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Repo! The Genetic Opera
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Studio: Lions Gate Home Ent. Release Date: 01/20/2009 Run time: 90 minutes Rating: R

Likening Repo! The Genetic Opera to its predecessors, Little Shop of Horrors and Rocky Horror Picture Show, conveys this film’s high camp and operatic bursts of song, but does little to describe how absolutely bizarre Repo! is. Like Rocky Horror, Repo! was written for stage performance by Darren Smith and Terrance Zdunich, who stars as a Graverobber, dolled up in vampiric makeup to resemble Rocky Horror’s iconic tranny, Dr. Frank-N-Furter. Hiring newbie director, Darren Lynn Bousman, fresh out of film school to shoot this mutant movie, Smith and Zdunich clearly focused on writing comedy into extremely gruesome slasher scenes, which works with mixed results. Stills of comic strips contextualize each scene, telling the story of biotech corporation Geneco’s repossessions of organs that they implanted into various patients to save human lives during a long history of operations. Organs, here, were bought on credit, and as the economy nosedives, citizens of this a makeshift Gotham City cannot pay bills, and must forfeit their lives to repo men make a killing around town, literally. Heading this enterprise is CEO Rotti Largo (Paul Sorvino), who has two bickering sons, Luigi (Bill Moseley) and Pavi (Nivek Ogre), whose white facemask is third generation Phantom, borrowing directly from Winslow Leach’s in Brian De Palma’s Phantom of the Paradise. Central to the plot is head repo guy/slaughterer, Nathan Wallace (Anthony Head of Buffy the Vampire Slayer), who hides his career path to preserve his sexy teenage daughter, Shilo’s (Alexa Vega), innocence. As Shilo discovers her godmom, Blind Mag (Sarah Brightman), and the "Z"-addicted surgery slut, Amber Sweet (Paris Hilton), she embarks on adventures through an urban landscape constructed of metal gear, corpse piles, and S/M zombie girls, while dad straps people up in his torture chamber to take back body parts. Hmmmm. Since Repo! looks likes a Marilyn Manson video, its musical niche sensibility will only appeal to fans who like Goth and Industrial music. To anyone who doesn’t go for that look, it does impress for its sheer dedication to choreography and song. In the least, Repo! The Genetic Opera is an anomalous glimpse into visionary horror. --Trinie Dalton

Customer Reviews:

  • wonderful movie...
    I couldn't help but want to be in this movie while watching it! You get involved and drawn into there world. Go get the soundtrack as well it will blow you away!...more info
  • Simply Fantastic
    Repo surpassed all my expectations. The music grows on you throughout the movie and by the end you want to flick it on repeat and watch it over. Artistically it's stunning in places, the songs aren't necessarily award winners however at times there are a few really awesome moments. I could almost see it as a Tim Burton masterpiece, and I think it would have been the perfect film for him to put his slant on, but from the director of Saw it's a brilliant achievement. Any Sweeney Todd enthusiasts, along with Corpse Bride/Nightmare Before Christmas fans, definitely one not to miss!...more info
  • A very unique movie
    First off, I am not a fan of Opera or musicals. I happened to catch the trailer when I rented Saw 5 and just the looks alone made me want to check it out. I must say this movie was quite enjoyable. one of the most creative movies I have seen in quite a while. I was familiar with a few people from the cast and I hate to say it but Paris Hilton was that bad either. I would highly recommend checking this movie out....more info
  • Very cool
    I only watched this in the theater because Anthony Stewart Head (ASH) was one of the stars. I had no idea what to expect when me and a couple of my friends went. We were three of the four people in the theater...I didn't think that boded well. After getting over my initial reaction of WTF, I very much enjoyed the movie. I thought the whole production was well done and engaging. Everyone (including Paris Hilton) did a good job with the singing and the acting, though I wish Sarah Brightman had a bigger role. I think it compares very favorably to Rocky Horror in terms of being a rock musical. Oh! I should mention that it's not for everyone though. Not at all. It's very gory and bloody with dark undertones. In my opinion it's cartoonishly bloody and the dark humor is funny, but I know that some people are sensitive to that sort of thing. If you know that you don't enjoy that sort of thing, be strongly cautioned. ...more info
  • Repo man
    I am a little biased since I have loved Tony Head since I first saw him in a coffee commercial, but I thought this was a great movie. The music is addictive, the acting is perfectly tuned for the style of the film, and the graverobber is a total hottie. There is a lot of gore, but the whole movie is so over the top & clearly comic book styled that the gruesome bits don't come across as real or scary at all.
    I even enjoyed Paris Hilton as Amber Sweet....more info
  • Beautiful...and bloody creative!!
    First and foremost this film is a feast for your eyes. It is completely original, and acted to the nines by all involved.(Yes even Paris Hilton is really good in this)The soundtrack was nominated for a GOLDEN GLOBE and is very very deserving of that nomination..if not a win. I love musical theater. I have seen Phantom at least ten times, Les Mis at least seven, Rent four times, and so on and so on. I love Horror/splatter films, and the idea of the two wedding blissfully has never crossed my mind. I watched repo with no expectations but to see a "Horror Rock Opera" what ever that means. Well it means REPO. it was just brilliantly done. The music ranges from Classic rock, to punk rock to goth rock..and all in between. The only thing I have heard REPO being compared to was "The Rocky Horror Picture show" and though I love Rocky is not a fair or true this film takes itself seriously..deadly seriously
    If you like film, Musical theater, horror..or just want to have a good time watching something new with some friends...then REPO ALL THE WAY!!...more info
  • Super Fast!
    I will definitely buy from them again. I received Repo! two days ahead of schedule (which completely made my day!). ...more info
  • Repo The Genetic Opera
    I found this dvd to be a movie not suited to everyones taste but quickly became a personal favourite...more info
  • Awful
    When i heard about this movie I was pretty psyched. A movie about a company that repossesses organs sounded too good to be true. Then when I heard it was also a rock opera I knew I had to see this movie. After watching it I was amazed at how bored I was. The movie was not exciting in the least. The music was obnoxious. The acting was poor. The gore wasn't even good....more info
  • definitely worth taking a chance on!!
    I thoroughly enjoyed Repo! The Genetic Opera. The visuals were surprising and the songs are terrific! The casting is incredible and the whole concept is awesome. It is an opera so the plot holes can be forgiven, but it must be said that the authors stay very true to the operatic form...more info
  • Too Bad
    Unfortunately, there are no positive parts in this movie:
    a)the music is very weak, no lyricism, no poetry, even in the more dramatic moments;
    b)the plot had really some potential, as other reviewers pointed out, but it was developed with extreme bad taste;
    c)the bloody scenes, that appear frequently along the movie, could be acceptable if handed with humor, but that never happens: the movie is not funny at all;
    d)the singers really try to do a good work, but their performances cannot improve the negative points that permeate almost all parts of the movie.

    ...more info
  • amazing
    This is probably one of the best movies i have seen in my life i bought it 3 weeks ago and havent gone one day without watching it i like it so much i went out and bought the soundtrack

    ...more info
  • Good premise, disappointing plot
    I loved most of the songs, the style of the city and the costumes of the more outrageous characters. The setting and the main premise are wonderful, the idea is brilliant and world is a dark, industrial delight.

    I hated the plot, which was predictably comfortable at best, banal at worst, and the characterisation, which was painfully 2D and made it hard to enjoy and empathise with Nate, Shilo, and the Largo family, who were an otherwise interesting cast.

    But in the end, I've watched it over 10 times since it arrived, and will watch it some more, because despite it's flaws it's a fun -very, very bloody- musical, and there's something irresistible about Repo! that I can watch over and over....more info
  • Horrible movie only for those with a lot of time on their hands
    I wouldn't recommend this unless you are a fan of stupid campy movies or are desperate to see an opera. The world has had some sort of organ destroying disease outbreak. A corporation has found a way to help people by producing transplants (either growing them, getting them from corpses, or both - I don't think this is ever explained). If you miss payments, the company will "repo" your organs. This all plays out in an opera-esque format with everyone dressed in psuedo-goth attire via a 17 year old emo girl who plays the lead role. The worst part about the film is that the lead actress seems to be the worst vocalist in the movie. At times, the other characters (such as her father) are singing (a conversation) and she seems to do little more than say her lines. The movie's climax is so painfully obvious long before we get there that it felt like a chore watching parts of it. The only good parts of the movie were seeing Paris Hilton's face fall off and the addition of comic book pages to explain the back story....more info
    I admit I was skeptical,but I love this film!I have seen literally thousands of movies,but this is the most beautiful film i have ever seen!I watch it like most people listen to cds! Everything about this film is perfect!You can really tell that this was a work of passion for everyone involved.It shines through.This is not for everyone: if you need someone to feed you the same old safe and bland images and sounds you probably wont enjoy this.If you have no sense of humor, or if you dont like horror this probably isnt for you.This is a singular is truly unique,and i love it! Another reviewer said the songs neither told the story nor worked as songs that person is a FOOL!Look at the other reviews very few are negative,and that should tell you something!Even their comments should let you know its just another pinheaded nobody with verbal diarhea seeking attention.This isnt meant for them.I have been showing this to all of my friends,and every single one has loved it as well!Regardless of the musical aspect! I feel very passionately about this film.I feel everyone should see it and make their own decision. Some will hate it, but I beg to differ.This film is a masterpiece!The creators are absolute geniuses,and I cant wait for the director's cut!It is totally worth the double or triple dip that i foresee.What i didnt foresee was this film hitting my heart like a sledgehammer.I dont ever get emotional for movies,but this one really moved me to tears.I think it actually brought my girlfriend and i closer together which is priceless!It is truly a work of art.Lionsgate really dropped the ball on this one.I would love to see this on the big screen ,but unfortunately never had the chance!I hope they can continue to tell this story so please support this film!If anyone who worked on the film should read this i just want to say i really appreciate the hard work and talent of everyone involved!THANKS!If I could give it ten stars I would! ...more info
  • A Breath of Fresh Air (May Contain Spoilers)
    During a time when it seems like there are no new ideas for movies and the film industry is filled with remakes, sequels, and adaptations, REPO! The Genetic Opera is a welcome breath of fresh air. Though it is, techically, an adaptation of what started as a 10 minute two person opera, it has evolved into a brilliantly original film. The movie is a full fledged rock-opera with hardly a word of unsung dialogue. And don't let that put you off. This movie, while admittedly not for everyone, is a masterpiece of music, visuals, and wonderful actors and does have at least a little something for almost everyone. It is gothic, it has music, it is dark and twisted and has some gore, it has a touching story of a father's love for his daughter, it has comedy. It flows rather fluidly for the ammount of story being told and has a wonderfully diverse cast ranging from opera singer sarah brightman, to child actress Alexa Vega, to rock musician Ogre, to classicly trained actor Anthony Head, even to heiress Paris Hilton (who does a surprisingly good job with her character) The music is catchy, The story is original, the visuals are dark and astounding.

    The movie is set in the year 2057 during an epidemic of massive organ failures. Thanks to GeneCo people could finance organ transplants, but failure to pay means a visit from the Repo Man, the legal assain. The story is that of Shilo (Alexa Vega of Spy Kids), a 17 year old girl with a rare blood disease who is kept locked in the house by her over-protective father, Nathan Wallce (Anthony Stewart Head from Buffy the Vampire Slayer) so that she doesn't have to face the cruel world that lies outside her window. Little does she know that he is also GeneCo's head Repo Man. The complex story line emerges as GeneCo's founder Rotti Largo (Paul Sorvino) discovers that he is dying and needs to find a worthy heir to inherit the company since he deems his own children, Pavi (Ogre of Skinny Puppy), Luigi (Bill Mosely), and Amber Sweet (Paris Hilton) unworthy of his legacy. To top things off, Blind Mag (Sarah Brightman), The leading Opera singer of the day, has decided that she cannot go on supporting a company that she does not believe in and decides to leave the genetic opera, much to geneco's dismay. But, a clause in her contract reads that if she leaves GeneCo she forfeits her eyes. Its a beautiful struggle for Shilo to finally break free of her father and try to save her hero Mag all while discovering the horrible truth about her father and herself. Throughout the events of this one night of discovery the character of Graverobber (co-creator Terrance Zdunich) narrates the story with wit and also has one of the most catchy and memorable songs in the whole movie.
    ...more info
  • dark musicals need work
    The imagery and ambiance was wonderful but the music left me disappointed. With so many great musicians all in one film, I guess I expected more, but they still don't seem to know how to make "dark" musicals sound good rather than cheesy....more info
  • Feeling Dizzy
    The music is spectacular. The design is beyond amazing. I do have a couple of problems with this though... The shots were all way too fast. Out of the entire movie, the longest shot was 26 seconds. It didn't stay on anyone long enough to capture their emotions. My other problem is with the girl playing Shilo. She can sing but was made to sing a little flat the entire movie for the sake of sounding punkish. Her part would've been so much better. A notable performance in this is that of Anthony Steward Head. He switches completely between his two personalities flawlessly....more info
  • Repo--interesting
    The rreason I bought it was because Sarah Brightman played Blind Meg in it.
    I found the story line good and rather engrossing, but I didn't like the graphic inserts. To me they detracted from the story and added nothing to the plot. I thought the singing excellent. It alone made the purchase worth while.
    The acting was good, though I did find Paris tather over the top. She didn't seem comfortable using the f-word, which her character did a lot.
    I'm glad I bought it, just as a sort of curious example of horror movies.
    Jane Gaschke...more info
  • Addicted to the knife?
    Repo! is an amazing film. I love that this got made, and that it has so starkly divided people. I only took off a star because I'm trying to be honest. But this movie is -in the proper "state of mind" (read: properly intoxicated)- really fun. Its not a great film, but its not aiming for that. its different, the songs are catchy, its a little violent and its a little weird. I love that me and my friends can put this on and sing along (keep in mind we're talking 20 year old straight men). It is for mature/immature audiences. It is a fun film that takes inspirations and does something original with them.

    My only complaint is that the voices sound a little too auto-tuned so it deadens the vocals a little....more info
  • One of the best movies I have seen.
    How people rate best movie ever, its a hard thing to do, but a good key is, how many times people will watch the movie in a month. So far since buying the movie I have watched it 15 or so times, a friend of mine uses this movie as the new coffee, wake up in the morning and put in on to watch it once more over breakfast. I could rant about how awesome and everything but there are enough people and chances are you all ready know if you want to buy the movie, because chances are if you want the movie, you liked Rocky horror picture show, enjoyed Sweeney Todd, have been too, or are looking forward to watching Evil dead the musical and or (most likely and) have seen a good number of gore movies. (saw, hostel, machine girl, ichi the killer ect)

    So the short of it is, Awesome movie, as addicting as a movie can be, and will be a cult movie in the near future, the music gets into your very being and takes you along for the ride....more info