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  • Dust To Glory
    Wow, all the reviews here are positive, I wonder if we saw the same movie. When it was coming out I was very excited. The only theatre in all of the south bay that carried it was in Manhattan villiage at the stinky, crappy , little theatre they have. This movie was boring! There was only 4 people in the theatre and it had only been out for a couple of days. Too much interviewing and going back to people. All the action is cut and it sucked! A few good parts with Mouse Mc Coy, and with JC shot from a chopper, but that was it for me. Took all I had not to walk out of the movie....more info
  • Great History and Entertainment
    'Dust to Glory' chronicles the history of the Baja 1000, showing exciting footage of race highlights and relating the challenges overcome by the organizers through the years in making it the premier off-road competition in the world. It is loaded with action and interviews with racing greats, including record 13 time overall Baja 1000 champion Larry Roeseler. Anyone will be tantallized by the challenge and drama of the longest, most challenging race on the planet today....more info
  • Dangerous Film, BEWARE!!!
    I first saw this video on Starz on dish network.
    after I watched it, I had to order the DVD.
    Be careful, after watching this video, I got the strange urge to jump in my car and go race around in the dirt for awhile!!!

    In fact, I may never be the same until I've had an opportunity to race Baja Style...

    Please buy this, and Please enjoy it!

    ...more info
  • Inspirational, a great insight into an amazing race
    This movie inspired me to start riding in the dirt, but even my friends who would never get on a bike enjoyed this movie. The helicopter and in car action shots are breathtaking, the pacing is spot on, the music fits, the people are interesting, and on and on. It really gives you a taste of what this amazing race must be like, and for someone like me, it changed my life....more info
  • Dust to Glory
    One of the best racing films I've ever seen. Saw it in a theatre the first time around. Very, very good....more info
  • Really a great movie!
    This was really a well produced movie! It told a great story and you really cannot believe what it all entails to race a race of this sort and even finish!
    Did they try to cram too much into the movie as it really flashed before your eyes, and they jumped around quickly maybe covering too much material?
    It really stuck me odd that after everything everyone went through, that 2nd overall didn't even get an interview at the finish. :-(
    Well, I can say that I really did love the movie and I hope that we all don't have to wait another 2 1/2 more years for the second cut with all the other stories and video of the race.
    ...more info
  • Awesome!
    Being an off-road motorcycle fan, I was pretty sure I would like this movie, and of course I did. But this movie goes beyond that, not only with other forms of racing, but more importantly the personalities and families of the people behind the helmets. The whole family really liked it, even though they're not all thrilled with my passion for motorcycles. It's a must-see!...more info
  • Must See
    This is just the beginning of more movies like this that must be made. You always have one person saying that a movie was not done right, but they are never out there putting out a better one. This is a great movie, and a must see- If someone can do a better one, I will support that one too.... so let's see it....more info
  • Format not readable
    I live in Nevada -- within North America --- and the DVD format is not readable by two different machines. I am sending it back to Amazon, too bad I was looking forward to watching it....more info
  • Spectacular, exciting and, strangely enough, moving
    I originally got the DVD because of the Robby Gordon factor. I was blown away by the much bigger story of the race, Baja and all the competitors, particularly motorcycle riders Mike "Mouse" McCoy & J.N. Roberts.

    McCoy is, by far, the most compelling and touching story. The original idea man behind the film, he convinced Dana Brown & Scott Waugh that the Baja 1000 was worthy of documentation. To add to the fun, Mouse decided to drive the 1000 mile race solo, a hard enough task for a driver with four-wheels and a roll cage, nearly impossible for a motorcyclist.

    Roberts was the winner of the first Baja 1000 in 1967, as a co-driver with Malcolm Smith. His drive to finish the 2003 race, just weeks after picking up his first social security check, is both irrestible and funny.

    Whether you are an off-road fan, a racing fan, a Robby Gordon fan or none of the above, if you have a heart, you will enjoy this movie, these people and their stories....more info
  • Dust to Glory
    Amazing video - edge of your seat excitement and great human interest stories. Even I enjoyed it - purchased for my husband - have lent ittoseveral motorcycle friends. ...more info
  • Great DVD
    I watch this DVD at least once a month. It is very inspiring and enjoyable. It makes you feel like you were actually in the race. It provides for a great experience and one that I wish I could live for real. Hats off to the produces of this documentary. Very good DVD, 5 Stars....more info
  • Long Dusty Road
    In the style of his father. Good movie.. About 20 minutes to long. ...more info
  • Dust to Glory is a great movie.
    This is one of the best off road movies I have ever seen. This movie definately gets the insight of the Baja 1000 and tells the story through the riders and drivers point of view, along with other point of views. This is my favorite movie, by far. ...more info
  • Dust to Glory
    absolutely loved it - the Baja 1000 is insane and this movie captures it fantastically ...more info
  • dust to glory
    picture guality is very poor but good entertainment they could have put more money into the production and had a classic...more info
  • Greatest movie ever made!!!!
    If you love racing you will love this movie. This is probably the greatest movie i have ever seen. Not just because of 800 hp racing through the desert, but the story in the film is amazing to. This isn't just a bunch of shots of big, fast trucks spliced together and music thrown over the top. Dana Brown really put his heart and soul into this movie. Awesome movie. I think everyone should see this, race fans or not. I've watched it over 10 times and it still gives me goosebumps every time....more info
  • Fantastic movie
    This makes you want to go out and race the baja. Great movie....more info
  • Baja or Bust!
    I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, very exciting. The cinematography was excellent, very difficult to shoot an action film of a live race for sure, but they pulled it off. I came away wanting to enter the race myself. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys action films....more info
  • Maybe a Little Too Much Talk /Camera Cuts, But Really, Really Good
    I didn't know anything about the Baja 1000 before watching this film, so all the information about the race's history and the area it takes place in was helpful to me. If I had known about the race, I might have been wanted more actual racing action and less background. And some of the quick-cut editing gave more of a flash-"feel" to certain scenes rather than actual observation of the action. But those points are picky compared to the overall excellence of this film. I sat shaking my head in disbelief while trucks roared (and slid) at high speed a few feet away from spectators, separated only by a rope or some cones! The grueling, pounding trail rides of the motorcyclists were captured perfectly by on-helmet cams. The accidents, the humorous events, the near-death brushes -like the race itself, the filmmakers kept me on the edge of my seat, never knowing what would happen next. (The Added Feature segment of a cameraman riding a bike, trying to keep up with one of the racers, mile after mile, is worth the price of the movie. I ride motorcyles, but not off-road. The view through the helmet cam was incredible!)
    I especially appreciated the repeated themes of family unity, friendship, and "never give up" that were presented again and again in the words and actions of many racers. The movie ended up being as inspirational as it was exciting, which I certainly didn't expect.
    Great movie! (And again, the "extra features" are really worth watching; seeing what the filmmakers went through to finish their project was also surprisingly interesting and inspirational.)...more info
  • Best movie ever maybe.
    We've watched this 20 times already. And then I discoverd the "extra footage". I like to watch the helmet cam footage when there's nothing on tv at the end of the day. It's like you're riding it. Awesome....more info
  • BUY IT!
    WOW! I just watched Dust to Glory... What a freakin awesome film! Two Thumbs up to Dana Brown. This film does a great job of covering the TACATE SCORE BAJA 1000 from beginning to end. Great camera angles and wonderful interviews from several teams from each class. I definately reccomend this DVD to anyone who is even the slightest bit intereted in Off-Road Racing and The Baja or just any gear head in general. It is by far worth every penny spent....more info
  • Astonishingh Documentary on Baja 1000
    Being a 10 year MX veteran from back in the late 70's and early 80's, I thought I knew something about Baja. I was wrong, this is an amazing race beautifully filmed.

    I played the video for a group of friends one day over dinner, none of whom are involved in off-road sports and all were transfixed to the very end. My wife, who absolutely hates motorcycles, nonetheless talked about this video non-stop on the long drive home after watching it with our friends. For the first time EVER, I think maybe, just maybe, my wife found a spark of interest in off-road racing....more info
  • Great One
    This film is great, comes from a son of the maker of on any sunday....more info
    GREAT MOVIE! Seeing the Baja 1000
    from the comfort of your couch but
    yet you feel like you are there!
    Makes me want to buy a vehicle to
    race! Well documented, good interviews,
    good footage, great music. Buy this!
    if you love dirt sports!...more info