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  • Love It
    I love this album. I was a fan of Brandy's all along, but this one is the best so far. My favorite song on this CD is "right here" followed by "piano man". Her voice is just amazing. You can really hear how she has grown over her career. You've got to listen to it! ...more info
  • A Step Back
    Brandy's previous album, Afrodisiac, was easily one of my favorite R&B albums to date. It marked a clear departure from her more sugary early work into truly mature territory. There was less of a focus on love, and even when the songs were about love, they managed to avoid the overused words and phrases of most R&B love songs. Most importantly, though, there were no Darkchild tracks on the album. Brandy sounded completely fresh and rejuvenated with a new sound that she fit into perfectly. While Kanye West's two contributions to the album were quite welcome, it was Timbaland's production (featured on the majority of the album) that completely stole the show and sealed the deal. Poor promotion of the album and questionable single choices caused the album to get left in the dust by Usher's massive Confessions album (which, in my opinion, was less interesting than Brandy's). Perhaps it was the lack of success of her last album that caused her to go back to the comfort of Rodney Jerkins. Unfortunately, she couldn't have made a worse mistake.

    The album begins with an awkward spoken-word intro where Brandy tries to sum up what it means to be human. The idea sounds good, but in her attempt to be profound, she comes off as not being very thoughtful at all. Next comes the first real track, "The Definition." Out of all of Jerkins' contributions, this one seems to be the weakest. The song comes off as being not sure if it fits into the genre of R&B or dance music, with both aspects of it taking away from the other. This proves to be a problem on several tracks on the album, as well. For example, the song, "Piano Man," is very much a dance song. In fact, the melodies, harmonies, and production give it a wonderful feel. Regardless, the lyrics don't mach the texture that has been created (I can't think of any self-respecting pianist, amateur music lover through classical soloist, who would play in conjunction with computerized techno music). Other Jerkins songs, however, such as "Warm It Up (With Love)" and "Long Distance" manage to be very tastefully done. However, one of the main problems on this album is that most of the songs can stand alone very well, but cannot hold the album together as a cohesive unit. While Brandy's previous album was much more experimental and avoided cliches, this album goes the opposite direction and drowns the listener with typical contemporary R&B-isms. Perhaps the biggest misstep on the album, however, is "1st & Love." Not only does it continue the rampage of saccharine, boring love lyrics, but the accompaniment is way too bombastic for Brandy's singing ability. Normally, Brandy is able to make the most of her vocal limitations by navigating sparse textures like a pro. This song, however, has such a dense texture (at some points using grandiose timpani pounding) that Brandy is left sounding like she isn't convinced, herself--no matter how hard she sings her heart out. (In fact, the only R&B singer I can see making this song work is Beyonce.)

    Brandy's refusal to explore her dark, sensual side makes the album far too sugary and predictable to be worthy of her artistic capabilities. Perhaps the tragic car accident that she was in is the main inspiration for the direction of this album. However, she could have very easily addressed this new perspective of hers in a more tasteful, succinct way, while still maintaining the fantastic artistic direction she took for her previous album. This one sounds like a less-sassy version of her Full Moon album. Hardcore fans might love Human, but I would recommend that even they preview the tracks online before they make a purchase. "I Tried" (from Afrodisiac) continues to be my favorite R&B song, ever, and I am very hopeful that Brandy will work with Timbaland again for her next album...assuming there will be one....more info
  • Brandy is Back BETTER than EVER!
    If Brandy was soda, she would be the almighty Coca Cola... perfected by time, competition and adversity... CLASSIC. During the four years that we had to endure without her raspy, yet silky voice... She was finding THE DEFINITION of life and Love and life. Boy, aren't we lucky! Brandy returns to the music game exceeding my expectations as usual. Just when I became content with what Brandy gives musically, she surprises me with an album seeping with sticky ballads and transparent lyrics that make you feel good about who you are.
    The album begins with Brandy redefining the definition of Love with a mid-tempo, Jerkin's produced track with a hook to die for... I've made the greatest discovery of mankind. You define the existence of love and I found it in you, searched my whole life through so rare but so true ...The definition of love is you..." Poised for a comeback, Brandy taps writers and producers who bring out the best in her vocally. Yet, the vocals are only part of what makes Brandy's return so fascinating. Rather than trying to recreate popular sounds and catchy club bangers, Brandy goes for an adult-comtemporary feel pursuading you to believe that she has matured and is not the little girl next door anymore. Human becomes more than just the name of the album. It is real. It is vulnerable. It is human.
    I loved the critically acclaimed Afrodesiac but I thought at times there was over-production that overshadowed Brandy's true talent. This album makes up for what the loyal Brandy fan missed in that era. Songs like Warm it up with Love, Right Here (departed), A Capella and Long Distance remind us why we love the Brandy of old and make a strong case for Brandy's relevance in pop, soul, and R&B Music. Brandy stated that she had no intnentions of trying to recreate Full Moon or other successful albums. What she accomplished was even bigger. Songs like Fall, Camoflauge, Torn Down, 1st & Love and Human catapult this album to greater heights. For lack of a better phrase, Brandy put her foot into these songs. Vocally, songs Human and Fall will be catalogued as some of her greatest work.
    "Human" makes the stars 4-year hiatus worth the wait. Brandy comes back to us with music that has last appeal.
    ...more info
    When I found out Brandy was coming out with another album after FOUR years I was absolutely ecstatic! And I was most definately not disappointed--I just wish the album didn't have to end!
    It is hard to even say which songs that stand out to me are because this CD is always on in my house and I never skip a track.
    First of all, when she released Right Here I knew the album was gonna be HOT. Tracks that deserve the most credit are The Definition, Piano Man, Camouflage, Shattered Heart, A Capella and Fall...I am always singing these songs, but I still absolutely love Human, First and Love, True, Warm it Up, Long Distance etc. Believe me, Brandy stan or not, you will LOVE this album. Her voice is so soft and enchanting yet she knows how to produce something that makes you want to get up and dance too. And I just hope beyond hope this was not the last album from Brandy Norwood! Please support her and buy this album you will not be disappointed! :)...more info
  • why is brandy trying to comeback
    she was cool back in the day but brandy needs to sit down she's fake she lied about beibng a virgin we knew wanya, kobe, usher, tyrese, mase, aND EVEERYBODY ELSE WENT THROUGH HER SHE WAS ON DRUGS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD now she's back with a nosejob and a so called iomage makeover please this sucks I'd rather buy lil kim's wack mixtape still she should quit music and prostitute hersel;f out like maia campbell and superhead....more info
  • Impressive!
    I must say I was surprised that I really liked the entire cd. I bought Never Say Never which I enjoyed. Next, I bought Afrodisiac. I didn't like that cd at all!! Human was a refreshing surprise. She is showing her maturity and musicality as an artist. Her reteaming with Rodney Jerkins is a definite plus!
    My favorite songs are:
    Warm it Up-our world needs to embrace one another more!!
    Shattered Heart
    The Definition
    Right Here-makes me think of my loved ones who are gone but still with me in spirit!
    Camouflage-listen to the lyrics ...more info
    This cd is definitely worth getting and listening to. I don't usually write about cd's so I'm just going to keep this short and simple. This is a mid-tempo cd that utilizes and showcases Brandy voice to a new level. She is baaacckkkk and sitting on top of the world once again.

    My favorite tracks are: TRUE, PIANO MAN, LONG DISTANCE, 1st & LUV, and HUMAN...more info
  • Long over due!
    I have been such a great fan of hers since i watched the remake of Cinderella. I was so happy when i found out that she is making an CD. I absolutely love "Human"! I listen to piano man all day long and never get tired of it. Overall, a great album that is long over due! ...more info
  • Wow.
    I can honestly say I love every song on this album. In each song it sounds like Brandy poured her heart and sole into the lyrics. All songs are amazing, and this album was well worth the money spent. Her voice is amazing and angel like. This is one of the best kept secrets of 2008, and a shame it didn't sell better than it did, but for those who know, this album is definitely a keeper....more info
  • high hopes dashed
    Well I had high hopes that this would be Brandy's comeback but I think she has struck out with this CD. There are several songs on there that sound almost the same. I mean in every you are not just a huge Brandy fan and think she was the best of the best when she left the scene then do not waste your time or money on this CD!...more info
  • A Nineties "It Girl" in 2008
    This is an album that all but the most loyal Brandy fans would likely benefit from previewing and then downloading their favorite songs as opposed to purchasing the whole CD. The songs have such a similarity about them that the album has no real pizazz to it. It could be one continuous track.

    Track by Track:

    Human Intro - This track is purely spoken word and, honestly, reminded me of something you would expect a beauty pageant contestant to say.

    The Definition - A moderately enjoyable song but it is as plain as a definition. Neither the words or the vocalizations stand out.

    Warm It Up with Love - A pretty good song. The vocalizations on this are more interesting, the beat remains basic, the lyrics aren't exceedingly special but the song works!

    Right Here Departed - A typical I'll be there for you song.

    Piano Man - Yes, there is some Piano Playing in this song. One of the better songs on the album.

    Long Distance Interlude - Interludes are hard to pull off, and this one is pretty rough. (Think as rough as the cell phone conversation in Alicia Keys "You Don't Know My Name)

    Long Distance - This ballad type song really drags.

    Camouflage - An empowerment song. Not a bad one, not a great one.

    .....there are seven more songs, but I believe you get the picture by now. Mediocre album. Most of this album is mediocre. If I could give it a perfect 2.5 for being neither good nor bad I would. ...more info
  • Brandy's Best Yet!!!
    This is by far Brandy's best work yet!!She is back so much stronger and so much better!!Rodney Jerkins and Brandy just mesh so we'll together,this has my vote for the best R&B album of the year!!!She needs a Grammy for this one!!! She's been away for so long,but hasn't lost a step at all..If you love true R&B this is the album you want in your collection...

    Despite all of her problems in the past year she is stronger and better than before..They say you gotta go through something to get to something and her something was the Top of R&B female totem pole..And She's showing us she's HUMAN just like the rest of us!!

    ...more info
  • Powerful Lyrics!
    I used to watch Brandy on the shows "Thea" and "Moesha". I've always liked her. I have a few of her albums and I was so glad when I heard she had another one coming out. When I saw it available to pre-order here on Amazon I did not hesitate to add it to my cart. But then not knowing how long I had to wait for it to arrive, I got another one on the day it dropped. This young lady is a gifted artist and I love to listen to her sing.
    I like every song on this album; especially Right Here (Departed), Human and A Capella (Something's Missing). I could hold onto both of the albums I bought (keep one in the house, one in the car) but I've decided to part with one so someone else can be blessed by the powerful lyrics Miss Brandy sings.
    ...more info
  • This is an awesome album
    Wow...this album sounds great, she's singing amazing and the songs are great. Piano Man is my favorite on the album...amazingly well sung and written. ...more info
  • Overly Produced
    I just bought a few songs off of the album at a $1 each and I'm glad I did. Not only are the 5 songs I bought overly produced to where the vocals are the background noise the 5 layers of beats, rhythms, synthesizers, drums and odd noises give me a headache i.e. Piano Man. I'm not sure what to focus on in many of the songs, because there is so much going on. The clips you hear on amazon are a very small sample and I would encourage you to listen to the whole song on perhaps [...] to make sure your going to enjoy 5 songs in one. Lastly, Brandy does that 'dragging out the last note annoying thing' with two out of the five songs I downloaded. Why Brandy, Why??? ...more info
  • Great CD
    bought as a gift for my girlfriend. Great CD with plenty of good tracks and always amazon's great cd price. Good buy...more info
  • BRANDY'S BACK!!!!!
  • she's definitely a perfect human being!
    OMG! shes backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. when i bought afrodisiac last 4 years, i was disappointed because thats not her type of music! but when human was out and darkchild produced most of the tracks i was like 'damnnnnnnnnn, this is it! i should by human!' then i bought it and i listened to it. i liked it soooooooooo much. this album will include in 'my fav brandy album list'. human will be number 3. first will be never say never, second full moon, fourth afrodisiac and lastly brandy. LOVE U B!...more info
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  • The elegance of Brandy's voice shines on this release
    I feel like many people don't understand this album. They want party music and this isn't that. It's inspirational, almost spritual. And, it's brilliant. I can't get over the vocal arrangements, the lyrics, the melody. This is real music folks, and it doesn't get any better.

    I bought this album the weekend after it came out and I have not stopped listening to it. My favorite tracks are: The Definition, Right Here, Torn Down, A Capella, and Fall. But, I love all the songs, really. Please, give this album a few listens before you write it off as 'boring' or 'bland'. It is the best R&B/pop release of 2008 and early 2009....more info
  • Genuine-Honest-Heartfelt-Complete-Wonderful
    Okay, I've waited years to hear this young lady and I'm thankful for her unique voice. You really have to be a fan to enjoy Brandy's music. I didn't feel that it was in a definite category such as, 'pop' or 'r&b'. However, the cd is just what it is - a complete reflection of the journey of an artist; spoken through song. I truly enjoy listening to this cd and I can definitely relate - to me; that's so important in music.
    My hat's off to her and I'm thankful for her choice to still do music with all the other choices that we have! This cd is great and very balanced. Enjoy!! (*Brandy isn't for everyone; the ones who enjoy her most desire (or search) for that uniqueness!...more info
  • Perfect
    I have been waiting a long time for some great music, and Brandy surely delivered with this album. It is classic Brandy with maturity. We need more music like this. Piano Man is the perfect intro to Long Distance. The order of the songs on this CD is phenomenal. This is the type of CD you can put in your car and just ride. Must hear tracks on this CD are: ALL OF THEM!!!!!...more info