There's Something About Mary
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  • Wal Mart
    This is a magnificent movie. The breadth of its depthness is intoxicating. The view from above and below...marvelous. The dialog is Shakesperean in it's scope and Capraesque in it's quirkiness. However, the penis scene failed to move me since I am a woman of few scruples and I cheat at Scrabble....more info
  • Love this movie...
    No matter how many times I watch this DVD it never fails to knock me to the floor with laughter. The Ben Stiller -v- Puffy always gets me. Interesting to see the behind the scenes stuff too. Classic movie....more info
  • The Funniest Movie Ever... A comedic Masterpeice.
    This was the funniest movie ever. It just MAKES you laugh. You have to laugh. It doesn't have as many funny scenes as some comedies, but the scenes that are funny are UN-forgettable. The thing the makers of this movie did, was they brought on one funny joke after another, so while your busy laughing your head off and hitting your chair as hard as you can, you miss the next joke. It's great. Not only are the jokes as funny as hell, but at the same time there's a very interesting story to watch. This is a cult classic comedy. Better than any other Romantic comedy(Most of which are very predictable and boring). If any comedy can be called a masterpiece, than this is it....more info
  • Gut shaking funny
    10 years and it's still funny. I've only liked two Ben Stiller films: this one and Meet the Parents. The Farrelly Brothers hit this one out of the ball park. And the gel scene is comedy gold. The writing, direction and even cast are film perfect and makes for some great entertainment. Highly recommended.

    ...more info
  • is stalking that bad?
    this movie is so cool becuase it really shows the difference between a bad stalker and a normal person. i was always wondering if looking at facebook pictures of people was bad if you didnt know them. after i watched this movie, i realized its not bad becuase theres much worse things you could do. defenate watch, i hope you enjoy it....more info
  • There's Something More About Mary (1998)
    I have to admit I didn't think I'd enjoy this movie very much. I was pleasantly surprised to find it a good, fun movie that I wouldn't mind watching again some time.

    As you've no doubt know, this is a love story brought to you by the folks who did 'Dumb & Dumber' and 'Kingpin', neither of which I have any interest in watching. Any SNL fans will recognize some of the scene styles. Still, there's something about this movie that makes it worth watching.

    As for the DVD extras, I only watched the extended version. There were two different commentary tracks but I didn't get a chance to watch either.

    Recommend: Yes
    Watch again: Yes...more info
  • The Perfect Comedy.
    I really can't understand how this one didn't get five stars from everyone here. I mean I know that tastes differ, but I think people may have been expected something this one couldn't possibly deliver. As a comedy, it is absolutely phenomenal. I really have to say that it's the only movie of the nineties that can match up with Stripes or Animal House. It's utterly amazing.

    There's Something about Mary is a m¨¦lange of every kind of comedy. There's slapstick, physical situation, and intellectual social satire. This movie made Ben Stiller and rightly so. I recall seeing it in the theatre and not being able to breathe at times due to the convulsions erupting from my abdomen. No time was this more true than when Stiller walks into the gay rest stop and gets busted, but there are a million scenarios that could be cited. All the actors were sensational. Matt Dillon's character is exquisite in his cheesiness and he really excels in his role especially when he's playing football with the "retards" and showing off his sensitive side by pummeling them on the gridiron. Chris Elliot is exceptional in his role and any film that features Jonathan Richman that much is special and rare. I could not recommend this one any more. ...more info
  • This Movie Is Absolutely Hilarious For People Who Aren't Offended By Low Brow Humour!
    I bought the video for the movie There's Something About Mary and I watched it and thought it was hilarious! Ben Stiiler and Cameron Diaz were both great and I highly recommend this movie to people who aren't the mamby pamby types who get offended by movies with raunchy bath room type humor and sex jokes!...more info
  • Excellent But Not Perfect
    Definitely one of the greatest comedies ever. I watched it at home and had to keep pressing the "stop" button because I was laughing so hard and for so long. Brilliant! It would have been nice though if they had shown Cameron Diaz naked. I mean every great outrageous comedy has naked girls, why not this one? (Yeah, I know they showed that old hag's boobs, but that doesn't count.) The other big mistake in this movie is the ending. It should have ended after she said "you forgot your keys". That would have been classic! Instead they had to give it a typical lame boring predictable happy hollywood ending. Too bad....more info
  • Mary's ex-boyfriend "Woogie"...

    I mean, his name was Dom Wooganowski, duh....more info
  • GOOD MOVIE??? ... NOT!!!
  • Funny
    This is an older film in the Ben Stiller library but a gem nontheless...I really like Cameron Diaz in this too..she is funny and cute and energetic. This movie deserves 4 out of 5 stars....more info
  • This is gonna blow dumb and dumberer right out of the water listen to this There's Something About Mary!
    This is my all time favourite film. It starts off a bit slow but it just gets better and better. The scene I could never forget is "Seven Minute Abs". Ted (Ben Stiller) and the hitchhiker (Harland Williams) acted out a 1 to 1 scene which just makes this film a classic.

    Mary (Cameron Diaz) and Ted played a great role in this film. The film was about a broken hearted man who wished to find his high school sweetheart because on the prom night things got a little bit nasty in the trouser department so they couldn't go ! Mary had to move away to florida a year later so they never got to see each other again.

    About 13 years later one of his friends at work tracks Mary down but he ends up falling in love with Mary so he tells Ted that she's fat & in a wheelchair, has 3 sons running about & 3 different guys going after her.

    On his way to Florida Ted picks up a hitchhiker who is holding a dead body in a sack. Ted goes out of the car to pee and trips over a gay guy and then suddenly there is flashing lights and helicopters. There were about 50 gay people and they all got taken away by the police.

    They start questioning Ted about the dead body in his car but he thinks they're talking about the hitchhiker so he admits he did it about 50 times. He got threw into jail but finally they found out who it really was so he could go back to looking for his high school dream.

    He picked up his friend and they left for florida. They found out that the guy who Ted hired, Pat (Matt Dillon) was going out with Mary. But Mary discovered Ted was in Florida and they start dating.

    After a while 4 people fall in love with mary and Ted tells Mary to go to who ever she desires and walks off crying.

    Mary picked Ted and they snogged (just like in all great films).

    This film is a must-see

    Conor Fitzpatrick...more info
  • Be Stiller My Quaking Sides!
    This movie was my first real experience of Ben Stiller and in the numerous times I have seen it, I have yet to tire of it. It endures as one of my favourite movies, and I hate romantic comedies as a rule! However, this is not your usual romantic comedy by any stretch of the imagination.

    The story basically carries you along the life of angst ridden, therapy dependent and introverted Ted, (Stiller), as he tries to track down the one high school love he had. That would be Mary, (Diaz). In the process, he sends out a private detective with a host of his own problems, (Dillon), who also falls for this Mary. That is also in addition to the host of others who have fallen for this girl. Throw in a serial killer, a gay bust at a roadside rest stop, Puffy the dog and some healthy doses of speed, and great comedy is what you have.

    Stiller is great as the pathetic and somewhat anal-retentive Ted. The role seems excellently suited to Stiller's style of acting and character. He really shines in this movie, and it is largely his work here that has got me to be a large fan of his. Diaz comes across well as the sports loving, butch, but-so-sexy-at-the-same-time perfect woman, Mary. Both of them lack some of the chemistry of other on-screen love interests, but that lack is hardly noticeable in the chaos of the comedy.

    Be warned that there is a lot of sexuality used in the jokes, and that some of it is pretty sick. However, overall, the comedy is truly great, even if it has a sick moment or two.

    I laughed myself almost to oxygen starved loss of consciousness. I have seen the movie perhaps more than 10 times, and I am not yet bored of it. If comedy of a high standard and only many levels, (some crude levels, too), is your thing, I would recommend you get this movie. It is great!...more info
  • Hilarious!
    Ben Stiller, Cameron Diaz, and Matt Dillon star in another hilarious movie by the Farrelly Brothers. The story is that of a shy nerdy boy called Ted who gets to go to the prom with beautiful Mary. But when he gets something private stuck in a zipper, he never sees her again. When he's grown up, he tries to see her again so he hires Pat Heeley, a private incestigator to find her. But, when he finds her, he falls for her and lies to Ted about her, telling her she's absoluely huge (fat) and hideous. Eventually, it's Ted, Pat and many others fighting for her love. This movie has some of the funniest scenes ever, from the zipper problem, to Ted fighting a drugged up Terrier, to the classic hair gel scene. I won't give away anything else besides that this comedy is a must see. It's got to be one of the funniest ever and I feel that everyone will love it. Watch it, love it, and talk to your friends about its classic jokes. ...more info
  • The BASIC INSTINCT of low brow comedies...
    While some tasteless comedies can be funny, repeatedly, this isn't one of them. Overblown and dumb in an uninteresting way, TSAM is on par with all those SNL-skit-turned movies. A few chuckles that are stretched way, way past the point of being funny, and upon multiple viewings, you're left asking yourself, why did I bother to see that more than once???...more info
  • There's Something About Mary You Just Can't Describe!
    There's Something About Mary is a hilliarous dim-witted comedy great for the teens and guys in your life! One of my favorite movies of all time but, not one I would share with the kiddies on family movie.

    In this movie you a young boys infatuation with the one who got away in high school-- the new girl Mary(Diaz) who is the girl in high school that just has it all sensitivity, looks, and charisma. She actually goes to prom with Ted(Stiller) who has the geeky hair and braces. Only problem is prom never happens after Stiller has a problem in the bathroom when he accidently hits the "frank" when zipping up his fly. Many years later still consumed with Mary-- Ted decides to her down hiring a dective who also falls for Mary. The dective makes up a story about Mary to Ted about her being 200 pounds and in a wheel-chair to turn Ted off while he moves to go be close to Mary. Mary hasn't changed at all and when Ted learns about where Mary is he decides to see her. Things haven't changed and their still is a connection with her. Then, the world comes crashing in when Ted learns that is not the only one who sees there is something about Mary-- her admirers include someone obssesed with shoes, a pro-football player, a class a- jerk, a pizza guy, and Ted who never got over Mary. All in all this a hilliarou comedy! One to have in your collection!

    All admit the storyline is a little too dim-witted at times jumping around from a axe-murderer hitchhiker, to a trip to the emergancy room on prom night, to a dog set on fire-- to the guy that loves Mary's shoes. I've watched this movie over a 100 times and I still laugh everytime I see it-- I guess there is Something About Mary you just can't describe. Rent or buy this one and laugh yourself silly!...more info
  • There's something about the '90s, huh?
    I was about 13 or 14 when my family and I checked this flick out at the theater (I have hip folks, what can I say!). Zippers, hair-gel, Ben Stiller, and that crazy bro. Mary had - it's the late '90s, so put on your zoot suit, and pull a comb through your coal-black hair!

    Much of "Something About Mary's" humor is about "sticky" situations, and I mean this literally and figuratively. . . It's crude (what other movie ends with the dialogue, "I was only bonin' you to get to Mary?"), you bet - but it also has a charming good-naturedness about it that later, more cynical exercises in gross-out comedy (i.e. the "American Pie" trilogy) would lack. In fact, remember that guy from high school who was always trying way too hard to be the class clown? "American Pie," and especially its sequels, are like that guy. His freshness wore out quickly, and he eventually became a self-conscious parody of himself.

    The plot of "Mary" essentially revolves around a group of love-hungry boobs who desperately want to hook up with Mary. Stiller was her high-school prom-date; Chris Elliot was her college boyfriend, etc. Each guy tries to sabotage the other guys, and Mary is stuck in the middle of their kooky antics. Simple? Yes - but "Mary's" not supposed to be a weighty Oscar juggernaut steeped in critic-baiting societal metaphors - it's supposed to be fun. And trust me, it totally succeeds, here.

    So, why should you check out "There's Something About Mary" now, instead of the more recent "Pie" movies, and such? "Mary" goes down like a bubbly can of sparkling Cherry Coke (or Surge, if you remember that! Damn, that was good stuff!), complete with a nostalgic buzz. Think blue skies, and an optimistic, pre-Bush America. "Pie," and recent movies like it, go down like hard swallows from a plastic bottle of some over-syruppy, hyper-commericalized energy drink. Think smart-allecky smirks, and greasy foreheads. Which would you prefer?

    So, check "Mary" out - She was hot then, and she's still hot today....more info
  • Great movie. One of the FARRLEY BROTHERS' best !
    I saw this one a couple of months ago. I think this one and "Kingpin" are the best from the Farrley Brothers'. This one's funny, smart and lovingly.
    But I think the begining is extrmely BRUTAL. If you haven't seen it then watch it. If you like romantic comedies with a touch of crude humor, then this one is perfect for you.
    Watch it. I suggest....more info
  • Funny!!! Smart!!! and above all Tasteless
    A great comedy with one purpose... Laugh your head off... Highly recommended... you'll not stop laughing for years to come......more info