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Happy Birthday, Harris Malden
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  • Funny, charming, and thoughtful story that is engaging to watch!
    This film is well written, funny, well acted - all around crowd pleaser! A big hit at the Cinevegas Film Festival...more info
  • Charming Indie Comedy
    This is one of those little movies that you shouldn't miss. It's a great story about friends and family...and it's really funny....more info
  • Fantastic! See this movie!
    I honestly feel sorry for those who haven't seen this movie yet. Those who haven't experienced the rebirth of cinema in this off the wall but heart warming comedy. Most people have a mindset that movies without notable actors won't be good. These actors in this lovely film all complemented each other perfectly enabling you to overlook the names of the characters and just sit back and enjoy the ride. All the jokes in this film are dead-on which causes its audience to break out in uncontrollable laughter. A lot of us movie goers are familiar with every movie having the relatively same soundtrack so films don't really stand out as much. The compositions in this movie are so genuine and unique that they'll actually make you take appreciation in accordion music, which until viewing this movie, I felt was ungodly annoying and terrible. As for cinematography, as an audience, you really felt like you were there in the film at all times. Just standing behind are guard rail getting the full view of what's going on. If you haven't seen this movie, I strongly recommend seeing it now, before it becomes a success in the near future. This way you can brag to your friends you saw it first....more info
  • Hilarious and Heartwarming Indie Flick
    Three members of the Sweaty Robot production company showed their first feature-length film, "Happy Birthday, Harris Malden," at my high school recently. At first, attending the premiere just seemed like a good opportunity to get out of class, but my friends and I were in hysterics throughout the movie and felt incredibly moved. This independent flick offered smart, fresh humor that was entirely family appropriate. Hollywood's cheap shots to elicit the same side-splitting laughter out of its audiences are dull in comparison.

    "Happy Birthday, Harris Malden," is a hilarious, poignant, and quirky story about Harris Malden, a man who fakes his facial hair. His childhood friend, Paul Levine, strives to protect him from the actualization of why Harris feels obligated to continue this ritual, but he can no longer isolate him from reality when Paul's new girlfriend stirs the issue. Melvin rounds out the cast as Harris' slacker little brother, who is part of a ridiculous subplot about his brief career as a model. The movie touches on universal themes of the difficulty of growing up, and the necessity of confronting and embracing change, while maintaining a constant sense of comic relief.

    The film's idiosyncratic characters, witty script, and relatable subject matter are worth every cent of the rental fee. If you're interested in seeing a drama/comedy, or are tired of hearing about "Twilight," purchase "Happy Birthday, Harris Malden." You won't regret it....more info
  • Great For Everyone!
    Guys, great film, heard you were at a few big Film Festivals Too!!! Way to go. Keep up the good work....more info
  • Happy Birthday Harris Malden Trailer & Synopsis
    Watch Video Here: The trailer for the film "Happy Birthday Harris Malden." Also, here is a synopsis:

    Harris Malden wears his insecurity on his face in a curious disguise for everyone to see. No one in the neighborhood, not ever his best friend Paul or his brother Melvin, has the heart to tell him how ridiculous he looks with the thick, black lie about his lip. Harris Malden fakes his facial hair, and as far as he's concerned, nobody can tell. However, like dealing with a drunken uncle, it's easier to let him be than confront the problem. Harris has a sweet gig as a draftsman at a local firm, and everyone on his block likes him. Despite the big ol' fake mustache, everything is fine and dandy-- until Paul brings an outsider to Harris' twenty-fifth birthday party. No one knows what to do after she shouts, "YOU FAKE YOUR MUSTACHE!" The whole gang has to deal with the repercussions of Harris' breakdown.

    Critical Reviews:
    Don Lewis of Film Threat **** Four Stars
    "...the film is really funny as long as you realize there's a kind of straight-faced silliness to the whole affair much like the films of the Zellner Brothers or even Charlie Kaufman. If you enjoy that kind of off-the-wall humor, "Happy Birthday, Harris Malden" can't miss."

    Cal Kemp of Collider
    "Somehow, "Harris Malden" is both down to earth and over the top. It's sweet, funny and real in a way that only fiction can bee."

    David Cornelius of eFilmCritic *** Three Stars
    "I admire the way the filmmakers manage to have so much going on at once, with natural, overlapping dialogue filling each scene with an Altman-esque collage of story and character."...more info
  • Loved it!
    A good balance between humor and heartwarming, very well-written and acted, this movie will definitely charm you....more info
  • A truly charming and unique comedy for the whole family!
    Harris Malden is a tremendously witty film that succeeds in fitting tons of silliness and charm into a highly enjoyable hour and twenty minutes. In any given scene there are so many hilarious things going on that it took me two viewings to really get a full appreciations for the little nuances of wit that are always there. Make no mistake, Happy Birthday Harris Malden is a hilarious film. But that's not all that I found so appealing about it. The story of Harris draws from the lives of the guys who made the film, who can share in his reluctance to get past his insecurities. The story will make you feel unbearably fuzzy at the end, as you notice that you yourself have a little bit of Harris Malden in you. I highly recommend this movie.
    ...more info
  • Loved it!
    A good balance between humor and heartwarming, very well-written and acted, this movie will definitely charm you....more info
  • A gem
    A charming and sweet comedy that stands out from the noise. This movie makes no heavy handed social commentary, just a light, pleasant and occasionally poignant trip about growing up....more info
  • Perfect for sketch comedy fans
    I originally encountered this film at CineVegas and while it's not for everyone, sketch comedy fans will really dig it. The film is a blend of standard movie comedy and high-concept sketch style comedy: our world, but one step to the left. It's kind of like riding a kiddie train -- sure, you're not really going anywhere but the point is simply to enjoy the ride....more info
  • A Great Independent Comedy
    I saw this movie at the Cinevegas film festival and was surprised by how funny it was. Not only is it funny, but it has a good story about friendship. The movie is well acted, well directed, and has a good, steady pace. I hope this movie becomes more well known because it certainly deserves to be successful....more info
  • Congrats to SweatyRobot
    After hearing so much about this movie I was not totally prepared to be objective. However, it did not disappoint. I was unprepared for the incredible creativity expressed by these guys. Totally blown away by Eric Levy's acting ability. I've seen him "act" in person for years but to see him develop this role in a manner that was totally professional and funny made me realize we'll be seeing a lot more of him and this talented group.
    Good job guys. On a personal note, totally unbiased, proud of you Eric!
    Job well done and you should all be proud. Highly recommend, funny, sad and intuitive!...more info