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The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder
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Famed Charles Manson prosecutor and three time #1 New York Times bestselling author Vincent Bugliosi has written the most powerful, explosive, and thought-provoking book of his storied career.

In The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder, Bugliosi presents a tight, meticulously researched legal case that puts George W. Bush on trial in an American courtroom for the murder of nearly 4,000 American soldiers fighting the war in Iraq. Bugliosi sets forth the legal architecture and incontrovertible evidence that President Bush took this nation to war in Iraq under false pretenses°™a war that has not only caused the deaths of American soldiers but also over 100,000 innocent Iraqi men, women, and children; cost the United States over one trillion dollars thus far with no end in sight; and alienated many American allies in the Western world.

As a prosecutor who is dedicated to seeking justice, Bugliosi, in his inimitable style, delivers a non-partisan argument, free from party lines and instead based upon hard facts and pure objectivity.

A searing indictment of the President and his administration, The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder also outlines a legally credible pathway to holding our highest government officials accountable for their actions, thereby creating a framework for future occupants of the oval office.

Vincent Bugliosi calls for the United States of America to return to the great nation it once was and can be again. He believes the first step to achieving this goal is to bring those responsible for the war in Iraq to justice.

Customer Reviews:

  • Great piece of work, undermined by rants
    What an important topic! Bugliosi has done the research and presents FACTS. I am not a lawyer but it appears to me that he has a pretty compelling case.

    UNFORTUNATELY he fills the pages with rants and emotional statements. With such an important topic, the credibility of this book is undermined by his need to mix his opinions and emotional rants with what should have been a purely factual, unbiased and professional "Case" document. All this does is give the establishment free ammo to dismiss him as a senile old madman, undermining the credibility of the entire case. Too bad.

    Nevertheless, this is a good read to allow yourself to look at facts and see what an extremist, half-witted, fanatical criminal George Bush really is.

    As part of America's recovery of its legitimacy with the rest of the world, this case should go to trial to show that we hold madmen accountable, no matter what country (or country club) they come from....more info
  • I expected more from Mr Bugliosi
    I have never read any of Mr. Bugliosi's work but based on his history of criminal cases I expected more then what I read. Much of the book was filled with petty name calling and seemed more like a kid complaining about somebody rather then building a case. I was hoping for a step by step case built from all of the mistakes Bush made and the lies he told.

    While Mr Bugliosi tries to make his point I think he falls short of the real problems in Government. He tries to place the blame on Bush but doesn't realize that its not just Bush but most of our elected leaders in Washington that are tearing this country apart. We have groups like the CFR and Trilateral Commission that make our foreign policy, a policy that is pro world government and anti US.

    What made this country great wasn't government, it was the people. We have as a people come to rely on government to solve our problems instead of taking care of them ourselves. The more we fight each other saying its the democrats fault, no its the republicans fault the more the people in power win. The status quo continues! We need to get rid of people in government that want to solve our problems! Get them out of our lives! I can make decisions for myself, what a great idea.

    One last thought, take a look at Rome and look at why it fell. The USA is doing the same thing they did, please wake up before its too late!...more info
  • Last Address to the Nation, Bush admits getting security briefing every day since 9/11
    There was some question in this book about whether Bush was briefed with the latest intelligence before going to war. In his last address to the nation, Bush admitted that he had been briefed every day since 9/11. Compelling book, but will anyone really bring him up on charges? Bugliosi doesn't hold back. This book made me angry, and made me cry. Well worth reading....more info
  • Comprehensive indictment
    Vincent Bugliosi, writes a great narrative of the Bush Administration and his deplorable, criminal behavior.
    The book makes the case that his actions were not just a case of malfeasance in high office, but a series of deliberate attempts to conceal truths and to mislead our nation into the war in Iraq. This may be unpleasant for some, but it needs to be presented like this, least we forget what he has wrought. Maybe this book will help Americans understand what really has happened, and then maybe we will never let this happen again....more info
  • Make that genocide
    Bugliosi knows evil, but even he has underestimated George Bush and the small company of sequestered advisors who made him do it. But he has also underestimated the pervasiveness of the evil--call it "prideful ignorance"--that he's so eager to prosecute.

    The devastation to our own country in terms of our own troops--their irreversible injuries and psychological damage; the ravaging of the women, children and civilians of Iraq (the term "suicide bomber" was unknown there until we created a reason for it, after which the mere shouting of the term caused thousands of Iraq citizens on their way to Mosque to leap off a bridge to their deaths); the bankrupting of America spiritually, morally, and economically--all to apprehend a homeless hoodlum in a hole (whose intelligence at least stood up alongside our own leader's)--all because of lies, lies, and more lies. No 9/11 and Iraq connection, no Saddam and 9/11 relation, no tolerance of informed advisors with a different POV (Richard Clarke), no greeting of these American White Knights as heroic rescuers and saviors, no cheap oil--still people want to believe, and this administration and its sycophants (who try to call themselves "mavericks") will exploit that naive, sadly misplaced trust, even proclaiming Mission Accomplished where there is none. No one will mention the obvious--the expense of the Iraq invasion (funded by Chinese loans) and its connection with the collapse of our economy. And just as the loan sharks couldn't help but perpetuate the myth that everyone could afford a $500,000 home, the new-moneyed powers of the Eastern world were convinced that American consumerism would continue to repay in huge sums of interest the money they decided to throw at America's banks who passed it on to the mortgage lenders who passed it on to the consumers.

    Dante was right about usurers in the Cantos of the Inferno, and so was Ezra Pound in his own great Cantos (though he was deluded to think that one religion or group of people had a monopoly on usury). But Russ Feingold, Obama and Jimmy Carter (unlike Hillary, Biden and Kerry and many other normally thoughtful individuals) did not vote to support our leader's mandate to engage in this vain and hideous act of transgression, an imperial will proven again and again throughout history to be wrong. It doesn't matter how false the testimony of our leader: the act in itself was transparently corrupt from the beginning and would not have been supported by any person of integrity (a winnable war against hatred?). For that reason, Bugliosi overstates his case.

    The American people deserved what they got, doubly so after the 2004 election. We can only hope they demand better this time around. Rather than persecute a scapegoat (as bad as the money and energy wasted on Saddam), far better they do some soul-searching, however unflattering the results. Our capitalistic system run amok, our consumer culture, and our educational institutions (when did hot-button issues, hardened positions, and ideologies and religious affiliations replace the Socratic principles of learning?) are what failed us. To prosecute a pusillanimous president is tantamount to elevating Saddam, a two-bit thug, to the role of the Anti-Christ. As Young Goodman Brown discovered, it's not necessary to leave Salem to locate Satanic revelry; as Flannery O'Connor's characters soon learn, "good and pious" Americans make serial killers look like saints by comparison; as Faulkner's fallen klan of a grand chivalric order discover, their pure, undefiled, exalted and separatist order was tragically flawed from the outset, an achromatic world removed from the prismatic colors that are our nation's strength.

    We don't need a prosecution or a surrender. A confession would be a first step. ...more info
  • Stunning report
    Not since 1941 had our homeland been attacked as in 2001 and our Executive Branch did not appear prepared. President Bush made one of the greatest speeches in history shortly after. Bugliosi implies that his words were the only Presuidential thing he did at the time.
    The heart of this book is the period from August 6th, 2001 to September 11th, 2001, when our President stayed on an extended vacation while a CIA official and others tried and tried to communicate with Condoleeza Rice and her Boss.
    VB details how we shifted from Afghanistan to Iraq (and how we "slam dunked" our way into a country, Fascist Dictator of which recognized, which posed no immediate threat to the security the President swore to uphold). He refreshingly described President Clinton's tenacious moves to identify and to keep in check, anti-American terrorism.
    This book makes you think that many people should be arraigned for gross malfeasance of the job we pay for.
    His writing style, however, can be very bludgeoning and unclear at times. Some editing could have alleviated maybe 40 pages of redundancy....more info
  • The Emperor Wears No Clothes!
    Although Bugliosi chides the "nuts" who claim Bush planned 9/11, one could not make a better case for it than he has by listing irrefutible words and deeds, never giving credence to the elephant on the table. I now wonder if Bush was stupidly vacationing at Crawford, or secretly running his empire....more info
  • A must read
    This book should be read by ALL Americans. It's a real eye opener. The time line is excellent. ALL Congressmen and Representatives should be forced to read it. But if you put the book on their desk it would be lost in the bribe money....more info
  • Haunting
    As soon as I tore this book out of the mailing pouch I started reading and could not put the book down. This author is one of the few Americans who will tell the truth and nothing but the truth no matter what. Most people fear for their lives and cower under pressure. The author is bold and honest. People who criticize him don't want the truth, they want to be told what they want to hear. Wake up America!!!!...more info
  • Slam dunk
    In his book THE PROSECUTION OF GEORGE W. BUSH FOR MURDER, famed prosecuting attorney Vincent Bugliosi lays out an impressive argument for sending George W. Bush to jail. As I write this on January 20, 2009, Bush leaves the presidency with historically low approval ratings. Unfortunately, as Bush exits today, there is no police officer waiting with an arrest warrant.

    As it presents a case that would have even Henry Fonda voting, "Guilty," THE PROSECUTION OF GEORGE W. BUSH FOR MURDER reminds the reader of the difference between looking and observing. George W. Bush and his corporate media echo chamber repeatedly charged Iraq with having a weapons program, the book reminds us. But author Bugliosi points out what should have been the obvious question too few asked: Does a weapons program equal a plan of attack? Lots of countries have dangeous weapons capabilities but that does not mean they are going to use them on the United States.

    Will new President Barack Obama restore accountability, or will he just prove to be your father's Oldsmobile? The Obama administration's approach to the crimes of George W. Bush and his accomplices will determine the answer.

    Read THE PROSECUTION OF GEORGE W. BUSH FOR MURDER. (That includes you, President Obama.)...more info
  • Worth the read!
    In true Bugliosi style, this book outlines the legalities and criminal actions of the Bush Administration and designs a masterful case for prosecuting Gearge W. Bush. This book was recently sent to all of the United States District Attornies, for their consideration to prosecute. It is well worth the read!...more info
  • Garbage
    I am unbiased but this book is what you get from your typical far out radicals. It does make a good coaster however. ...more info
  • A Grand Slam in the 9th inning!!
    You might think, as I did, that this book's title is overstated and compels with a title only, but you'd be mistaken. I just know I would not want this pit bull of a prosecuter up against me for the crime of murder, and I certainly wouldnt want to trade places with George W. Bush at this stage. I already have a bet that, in one year from now (9-22-08), a trial date for murder will be given to W. Bush. His trial is imminent. And let's not forget civil charges. Hope you read this, G.W. hehehe I love it!!!!!...more info
  • The Procecution of George W. Bush for Murder
    This is a concise report on the criminality of George W.Bush in the Iraq War. If this were actually a case in a courtroom there would be a conviction....more info
  • I cannot believe I read this whole book
    Complete and utter lunacy from cover to cover. I am astonished at how truths can be so distorted, and people believe it. Amazingly ludicrous. God bless Bugliosi. He needs a padded room. Oh, yes, the grammar/punctuation is remedial - get a better editor next time....more info
  • The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder
    This is one book that all Americans should read. Former LA Prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi lays out the facts for even the laziest of Americans to follow. The applicable laws, the quotes, the actual Intelligence Reports, not the lies and deceptions that George W. Bush and those in his Administration have told. If you read this and ignore it you should be very ashamed of yourself. As President Teddy Roosevelt said 90 years ago...

    "Roosevelt in the Kansas City Star",
    May 7, 1918

    "The President is merely the most important among a large number of public servants. He should be supported or opposed exactly to the degree which is warranted by his good conduct or bad conduct, his efficiency or inefficiency in rendering loyal, able, and disinterested service to the Nation as a whole. Therefore it is absolutely necessary that there should be full liberty to tell the truth about his acts, and this means that it is exactly necessary to blame him when he does wrong as to praise him when he does right. Any other attitude in an American citizen is both base and servile. To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public. Nothing but the truth should be spoken about him or any one else. But it is even more important to tell the truth, pleasant or unpleasant, about him than about any one else." ...more info
  • The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder
    As usual, Vincent Bugliosi is the brilliant author he has always been. The book comes across as being more a documentary instead of a fictional piece of work. I thoroughly recommend it to any reader who enjoys the kind of book that you don't want to put down until its conclusion. I spent a couple of nights reading it until the wee hours of the morning. I will no doubt read it again a few more times.
    Derek Wilkinson
    Tura Beach
    ...more info
  • Best President EVER! I want him re-elected as VP with Palin!
    George W Bush is by far the best president the United States has ever had. Yes, he even tops the accomplishments that his dad achieved in the few years he served. I love what Bush has done for the people of the USA, Iraq, and the world. Bush has helped the world out in so many ways. People are ungrateful to Bush's kindness and generosity.

    Some reasons why President Bush is the best:

    a. Our Economy is in the best shape its ever been!
    b. Lower gas prices than we had 8 years ago
    c. better health care system
    d. more jobs/less unemployment
    e. stabilizing peace in the Middle East

    Twenty years from now he'll be hailed as one of the greatest presidents in history for sparking freedom in the middle east.

    Thank you Bush!. ...more info
  • An American Must Read
    A deeper insight into the presidency of George W. Bush. It takes ones suspicions about his administration, and brings them to life in an astonishing revelation. An important book for Americans to read....more info
  • Never Again
    Vince Bugliosi has always been a hero of justice and of the true-crime genre, having prosecuted one of the most famous murder cases in history (Manson) and written the definitive book on the Simpson case (Outrage!). Thus, I looked forward to reading his treatise on George W. Bush. Less informed readers will find this book an eye-opening and heartbreaking review of events that led up to the US invasion of Iraq; for those who kept up with the news, it may be somewhat tedious and repetitive.

    That Bugliosi makes a solid case for W's malice aforethought and indifference to endangering the lives of our military and thousands of innocents in Iraq is inarguable. Whether any current or future states' attorneys general can prosecute the former president on the merits remain to be seen. Considering that nobody has been prosecuted to date for dereliction of duty or criminal negligence for the attacks of 9/11, I have little faith that any heads will roll over the massive malfeasance of the "war on terror", least of all members of the Bush administration.

    My two biggest criticisms of "The Prosecution of G.W.B" are that first: the author presumes that his readers were conned by Bush, Blair, Cheney and Rice in the lead up to the war. I believe many of us were not. Secondly, that Bugliosi does not lay more blame on the press and the media that perpetuated the propaganda and bamboozled the public for so long. We were not stupid, Mr. Bugliosi, we were lied to. Perhaps the lesson we hope can learned from this tragic boondoggle is the same sad motto from the Holocaust: Never Again....more info
  • Amusing - nothing more.
    The Prosecution of George W Bush for Murder
    By Vincent Bugliosi
    Published by Perseus Publishing
    352 pages.

    This latest offering from California's literary lawyer, certainly stokes the passions of its readers. But then it would, wouldn't it? A detailed expos®¶ of an unpopular president during an election year coupled with a very unpopular war was bound to fire-up aggrieved Democrats and all those who are anti everything else. It would be churlish to suggest that that might have been its intention.

    Mr Bugliosi is a man of many talents. He is an acclaimed and accomplished criminal layer with significant successes to his credit. He is a successful politician. He writes New York Times best sellers. But most of all, he has almost frightening singleness of purpose. Once he gets into something, he is like a dog with a bone.

    All of these talents and character traits come together in `The Prosecution of George W Bush for Murder', to very good effect.

    Fundamentally, Bugliosi's premise is that for reasons unknown (Bugliosi never offers a motive for the alleged offence), George Bush conspired with others to fabricate a justification for a shooting war with Iraq resulting in the unlawful killing of 4000 American soldiers.

    The book is a courtroom drama. The first act is a summation to the jury. Bugliosi uses his best endeavours to prepare them (readers), for the evidence to come by destroying the President's character. The second act provides the ... who said what, and when did they say it, narrative. The final act rubbishes the Bush Administration generally, and those closest to the President in particular.

    If you believe that all Republicans are pond-slime, and GWB is the slimiest of them all, you will enjoy these 352 pages. But if you are of a more balanced persuasion, you will be mindful of the fact that it is written by a rabid Democrat, with an unquenchable thirst for celebrity.

    Regardless of the amusement value of the work, it is based on a false premise. The President took the country (and 32 other countries), to war, of that there can be no doubt. The question is not the effect, but the cause. Mr.Bugliosi does not know the reason why the President took the USA to war. And the President does not have to tell him or anyone else why he did what he did. And that is why an indictment for murder would fail. George Bush would only have to confirm his name to the court; every other question would inadmissible on the grounds of National Security. Mr.Bugliosi knows that perfectly well.

    Bugliosi's compilation of the evidence is strikingly impressive. His attention to detail deserves the cover price alone. But where he falls down, and I suggest looses his readers, is his uncontrollable need to insult everybody. He refers to Condoleezza Rice as a water-carrier. Bush and everyone working for him are `pusillanimous small men'. I shall spare the reader other, and more offensive invective. Once you start abusing the accused, your case is lost.

    If you believe - as Vincent Bugliosi does, that George W. Bush is a heartless criminal who sacrifices American youth with reckless abandon, then this work should find a place on your shelf.

    I will end by suggesting that you look at pictures of George Bush when he was elected, and look at him now. He has aged 25 years. After reading Bugliosi's book, you might be astonished by this, as he informs us that ol' George spends all his time on holiday having fun, and doesn't give a thought to the misery of grieving parents - or anything else come to that.
    ...more info
  • Good case but a few things overlooked
    Bugliosi makes a very good case to prosecute Dubya for high crimes. Although not a lawyer, I found his arguments reasonable and well supported.

    However, one question the prosecutor never answered is one I believe is fundamental to most cases - motive. Why did Bush do what he did? If all the evidence is so compelling that his adminstration led America into an illegal and ill-conceived war, why? I kept waiting for the answer, but it never came.

    Also, Bugliosi has the benefit of history to make his arguments. His rants against the press and citizens regarding their support and "free pass" they gave to Bush are based on knowing what we do now. It's easy to look back over the past 7 years and see we (the gullible public) screwed up, but the evidence was much thinner when Bush was feeding everybody his lies.

    And therein possibly lies Bush's biggest and most egregious crime - lying to the people he was supposed to lead and protect and hence manipulating them into fulfilling his misguided ambitions....more info
  • prosecution for murder?!
    Here's the thing with this book in my opinion: real moral and social progress will have been made when the noxious idea of exceptionalism is no longer a widely held and respectable position among the American people and even our government officials. I view a work like "The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder" as a valuable step in the direction towards a society in which we no longer so easily tolerate lies and killing by the state.
    ...more info
  • A walk in the Logic Park
    Concise, factually based arguments. Dry retread material laid out so any attorney can goright to trial without the need to prep.
    Doublya.......My God!...more info
  • Overwrought polemic
    I did not support the invasion of Iraq and thought it was poorly planned. Nor am I much of a Bush fan. But this book is not a rational criticism of the Bush administration; it is an intemperate rant. Bugliosi plays an armchair psychologist who just knows that Bush is not moved by the deaths in Iraq. I also fail to see why LBJ shouldn't have been prosecuted for the many more fallen soldiers in Vietnam, when he clearly lied about the origin of the war. If you're a fan of Keith Olbermann you should love this book (that wasn't a compliment, Mr. Bugliosi).

    I have a question for the author: if Bush is responsible for a 100,000 deaths in Iraq--putting aside how many of these were due to Al-Qaeda in Iraq killing Iraqis--would he not also be liable for Iraqi deaths that would have continued under Saddam if he had not ordered the invasion? This polemic is just not worthy of a talented writer like Bugliosi....more info
  • High Crimes And Misdemeanors
    Vincent Bugliosi does a good job of explaining why George Bush should be held accountable for over 4,000 deaths, as a result of his arrogance concerning the Iraq war. Vincent proves 1)Saddam Hussein had no weapons of mass distruction. 2)He was not a imminent threat to the U.S.3)He was not involved in 9/11. 4)Bush did not follow the advice of the CIA,FBI,9/11 Commission and the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee's that Saddam did not have weapons of mass destruction. George Bush had a meeting with Tony Blair and his chief foreign policy advisor(who took notes), and wanted to provoke a confrontation with Saddam by having a U2 reconnaissance plane fly over Iraq with U.N. colors hoping Saddam would fire upon it to violate U.N. policy. The evidence brought forth by Vincent Bugliosi seems to be strong enough to send Bush, Cheney, and Rice up the river for lying to the United States and causing thousands of deaths . As of this writing, Bush has his nose involved in the Russia-Georgia affair as well. It's time this man gets out of office and into the slammer where he belongs. ...more info
  • BDS taken to a whole new level
    Vincent Bugliosi has written many good and interesting books. I do not know what happened to him but he has taken the Bush Derangement Syndrome to a whole new level. He says that the evidence he presents in the book in absolute and incontrovertibly true and verified. It may be in his own mind but he does not deliver on this promise.

    This book has been ignored by every major TV Network, Cable Network, newspaper and magazine in the country. There is a good reason for this. They have evaluated the book based upon it's content rather than upon the reputation of author.

    If you really, really don't like President Bush you will love this book. Others can give it a pass....more info
  • sick
    keep a barf bag nearby as you discover the disgusting events of the past 8 years of a president that should never have been. a real black mark on our American history.we all should be mad as hell!!!!!!!...more info
  • When impeachment hardly seems enough
    The legal framework for the prosecution is set up by Bugliosi in Chapter 4. He begins by citing numerous journalists and other public figures critical of the president for "'false selling of' and 'railroading us into' the Iraq war," then marvels that virtually none of these critics goes on to advocate any legal punishment whatsoever--as if the president had merely dissembled about the weather. For the crime of intentionally misleading the nation into war--and thus knowingly "bringing about" the wrongful deaths of Americans--Bugliosi shows that after January 20, 2009, Bush can be and should be prosecuted for murder. The author then discusses the legal terminology for what constitutes first degree and second degree murder, and why the former applies to the president and his active coconspirators.


    For my complete review of this book and for other book and movie
    reviews, please visit my site [...]

    Brian Wright
    Copyright 2008
    ...more info
  • Does one inaccuracy undermine credibility of author?
    I read The Prosecution of George W Bush for Murder after meeting Dr. Bugliosi at the Tent State Music Festival during the 2008 DNC in Denver. The lecture Dr. Bugliosi had logical, reasonable arguments supported by facts and statutes, and by the end, he had a few people applauding his conclusion that President Bush should be executed. I've always been sickened by W's misled war in Iraq, and I was intrigued by a book that argued his misleadership constituted murder.

    Dr. Bugliosi methodically builds his case that W's lies lead to the inevitable outcome of Americans dying, therefore constituting murder under US law. I liked that Dr. Bugliosi did not sugar-coat his feelings for idiots such as W, Condi, and Cheney, and is even willing to criticize the views and statements of people he likes. Dr. Bugliosi is a so-so writer (since writing is a second profession, I'll cut him some slack here), but I was reading this book for information, not entertainment.

    Dr. Bugliosi's credibility was shaken towards the end of his book, by making an incorrect, close-minded statement to support his assertion that popular culture is more vulgar today than it was 50 years ago. On page 241, Dr. Bugliosi writes "...2005 Academy Award for best "song" in a movie, believe it or not, was a rap song (meaning, not even a song or music at all since rap has no melody), "It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp"... I haven't heard this song, but the title suggests is could be more vulgar than "Over the Rainbow", the point that Dr. Bugliosi was trying to meet. But making the inaccurate statement that rap has no melodies and is not music, detracts from his argument by weakening his credibility. It also left me wondering if he made other mistakes in building his murder case against W. Could this be the reason that W has not been prosecuted yet (here I assume that if he has been prosecuted, I would have heard about it by now)?

    Dr. Bugliosi is an old man, set in his ways, and does not understand the culture of today's youth. When I met him at the Tent State Music Festival, he seemed insulted that there were more people standing in line for concert tickets than were listening to his lecture. When he asked me why all the people were not closer so they could hear his lecture, I told him that they were in line for Rage Against the Machine tickets, and then I had the pleasure of explaining RATM to Dr. Bugliosi. I admire Dr. Bugliosi's views on the Iraq war, and learned a lot from the book, I just wish I could believe everything he writes. Rap is not music, really? Or Dr. Bugliosi doesn't like rap, and therefore lies about it in order to tear it down?

    Dr. Bugliosi seems to criticize the negative rather than applaud the positive. The music fans that outnumbered the Bugliosi fans the day I met Dr. Bulgiosi were waiting in line with bags of food to donate to food banks. In return, they received a chance to win RATM tickets, a concert that also featured State Radio, the Coup, and the Flobots - all modern bands with a positive message, if Dr. Bulgiosi could see past some vulgar, in-your-face language. A few days later, these musicians, 6000 of their fans, and Iraq Veterans Against the War marched 3 hours in the summer heat to hand-deliver a letter to the Obama camp. Not a single act of violence or arrest was made. I couldn't be more proud of these youth (I'm 42 years old).

    Dr. Bugliosi argues that today's America isn't as great as it was in the past. Dr. Bugliosi, your generation treated Blacks like second-class citizens. A few generations earlier, America made a concerted effort to eliminate Natives. This country was founded on genocide and slavery. I would say today's America is in many ways better than it was in the past, and now that W is out of office, will continue to improve.

    Dr. Bugliosi issued a few challenges in his book, so I will issue one to him. In keeping with the Iraq theme, please listen to the rap SONG titled `Iraq' by the Flobots, and then tell me is has no melody. Visit the Flobot's webpage, and tell me these MUSICians aren't building a better America. If you still feel that rap has no melody and is just vulgar noise, my band will perform for you anywhere you want (sorry, this is all I have to offer). If you want to admit you were wrong about rap MUSIC and make amends, I invite you to return to Denver for another lecture. I will promise a lecture hall (as opposed to the back of a truck like Tent State) with an audience of hundreds, including several scholars. I will be your personal guide to educate you about the positive things occurring in America today, including introducing you to my young friends who volunteer a lot of their time to make communities better. By the way, the food drive at Tent State was organized by, an offshoot of, another Flobots web page. I can be reached at, member name Envirobot. I can email `Iraq' by the Flobots, as this song was not on the CD released in the US. Conspiracy? I think not, but who knows?
    ...more info
  • Finally the Truth about George Bush!
    Author does a brillant job in organization and detail about how the Bush administration has hood winked the american public about the Iraq war and why Bush should go to trial for the murder of our very brave soldiers who have been killed needlessly by our psychopathic President....more info