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  • Finally hollywood did something right!
    Only fans of the show could really laugh at this movie! If you've seen this movie because the previews looked funny that's ok too. The only mistake that was made was putting Dwayne Johnson in this movie. What good did that do, he was there strictly for eye candy nothing more. Don't let this review discourage you from watching this movie. This movie is better than any of that schlock hollywood is putting out nowadays. Thumbs up everytime!...more info
  • Enjoyable light entertainment that updates a light 60s TV comedy
    No one expects "Get Smart" to be anything more than a humorous bit of fluff riffing on James Bond and other super spies. In brining a 40 year old TV show to the big screen, the powers that be brought Agents 86 and 99 into the modern era and gave them more detailed treatment. Steve Carell brings back the kind of playing it straight humor that Don Adams did so well. Maxwell Smart is a terrific analyst who has worked like crazy to become a field agent, but has been kept from it for a variety of reasons, not the least is his superb ability as an analyst. Ann Hatheway is a modern woman and is more disinterested in 86 than Barbara Feldon's version ever was. Terrence Stamp is a positively diabolical Siegfried and the humor associated with him happens around him (mostly). Bernie Kopell's Siegfried was written with a touch of villainy and a lot more humor. However, putting together a feature film requires more substance for a story than a half-hour sitcom. (Kopell does make a cameo appearance so watch for him!).

    The plot of the story matters little except for the jokes it helps to set up. That was the point of the TV show, too. Alan Arkin is quite good as Chief and the rest of the cast does their work with a nice touch. Dwayne Johnson pulls of the ultimate Agent 23 deftly. I also enjoyed Masi Oka and Nate Torrence as Bruce and Lloyd. Their line about getting the super strong thread by milking spiders is unforgettable. Bill Murray has a nice cameo as Agent 13 that is a wonderful homage to the original show.

    You can also watch the movie in "comedy enhancement mode" were the alternate lines not used in the film are provided. Some are funny, many are not. I saw why most were not in the movie although I enjoyed the lines about the viola.

    Anyway, cotton candy is fun to eat in the way this movie is fun to watch. Maybe we can get another one with more of Bruce and Lloyd and Hymie (Patrick Warburton). Yes, I saw the straight to DVD story they did with those two, but I would like something that actually works better than that little thing.

    Reviewed by Craig Matteson, Ann Arbor, MI

    ...more info
  • Get Smart
    I enjoyed this movie, it entertained me. It would not be on my top 10 list, but I am glad I bought it. The Rock was very entertaining, I was reminded why I liked Get Smart as a very young kid....more info
  • Worst Comedy Ever
    This is the worst movie I've ever seen.

    I'm not usually into comedies, but thought that this could be a good opportunity to start. Did not laugh more that twice (and very little) and could not watch the movie more than 20 minutes.

    Would not recommend this movie to anyone, unless you want to have a good opportunity to make a perfect negative comment.

    ...more info
  • Not what I expected, but still enjoyable
    I was expecting a lot more comedy, but it was still an enjoyable film. Instead of comedy, there is a lot of action with a sprinkling of comedy throughout. I thought it was a decent origin movie and I hope they make a sequel. The cast was great....more info
    Anytime I hear about an old sitcom being made into a major motion picture, I get a little worried! Usually they ruin the classic characters or stretch what should be a half hour TV show into a two hour snore fest!

    'Get Smart' the movie is one of the best transitions to the big screen I've seen in a long time. Steve Carell knows better than to try and be Don Adams, so he does his own take on the character and pulls it off beautifully. It's not "fall on the floor" funny all the time, but the action and humor are mixed well and it's better than a lot of the Bonds films!

    ...more info
  • A little lewd, but entertaining
    It's not much like the old TV show (and I liked Barbara Feldman better as Agent 99), but it's entertaining. Maybe I'm prudish, but I didn't expect all the sexual humor; I wouldn't suggest watching it with children....more info
  • Corny and Entertaining Action/Comedy
    There is no doubt that the cast in Get Smart is enjoyable to watch on screen. Whether you enjoy Steve Carrell Anne Hathaway or the Rock all of them put in a decently good performance that entertains you. Is the movie great? No not by a long shot. The movie rolls at a decent pace and you are able to watch Steve Carrell get himself into crazy situation only to be bailed out every time.

    To be honest I didn't expect much and I doubt many people will. That is why Get Smart is a perfect three star movie. It is good enough to entertain you for an evening but nothing more than that. ...more info
  • "That Is What They Do, Not Who They Are" ~ Romance, Bad Guys And Muffins Of Mass Destruction
    I was somewhat hesitant to take the time to watch the '08 remake of the 60's comedy television series `Get Smart'. To be honest, I wasn't a big fan of the show growing up even though I watched it (there wasn't a lot to choice from back then). With that in mind I wondered if I really wanted to listen to all the rehashed lines and view all the 60's comedy routines that the 60's television series was known for. However I do enjoy Steve Carell and Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson so I decided to go ahead and spend the quality time with my wife and daughter and take the chance.

    I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised with what I saw. While the film remained true to the spirit of the original series there was more than enough original thinking infused into the movie to allow the film to be enjoyed on its own merit without being nothing more than a tribute piece of cinema. There were loads of laughs, some superior physical comedy sequences (love the dance-off), smart dialogue (yes, I said smart) and consistent energy from beginning to end. Maybe it's not destined to be a classic, but certainly a film the whole family can enjoy.

    My Rating: -3 ? Stars-....more info
  • This film adaptation is quite smart...
    I remember when I was a kid watching reruns of `Get Smart' all the time. It was seriously one of my favorite shows. Granted, I haven't seen the show in years, but the memories I have are still very fond, and so when this little remake was released I was all sorts of excited.

    It was worth getting excited over.

    Steve Carell steps into the telephone/shoes of Maxwell Smart, an agent for CONTROL who is just waiting for his chance to work in the field. When their secret facility is destroyed by members of KAOS Smart is sent into the field alongside the beautiful Agent 99 in order to stop this evil organization. Agent 99 is rather reluctant, since this would be Smart's first mission and he is a bit of a klutz, but she has no choice.

    What follows, is awesome.

    I can't even count how many times I laughed throughout this hilarious romp, for just about every joke lands and just about every thrill actually thrills. Carell is just superb as Smart, giving him this charming quality that I didn't think he could pull off. I am not the biggest fan of Carell's, but my friends love him. I just never got his humor. This changed my mind about him. Dwayne `The Rock' Johnson is actually really funny here. I've been impressed with his acting since first seeing him in `The Rundown'. Sure, he hasn't chosen remarkable films to make, but he is a far better actor than a lot of those `rapper turned actors' we have floating around almost every movie. Alan Arkin is memorable as the Chief. His quick wit and sharp delivery elevate his scenes.

    The film belongs to Anne Hathaway though. She is funny and charming and seductive and luminous as Agent 99.

    This girl is just having the best year ever, seriously. A few years ago she was taking a backseat to everyone she filmed with, and now she is outshining her co-stars and raking up some impressive awards (for her performance in `Rachel Getting Married', a film I am so anxious to see). I have been a fan of hers since `The Princess Diaries' (yes, I saw that) and thought she was stellar in both her Oscar contending films (`Brokeback Mountain' and `The Devil Wears Prada') so I am thrilled to finally see her getting the honorable mentions instead of everyone around her.

    `Get Smart' is very funny and very entertaining. My one complaint is that it does feel about twenty minutes too long. The ending could have been trimmed a tad (this is a family comedy, not a baity drama...short and sweet is the name of the game) but that isn't to say that the last twenty minutes isn't enjoyable. It is still funny and action packed, and it adds to the story (twists, oh there have to be twists) but it does feel as though it is dragging a bit.

    That is my only complaint though, and the film still gets a very excitable B+, maybe even an A-. It is fun for everyone and a film I wholeheartedly recommend. ...more info
  • How could you not like the movie?
    I bought it for my husband who loved the movie when we saw it on the big screen. I loved it too. Lots of laughs, great for almost any age and person who likes a good laugh...more info
  • 5 Star Movie, 3 Star Blu Ray
    This is a very entertaining movie. Steve Carell is absolutely perfect for this role; a very minor extension of his Office ignoramus role. Obviously it gets a little sluggish near the end, but the earlier parts more than compensate. The Blu Ray is a little disappointing though. Very grainy. ...more info
  • Great Movie
    What if Maxwell Smart was bumbling, but not incompetent?
    Enjoy this fresh take on the TV classic, complete with everything from the "cone of silence" to the "shoe phone".
    I loved it at the theater so much that I had to have a copy. It doesn't disappoint....more info
  • Very entertaining and visually beautiful (Moscow)
    Thought this was a great, entertaining movie. There's something so vulnerable about Steve Carrell.. and he doesn't disappoint! And Anne Hathaway is a dream as Agent 99.. Worth a watch!...more info
  • Fell Asleep,,,Dumb...Bore...Not "Get Smart"
    I really like both actors that starred in this movie...which is why I rented it. Also, I grew up on the original tv series "Get Smart". I thought the two would be a great combination, unfortunately, my husband and I both fell asleep (I struggled to watch it at all) about 2/3 through the movie. IT IS AWFUL...nothing worth watching...don't waste your money!...more info
  • CAN'T WATCH IT!!!!!
    Listen to this old saying and remember it: Never Trust Anything digital from Amazon.I paid money to watch it online and I can't watch it. Horrible, absolutely horrible. Now I know some of you gonna criticize me and tell me things like "then don't rate it" or "this review is irrelevant". My response is how is it irrelevant? Imagine you pay for a product and you got nothing, of course it's a horrible product. And I hope this serves a warning to everyone....more info
  • Decent Diversion
    Sometimes a little wacky, SNL ish, but a nice diversion with a few laughs for your pleasure. Not a great movie, but decent....more info
  • Great movie!
    I was dying to see this movie since the commercial of it came out but, unfortunately, missed it in the theaters, so I waited for it to go into dvd. Let me tell you- I wasn't disappointed. It was well worth the wait. This movie has a perfect blend of hilarious humor, great action, special effects and an intriguing plot with tons of unforeseen and unexpected twists and turns. If you're looking for a great action thriller/comedy, this is it. It's like one of those 007 movies but with more hilarious humor and less womanizing. No movie is ever dull with key actors like Anne Hathaway, Steve Carell and the Rock in it. When I get around to it, I'm planning to add a permanent copy to my dvd collection!...more info
  • Great
    I liked it, my wife liked it and my 15 year old daughter liked it. I grew up watching the original TV series, and this is not a repeat of that, so don't expect it. What it is, is an updated version of what might have happened if we never had the TV show. Acting is great and it is very funny....more info
  • Nostalgia and Laughs
    I laughed til I cried, over and over again. My kids kept having to pause the movie until we could stop laughing. I used to watch the TV series when I was a kid, and this brought back great memories. ...more info
  • Rent it
    So this movie is not bad. It is Not one of those movies where all the funny parts are in the previews (i truly hate those movies). However this is no Tommy Boy either. This movie will keep you entertained if you have never seen it before and it is quite comical. However watching it more than once really is not worth it so don't waste the money and buy it, just rent it. ...more info
  • a total blast
    ok, love this film. My kids, 8 and 10, love this film. My parents love this film. Hilarious and some great parts from the tv show are wonderfully woven into the more modern version. love, love it, love it alot. Laughed so hard I cried, on more than one scene. Great fun. ...more info
  • Ha-Ha, boy, was this funny?
    The main problem with this movie: it was'nt that funny. I think I laughed once, maybe twice. Normally, Steve Carell is very funny; but he had nothing to work with here. Terence Stamp, a great actor, is totally wasted in this punishing film as the main villian, Siegfried. Anne Hathaway was completely forgettable as, er, I forget. And someone please tell Alan Arkin to stop sleeping on the set...oh, he was awake? Could of fooled me..

    One laugh was generated by Bill Murray, playing Agent 13. Besides that, I can't think of much else that made me laugh. This was a comedy? Good points: Nice crisp,clear picture and this was a free rental.
    ...more info
  • Carell as Maxwell Smart
    I thought this movie was pretty funny. I was a fan of the origional Get Smart and loved Max and 99 back in the day. This movie is a good companion piece of that show and holds up on its own. I also like that Max wasn't portrayed as a Xerox copy of the Don Adams Maxwell Smart. Ann Hathaway is also really good as 99 but portrays her as more of a tough as nails hardcore kick butt sexy agent. The Rock is pretty good but nothing great. I also am a huge Alan Arkin fan and thought he did a good job. Also the little tribute to Hyme was a nice touch. ...more info
  • Pretty Lame
    A read a review that called Get Smart "Staggeringly Bad". Now, although I won't go that far, it was pretty bad, and not very funny at all. I watched it thinking that I might enjoy it if i tried to seperate it from the TV series, but it was still bad. The movie gave only passing reference to the players and comic genius of the original series. It seemed as though they were just trying to get those catch phrases and support characters out of the way so they could continue with whatever it was they were trying to do here.
    I would suggest browsing around Amazon and buying the original series on DVD if you want some real humor. The original series is even relevant today with its use of humor. That's the true sign of real comedy. ...more info
  • Get This... On DVD, On PPV, On Rental... Just Get Smart & Get It!
    Being a fan of the series since I was a kid, Get Smart the movie was a must-see for my summer movie list, but surely it couldn't be that good, right? Wrong, the movie works in almost every aspect, from the pitch-perfect casting, great characterization, and even the interesting story. Add in comedy that kept me laughing from start to finish, and I left the theater quite pleased.

    Since then, I've seen this film about 3 or 4 more times, and each time is as good, if not better than the first. An entertaining movie in the truest sense of the word, and it's comic action at its best. Get Smart doesn't miss it by that much, but would you believe it hits it right on the head? Believe it... Now when's that sequel coming out?...more info
  • a fun show
    It came on time and in good condition. We haven't watched it yet since we've owned it. We watched it when we rented it and my husband really enjoyed the show. Steve Carrell is pretty funny....more info
  • Not What I Expected
    If you're expecting to roar like you did when you were a kid at Maxwell Smart, forget it. This movie just doesn't pull it off in the timing and delivery of the jokes and slapstick humor. I was very disappointed....more info
  • Ann Hathaway as a dramatic actress, Dwayne Johnson as a comedy actor... who's Steve Carell?
    "Get Smart" rides again! An enjoyable revamp of a older TV series.

    The premise was not particularly novel, but was generally well executed. There were a few genuine laugh out loud moments and many chuckles, but the acting intrigued me, generally impressed me, and in one case disappointed me.

    Ann Hathaway was brilliant. For a young woman who started her career as an average girl thrust into the limelight in "Princess Diaries", to come so far is extremely impressive. I was struck by how well she played the role of a woman ten or more years older than she is, and the poise that she brought to the role. She is clearly a rising dramatic actress to watch.

    Dwayne Johnson's gifts for physical and spoken comedy were also a pleasant surprise.

    But this Steve Carell guy? Why bother.

    Despite Carell's lackluster performance, I liked this one.

    E. M. Van Court...more info
  • Get Smart
    They were very helpful. We had trouble viewing the movie, so I needed to return it and get a new copy. They shipped the return to me immediately and made returning the old copy very easy....more info
  • Somewhat Funny Movie, Wife HATED it
    It was somewhat funny but not as funny as I expected. As stated the wife HATED it and walked out early.

    They tried to combine the action adventure and the comedy as was done in the series and wound up with a little of neither. By far not the best.

    Rent, do not buy....more info
  • Middle Of The Road
    I was a child of the sixties and always enjoyed "Get Smart". This move is a lukewarm attempt at capturing the cleverness of the original.

    It's worth the price of a rental. ...more info
  • Missed it by this much!
    Get smart was okay, kinda funny but not great and not hilarious. Granted, I have never been a big fan of the TV show, so maybe I am not the target audience, but after some pretty good reviews from reviewers that I often agree with, I thought I'd give it a shot, and as I said, it wasn't a bad movie, but I'm glad that I only rented the video on demand from Amazon, because I doubt that I would want to re-watch this movie again.

    So here's the deal, if you LOVE 'Get Smart' you will probably like this movie very much; however, if you just like Steve Correl, Ann Hathaway and the Rock, then I would just rent this like I did....more info
  • Thanks, Max. I needed a good laugh.
    I was a fan of Don Adam's portrayal of Maxwell Smart in the original series, a show that was funny and silly, but also biting and clever far ahead of it's time. One of our daughters saw the new film and said she laughed her head off the whole way through. The Mrs. and I agreed we should check it out. We were not disappointed.

    Steve Carrell does not try an impersonation of Don Adams, but the writers and performers do a great job of staying true to the spirit of the original while updating it in a way that our daughters, who wouldn't know Don Adams from John Quincy Adams, LIKED it.

    We liked it too. All of the "great bits" from the old series are weaved in, at least momentarily, and sometimes I was laughing at the subtle homage. But at other times the filmmakers wisely decided to put Steve Carrell in a room and turn him loose. He has a scene in an airplane lavatory with a "special" Swiss Army knife that MUST be seen, although the Mrs. recommends you not have a full bladder when you do. Another scene involving one of those movie laser security systems and a rodent had me howling. My brother and I are big fans of "Chuck Norris Jokes/Facts", and I had to call him immediately after the film to tell him he HAD to see it (after our mutual disappointment at the new Indiana Jones.)

    The plot is a skeleton on which to hang the multiple hilarious bits, but it works fairly well as a spy movie. Some of the Bond or Flint movies had plots twice as idiotic, and they weren't supposed to be comedies.

    Carrell is ably supported by Anne Hathaway as Agent 99. She has several great moments - flashing her long legs on a dance floor and saving Max from certain death in a mid-air rescue involving a parachute and a kiss.
    Alan Arkin brings the perfect pitch to this tale as the Chief, with one foot squarely planted in the "serious spy world" of government, and the other foot ready to observe Smart's silliness.

    I was ready to laugh at a movie and this one delivered. The last time I laughed that hard in a theater was at "Anchorman".

    For fans of the old show, or simply someone who could use a good laugh. ...more info
  • A lot of fun
    Max Smart does his job too well. As an analyst for CONTROL, the most classified of covert counter-espionage agencies, Max delivers intelligence reports that almost nobody ever reads. Max dreams of the day when he can join his idols, Agents 23 (Dwayne Johnson) and 99 (Ann Hathaway), but his boss decides that Max is too important to waste him in the field.

    When CONTROL's seemingly secure headquarters is attacked from within, and its roster of worldwide agents is compromised, Max is hastily promoted to "Agent" and foisted on a reluctant Agent 99. Their mission: find the base of the likely attackers, the implacable KAOS, and destroy it. Led by the sinister Siegfried (Terence Stamp), KAOS's attack is likely the prelude to an even wider attack. Lacking spy-smarts, and to 99's chagrin, Max finds his training sorely inadequate to the task.

    I don't want to say any more about the movie's plot, which could have fit snugly in an episode of the show. That said, "Get Smart" is actually a lot of fun, seldom hilarious, "Get Smart" manages to be consistently funny and entertaining. The smooth script deftly maneuvers between newer material and the original - never losing sight of what made the old show fun while also not being enslaved by it.

    The movie's strengths are its stars - impossible to overlook how this could have been another Hollywood retread of an old TV show, it's the performances that bring "Get Smart" over the top. Alan Arkin is great as Chief, while Stamp deserves real props for managing to be funny (rather than pathetic) playing the most serious guy in a comedy. Best of all are Steve Carrel and Hathaway. Carrel creates a Max that is decidedly different from Don Adams (though he does channel Adams in one extended sequence set in a hidden KAOS weapons factory, possibly as a tribute, but also to remind you how far Carrel has gone his own way). Hathaway is surprisingly effective as 99 (at times she even sounds like Barbara Feldon), playing as the sexy counterpoint to Max's undersexed virgin spy. Never a laugh riot, "Get Smart" supplies a steady stream of funny lines, and you'll likely be chortling about "muffins of mass destruction" long after you forgot you caught this flick....more info
  • Get Smart
    If you liked the original TV series, then you will like this also. The movie stays true to the slapstick comedy of the TV series, even if you know what is coming, it is funny....more info
  • great movie
    thought this movie would have some funny parts, but be overall just o.k., but was very surprised, it was a solid movie. steve carrell is as funny as ever, and the rock is great....more info
  • Get Smart done right
    When I saw the preview for this in my local movie theater it made me so happy, because I had watch re-runs of TV show starting Don Adams and Barbra Feldon, I was worried though because remakes of some of my favorite TV shows into movies have let me down before, but with Steve Carell as Maxwell Smart I knew he wouldn't let his fans down. And he didn't nobody did, the whole cast works great together I've been waiting for a comedy like this for years! This remake pays homage to its roots while still making it a contemporary blast. I can say for sure that this is a movie I'll watch again and again....more info
  • Great movie for all!
    Watched it with my husband and in-laws and had to buy it for myself to share with my own parents. Everyone loved it!...more info
  • Might be Over-rating this...
    But I had just finished watching "The Dark Knight" and "Iron Man"...both of which I was disappointed in (both quite long, slow and hum-drum). So this was a nice change of pace.

    Throughout "Get Smart", I couldn't help being reminded of the "Austin Powers" series. How can you not? Bumbling spy, bad guy asking for billions in ransom demand, etc. This is nowhere as good as "Austin Powers", but there are some funny moments.

    Also a few days earlier I saw Jim Carrey's "Yes Man" in the theatre...and it was god-awful. Really nothing much more than a chuckle in that. This flick at least had some things going for it. I don't think Steve Carell played it was weird not having him do "the voice" from the original series. That would have made it better for me.

    Pretty forgettable flick, but not bad....more info
  • Great movie, great gift
    We loved this movie when it came out. We decided to give it to my husband's parents for Christmas. We all watched it together as a family and we still enjoyed it. We are Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway fans. ...more info
  • Funnier than expected
    I was pleasantly surprised while watching this movie. The inclusion of The Rock helped decrease the overall dorkie-ness. Lots of fun and right up there with the Austin Powers movies.
    The Blu-Ray copy looked AMAZING. I did not see a copy of the regular DVD version so I have no real comparison but that aside, it looked crystal clear....more info
  • smart spy
    Steve Carell does a good job keeping the Maxwell Smart persona alive and well. funny movie....more info
  • A wonderful remake
    This is a wonderful movie remake of the series Get Smart.

    I didn't know the Rock was in it, and he plays a great comic role. As is usual Dwayne, The Rock, brings great comedy and action to his role.

    Steve Carel and Anne Hathaway play great roles and I must say that Agent 86 is surprisingly more competent than I remember.

    Basically, Agent 86 passes his agent exam...he wants to move out of being an analyst but the Chief doesn't want to make him an agent because he values Max's detailed analysis.

    The Chief changes his mind when Control is compromised and the names of all of Control's agents are stolen by Chaos. Only 99's identity is not compromised and the Chief promotes Max to Agent 86 so that they can stop Chaos from blowing up the President.

    The fun starts from there. I must also say that this movie pays homage to pretty much every spy movie out there from I Spy, to Bond, to the Charlie's Angels, True Lies, Spies Like Us, etc.

    I was expecting to get comedy like Airplane or The Naked Gun and I was pleasantly surprised that this had much broader appeal and wasn't as silly. It has great comedic and entertainment value.

    If you like Get Smart, Carel, The Rock or spy flicks -- you can't go wrong with this....more info
  • Well Made...But Couldn't Make Up Its Mind
    Steve Carrell was an excellent choice to play Maxwell Smart, the production is first rate, and the rest of the cast is very good...but I kept wanting more spoof and less spying. There were too many moments when the story played its intrigue story straight at the expense of the comedy (that and Mike Meyers' limited sex and fart jokes killed the Austin Powers films).

    Still, some good moments, very well made (it looks good enough to actually be a glossy spy film!), I just wish it had more humor in it. Either way, it's entertaining....more info
  • Watch the TV series
    Attempts to combine comedy into an action movie. Well, its not very funny and not very exciting. If you are a fan of the old TV series, you will be disappointed. Stick to the TV series....more info
  • So funny
    This is one of the funniest movies I've seen in a very long time. Reminds me of "Rat Race", just a laugh a minute....more info