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OEM T-MOBILE HTC innovation GOOGLE G1 Battery DREA160
List Price: $59.99

Our Price: $8.99

You Save: $51.00 (85%)


Product Description

  • Flight delays, power outages, longer-than-expected trips. You can't always recharge your HTC device when you'd like to.
  • But with an extra HTC battery on hand, you can always talk, type, and work as long as you need to.
  • Keep it in your bag or briefcase and stay connected, powered up, and ready to get the job done.
  • HTC batteries are designed to work optimally with your device, ensuring it is powered for longer and the battery sustains an optimal amount of charges.
  • The HTC Battery features integrated security that ensures you're using a battery specially designed to work with your HTC device.
  • Your device will be powered longer and the battery will sustain a greater amount of charges with a HTC battery, the only one that works with HTC devices.

Replacement battery is made with the same materials as your original battery; it will looks, feel, and perform the same.

1150 mAh

ONLY trust your phone with HTC OEM ORIGINAL batteries!

If there should be any issues upon receipt or for the next 14 days, we will replace the battery - NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

HTC will also guarantee this battery for up to one year from date of purchase!

Compatible with: HTC T-Mobile G1

Condition: New

Customer Reviews:

  • OEM Battery for G1
    Battery worked just fine. Although the order was for a NEW battery, and I received an used battery. I contacted the supplier, and they shipped out a NEW battery to replace the old one that had been shipped to me. The NEW battery still looked as though it had been used from the condition of the contacts. It could have been from a battery tester....more info
  • UGH!
    The product was horrible!

    The first few days it worked fine, but then it started to die on me every time I use it. I would literally charged it all day, and it would never be fully charged for some reason. When I recieve calls, I would have a full power(green)to a low power(red).

    It is so frustrating, that annoyed me.

    Sorry but I would not buy batteries online again....more info
  • A Definite Must
    A definite must for all g1 owners. If for travel or just everyday use. The G1 battery dies quick, so it's perfect to have one on hand. ...more info
  • works as good as the one came with the G1
    If you are mobile, or don't want to connect the G1 to power cord every day, this back up battery works for you....more info
  • Yes it is OEM!!
    The photo of this battery shows the wrong side. Sure enough it says "HTC Innovation" on the other side, just like your original G1 battery. Good price, and a must have for those with an second battery charger. You are covered with 2 good batteries in hand. No need for a fat-back setup. ...more info