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You Don't Mess with the Zohan (Rated)
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  • Adam doing what he does best with a great supporting cast
    This movie was just silly, very funny, slightly offensive in places - like some of the comedies they'd make in the 70's like CADDYSHACK. Strange characters doing strange things are always interesting for me. I'd seen Adam's film CLICK, which started off funny, then got philosophical at the end - this is not what Adam's audience wants, I'm afraid. This film should please fans of movies like the WEDDING SINGER.
    If you think you'd like a movie where the permanent name of a shop is actually 'Going out of Business' , then you'll love this.

    I loved it and hope this review helps you to decide if ZOHAN is for you. ...more info
  • I Didn't Think He Could Do It
    I have been an Adam Sandler fan since I was about six years old and have fond memories of seeing his movies like Billy Madison, Big Daddy, The Waterboy, Little Nicky, Mr. Deeds, and Anger Management throughout my childhood. I'm also familiar with Happy Gilmore, Eight Crazy Nights, Spanglish, The Longest Yard, 50 First Dates and Click. I'd have to say that Sandler is one of my all time favorite actors, but this movie was shockingly horrible. I can't believe that he could make such a terrible mistake in being part of this train wreck. It was in plain bad taste, and there was nothing funny about it. About half way through I lost interest in even trying to finish the movie. My four year old cousin finds it hilarious though, so that should tell you something. Before this, I never thought Adam Sandler could possibly make a flop of a comedy, but here he has proven me wrong....more info
  • A Good Example of the Genre...
    Adam Sandler is the Pauly Shore of today, so the movie isn't the most intellectually stimulating. However, if you're a fan of stupid movies (as I am) you'll enjoy this one. Crude humor, decent sarcasm, and a semi-relevant social statement keep this film entertaining. On the other hand, if you're not a fan of that kind of movie, you'd probably better give it a miss. ...more info
  • Making the world safe for the Silky Smooth
    Having just reviewed the dynamite Spy-Flick Taken with Liam Neeson, it is time to lurch a full 360 to another Spy, Adam Sandler's Zohan. "You Don't Mess With The Zohan" is a goofy, juvenile and often really funny film that sends Israeli super soldier Sandler to New York City where he can live out his days as Super Stylist Scrappy Coco. But his arch nemesis The Phantom (a way over the top John Turturro) has discovered the Zohan's secret and is out for revenge. Will The Phantom bring the Bang-Boom that stops Zohan's quest for the perfect feathering?

    Also on board is Rob Schneider, as an Arab cab driver mourning his stolen pet goat, Mariah Carey lampooning her own image, John McEnroe, George "Sulu" Takei and Bruce Vilanch as themselves and a subplot about everyone just getting along. If it were only this easy to save the world; No need for "We Are The World" stuff, just sex-jokes and SNL skits. Much better than his prior I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry, "Zohan" is Sandler's return to broad farce.
    ...more info
  • Not great but touching....
    If you want to see a pleasant, silly and harmless movie in which Adam Sandler plays an extrememly sweet, kind, super-heroish isreali agent who really just wants to make people beautiful. I laughed sometimes, smiled more and was impressed with the compassion Mr.Sandler radiated off the screen.I think women may like this more than men, surprisingly. If you are looking for a pleasant, light couple of hours, rent this....more info
  • Not worth it
    I find the movie childish and rather annoying in the end. The humor is badly done and when it finished, I was sorry to have spent the money to see it.
    It's not one I'll add to my DVD or Blu Ray library....more info
  • Surprisingly Funny and Innovative But Not Sandler's Best
    While I've never been a -huge- fan of Adam Sandler's films, I have watched them and laughed throughout most of them. I'm the type of guy who enjoys some slapstick, some raunchy humor, and a lot of zanyness.

    I went into Zohan not expecting anything but pure frivolous humor. You don't go into films like this with any expectations, and I think that's where a lot of the reviewers prior to myself went wrong. They went in expecting to see an evolution of Sandler's humor, and while I would say that Zohan raised the bar a tad, it's still Adam Sandler. Yes, it's going to have a corny ending, a lot of physical humor, and a healthy dose of humor aimed at the more intelligent in the crowd as well.

    Overall, I couldn't stop giggling, laughing, and chuckling throughout most of the film. After a long streak of not seeing any humor films, I thought it was the perfect thing to bring me back to comedies. The last few years, especially, have been incredibly lackluster in regards to comedies (if that's what evolution of the genre is, count me out, by the way), and I found Zohan refreshing.

    I think another thing a lot of the other reviewers missed, is that the film in no way expected to take itself seriously. The only serious moments were cheesy, predictable, and ultimately corny, which is irony in itself and only contributed to my bemused chuckling. Yes, a lot of the humor bordered on racial stereotyping, there were a lot of over-the-top accents and allusions to the Middle East, so if you're the type to get touchy about that, feel free to skip. I found it to be a rather hilarious joke on the seriousness that everybody applies to the stereotyping. The stereotyping is, actually, rather fair and towards the end even shows plenty of "good stereotyping" (as accurate as stereotyping ever is, which is to say, rarely).

    Really, the film laughs at itself. Are there some bum moments? Certainly, but it seems that's been the case for almost every film I've seen in the last few years, but it was grand seeing the cast and crew not try to make this the 'next great comedy' and just have a load of fun. And if the cast and crew are laughing at themselves (which you can clearly feel through the screen), you can't help but laugh with them.

    If you want to spend an hour or two snickering and have an open mind, give Zohan a shot. Don't expect an evolution of comedy. Don't expect the bar to be raised, because that's not what this film was trying to do. It was trying to be ridiculous and make people utter that ever so fantastic groaning-giggle followed by the heart chuckle.

    Don't let the other critics fool you, they've probably forgotten the meaning of the word 'satire'....more info
  • Not the Worst, But, in the Bottom 5...
    Good lord. I always think of giving Adam Sandler a second chance...and then I regret it.

    I am never giving him any money ever again.

    This film is an embarrasment to humanity. And an ugly, racist progaganda piece as well. I realize that white males are the new "Jews" of the world, but can't Hollyweird cool it for a while?

    Sandler can ****** **** my ****** ***!...more info
  • I laughed
    The silliness was over the top, I couldn't help it. SNL alumni and middle eastern comics and Chris Rock keep the viewer entertained even when Zohan is present. Not tasteful or incisive but this is Sandler the comic. What did you expect?...more info
  • Very silly but occasionally amusing
    This movie, in the grand tradition of "Austin Powers" presents an irrestible agent cavorting comically. The twist is that the "Zohan" of the title played by Adam Sandler is an Israeli counter-terrorism agent trying to reinvent himself as a haridresser in Manhattan.
    It's very silly and occasionally very vulgar and tasteless and even more occasionally quite funny.
    The best thing for me was the Israeli rap music supplied by the great group "Hadag Nachash." Sandler's accent wavered from time to time. There are some hasrh depictions of Arabs.
    If you don't take it too seriously and have a liking for 6th grade sex jokes, this might be worth considering. Otherwise, not. ...more info
  • This movie is sick
    This movie clearly a "public toilet grafitti" type with more and more perversive action as it goes on.
    I am wandering what was the message that the producers of this movie wanted to give...
    Canot see any value in it, except for that it is plain crude.
    ...more info
  • Not usually my style, but I was pleasantly surprised!
    Surprisingly hilarious movie from Adam Sandler, who I don't usually find very funny. (Oddly enough, I like his serious roles in 'Spanglish','Punch-Drunk Love' and 'Reign Over Me' more than any of his previous comedies!) Comedies are hard to predict or review - I can't tell you why I like this movie so much more than all his others, I can just tell you that I do. Maybe it's just so over the top and so shameless that you have to either love it or hate it. In this case, I loved it. (As always, the ending starts to flag as the writers feel the need to wrap up the plotlines, which just get in the way of the jokes. But still very good.)...more info
  • Runs out of gas while making it silky smooth
    "You Don't Mess with the Zohan" recreates Adam Sandler as a Israeli commando with peternatural agility and strength, the legendary Zohan Dvid. Weary of the constant fighting and political chicanry of his superiors, he fakes his own death and flees to New York to live his dream, to become a hairdresser. It's an occupation where "no one gets hurt," as he tells his parents.

    Eventually he discovers his niche in a beauty salon run by a Palestinian woman. He rises to stardom, cutting older matrons air, then giving them a bit of "sticky" in the backroom.

    The action at the beginning is both hilarious and thrilling, but the plot becomes clogged and clunky as the Zohan becomes embroiled in a romance and then a resistance to a crooked developer, attempting to run out the immigrant neighborhood. It's a pleasant place, where Arabs and Jews settle difference by arguing about scoring with presidential candidates wives.

    I'll have to disclose I missed the last half hour of the movie. And in truth, I don't really care....more info
  • Grade School Humor
    Usually I do not care if a comedy movie is historically or culturally accurate, but this film was so off that it became annoying (specifically details about Israel, the Palestinians, and the conflict.)

    I was impressed at the number of actors who were willing to appear throughout this production, though I suspect they did it for the money or because Adam Sandler wrote them some I.O.U.s.

    Basically, this film relied on grade school humor. Actually, let me retract that statement because grade school humor has more depth than this script. Does Adam Sandler have a buttock/anal fetish? If you see the film, you'll know why I asked this question.

    Avoid "Zohan" if you can......more info
  • Sad, very Sad
    A very sad, sad movie. I am so happy I didn't buy it. So shameful, especially with what happened with hamas and Israel lately. Humor can go so far. When I saw the children stoning Zohan AS IF IT WAS NORMAL!!!! Come on man!!!! ...more info
  • Laughed Non-Stop from Beginning to End--What Else is There to Say?
    I had heard very bad things about this movie, so I was skeptical. I watched it, though, and this is a classic. I literally laughed from beginning to end. The movie was hilarious. Do you like most Sandler movies? Did you like Pinneaple Express? How about Pootie Tang? Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle? If you answered yes to most of these, you will love this movie. Even more so if you are Jewish....more info
  • Zohan
    it is a good spoof / comedy - for a couple to watch and laugh at-together.
    ...more info
  • Laugh out loud funny (at times).
    Adam Sadler is a hoot as an Israeli born Intelligence Agent with dreams of being a master stylist for Paul Mitchell. Faking his death, while fighting his Palestinian arch enemy "The Phantom" (played by John Turturro), Zohan heads for America to fulfill his dream of remaking 1980's hairstyles all the rage. Dressed like a "disco-dancer", Zohan sets out to make women beautiful while also pleasuring them, hence working his magic. Eventually Zohan falls in love with his Boss; helps a community to realize that they should set their differences aside and stand up to a greedy land developer who wants their property to build a mega mall; faces a person (played by Rob Schneider) whose goat he once stole to humiliate him; and battles his arch enemy who he realizes he has more in common with than he once thought (Phantom wants to sell shoes). All these things and much more make this a satisfying comedy. So if you want to laugh, out loud, get this movie!...more info
  • Semi Inspired Goofiness
    Adam Sandler has always been an enigma to me. I never liked him on "SNL" finding him whiny and annoying. He's had his moments on the big screen with "Happy Gilmore" and "Anger Management". His high point was probably "Punch-Drunk Love" but I attribute that to auteur Paul Thomas Anderson finding the perfect actor for his vision. Daniel Day-Lewis Sandler ain't. I came to "Zohan" intrigued by the concept of an Israeli counter-terrorist with a secret desire to become a hair stylist. Despite the intermittent crudity the film works with a passable laugh quotient. What I didn't expect was Sandler, who produced the film, making a plea for peace in the Middle East. Sure, it's not a profound plea but, hey, what do you expect from a Sandler movie. Sandler is good as is John Torturro as Zohan's Palestinian opposite, the Phantom. Rob Schneider, buddy of Sandler and forever to be branded as the photocopier guy, has a nice bit as a Palestinian cabbie who ID's Zohan. I recommend the film with possible reservations to those with sensitive sensibilities....more info
  • Very pleased
    I gave this item as a gift. It arrived on time and the receiver of the dvd loved it....more info
  • Very Funny Movie

    This was a very funny movie. Not only are there a million laugh out loud moments, but I thought it was also a sardonic look into Middle East relations both there and in America. Not much about the Mid-East conflicts is funny, but this movie fearlessly finds the humor and delivers the laughs and even some messages.

    I thought it was very original and unpredictable. This is a perfect Sunday afternoon fun-fest. ...more info
  • One of the worst Adam Sandle movie
    Usually Adam Sandler movies are predicable, but entertaining enough to finish. But this movie is just an insult to my intelligence. To enjoy the movie, I had to be a 5 year old, but some of the "humor" is for adults only. His movies such as waterboy, 50 1st dates, etc, have a lot of dumb but fun jokes. This movie lacked those jokes, the humor in this movie is just plain dumb, not funny at all.

    Avoid buying, at most rent it if you must watch all Adam Sandler movies....more info