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Harmony 1100 Advanced Universal Remote Control with 3.5-Inch Color Touch Screen
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Product Description

The Logitech Harmony 1100 gives you powerful home-entertainment control through a customizable, 3.5-inch full-color touch screen. Controls are easy to access and are backlit, so you can easily find them in the dark. One-touch, activity-based controls turn on the right devices in the right order with a single command. RF wireless capability lets you control devices without direct line-of-sight, so you can keep components in a closed cabinet or even another room (requires Logitech Harmony RF Extender, sold separately). The on-screen commands are customizable, so you get the commands you want, when you want them. The Harmony 1100 supports more than 5000 brands and over 225,000 devices.

  • One-touch, activity-based controls
  • 3.5-inch, full-color touch screen
  • Customizable commands, icons and screens
  • RF wireless capability. Support for 5,000+ brands and 225,000+ devices
  • Rechargeable, complete with charging stand

Customer Reviews:

  • good remote
    remote works good. Had to get rf extender because my equipment is low and was blocked by the coffee table. remote has a second or so of hang time (time from hitting a button until actual response from equipment). not sure its worth the price but i wanted a tablet style remote. ...more info
  • The best of the best
    Wow,this is the best universal remote that I have ever used, its the complete package. I have a pretty complex theater and it works perfectly on all pieces....more info
  • Not remotely ready for prime time... but stay tuned!
    I would first like to state that I am a huge fan of Logitech, for many years. I have reviewed many Logitech items with mostly nothing but positive things to say. I was also a electronic and software tester many years ago, and our office was given many products from the same company before it was named Logitech. Therefore, my review may sound very critical, or even negative, but there is more positive to look forward to with this purchase.

    Unfortunately there is a significant difference between two items in this box. There is the primary unit, and then the mandatory software needed to use it. It is the software that brings this appeal way down (for now). Let's just say that I am being generous with four stars because I do in fact see the possibility of improved software and firmware that would better associate with the unit, and your devices. Thinking of this as a computer in need of an OS upgrade.



    First thing to do out of the box is simple as can be. Put the battery in the unit, plug in the charger base, and charge for a few hours. Then, while that is happening, you attempt to install the software. I have several computers for testing for Mac, PC, various operating systems and platforms. The big fail here is with Mac. The software is simply not ready for Mac use, and there is no software update for it (yet). The problem is that even though the software installs, when it gets to the point of trying to add info or connect the unit, it is not going to happen. And this is where I channel Grandma, and think about what she would do. So, that is exactly what I did... I called.




    [...]. Do the charging, and install the software, and do as much as you can, then call. Just set aside time to set up your devices. Grab all brand names, model numbers, and all old remotes beforehand.

    Installing the software on PC was a breeze, and it recognized the remote, and editing was easier etc. But, if you have a PC and Mac, as I do, I noticed that if you are in any type of network, and if the software that did not work on the Mac, it will now work. However, you do need to manually edit IP info etc. Grandma can't do this, but here is my solution for...

    Settings to get the H1100 recognized by Mac OS X.

    1. Open the "System Preferences" icon in the dock.
    2. Double-click Network.
    3. Click the + button near the bottom left corner of the window.
    4. In the Interface drop-down, select Ethernet Adapter (en2)
    *The remote may not appear as EN2, but may appear as EN3, EN4, etc.
    5. In the Configure IPv4 drop-menu, select Manually.
    6. Type the following beside IP address,
    7. Type the following beside Subnet Mask,
    8. Type the following beside Router,
    9. Click Apply.
    10. Reboot the computer.
    11. Login to the Harmony Remote software.
    12. Update remote.

    When all is up and running with the software you may teach the remote to learn the IR frequencies etc. In many cases, simply entering a brand name, type of device, and model number, you will see the device will work right away with the remote. However, all the buttons on your old remote will not be there. You can however add them, easily, once you learn how it's easy. (i.e. just call) . One example of extra steps would be with TiVo. If you have TiVo, you know how the "30 second skip" is not standard, and you have to do the special code inputs etc.. well, with this software, you scroll though the options, and you will find a "30 second skip" option. This alone rocks because there is no such button on the TiVo remote, and the button you press is tiny. With the Harmony, you can make it a button, or switch other buttons around, like fast forward etc. All are customizable.

    It's a cool looking unit with a lot to offer. Unfortunately, there is no bluetooth connectivity, so that eliminates controlling devices such as Playstation 3 etc. But works for X-Box and other gaming systems. Basically, if you have something with a remote, you should be able to add it. If there are buttons you never use, just hide them. If you want advance feature buttons (some that were not even on your original device remote) you can add them.

    One of the reasons I was on the phone so long with Mr. Peach was that he was literally programming codes that worked for my devices as we were figuring out what worked. i.e. if you would have run into any of the problems I had from this day on, you won't, because we fixed them, and it automatically connects to the software so that it does not happen again. At this point, the software is fairly beta, as far as I am concerned, but go into it positively and think of it as a Wikiremote.

    This remote is not ready for Grandma, at all, but should have significant appeal to media entertainment aficionados and once you get into it. I look forward to upgrades of the software, and I trust Logitech in every way with their stellar reputation and customer service (sans Apu). You will really enjoy fully customizing the remote to the extreme.

    It does everything... but your dishes... or the other thing....more info
  • Logitech Harmony 1100 Remote
    This is a great remote control that has met all my expectations, and allows my wife to operate the home audio system with ease. Set up was straight forward, although the model of my Sony carousel CD/DVD player (DVP-CX985V) was not recognised. However that problem was overcome with the use of the DVD player remote, and most routine operations work fine. I need to learn more about the remote yet, and if I spend more time I'm sure I'll be able to get the remote to control more of the more complex operations.

    Overall, I'd definitely recommend this remote for those who want a simple means of controlling their home theatre system with a single remote....more info
  • Take control: A harmony 1100 advanced universal remote control review
    I was fortunate enough to tryout and review the Logitech Harmony 1100. Having recently purchased the Harmony One, I looked forward to putting this universal remote to the test. Most of all I wanted to know what more I would get for almost twice the price.

    The Harmony 1100 is a highly customizable universal remote designed for easy set up and take control of all your electronic needs. If you normally turn on a PVR, amplifier, and TV plus be concerned with the TV's input setting just to watch your programs, this remote can handle all this by pressing one button. Unlike the Harmony one, the Harmony 1100 is more customizable, and supports Z-Wave (RF) Technology.

    Like the Harmony One, setting up this remote is meant to be simple. Start by installing the software and make a list of all the remote controlled electronic components including model numbers. This remote will work with the PS3 using the Nyko Blu-Ray Remote or other more expensive options. In the case of the Nyko remote, enter the model of the PS3 as "PlayStation 3 Blu-Wave" so the Harmony 1100 can recognize the remote. This option will not control the on/off function of the PS3 though. Once the components are entered, buttons can be reset, favorite channel buttons can be created. If desired channel icon images can be uploaded and are easily found on the web. Additionally change activity order, upload slideshow or background images, alter remote settings, and spend as much time customizing as you desire. Customizing is not necessary, however if desired is accomplished with ease.

    The slideshow function is not included with the Harmony One and feels like a forgotten afterthought on the 1100. This feature has been used in previous remotes, however it's less intuitive than the 1100's other features. The software recommends a pixel width of 320 and height of 240. Follow this to the letter, as the remote will not shrink an image to fit, it shrinks and crops the image to fit the specified dimensions to eliminate blank space. The remote doesn't rotate a vertical shot either, rotate verticals on their side before uploading into the software or the slideshow will crop the image forcing it to be horizontal.

    Many devices today use Bluetooth remotes. The PS3 and my media center computer are two components this remote doesn't control without using a workaround. Bluetooth remotes are not typical, but they are not rare these days. With the class and cost of this remote in mind, I feel it should be able to handle both without purchasing workarounds. I don't feel as strongly about this for the Harmony One remote though. If Logitech truly wants to replace all my remotes, they need to provide Bluetooth capabilities.

    Holding the remote and pressing buttons feels unnatural, especially after using the ergonomically designed Harmony One. Turning the Harmony 1100 sideways feels more natural to me, and could've easily been done without altering the remotes capabilities or features.

    While there is room for improvement, Harmony 1100 delivers where it counts. If you need the Z-Wave (RF) Technology support for electronic components kept behind closed cabinet doors or have a complicated set-up requiring major remote customization, the Harmony 1100 is the remote to purchase. However, at close to half the price of the Harmony 1100, the Harmony One is worth considering. Both remotes basically have the same capabilities outside of the RF feature and additional customizing capabilities of the Harmony 1100.

    Easy to set up
    Highly customizable
    Simplifies remote control usage

    Slideshow seems like an afterthought
    Bluetooth capabilities missing
    Feels unnatural to hold and use...more info
  • Best remote on the market
    The Harmony 1100 is by far the best universal remote on the market. It looks great in black. The software is really easy to use and programming all 15 Electronic products I needed it to control, took me only 20 min. I would highly recommend this remote even at the $ 499 retail. Buy it from Amazon, you will not regret this purchase. ...more info
  • Best Harmony Yet...Just Short of Perfection!
    I have been a big fan of Logitech Harmony remotes for the past several years. I own many, including the Harmony 550, the Harmony 880, and the wonderful Harmony One. I was completely thrilled when I was given the chance to test and review the new flagship Logitech Harmony 1100 Universal Media Controller. A similar yet refined upgrade from the Harmony 1000, the Harmony 1100 is just as big and yet bolder and more beautiful than its predecessor.

    The real stand-out feature of the 1100 is the bright and colorful 3.5-inch LCD touch screen. It really is beautiful, and the graphical icons are easy to identify and use. You can even customize the icons for your favorite TV channels, to display the familiar logos of these channels. Unfortunately the custom logos included with the Harmony 1100 are few and very plain. You can easily find a large variety of custom channel logos, available for download, on the Internet via Google. You can even customize the order in which these icons are displayed on the touch screen.

    Logitech has done a great job packaging the Harmony 1100 universal media controller. The package is decorative, protective, and the contents are laid out very well. The package includes the following:

    - Harmony 1100 remote control
    - Remote charging station
    - USB cable (USB to mini-USB)
    - AC adapter
    - Lithium-ion battery
    - Installation CD
    - Quick-start and features guides
    - Warranty and registration paperwork

    In order to install the Harmony software, you will need a Windows or Mac PC, running Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Mac OS X 10.3 - 10.5. Your computer will also need an available USB port and an active Internet connection. The software installation is very straightforward and simple. My Harmony 1100 remote arrived with enough battery power that I was able to watch the pre-installed demo (displays on the remote touch screen when you install the battery), and was then able to connect to my PC and get all of my media devices added and configured on the remote. The Logitech Harmony software supports more than 225,000 devices, from 5,000 different brands, so all you need is the make and model number of each piece of hardware you wish to control with the Harmony. Once you input the make and model of each device, the Harmony software automatically adds all of the remote functions of each device to your Harmony 1100 remote profile. Once you have added all of your devices, you can then configure Activities, which allows the Harmony 1100 to run multiple commands to control several devices at the same time. For example, to watch a Blu-ray movie you can setup a "Watch Blu-ray" activity on the 1100, which will power on your TV, change the TV to the proper input, power on your Blu-ray player, power on your Hi-Fi receiver and change it to the appropriate input, and then the 1100 brings up the proper control interface for the Blu-ray player on the touch screen. So you simply push one button to prepare all of your entertainment system hardware to perform the activity you desire. When you are finished watching your movie you push just one power button, on the Harmony 1100, to power off all of your media hardware. It's really that simple! No more wrestling with several remote controls just to watch a movie. The Harmony 1100 is capable of controlling up to 15 different devices, so this essentially allows you to tuck away up to 15 remote controls, and control all of your hardware with one easy to use device. And unlike many other universal remote controls, which are limited by the number of physical buttons they have, the touch screen interface of the Harmony 1100 allows full, unlimited control of every device. Even if the Harmony software omits a control feature, you can use the original remote(s) for your media hardware to teach the Harmony 1100 the needed command. That's right, the 1100 can learn new commands very easily, and the Harmony software is updated with more new devices on a regular basis. This means that the 1100 universal media controller gives you full control of the devices you have today and for what you'll add in the future. It is a great way to future-proof yourself for many years to come!

    While the Harmony 1100 is sleek, gorgeous and powerful, it is not without a few shortcomings. First of all, the 1100 is not a remote that you can hold and control with one hand. Although it is thin and impressively light, it is rather large compared to most typical single device remotes. The Harmony software, although quite easy to install and use, can be a bit confusing to navigate when trying to configure the more advanced features of the 1100. I think Logitech engineered the software to be user friendly to a fault, utilizing setup wizards to walk you through all of the simple steps and therefore burying the advanced customization features in obscure areas that are sometimes tricky to find. I also don't appreciate the fact that the Harmony 1100 remote cannot be used in any way while on the charging stand. The stand holds the remote at a near perfect angle to allow the user to reach over and just tap a button to increase volume or pause playback. However, in order to perform these simple tasks you must remove the 1100 from the stand before you can do anything. The 1100 also allows you to upload a handful of pictures to the remote, to display them as a slideshow, and while previous Harmony models invoked playback of the slideshow when the remote was placed on the charging cradle, the 1100 does not allow this feature. In order to view the slide show you must go into the setup menu and select slideshow from there. That is simply too much trouble just to display a small number of digital photos. The 1100 also does not come with native RF or Bluetooth capabilities. I can forgive the omission of Bluetooth, but even though Logitech brags about the RF wireless capability of the 1100, it requires you to purchase the Logitech Harmony RF Extender, sold separately. So really the Harmony 1100 is just an advanced IR remote control that can be accessorized to allow RF capabilities. Although most of these issues are fairly minor quibbles, one would think that spending $500.00 on a universal remote would net you a few of these capabilities without needing to spend even more money.

    Overall I am very satisfied with the Logitech Harmony 1100 Advanced Universal Remote Control. It is a sleek, bold and beautiful device, with an easy to use interface, a bright and colorful 3.5-inch touch screen, and several dedicated buttons (including volume up/down, mute, channel up/down, replay, 4-way directional rocker, up/down scroll, etc.) to control all of your home media devices. But the 1100 goes beyond just media hardware, allowing you to control lighting, security systems, climate control systems, and virtually anything that accepts an IR signal. It is rechargeable, so you never have to worry about changing batteries, and the installation and configuration of the 1100 is pretty straightforward for most basic functions. If you are looking to tweak the remote for customized perfection, be prepared for some head scratching and time consuming searches through the Harmony software. Also, be aware that occasionally the Harmony software seems to lockup during configuration. Be patient and wait for it, as it always seems to come back to life on its own. I think certain features, such as uploading pictures and custom channel icons tend to task the software in a manner that makes it appear to freeze for a few minutes. If you don't mind the somewhat hefty price tag, and the fact that this remote will require both hands to hold and use, I feel the Harmony 1100 is a great device that is sure to please most every home audio/video enthusiast. It is a very professional device that allows complete control of your home media system, and will surely grab the attention and bring forth compliments from friends and family that visit your home. With a few firmware tweaks and the inclusion of RF support out of the box, this remote would be perfect. However, at this point the Logitech Harmony 1100 is a solid 4-star product with 5-star potential....more info
  • Some Additional Points
    I won't reiterate the other technical reviews here- Read those, they are accurate. Rather, I'll address other issues not mentioned previously.

    First, this is an incredible remote. I've owned a Sony Commander for 10 years and decided to try this one when my last Sony died. This one puts all others I've owned and used to shame. Save a few exotic features (see other reviews), this is all most people will need.

    I gave it 4 stars because of the difficulty of the software. Specifically:
    1. I had to turn my firewall and virus protection off (I use McAfee). A call to tech support gave me 6 URLs the software uses, but McAfee requires the IP Addresses to add to the trusted sites list (trusted programs does not work). The tech didn't know these, but I traced them through McAfee. Once added, I was able to leave my firewall and virus protection on. Since Amazon does not permit disclosure of URLs, check the Harmony forum; I've posted the IPs and instructions there.
    2. Navigating through the software is not very intuitive and the manual isn't very comprehensive. For example, there is a Device List and an Activities setup, each with several choices. Some items are listed under Activities that logically should be under Devices and vice versa. Even the tech agreed on this point- he said the software was "dumbed down" so the unsophisticated computer user could operate it. Paradoxically, simplifying it actually makes it more difficult to use.
    3. The software uses a wizard, "linear" approach as opposed to a "drill down" approach used by most software. This is fine for initial setup, but to make changes, you must find the point in the wizard that guides you through the modifications you want to make. This can become tedious.

    On the good side:
    1. Once operational, the remote performs flawlessly. I don't even need the remote extender.
    2. Tech support is the best I've come in contact with (I called twice). They are very pleasant, knowledgeable, patient, and not condescending. I stumped them a couple of times, but they were able to come up with a solution. The software connects with Logitech, so they are able to see your setup and even modify it if you want them to. When completing the initial setup, you are asked to rate the device; I rated it low because of the software issues. The tech said he noticed the low rating and asked what he could do to improve it. That led to a discussion concerning the software issues.
    3. Other reviews complain about the size of the remote. Consequently, I was surprised to discover how relatively small it really is (about the size of a slice of bread and about two slices thick). There are also "handgrips" of a sort on the bottom of either side so that it can be operated one-handed.
    4. After an activity is chosen, there are several "screens": each denoted by an icon. The heart represents favorites (for example, channels on the TV), the 123 is a numeric keypad, the Star is for custom controls, Stop/Play (called Transport Control) icon is for DVDs, VCRs, etc. and a Game Controller. The favorites and custom screens are individually programmable with your choice of icons, and all icons on all screens may be individually programmed to provide your choice of function.
    5. Not mentioned elsewhere are 8 additional programmable icons, four on each side of the screen that provide more user defined functions (called SideBars). These are in addition to the screens mentioned above and can be programmed differently for each screen (i.e. Heart, Star, 123, etc.). I use these for utilities- e.g. TV mode or the menu etc.
    6. The unit comes with a small choice of icons, but the tech referred me to a website with over 5,000 free icons including most TV channel icons. Refer to the Harmony forum or call Tech Support for the URL. I was even able to copy icons from the websites of my local TV stations and plug them into the Harmony without any difficulty (technical note- the icons use .bmp, not .ico files).
    7. Each screen does have limits. For example, Favorites has a maximum of 24 icons, displaying 6 at a time (for example, 24 favorite TV channels).
    8. The buttons to the right of the screen are also individually programmable.
    9. There is a Learn function common to most universal remotes, but I haven't had to use it even though I have a wide variety of devices to control (i.e. receiver, dvd recorder, Blu-Ray, CD player, home theater, VCR, & TV).
    ...more info
  • Harmony 1100
    The Logitech Harmony remotes are great remote devices. I have an 880 and bought this for another TV. This has more features. Since it is not the "typical remote" with the typical remote hard buttons, there is more programming and screens to go through to get it set up correct....more info
  • 3 1/2- Less clutter
    You must face the remote at whatever piece of equipment you wish to turn on & off. BIG difference from the Bose system remote, which works through walls. And sometimes you have to touch the screen several times before it performs the function you wish. If it didn't take the place of 6 remote controls in my living room, I would definitely reconsider. ...more info
  • Harmony 1100 is worth it for me
    I first tried the Harmony One remote and found it well made. Ergonomically, however, I discovered that my fingers were not always able to deal with the touch screen commands accurately. [I have large fingers and hands, so missed strikes were getting annoying.] I then returned that unit and opted for the 1100 which looked like it might take care of those issues.

    Both devices do what is claimed from a functional standpoint, but the 1100 just handles better for me and I am a happy camper now. Let's hope it lasts for many years....more info
  • A Great Improvement
    Had this a couple of days now and I am really satisfied with it. I also own a Harmony 880 and Harmony One and like this one the best. As usual for Harmony Remotes it was easy to set up. One just has to make a list of the equipment they want to control beforehand with accurate model numbers. I set up the remote using Mac OS 10.5.6 and everything works great. Highly recommended....more info
  • Technology Finally Catches Up With Concept!
    A full featured universal remote that is easily setup via the PC and extremely fun. The last "universal" remote with scripting capabilities that I purchased was a Sony Commander several years ago. Difficult to script, and a primitive text-based touch screen, it was still the closest to what I was looking for. However, it was so difficult to script a series of on-off commands for different components, that I never did more than 1.

    The Harmony, however, changes all that. There have been previous models, but this is the first I have tried. It is absolutely amazing in the catalog of devices it understands, and I successfully setup scripts for 4 different "activities" in my first sitting. It even allows you to chose certain components that are "always on" (like my Sat receiver) if you want.

    The screen is bright and easy to see, and the fact that it has motion detection so that it lights up when you pick it up is just great. As the title of this review states, technology has finally caught up with the concept of a universal remote for scripted setup of your entire Entertainment system. I love it.

    My only reservation is that I didn't see why you are required setup an internet account as part of the setup, but with a device as slick and functional as this, I regard that as a minor curiosity at worst....more info
  • Worth every Penny
    The one remote solution delivered.
    I have a very complex 7.1 audiophile audio/video set up: 1 Rotel preamp, 2 Rotel amps, Rotel 5 disc CD, Sony ES bluray, xbox 360, 50 inch elite plasma, an HD cable box, plus , lest we forget, an infrared Lutron dimmer (of course that doesn't include the 7 BW speakers and 2 subs!)
    Total of 7 remotes some of which have a myriad of functions and controls!!!! Now I sit on my recliner, touch "watch DVD" on the MOTION ACTIVATED screen and voila! 30,000 dollars worth of electronic equipment come to life in concert doing exactly what I want to do with ONE STROKE.
    Even better, most of the big components are in an out of view component cabinet that is not anywhere to be seen, with the IR wireless extender its no problem at all, it even controls my dimmer across the room! Programming is so darned easy its almost a sin and not only does it include a basic manu of functions it has essentially all the functions of the individual component remote! There is no doubt that this is not a cheap remote but it sure is second to none. It is more functional and simple to use than proffesional grade auditorium remotes that cost thousands of dollars and which dont have half the configurability of this remote. Truely a great piece of kit....more info
    THERE'S ONLY ONE WORD FOR THIS PRODUCT... "AMAZING!" For everyone out there that are looking for an rf remote that will control your devices through cabinets, in another room, on another floor... where ever it is... this + rf extender will do the trick. I was hesitant about purchasing this product at first because I wasn't sure how it radio frequencies work or if the installation process was difficult, but it turned out to be a great buy. Easy to install. It might take a bit of basic computer knowledge to set it all up but nothing crazy.

    Draw back:
    The signal is a bit slow. I find myself waiting for a few seconds after I had issued a command such as changing the channel or volume. That could be quite annoying. Guess I'll have to sacrifice the instant gratification.

    Good Luck!...more info
  • "Logitech" + "Harmony" = outstanding and intuitive remote. What's left is deciding which one best suits your particular needs.
    It's difficult to pen a review for this specific model without a few blanket qualifiers, even as they too may be relatively subjective in nature. First, Logitech is at the top of the game when it comes to universal remotes. The entire Harmony line, particularly the Logitech Harmony One Advanced Universal Remote, and now the 1100 Advanced, are brilliant and intuitive works of art, ergonomics, and technical engineering. If you have a computer, can install simple software, and follow clear and linear instructions, then you can program and make use of these remotes in measures of minutes, rather than hours. The days of "try code 110110101, if that doesn't work try code 110110100, if that doesn't work try...' are long since gone. Read the model numbers off of the equipment you want to control, plug that into the software when prompted, allow the software to synch with the remote, disconnect it and give it a go. It's really that easy.

    The 1100 is a bit of a departure from the One, at least in terms of form. While the One has the relatively familiar 'handshake' position in your grip, the 1100 is a two-handed experience. There are positives and negatives to this, of course, and your mileage may vary in terms of which is more suited to your needs. I find the off-screen button functions and single-handed usage of the One particularly helpful in the dark, if I'm fumbling trying to turn the television off if I had fallen asleep watching something at night (my wife loves it when I do that). The 1100 is better suited to riding a coffee table where the users are going be a little more conscious and fingers a little more precise. Of course there's more to the 1100 -- the larger screen, the customizable menu buttons, but that's all right above in the product description.

    The bottom line here is relatively simple; you would be very hard-pressed to find an all-around 'better' universal remote than the current generation of Harmony models. Most of the reviews you'll see (including my own on the page for the Harmony One) extol the the virtues of both the interface, the software (yes, I agree it would be nice if they wouldn't require a second login for a second remote -- I bet we get a patch down the road), the design of the remotes themselves, even the terrific packaging it all comes in. What I obviously feel is left to talk about is how it fits in the hand, and the circumstances under which each lends itself to ease of use. Consider where and how you'll use the remote, consider the feature chart on the page (particularly in regards to the expandable RF capacity of this model), and then pick the model that best suits your need. You've already accomplished the most important part of the process, and that's finding the Logitech Harmony line itself. With that done, you can now do little to no wrong....more info
  • Sweet
    This is a really good remote. It is very high tech & goes perfect with my bachelor pad. It controls just about anything with a remote. It takes two hands to operate, so if your a one-hand-remote-person then dont get it. Only downside is the price. $400 is alot for a remote. ...more info
    Hi ,
    I have had multiple Logitech devices. Among them Harmony 880,890, 1000. Both 800s work like a charm. However the 1000 has many issues. First of all is not a reliable remote. The buttons will fail ( I am in my second set of 1000 under warranty). Also , although initially synch easy with the software, eventually became erratic, requiring to reboot on safe mode. Again the remote looks great and will work for a while , however save yourself a few hundreds and the hassle and get the 890....more info
  • Superb Construction, Slightly Difficult To Use
    Okay, this thing was going to have to perform some serious acrobatics to take the place of its older brother, the Harmony One universal remote control. I have been using the Harmony One for quite a while, the better part of a year and I was happy. It was simplicity itself to setup and use.

    The 1100 came packaged in Logitech's usual bullet-proof packaging. I have to admit right off that I really liked the initial look of it. Installing the included software was, as usual, easy. Programming the unit involved plugging it into the computer via an included USB cable and entering the makes and models of the various electronica you wish to control through an easy-to-use interface.

    That part was easy enough, but I was somewhat inconvenienced by having to open yet another account with Logitech to setup the remote. My "old" account I had for the Harmony One could no longer be used. I mean, it's not the end of the world, but I wish I didn't have to set up two Logitech accounts simply because I had two Logitech remote controls.

    After software setup, the unit's easy enough to figure out. As promised, the touch screen is wonderful and bright and, surprisingly fast. I touched the fast-forward button three times in rapid succession and bam! bam! bam! the remote sent out three commands to the DVR without a fuss. Definitely rapid response, something I'm over the moon about.

    Use drains the batteries rather quickly and certainly quicker than the Harmony One which does have a smaller screen so that's understandable but I find I need to have the 1100 in the charger more often now.

    Another usage quirk that I have been able to overcome only with some difficulty is what I can only call the "no-look" control. With most remote controls I have used, I come to recognize by feel which buttons I have to press for the various controls I require. Soon, I can work the remote control in the dark, one hand working the controls and one draped over my lovely wife. Quite a feat, if I say so myself.

    However, there's no such facility with the 1100. Because there are no buttons per se, one has to peer closely over the screen to make sure of the area one is pecking at, but I'm hoping that with time it gets easier. As it is currently, I still have to bring the device into view and, using both hands now (one holding the 1100 and the other touching buttons), using the 1100 takes more time than does the Harmony One. Another rather annoying thing is that I sometimes have to shake the 1100 senseless to make the screen re-appear after it goes into blank screensaver mode.

    I have also found that with the devices I have, the default setup programming leaves out a lot of functions. So for example, the DVR controls have the usual pause, stop, play, and so on buttons on the main screen, but leaves out the 15-second rewind and the 30-second fast-forward and others. There are empty slots that can be programmed in so they perform those functions, but I wish those were in place by default.

    The 1100 is a really good remote control, but there are enough disadvantages from using some of Logitech's older remote controls that I cannot give this one my highest recommendations. However, it is good enough to garner 4 stars out of 5....more info
    It took a lot longer than I thought it would to set this up. BUT, worth the time & money.Had a little trouble setting up the Bose System to communicate with it. Finally a young guy from Texas was determined to fix my problem and he did.Fantastic Product & GREAT SUPPORT STAFF, Thanks...more info
  • Works Great!
    Tooks some help to get it set up the first time but once I did....WOW...It controls everything. Works good....more info
  • Great for people who use "reader" glasses!
    This is generally a great remote. Plusses include the pages of big icons as opposed to a host of tiny buttons. I don't have to grab my reading glasses to use the remote! I bought the RF receiver in addition to the remote, which works fine & allows me to access my components through the wall, but should be included for the premium price this remote fetches. Battery life is good but not stellar. The emitted IR "beam" seems to be broader and stronger than most other universals....more info