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TurboTax Home & Business Federal + State + eFile 2008 [DOWNLOAD]
List Price: $99.95

Our Price: $68.87

You Save: $31.08 (31%)


Product Description

TurboTax Home & Business includes everything taxpayers need for self-employment and personal income taxes. Designed for taxpayers who have their own business, TurboTax Home & Business includes everything in TurboTax Premier plus an expanded interview that guides customers step-by-step through Schedule C, categorizing business expenses, maximizing home office deductions and calculating and reporting depreciation.

Asks easy questions about your business
Asks you questions in plain English, then puts your info on the right business tax forms for you. Click to enlarge.

Maximizes personal and business deductions
We search for more than 350 personal and self-employment deductions to get you the biggest tax refund possible--guaranteed. Click to enlarge.

Efile for a fast refund
Efile with direct deposit to get your refund in as few as 8 days. Federal efile included.

Everything you need to easily do your personal and business taxes.

Provides Guidance for Self-Employment Income and Deductions

New easier interview customizes questions based on your business profile (sole-proprietor, consultant, 1099 contractor, and single-owner LLC) and gives you step-by-step guidance for entering income and expenses.

Helps Find Small-Business Tax Deductions
Shows you which expenses you can deduct for your vehicle, supplies, utilities, home office expenses, and more, so you get every business deduction you deserve.

Identifies Industry-Specific Deductions
Walks you through tax write-offs by industry to help you spot commonly overlooked deductions.

Gets You the Biggest Vehicle Deduction
Shows you whether you'll get a bigger deduction using actual expenses or the standard mileage rate. Provides extra help for splitting vehicle expenses between business and personal use.

Makes Entering Income Easier
Shows all business income types on a single page so you know you've covered all sources of business income.

Creates W-2 and 1099 Forms
Helps you prepare unlimited forms for employees and contractors. Does all calculations and prints on plain paper. No special forms needed.

Improved--Simplifies Asset Depreciation
Helps you determine which depreciation method will get you the biggest deduction, then guides you through calculating and reporting depreciation.

Streamlines Expense Entry
Walks you through all expense categories and provides additional tax deduction suggestions along the way so you can maximize your savings.

Offers Extra Guidance for New Businesses
Shows the startup deductions new businesses can take.

Filing Multiple Returns? It's Easy with TurboTax
You can prepare and print unlimited federal and state returns and e-file up to five federal returns (per IRS guidelines) with TurboTax at no additional charge. You get all the features and benefits of TurboTax, like year-over-year transfer and audit support tools.

Federal e-filing is easy, fast and more accurate than paper filing and eliminates paperwork hassles. You'll receive IRS confirmation your return has been received and best of all, you'll get a faster refunda??in as little as 8 days.* And you can start and work on as many returns as you like and still use all the tax planning features (scenario and alternative planning) you've come to value without having to pay extra.

*IRS typically estimates 8-15 days for efile with direct deposit.

Helps You Get the Most from Your Investments

Exclusive--Imports Your Investment Info
Saves time by automatically importing your investment info directly from your financial institution.

Helps You Accurately Report Investment Sales
Walks you through reporting sales of stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Automatically calculates capital gains/losses and keeps track of those that carry over to future tax returns.

Determines Your Cost Basis
Finds your accurate purchase price for stock sales, in three easy steps.

Helps with Employee Stock Plans
Guides you through reporting sales and automatically determines your correct basis for selling shares purchased at different times or different prices.

Speeds Up Multiple Investment Entry
Short-cut interview lets you quickly enter multiple investments and provides extra help and guidance if you need it.

401(k) Maximizer
Shows you how to increase your 401(k) contribution without decreasing your take-home pay.

Exclusive--Helps You Find Every Rental Deduction
Finds over 20 deductions for landlords, from travel to advertising to repairs to insurance.

Exclusive--Shows Your Best Rental Depreciation Method
Simplifies reporting rental property depreciation and shows which depreciation method will get you the biggest tax deduction.

Simplifies Reporting Multiple Properties
Short-cut interview speeds you through entering multiple rental properties and provides extra help and guidance if you need it.

Maximizes Refinancing Deductions
Guides you through deducting points, appraisal fees, recording costs, and more so you don't miss a single chance to save.

Handles Supplemental Partnership Expenses
Guides you through deducting your out-of-pocket partnership expenses.

Helps with New Rental Properties
Shows you step by step how to set up new rental properties.

Finds All the Deductions You Deserve

Maximizes Your Tax Deductions
Asks simple questions about your income, family situation and changes in your tax situation. Then, based on your answers, searches for more than 350 deductions to get you the biggest tax refund??guaranteed.

Looks for Deduction Opportunities as You Go
Shows you which deductions you've taken. Which deductions you haven't. And tells you how to qualify for just about any deduction, so you don't miss any opportunities to save.

Gets You the Maximum Deduction for Donations
ItsDeductible (included) helps you accurately value items you donate to charity--no more guessing. Plus, it tracks other donations such as cash, mileage and stocks, to help you get every charitable deduction you're entitled to.

Improved--Handles Your Life Changes
Changed jobs? Got married? Bought a home? Had a baby? TurboTax guides you through common life changes, explains how the changes will impact your taxes, and tells you what you can deduct.

Helps with Medical Expenses
Does all the math and tells you if you qualify to deduct your medical expenses for maximum tax savings.

Helps You Reduce Audit Risk

New--Tracks Your Audit Risk
Audit Risk Meter checks your tax return for common audit triggers. Shows whether your risk is high or low. And provides tips to help you reduce your chance of an audit.

Includes Downloadable Audit Support Center
Gives you step-by-step guidance on everything you need to know and do if the IRS contacts you.

Alerts You to Audit Red Flags
Compares your deductions to national averages for your income bracket so you can quickly see if your deductions fall outside the norm and could possibly trigger an audit.

Also Available: Audit Defense
Provides full-service representation by a trained tax professional. You will never have to meet with the IRS, unless you want to.

Why TurboTax Home & Business is the easiest choice for you...

TurboTax Home & Business was designed to help you take full advantage of your personal and business deductions so you get the biggest tax refund possible.

Choose TurboTax Home & Business if any of the following apply to you:

  • You are a sole proprietor, consultant, 1099 contractor, or single-owner LLC

  • You receive income from a side job or self-employment

  • You prepare W-2 and 1099-MISC forms for employees or contractors

  • You file your personal and business taxes together

If you own an S Corp, partnership, C Corp, or multiple-owner LLC, choose TurboTax Business.

Does the Hard Work for You

Asks Easy Questions, Tailored to You
Guides you step by step through your tax return and puts your answers on the right tax forms for you. Skips interview questions that don't apply to you, so you can finish your return faster.

Improved--Automatically Fills in W-2 and 1099 Info
Gets your W-2 and 1099 data directly from over 100,000 participating employers and financial institutions and automatically puts it in the right tax forms. A brief summary lets you review and edit downloaded information if necessary.

Transfers Last Year's Tax Info
No retyping necessary. Fills in information from your previous year's return to save time and increase accuracy. Shows you what you're importing and where it goes in your return. You can also import from other tax software including TaxACT and H&R Block's TaxCut.

Imports Your Financial Data
Imports information from your financial software (including Quicken, QuickBooks 2007 and higher, and Microsoft Money) so you can skip the cut and paste this year.

Provides Help and Advice When You Need It

Live Tax Answers
Get live answers online from TurboTax experts and other TurboTax users in our Live Community. Plus you'll have instant access to answers to commonly asked tax questions on every screen.

Straightforward Guidance & Advice
Find help on any tax topic from anywhere within TurboTax. Get plain-English explanations of specific tax areas and helpful examples when you need them.

New--Guide Me
Not sure how to answer a tax question? We'll guide you to the right answer, making your taxes even easier.

New--Explains Your Return
Shows you a summary of your return, including income, tax, credits and payments so you know your taxes are accurate. Provides recommendations to help you get an even bigger refund next year.

FREE Technical Support
Got a software question? No problem! Get answers from a TurboTax expert via e-mail, phone, or live chat.

Spots Errors and Shows How to Fix Them

Checks for Mistakes
Double-checks your return for errors, so you can be confident your taxes are done right.

Guaranteed Accurate Calculations
If you should get hit with an IRS or state penalty or interest due to a TurboTax calculation error, we'll pay you the penalty and interest.

Keeps You Up-to-Date with the Latest Tax Laws
With a single click you can check for updates each time you start to ensure your return includes the latest IRS and state tax forms. No more disruptions while you work on your return.

Get Your Refund Faster with Included Federal Efile

Improved--Shows Your Tax Refund in Real Time
Watch your refund add up as you complete your return. Our improved Dual Refund Monitor constantly displays and updates both your federal and state refunds (or taxes due) as you complete your federal return.

New--Federal Efile Included
Get your refund in as few as 8 days with efile and direct deposit. Five federal efiles are now included with TurboTax at no extra charge. If you're a returning user, we'll automatically transfer your efile information from your previous year's return to save you even more time.

Compare TurboTax Software

Choose the tax preparation solution that best suits your needs:

Includes everything you need for your self-employment and personal income taxes.

  • Prepare and print unlimited federal and state returns; e-file up to five federal returns (per IRS guidelines) at no additional charge
  • Includes free federal efile -- receive IRS confirmation and get your refund in as few as 8 days
  • Tailors questions for sole proprietors, consultants, 1099 contractors, and single-owner LLCs and gives step-by-step guidance for entering income and expense
  • Expanded Schedule C guidance shows which expenses you can deduct for your vehicle, supplies, home office expenses and more to maximize your business deductions
  • Create W-2 and 1099-MISC forms for your employees and contractors (Windows only)

Customer Reviews:

  • More bugs than ever before in Turbo Tax: easier to do manually
    Turbo Tax Home and Business (and I think all their products this year from the web chat) have HUGE bugs related to transfer of prior data and finalizing forms. In my case, weird values popped up that were marked estimated, and the product service (from turbo tax itself esentially unavailable unless you want to pay $40/20min, you have to dig though chat exchanges)basicallys says you have to delete the data in the form (that Turbo tax transfered or entered from itself, either from prior year or from fed to state) and re-enter. Its easier to just do it manually! (and I have itemized deductions etc so that isn't easy!) Avoid Turbo tax and try someone else if you have the choice....more info
  • Great product...Much better than H&R Block's TaxCut
    I'm new to tax software and used TaxCut for a friend. I found out that with TaxCut you can NOT enter New York City (e.g. local) tax withholdings. Or, if you can, it's damn difficult to figure out how to put this information in (I doubt it's possible). So, when I went to do my own taxes, I decided to try this product: TurboTax Home and Business. The interface is far better than TaxCut; it's easier to use; much more complete and precise (esp. if you've received any 1099-MISC forms); and allows you to file (free) up to 5 Federal returns per year. This type of software is a tax preparers nightmare just like online travel sites were a nightmare for travel agents. It took me 3 hours to do all my taxes from start to finish. And, I saved about $1,000. in deductions. Excellent product, and I had no problems whatsoever downloading this software- fast and easy. ...more info
  • TurboTax Download - Smooth as Silk
    I just completed downloading the download version of Turbo Tax Home and Business. It took approximately 15 minutes from start to finish. The Amazon Downloader tool and the download version of Turbo Tax Home and Business downloaded without any problems. I was leary to purchase this from the comments made, however, I DID NOT HAVE ANY PROBLEMS! It is tax time and many of us are wanting to download this product over the weekend. That is why I am taking the time to write this is safe and easy to download. Thank you Amazon. Paula From Florida!
    ...more info
  • it took 4 hours to download
    and now it's freezing my computer every few minutes. Yep, says the local computer expert, it's that software causing the trouble.

    The actual product looked intuitively easy to use--when I could open it for those little 3 minute windows before everything went south again.

    Now I have to figure out how to dump the thing so I can use my computer to get my taxes done on time.

    (and yes, I'm using another computer)...more info
  • Works like last year's TurboTax...
    I was nearly scared away by some of the negative reviews, but gave it a try anyway out of desperation. I'm glad I did, because it worked fine, just like last year's version. I was able to transfer from last year's return without a hitch, the download worked fine, the software still hunts for lots of deductions, etc. In other words, just what I was expecting, with no problems!...more info
  • smooth sailing
    TurboTax Home & Business Federal + State + eFile 2008 [DOWNLOAD]

    Signed into amazon ,ordered ,paid,downloaded ,installed ,updated and imported last years info in less then 15 minutes with vista/toshiba laptop
    over a slow wireless connection. Don't believe the horror stories. Software runs just like last years,fast and seamlessly. jim m

    PS great price too !...more info
  • Disappointing...
    Bought the DL version, disappointed that the "Live Community" feature never worked, the accompanying link fix the problem just goes to Turbotax website. Had to dig around a bad website to find no answers to fix problems. Examples and solutions to problems very lacking. Last years version was much better. Try again, I'll try TaxCut next year.....more info
  • Efile did not file
    We had used Tax Cut software in the past, but decided to use turbo tax since came so highly recommended.
    I efiled our taxes 10 days ago and IRS still has no record of it.
    When we filed with tax cut, we had our tax refund in our account in 8 days.
    Their system is down today so of course there is no way they can assist me to find out if it is stuck in the system and will go out soon.
    Next year I will pay the money for an account to do mine so that I get it back quicker....more info
  • Difficult software
    I am not pleased with the "download" version. After changing all my settings, it still does not want to load. I want a refund to buy the disc....more info
  • No problems so far.
    From Italy, I downloaded the program in less than 5 minutes. Started it up, downloaded an update in a couple of minutes, then transferred last years return in a matter of seconds. Can't see that there are any problems so far....more info
  • Faulty Amazon Download Wizard Kills This Deal
    Too bad Amazon's buggy and intrusive file download wizard is necessary to make this purchase. I'm about to ask for a refund and pay a few more dollars to download diredctly from Intuit. Amazon's download wizard was impossible to install on my up-to-date XP Pro computer with 4 GB of RAM and fast Iintel CoreDuo Quad processor. Hung computer, wouldn't let me shut down windows, suspect trying to install spyware but not certain about this. I give up! Too bad, I've never had a problem like this with Amazon hard copy purchases....more info
  • Very disappointing...and expensive
    I bought TT Home and Business on the basis of its "5 FREE" e-files. It is a gigantic rip-off that when you get to the critical point of getting tax returns sent off, there is a $19.95 fee for e-TurboTax Home & Business Federal + State + eFile 2008filing your state return. Oh, but what's money? You can have the $19.95 taken out of your refund....for only $29.95 additional! Unbelievable TurboTax. I'll never buy it again....more info
  • Charge More-Give Less
    Like others here I have been using TT for a number of years. I've used online and boxed versions. This will be my last year of using any version of TT. I just finished downloading Home and Business and found it ridiculously over complicated. Just trying to transfer personal data from the 2007 data requires opening the 2007 data (if you saved it-I did) and having the USER ID and Password for 2007 available (I didn't). It's no big deal entering the data manually, but I will no longer reward Intuit with my $$$ when they make a relatively simple procedure so complex and time consuming. I guess there are many TT lovers out there (I used to be one) but if I could I'd get a refund and find another brand. ...more info
  • Worked for me
    After reading all the negative reviews, I almost didn't buy this year's TT. In the end, I'm glad I did. I used the Home & Business disk, not the download, on a Mac and it was the fastest I've ever done my taxes! No problem importing from 2007 info, no wait time for functions. It was a little pricey, but not as expensive as a CPA. As always, great product....more info
  • Solid Product
    First time using TT and it has worked well thus far. For the negative reviews of people having difficulty/computer probs/retardedness it's guaranteed to be user error! This is hardly a system whore. I'm running a dual core with 4 gbs of ram and it's fine. All you have to do is install Amazon's proprietary down loader to correctly install this.

    This downloaded quickly, installed quickly, and has never hung up, lagged, or any other ridiculous problems that other people have mentioned. Don't let the reviews scare you, this is totally fine. I downloaded it, my friend downloaded this, and also the Business version and there were 0 problems.

    As far as TT software itself it's good, easy, clear, and concise. I can't ask for much more. ...more info
  • Not 100% guaranteed!!!
    I used Turbotax to do my taxes for several years only to find out that it was calculating my taxes incorrectly and I owed thousands more. Years later I am still trying to pay it off. And because of their stringent rules that require you to register and report it within 30 days and even if I satisfied that they'll only pay the initial penalties and interest. Would of been better off doing my taxes without the software....more info