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Back to the Future
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Studio: Uni Dist Corp. (mca) Release Date: 02/10/2009 Run time: 116 minutes Rating: Pg

Dr. Emmett Brown: Then tell me, "future boy," who is president in the United States in 1985?
Marty McFly: Ronald Reagan.
Dr. Brown: Ronald Reagan? The actor?! Who's vice president? Jerry Lewis?

Filmmaker Robert Zemeckis topped his breakaway hit Romancing the Stone with this joyous comedy with a dazzling hook: what would it be like to meet your parents in their youth? Billed as a special-effects comedy, the imaginative film (the top box-office smash of 1985) has staying power because of the heart behind Zemeckis and Bob Gale's script. High schooler Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox, during the height of his TV success) is catapulted back to the '50s where he sees his parents in their teens, and accidentally changes the history of how Mom and Dad met. Filled with the humorous ideology of the '50s, filtered through the knowledge of the '80s (actor Ronald Reagan is president, ha!), the film comes off as a Twilight Zone episode written by Preston Sturges. Filled with memorable effects and two wonderfully off-key, perfectly cast performances: Christopher Lloyd as the crazy scientist who builds the time machine (a DeLorean luxury car) and Crispin Glover as Marty's geeky dad. Followed by two sequels. --Doug Thomas

Customer Reviews:

  • Relax and Enjoy the Ride
    There are movies that inspire, movies that educate, movies that thrill an audience, movies that make us laigh etc. Occassionally there comes along a movie that is pure fun; one that makes us enjoy every twist and turn, mixing laughter, endearment, and excitement. "Back to the Future" is one such movie. It is a well-scripted, well-acted, well-directed, well-filmed fun "what if" story of time travel.

    What if you traveled back in time to the point that your youthful parents were about to meet each other and begin the relationship that led to you? What if your presence interfered in that relationship development? Why, that you lead to your own...well, "Back to the Future" will show you just what it could lead to. Along the way writer/director Robert Zemeckis fills his movie to capacity with plenty of sub-plots and humor.

    As I mentioned, this is a fun movie. We don't get anything like "There's no place like home" in "Back to the Future". There's an irreverance in this movie that works well. I like message films that can deliver the message but sometimes it's nice to sit back and just enjoy a masterful bit of fun. "Back to the Future" is just such a movie. ...more info
  • Timeless
    Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) is your average, American teen who befriends an eccentric inventor named Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd). When Doc creates a time machine out of a DeLorean, Marty is accidentally transported back to 1955. After looking around town Marty meets his parents, who aren't even interested in each other yet. Marty then goes to find Doc Brown to try and convince him that he is from the future and needs his help. Unfortunately, the only way Marty can get "Back To The Future" is to generate a lot of power which they both realize is nearly impossible. Their only hope is from a newspaper that Marty has with him that says that the town clock tower will be struck by lightning, so they plan to draw the energy from the lightning so they can power the machine. Before they do, Marty must act as cupid for his parents so they fall in love and get married or else Marty will not exist....more info
  • Gotta get back in time!
    Robert Zemeckis' excellent film starring Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd is one of my favourite movies of all time. Why? Well what's not to like? The time-travelling duo of Marty McFly (Fox) and Doctor Emmet Brown (Lloyd) is brilliant; Director Zemeckis (Who went on to direct two more BTTF films, Forrest Gump, What Lies Beneath and Castaway) and screenwriter Bob Gale pepper the film with sharp, witty lines (Marty McFly: Wait a minute, Doc. Ah... Are you telling me you built a time machine... out of a DeLorean? Doctor Emmet Brown: The way I see it, if you're gonna build a time machine into a car, why not do it with some style?)

    Back to the Future has so many clever moments and a sense of fun throughout the film. Michael J. Fox is excellent, and Christopher Lloyd is in trademark crazy scientist mode. Add Alan Silverstris' memorable score, Spielberg's nice homage's- the theatre in 1955 when Marty goes back in time is showing a double bill: "A Boy's Life" (the working title for Spielberg, Steven's E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial), and "Watch the Skies" (the working title for Spielberg's Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977). The film, when it was released got excellent reviews, and became the biggest box-office hit of 1985. The sequels are great too, but this is still the best, and the most inventive.

    I'm counting down the days till the DVD is released......more info

  • Blast To The Past
    In the year 1985, Marty McFly (Micheal J. Fox), a typical teenager, has a pretty bad life. He lives in a bad neighborhood with an alcoholic mother, a timid father, and a music career that can't get off the ground. Then, his friend Dr. Emmit "Doc" Brown (Christopher Lloyd) reveals his latest invention; a time machine built into a DeLorean. Unfortunately for Doc, he has been hunted down by a group of terrorists that he stole supplies from. When they come after Marty, he accidentally goes back to 1955 and meets his teenage parents. Now, his only opportunity to get back involves channeling a lightning bolt into the car, but first he has to get his parents to meet and fall in love.
    This movie is hilarious. Fox and Lloyd did a very good job togehter, and the supporting cast is wonderful. This is definitely a classic....more info
  • Weird science and mad scientists in action!
    Exciting action/scifi movie with all the standard attributes:
    car chasings, gun fire, fist fights....
    The movie authors ridiculize the great scientist Einstien, by naming the a dog after him,
    and having a main charcter whose hairstyle is like Einstein's.
    The plot is about timetravel back and forth to the past (1955) and present (1985).

    A high school scateboarding student and his older friend, the "Doc"
    have adventures while travelling to the past and present.
    Of course, in real life this is not possible.
    As long as you don't object to the impossible time travel,
    the rest of the movie is entertaining and energizing.

    The music is dynamic... A hard rock song ("The power of love") is the main theme.
    And there is nice jazzy muzic, when they reach 1955.
    The time travel is accomplished by using a remote-controlled car.
    There are some hidden commercials of Pepsi and Calvin Klein.
    All in all, it's a very well done movie!
    Over the course of our lives, we see things change, just as it is portrayed in the movie,
    so the movie makes sense to me.
    Actually, I have done some time travelling myself as well. I left my country and came back
    10 years later. Boy, how different it looked! So I can almost identify with the movie's plot.
    That's why I give it a full 5 stars rating and two thumbs up!...more info
  • Blast To The Past
    Marty McFly (Micheal J. Fox) was a typical 80's teenager, until his mad scientist friend (Christopher Lloyd) accidentally sent him back to the 50's. Doc Brown built a time machine out of a DeLorean using a nuclear reactor he stole from some terrorists who hunted him down. When Marty needed a getaway vehicle, he took the Delorean and ended up in 1955, when his parents were in high school. He interrupted their first meeting, and they never met. Now he has one week to set things straight before he fades away, and at the same time must channel a bolt of lightning into his time machine to get back on the same night he must get his parents back together.
    This movie is hilarious, and the actors are all great. I think some of the funniest jokes are the ones where Marty implies future events to unsuspecting people. For example, he tells his uncle as a baby, to get used to the bars of his playpen, because he will eventually go to jail. If you like this movie, see the rest of the series, but you must see them in order. I highly reccomend these films....more info
  • Great Fantasy, Delightful Comedy
    It's all in the title. Marty Mcfly(Fox) gets sent back in time to 1955 by a time machine that Doctor Emmet Brown(Christopher Lloyd) built using a Delorean. This movie is filled with jokes and fantasy and action to go along with it! A family fun! I give it two thumbs up! Congratulations! Great movie!...more info
  • Back in Time!
    This is the hit movie classic that made both Michael J. Fox and Christopher Llyod famous. Not that they weren't known from their previous works, but the characters they portrayed in these films are who immediately come to mind when I hear their names. Created in 1985 is still reaches out to a generation 15 years in the future ... and I reckon it'll be popular past 2015 as well. It's a classic, fast paced and very ingenious. Not to mention the excellent casting. If you haven't seen it, DO SO NOW. If you have, well, buy it again! Or go rewatch it....more info
  • let's hope there's more to come!!
    I've always been a "sucker" for packaging; with most things, it's kind of illogical, like groceries, that you (ideally) shouldn't even be looking at more than 6 (brief) times a day...but with entertainment items, I, for one, who values entertainment highly, think the packaging is important, b/c, face it: you're not gonna spend the majority of the time in which you own the item(s) actually USING them/it are you? Heck no! So that's where the pkging comes in handy, if you have your music/movies/books/whatever displayed prominently like I do and can/do look at them once in a while or more often...
    Sad to say though that sometime around 1997 or so, it seems, the packaging for movies has become EXTREMELY lame; I mean, for cryin' out loud, you can barely tell one movie apart from the next! You have to actually read the synopsis for each and every film that comes out in order to have ANY interest in it. But why would I, or anyone, read a synopsis for a movie that I'm not already interested in?
    Well, anyway; BTTF spent the longest time not available to purchase on its own, which to me was a drawback for buying ANY of the Back To The Future movies. I liked the imagery in BTTFpt1, the mall parking lot setting especially, and the 2nd one I actually haven't seen in ages, but the 3rd one, if I understand correctly, took place in the desert mostly, which is the most boring setting I can think of.
    I actually emailed Universal about 5 years ago, asking them when/if they re-release Halloween II and/or An American Tail to restore the original cover-art. Well, they apparently haven't even re-issued those two movies, but I guess we're finally starting to see eye to eye...well, I sorta doubt it, but I can dream can't I?...more info
  • I Love This Movie!
    I've watched this movie at least 20 times by now and never seem to get tired of it. Michael Fox reacts perfectly to the travel back in time scenario. Watch him squirm when he realizes the 1950s girl making eyes at him is his mom-to-be in 1985.
    Christopher Lloyd is a comic genius whose body language and facial expressions will have you in stitches. As a nutty professor type trying to invent a time travel machine (and succeeding), he is also perfect for this film.
    The headlong pacing, plus the humorous and inventive situations make this a fun movie for the whole family....more info
  • So entertaining! Way to go! VERY LIGHT HEARTED FUN!
    You'd want to live in the 1980's with a film like this. A Bit of rock n' roll, love, a mad scientist. A Bully included to spice things up a little!

    ON occasion, due to success or failure people disappear or reappear in Michael's (not the name of his character) family photo's and has to set the record straight so his father will fall in love with his mum -- not Michael!! Otherwise, he won't exis in the future. Only the "alien creature" that he uses to scare his father (the whimpy teen) reinforces the idea in his mind to marry Michael J Fox's mother!

    The stereotypes are silly but enjoyable, the plot is easy to follow and you have sense of affinity with the "doc" and Michael J Fox's role.

    Any Back to the Future movie is good. No. 3 is my favorite though. But the most obvious thing to do is to follow them in chronological order! Even though I didn't find out about these movies like that!

    If you like sci-fi like Hitchhicker's Guide to the Galaxy (which is more open to it's audience that it is a comedy) -- you'll like this. If you like Lost In Space, which is not very a very serious sci-fi series, you'll like this too. Just fun, fun, fun.

    It sucks how Michael has Parkinson's disease now! When you look at these movies, and one may think that when seeing these movies, but see him for who he was in his prime and pray to Elohim he gets better these days for someone who always preferred to star in comedy-like role movie or serial....more info
  • Master OF The Rare LASERDISCS Movies.
    I have Back to the Future 1,2,3 1985,1987,1989 on LASERDISC And I have The Complete Trilogy DVD too,Add da 3 parts to yer COLLECTION :)...more info
  • BTTF

    this experience is as good a movie now, as it was in 1985.

    back to the future is a rewarding family experience that combines learning about technology and science "no this sucker is electrical, but I need a nuclear reaction to generate the 1.21 gigawatts for the time distortion field", family values "marty you have got to save your father now, or else he will be ERASED! , erased from existence....." and a fun time into one great experience.

    If you go to film school, teach those academic idiots a lesson about real filmmaking and talk about back to the future... Filmmaking is NOT an academic exercise, its an experience... yo have to live it, and walk the walk to be a part of it...

    michael, los angeles, california

    If a film is not there to have a good time, what the hell is it for?????

    ...more info
  • Just one extra disc and poor widescreen
    I'm not very happy at this item.

    First off, they say its wide screen. Well, instead of seeing what was cut off along the sides, they blew the original picture up so that it now cuts off what's on the top and bottoms.

    There's no extra stuff on Disc 1, not even the Cigarette Commercial, and disc 2 is okay, but still this wasn't what I expected....more info
  • The Best Time Travel Film Ever!
    This movie was made in the mid 1980's and is still just as fresh today as when it was first released. My young children who weren't even born till more than 10 years after this movie came out, like to watch it over and over again. Last year we were in Universal Studios Orlando and they were so excited to see the Delorian on display outside the Back to the Future Ride. And everyone seems to remember the flux capacitor!

    Christopher Llloyd and Michael J. Fox give the performances of their career. A little known fact is that the actress that plays Marty's girlfriend is different than the other two films. Additionally, so was Marty's father....more info

  • This editions review (not of the movie, of the extras)
    On this release of the great BTTF movie, you get a 2 disc edition with extra features never released on DVD, nor even on the 4 disc region 4 release.

    Obviously the movie is there, it was always good quality and great 5.1 sound on the rest of the editions, and nothing has changed for this one. Now included is a whole heap of new extras.

    There is an Audio Commentary from Bob Gale and Niel Canton. It is an actual commentary now, not just the Q&A audio that played to the movie, or separately as audio depending on which edition you had, that other one is still on here, but this 2nd commentary is brand new, not a re-run.

    As far as I can tell, all the extras from the other editions are still here. I own a heap of copies of different releases for this movie, and I get a little confused with what was on what; but I know the American fans will be pleased that extra deleted scenes that where only viewable on the region 4 bonus disc (4th disc) are now included in this release.
    In particular, the full version of the scene when Doc is asked if he has a permit, and Marty wonders if he will go home gay. It's a great and funny scene.

    Also included is the footage of the back to the future ride that used to be at Universal Studios. I went on that ride in 1993, and it was great to see it again. It has two videos for the ride, the first one is the video you would watch while waiting in line for the ride. It's like a news cast and security camera video telling you about Doc's 1 day ride into the future (fictional) and the second video is what you actually saw when on the ride as you chase Biff Tannin through time. Just take not that the ride itself, you sat in a 6 seat Delorean and it moved and rocked around, so it may lose some translation while your sitting on your butt.

    If your not particularly interested in bonus features at all, and just watch the thing for the movie, then there is no reason to pick this version up. If you are like me, and love anything you can find of BTTF, you will enjoy this one. It's not just another cash-in release, it does actually have brand new features to enjoy....more info
  • A classic
    Okay so maybe it's not a classic...but I think that it should be. This is a very well written script that stands the test of time. Watching this film on cable yesterday, the movie doesn't once fall into the campy column. I can't say the same for the rest of the series. To tell you the truth I think that they should have stopped at the one movie. But still, this movie has everything, laughs, lite-suspense, and just an all around good, clean family fun....more info
  • Great Scott!! 20 Years Later This "Future" Still Burns Brightly
    "What are you lookin' at butthead? Say hello to your mom for me."

    "If my calculations are correct, once this baby hits 88 miles per hour, your gonna see some serious sh*t."

    "If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything."

    - M.I.L.F hunter, Biff Tannen likes big butts, while the sh*t hits the fan in overdrive, as Doc Brown gets "Temporal Experiment #1" underway, but, all Marty McFly wants is to concentrate real hard to get "Back To The Future"

    Its been 20 years since "Back To The Future" was released in theaters on the Fourth of July weekend of 1985. The film that rocketed Michael J. Fox to stardom is still one of Director, Robert Zemeckis' best films is a modernday family classic.

    Its October 25, 1985, & Marty McFly is the typical, average American teenager living in the small town of Hill Valley, California. He plays guitar, skateboards, has a girlfriend, (Jennifer Parker) & gets detention from the school discplinarian.

    The one thing that annoys & embarasses Marty the most, is his family.

    His dad, George, is a complete wimp & ultimate nerd, right down to the pocket protector. The senior McFly doesn't even stand up for himself when, his boss & former high school bully, Biff Tannen brings the family car home totalled & a complete wreck. What's worse is when Marty finds out that his dad is basically doing Tannen's job, typing up reports & handing them into his boss to make Tannen look good.

    As for Marty's mom, Lorraine? After years of living & being married to George, that includes three kids, she's basically become a hardcore alcoholic. The family drunk. Marty's brother, Dave works the night shift at the local Burger King (the one next to Doc Brown's lab), while Marty's sister is still in high school.

    The future doesn't look to bright for the McFly family. Or does it?

    In the wee hours of October 26, 1985, Marty gets a phone call from his mad scientist friend, Doctor Brown, & travels by skateboard to the Twin Pines Mall. Once there, Marty experiences Doc Brown's latest invention, sitting in the parking lot - a time machine made out of a DeLeorean. Marty also finds out that the machine runs only on plutonium through the flux capacitor (that powers the time circuits) & the Doc has stolen a case from a group of terrorists.

    Of course, Doc Brown tells Marty the whole story just in time for the terrorists to come screeching into the parking lot, machine guns blazing. Through the fire fight, Doc is hit & Marty has no choice but to get into the DeLeorean & try to escape.

    Escape he does - 30 years into the past. Its the early hours of November 5, 1955 & Marty can't believe his eyes. The mall isn't there, his neighborhood, Lyon Estates, is in the early planning stages, & worse yet, Marty has no way of getting home (the case of plutonium was left behind in 1985 (or is it ahead?). Marty hides the car behind the Lyon Estates billboard & heads into town & his worst case of culture shock. The cruddy, almost deserted town square of 1985, is the spotless, busy town square of 1955.

    Things go from bad to disasterous when Marty has a run in with his father and changes the course of future events that lead up to George meeting & falling in love with Lorraine. Marty, after some convincing, gets some serious help from a younger Doc Brown. The Doc explains to Marty that if George & Lorraine don't fall in love, they won't get married, if they don't get married, they won't have kids, & if they don't have kids..., Marty will not only erase himself from existence, but, will also erase his older brother & sister as well.

    As for the problem of getting Marty back to the future & saving Doc Brown's life, thats going to be like catching lightning in a bottle. Then again, if you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.

    After the success of "Romancing The Stone" in the spring of 1984, Robert Zemeckis shopped his next project around. Basically, the story of a teenager who has to learn about the concept of time. After every major studio passed, "Universal" picked it up only under the condition that Steven Spielberg be executive producer for the project.

    Zemeckis' first & only choice was Michael J. Fox for the role of Marty. But, when Fox wasn't available (he had commitments with the show "Family Ties") Zemeckis settled with Eric Stoltz. But, after Fox did some stern renagotiating at the 11th hour with "Ties" creator, Michael C. Gross, Fox jumped on board "Future" while Stoltz got a pink slip (this is a sore spot for Stoltz, even to this day).

    Fox's schedule was so hectic, filming between "Back To The Future" & "Family Ties", that he only got roughly eight to twelve hours of sleep each week. Fox was so tired it got to a point where, while getting ready to go on stage to film a live scene of "Family Ties", Fox was looking for the JVC camcorder prop that was used during the previous nights' shoot for "Back To The Future"!

    While the film was recieving great critical acclaim & box office, Michael J. didn't know exactly how big the film was. When "Future" first opened in the U.S., he was in Europe filming a "Family Ties" T.V. movie of the week. When Fox did come home he found people camped out on his front lawn waiting for him & his autograph!

    Christopher Lloyd is great as Doc Brown & should have gotten an Oscar nomination for best supporting actor. He's the best mad scientist since Dr. Frankenstein himself.

    The comic timing & chemistry between Fox & Lloyd is classic.

    20 years after its release, "Back To The Future" still looks bright enough to wear shades....more info
  • Great Movie
    I love this blast from the past although this movie does not go into the future like the title states. You will have to wait for BTTF Part II to get into the future....more info
  • "Weight has nothing to do with it!"
    All you need to hear are the first three notes of that infectious musical score from Alan Silvestri, and you know where it's from. You remember the laughs, the catch phrases, the wild special effects, and that souped-up DeLorean, looking prime to explode. "Back to the Future", arguably the single most enjoyable comedic sci-fi fantasy, still holds up to this day as a favorite, not only of mine, but of virtually any dedicated film buff who can recognize when a film has real smarts behind the flashy visual effects and snap-action camerawork.

    The plot of the film is probably known to everyone who's reading this, I'm sure, so I'll be brief: In an attempt to escape the terrorists who Dr. Emmett Brown (Lloyd) duped out of their stash of plutonium, which acts as the fuel supply for his newly built time machine, Marty McFly (Fox) accidentally transports himself and a few bits of 1985 technology (most notably, a walkman that provides an enormous laugh, along with knowledge of a particular film that's strong with the Force) back to November 5, 1955, the last date programmed into the Flux Capacitor. Out of plutonium, Marty enlists the help of "Doc" Brown's younger counterpart to get him back to the future, but not before seriously altering the past in such a way that makes Marty's mother "amorously infatuated" with him instead of his father. In a nutshell, "my mom... has got the hots for me?" Precisely! And it's funny as hell! But it also provides a nice Capra-esque emotional center to the film as Marty desperately races against the erasure of time to fix up his mom and dad for that fateful kiss on the dance floor of the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance which will decide whether or not he will even exist when its time to go back to the future.

    Now, after all these surprises have come and gone, we are subjected to one of the best action sequences ever filmed. The wire running from the top of the clock tower, which when lightning strikes the clock tower at precisely 10:04 PM, sending 1.21 gigawatts into the Flux Capacitor, sending Marty back to 1985... "everything will be fine." As you can guess during a sequence set up as intricately as this one, every possible thing that can go wrong does, and to watch it unfold to Silvestri's excellent music and Zemeckis' stunning, electrifying directing style is one of the great guilty pleasures of film history. Of course Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd are spectacular in the lead roles, complimenting each other perfectly in every scene; the youthful, naive idealism of the young skateboarder in contrast to the mad-scientist energy of the Doc. Thomas Wilson provides the perfect villain to the plot as Biff, who, in the end, turns out to play a much bigger role in history than we originally thought. Crispin Glover is appropriately flaky yet likable all at once. Lea Thompson delivers her lines of then-teenager contradicting now-mother with just the right straight-faced stance.

    This is an immensely enjoyable film experience, from the first frame to the last. It's a film that ages well, despite the changes in our culture, and the spunky 80s attitude that we all laugh at now actually adds a bit of nostalgia to the film, giving it a classic feel. And it is a classic in every way a film should be. "Back to the Future" is one of Hollywood's all-time great movie entertainments....more info

    This is a great film with plenty of action, suspense, comedy and a great story. Marty McFly played by Michael J. Fox is an average teen who ends up going thirty years back in time and has to worry about making sure his parents get together and that he can get back to his own time with the help of Doc Brown played by Christopher Lloyd. This is a must-see if ur a fan of either science fiction, adventure or comedy....more info
  • Boy, Do I Love This Movie
    I think I could have a compound fracture, file bankruptcy, lose my wife to a merchant marine, lance an ingrown toenail, and still forget all my troubles watching this little jewel of a film. BACK TO THE FUTURE is crisp, clean, witty, ingenious pull-up-a-chair-and-get-ready-to-laugh entertainment.

    Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd strike up such an incredible chemistry--as the young Marty McFly and eccentric Dr. Emmet Brown--that I was hoping these guys would subsequently open up a sports bar on Long Beach and continue their interaction in front of wide-eyed patrons. When Marty is forced to flee enraged terrorists in Doc Brown's "time machine," a wicked DeLorean that suddenly transports the teenager back to 1955, the stage is set for a mesmerizing tale revolving around Marty's attempt (aided by a younger Doc Brown) to get "back to the future" while he just happens to interact with both of his parents: played by Lea Thompson and a geeky Crispin Glover. Marty's subsequent quest is delightful, entertaining, and downright funny; the film moves the viewer along smoothly, seamlessly, much akin to sipping a refreshing whiskey on a tranquil summer evening.

    Kudos to director Robert Zemeckis for providing such an entertaining, finely crafted, well-made film. Ignore the moronic sequels: BACK TO THE FUTURE will get you back to smiling within a few tick-tocks of the current clock.
    --D. Mikels...more info

  • Back to the Future by me
    'Back to the Future'.Directed by Steven Speilberg in 1985.'Back to the Future' is a movie about a boy who gets trapped in the past and has to get Back to the Future.

    This film is filmed in a small town in America in 1985.About a boy called Marty McFly who's best friend is Doc Brown and Doc invents a time machine, and Marty goes back to when his Mum and Dad are his age.He has to make them fall in love and get back to the future and FAST!!!! ...more info
  • Great Scott!
    In 1985, Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) asks Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox), a high school teenager, to meet him at the local mall for a late night science experiment. When Marty shows up, he sees Doc backing a Delorean out from a van. But this just isn't any Delorean. This Delorean has been modified into a time machine. As Doc begins to explain how it all works, a group of terrorists that Doc stole some uranium from, show up and begin to wreak havoc. Marty jumps in the car and floors it after witnessing Doc getting shot. But as soon as Marty hits the magic number of 88mph, he is shot back in time to 1955. While trying to figure out how to get back to 1985, he screws up the first time his parents meet, which begins the slow cycle of his brother, his sister, and even himself to slowly fade away from existence. Marty must figure out a way to get the time machine to work again and also somehow get his popular mom to fall in love with is geeky father so he can get back to the future.

    Talk about a movie that just never gets old. Almost all the laughs are still funny. From the barn scene, to the first time Marty meets his mom as a teenager, to the skateboarding/poop scene. Back to the Future really is just a very fun movie. I think I was smiling almost through the whole thing and I've had to have seen this movie over 20 times by now. I think almost everyone has wished they could go back in time, but who really thinks about going back to hang with their parents. After seeing this movie, it might really be fun to do just that. We know Marty's mom preaches about how girls shouldn't chase guys and things, but when we see her at a younger age, she is doing exactly what she forbids her own children from doing. And when he comes across his dad, he finds out things that he never knew his dad was interested in. And then of course we have Doc Brown, who Christopher Lloyd played perfectly. His antics, and screams, facial expressions, and over the topness were done just right. What a great character. And Michael J. Fox also plays Marty McFly just right to. To think that Eric Stoltz almost played Marty McFly. Thankfully the director thought he just didn't fit the part and refilmed it with Fox.

    Honestly, I could go on and on and on about this movie and just tell the whole story. But what fun would that be. Just own this movie.

    P.S. - I love watching old 80's flicks and seeing all the stuff that was cool back then. Also I really like seeing old advertisements or signs. Like the Pepsi symbol back then. Classic stuff.
    ...more info
  • Cromulus wishes for this movie on DVD
    Cromulus enjoys Back to the Future. Cromulus wishes for this movie to be released on DVD. Cromulus is waiting patiently for the release. VHS angers Cromulus....more info
  • DVD is dead
    I completely fail to see why they are re-releasing this when everyone will be picking it up again once the Blu-Ray version is out.

    What is taking so long for the Blu-Ray version anyway?...more info
  • Back To The Future
    Have you ever wanted to travel through time? To see the future? To witness historic events? Marty McFy(Michael J. Fox) finds hinself facing this when his friend "Doc" Emmett L. Brown(Christopher Lloyd) builds a time machine. Marty is accidentally sent back to 1955 (from 1985) ( he's only 17, so he hasn't been born yet) and disrupts his parents'(Lea Thompson and Crispin Glover) first meeting. On top of that, he might be stuck in 1955 because there isn't much plutonium around yet, and that's what makes the car a time machine.

    The actors do a great job of combining reality and science fiction to make my favorite movie.

    Do not show to young children who do not know cussing is wrong, as charactars swear freely....more info