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Product Description

Simply place your passport and money inside, thread your belt through the attached loop, and then flip the pocket into your pants or skirt. Holds both USA and most international passports. Zippered pocket contains separators.

Eagle Creek designs its product lines to make travel easier and more fun. Not surprisingly, the folks at Vista, California-based Eagle Creek travel the four corners of the world in their spare time. By yak, by Fiat, by bus, by fast train, or by airplane, Eagle Creek employees come back and figure out how their gear can work better in all of the above circumstances. Most importantly, the company listens to its well-traveled customers, who demand that their travel gear be smart, indestructible, and comfortable. That's why Eagle Creek builds every product with the highest-quality, most-reliable performance in mind. Every buckle, zipper, webbing, and fabric choice is scrutinized based on rigorous lab and field-testing. The company is also keenly aware of the environmental impact of its products, which is why it strives to minimize material waste and source and manufacture its products using the least harmful fabrics, trims, and packaging materials available.

  • UnderCover Construction
  • Slips onto your belt and tucks inside the waistband of your pants
  • Belt loops in tan and black to blend with belt color

Customer Reviews:

  • Better than belt-style security pouches
    As advertised. Moisture-wicking lining is great; sturdy construction, but light and not uncomfortable to wear (unlike belt-style pouches)....more info
  • Good but not perfect
    I have actually bought this product and used it on a 2 week backpacking trip in Europe. I am a slim female. I liked the concept much more than traditional money belts and felt very safe while using it. HOWEVER, I would not recommend this product for many young women. If you wear jeans or pants that are tight at the thighs, like I do, then the outline of the wallet will clearly show. I used it for about half of my trip and by that time, I felt safe enough to discontinue using it.

    It is big enough inside to fit a passport as well as money, cards, etc. The flaw is not in the design but simply that my pants are tight on the thighs and that doesn't work well with this product. I do recommend this to men and anyone who cannot stand a regular money belt but still wants security. It appears durable and is certainly functional. I will be using it again this summer, but only when I absolutely have to....more info
  • Nice wallet
    Very nice wallet that is very small for travel. Has an inside pocket to separate items in the wallet....more info
  • Hidden money pocket
    Terrific way to hide money when you are traveling. Both my husband and brother-in-law found them to be easy to use and not bothersome....more info
  • Best protector we ever bought
    We have been looking for something like this a long time. Because this item is not easy to give it a common title, it is hard to find. But one day I worked hard and after searching different words, I found it.

    It works well with the different color tabs and the zipper is quality. You hardly know it is there.

    We would have liked to seen a picture inside of it upzipped showing the pockets with money and cards inside it. It would sure add to the desire to buy it....more info
  • great product
    I found the item to meet my very high expectations. It is soft, supple, yet tough. It is everything I was hoping
    it would be....more info
  • Great Product !!!
    This is a great product... Really helped us in our trip ... It is not uncomfortable like the neck pockets or waistbands ...

    I would highly recommend using this product for saftey of your travel documents & you comfort while doing so......more info
  • very comfortable to wear
    I ordered this almost the last minute before leaving on my trip to Peru. And i got it on time. I found it to be comfortable to wear with a soft brushed nylon side against the skin. Sometimes i would forget it was there. And it was easy to access. As long as you don't wear tight pants i think. But my friend did wear tight pants with it and she said it was just fine....more info
  • nice for a traveler
    Bought this for my world traveling son. Looks pretty sturdy. Easy to access valuables but could get bulky for those that stuff too much in their wallets....more info