two flashback scenes where the colors were a little brighter than in the rest of the film. Being a flashback, that grain might have been intentional (I doubt it), and it's barely worth mentioning either way. Starting up the disc on my PS3, I literally only had long enough to remember that people had an issue with Blu-Ray loading times before the disc was up and running.

    It's no great surprise that a video game led to a generally unremarkable movie tie-in; what surprised me was that this movie held enough visual treats to make it worth watching all the way through. If that's all you're after, or if you're willing to settle for a small part of what made the video game stand out, I'd say Max Payne is worth your while....more info
  • If you haven't played the game you wouldn't understand.
    I see so many reviews here from people that never played the game and don't understand the story. I enjoyed the movie thoroughly. Could it have been better? Yes, but I think they got the atmosphere spot on. The movie had so many elements from the game that it was like seeing an old friend. There was a fine attention to detail and many of the scenes in the movie were direct references to the game. If you didn't play the game then you wouldn't understand why the story is the way it is and why the movie is the way it is. It's not real life, it's a noire fantasy world and a good story. Max Payne could've been better, but it met my expectations. I've played and beat both of the games, so this was especially enjoyable for me. A lot of why the movie is the way it is, is because of the game and the way it is. Anyone that gives this a poor review based on what they expect from a typical movie is missing the point of the game and the story that goes along with it....more info
  • Some Nice Actions But Mostly Generic and Dull
    Just because a certain film is based on a video game doesn't mean it is a terrible film. It takes someone like Uwe Boll to make a truly horrible film like "Alone in the Dark" and John Moore, the director of "Max Payne," whose CV includes decent action "Behind Enemy Lines," is undoubtedly a much better director. To be fair, in "Max Payne" Moore captures the pessimistic ambience of film noir, doom-laden world of crimes and violence with nice cinematography.

    In fact, actions of "Max Payne" themselves are very good, stylish with lots of shattering glass and flying bullets, often shot in slow motion. But we have to wait for them to happen in the climax, and the wait is so long. The slow-moving story with flashbacks only drags, contentedly taking the well-trodden path of conspiracy and intrigue in crime/action film genre. I am afraid for most viewers the film's story is just boring and characters uninteresting. I haven't played the original game, but I believe it would be a much more thrilling experience playing one than watching this adaptation.

    Oscar nominee Mark Wahlberg tries to bring depth to the cardboard character he plays, an angry NYPD police detective whose wife and child were murdered. I don't know to what part of this project he was attracted, especially when he was seen in critically acclaimed "Departed." Beautiful Olga Kurylenko ("Quantum of Solace") appears, but her role is disappointingly small, and it made me very sad to see Chris O'Donnell doing an unmemorable support here.

    If I remember correctly, one character in the film warns rather ominously that you should "stay away from Max Payne." I heartily agree with that, but for a totally different reason....more info
  • decent
    everything about this is average. none of it is bad, but it is entertaining and stylish. watch it if your a fan of any of the actors or the video game, its worth a look. ...more info
  • Mark Wahlberg SUCKS !!!!!!!!!
    Mark Wahlberg has ruined more movies than any actor or actress I can think of...With the possible exception of Sharon Stone !!! Rock Star, Fear, Shooter...I could go on and on. Only The brilliant direction of Martin Scorsese and the awesome performances from Leo DeCaprio and Jack Nicholson kept him from ruining "The Departed" !!! He's still "Marky Mark & the Funky Bunch" !!! Shouldn't expect anything more !...more info
  • WTF
    I was very upset with Mark Wahlberg. He is far to good of an actor to be doin some stuff like this. The best thing in the movie was the graphics. The acting in this movie was more then horrible. It was so bad that I cant even think of a word it could've been. The way the vilian died seemed to simple. And the way the people were dying was not graphic enough. I would never recommend this movie to anyone. It gives the game a bad name. It did not do the game any justice at all....more info
  • Max Payne
    I thought it was a pretty good movie. It starts off a little slow but by the end I was hoping a sequel was in the works. It differs from the game's storyline but the basic premise is there. ...more info
  • Drags some
    Wahlberg is good. The snow floating down through 95% of the movie makes for good ambience. Some of the action scenes are very good. The supporting caste iss good. The main problems of the movie are the pacing and the plot holes. The movie is not logically consistent in its own universe. Everybody has the same hallucinations on the drug. Beau Bridges's character confesses to killing Payne's wife; however, we see the killer scamper through a bedroom window through flashbacks. I don't think Beau could ever move that fast.

    Some scenes in the movie are really cool. When Max takes the drug, the snowflakes turn into flaming cinders. The shootout in the office building is done very well.

    In summary, don't pay too much to see this and be prepared to wonder if the movie is really worth your time....more info
  • lipstick on a pig
    - About Max Payne, on the day his family was murdered: "He was, maybe, ten minutes too late."
    - About me, on the day I sat down to see this movie: "He was around one hour forty-three minutes too early."

    Whoever Mark Wahlberg's agent is, dude needs to get dragged to the back of the woodshed. Wahlberg's film choices in '08 have not been what you'd call career friendly. Firstly, M. Night Shamalamadingdong screwed the pooch with THE HAPPENING, and then there's this skunker. I haven't ever played the MAX PAYNE video game, and, truth is, this cinematic adaptation is just the kind of thing which might put off potential players of the game. MAX PAYNE the movie is so @$#%! bad that I'm compelled to inject punctuation marks to emphasize how truly bad it is.

    Wahlberg over the years has built up a rep for good acting; dude was even recently Oscar-nominated for his role in THE DEPARTED. He's not the worse thing in MAX PAYNE, but it sure doesn't help that he sleepwalks thru his role. Mostly, he rolls with one expression, which is this frozen, sorta pained look, as if his co-actors were always breaking wind around him. Wahlberg is NYPD Detective Max Payne, currently toiling away in the lowly Cold Case Department, pretty much relegated to "glorified file clerk" duties. Echoing the back story of the Punisher, the Crow and others of that dark ilk, Max's wife and baby had been murdered and Max won't rest until he gets his ungodly smite on. But the trail is cold, the clues are faint. Max has withdrawn into himself and has alienated pretty much everyone around him, including his one-time cop partner, who Max thinks hasn't done enough in solving the case.

    Some headway is finally made when a connection is unearthed between the murder of Max's family and the recent slaying of a slinky party girl whom Max had the night before taken home. And when Max's partner is brutally whacked, Max himself becomes the primary suspect. Vaguely teaming up with Mona Sax (Mila Kunis), a Russian assassin and the vengeful sister of the slain girl, Max haunts New York's criminal underworld, tangling with fellow badges, a shady pharmaceutical corporation, and homocidal drugged-out thugsters. But what gets me is that, the whole time, Wahlberg carries that same vaguely distressed expression. What, did the film's catering make it Burrito Night every night?

    The SIN CITY-inspired visuals look good, no doubt, and there are even several flashy bullet time sequences. But, in a way, that cheeses me ever more, because, seems to me, if the filmmakers can pay so much attention on the special effects and the slick cinematography, why couldn't they focus just a smidgen on the story, which is always the most crucial component? As it is, MAX PAYNE dies a slow, agonizing death, the final verdict rendering it a thing of style over substance, some lipstick on a pig, moonlight on a pile of poo.

    All the way thru, the film persists in its bad choices. The pace is sluggish, the script is all over the place, and characters walk on and off the screen like you're supposed to already know who they are (and I guess you would if you've played the game). But, for too much time, I wasn't clear on exactly who that cat was being played by a doughy-looking Chris McDonnell (who I guess wreaked havoc on Burrito Nights). The camera several times makes it a point to briefly cut to McDonnell's nervous mug, but until his big office scene, not much detail is provided regarding this guy, leaving me vexed and musing who the hell is this doofus? And what was the deal with the old woman who happens to be CEO of that dubious pharmaceutical company? Just how deep was she into shady shenanigans? The film leaves us in the dark. It's stuff like that, which smacks of lack of attention to detail, which helps to torpedo the film.

    Mila Kunis simply feels out of place. Worsely, she isn't given much to do, other than occasionally spit some Russian dialogue and saunter with flair in her leathers and big, big gun. Olga Kurylenko, the latest Bond girl, shows up for a nanosecond, but then I think her agent called with some pointed career advice. Hip hop artist Ludacris shows up and tries to sink into his role and get serious about acting, except that when your character's name is Lt. J. Bravura, who're you really foolin'? Beau Bridges is also here, probably having told his little brother "Whatever you can do, blah blah blah." But he's got nothing on Jeff.

    The trailers cheated us into thinking that there actually may be an otherworldy element to this thing, in the form of creepy shadow angels skittering about. Except that they turn out to be mere side-effects of this experimental hallucinatory drug, which by the way happens to be at the crux of this whole mess. There's a dispirited, soul-numbing tone in MAX PAYNE which wore on me and put me in a bleak mood (I was this close to putting on black clothes and a beret, changing my name to Olaf, and composing poetry that neither rhymed nor made sense). For folks who relish wallowing in that sort of emotional scene, stick around until after the credits for one last scene which, O Unfathomable God, may be setting up for a possible sequel.

    The DVD offers two versions of the film, the theatrical version and the unrated version. If you're wondering which one to see, hint: the theatrical version is SHORTER. To be fair, the last half hour does pick up the pace as the filmmakers finally shake themselves out of their stupor and realize that, hey, this is supposed to be an action thriller. So, that's something. But, for Mark Wahlberg's sake, THE BRAZILIAN JOB can't come fast enough.

    Oh, and if you're gonna handcuff someone, clap them suckers on with their hands behind the back. That's like, Basic Apprehending 101, brother....more info
  • film noir with a standard villian
    As this is a high budget movie you really can expect alot more from it than it's low budget contemporaries. However this movie shines on blu ray with awesome special effects. The film is a ok film noir movie and it does have elements from the video game without being like a video game ; the recent "wanted" is more like one than this movie. THat would be fine except they rely on the corrupt betrayer who can
    be seen from very early on. This traitor/betrayer theme has made many hollywood movies fall into a cynical trap, sure these betrayals happen but unfortunately they can't seem to make decent villians who are NOT
    part of the team, force or a friend like they used to. THis ruined the Mission Impossible movies which failed to even feature a team in any of them! Just traitors and inside badies. The actors all do a decent job at their average type action noir roles,
    especially the underrated Beau Bridges. This isn't a bad movie though and the drug that enslaves people
    is all too close to the reality of meth (also known of the streets as the drug on fools.) It's worth watching on blu ray and if you are into film noir and don't care about the video game aspect. This does feature people flying when hit by shotgun blasts which does not happen in reality however. And that is videogamish to say the least but It doesn't do the game justice in many respects. If you can't Enjoy this as a ok film noir movie with a origin in a video game then you won't be happy owning this one. ...more info