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  • Pulls you in but doesn't end with a bang.
    When I saw the trailer for this movie right when it was about to be released to theatres in 2002, I knew I just had to watch it. I liked the idea of the storyline and I love Diane Lane. So I finally got to watch it (although it was a couple of years later) and I was surprised in more ways than one.

    So what's this movie about? Basically, this movie revolves around a woman named Connie. Connie has what's considered by most to be a "perfect life". But when Connie meets another man, she develops an affair with him and her so called "perfect life" gets turned upside down.

    Let's talk about the positives first. Like I said above, I love Diane Lane. She can make any movie she's in her own. Couple her with the wonderful Richard Gere, the cute but wise Erik Per Sullivan, and the sexy Olivier Martinez, and you have a to die for cast. Second, the storyline may not seem like anything special but letting the audience see what's going on through Connie's eyes is a quite interesting twist. And it moves steadily. No slow parts. No waiting in boredom for something *good* to happen. Lastly, a good movie pulls your heartstrings and has you going through a million different emotions. "Unfaithful" is a perfect example of this.

    And now for the negatives. Although I said above that it's interesting to see the point of view of the cheater and what she has to go through rather than watching it through the eyes of the cheated, it's a bit hard for me personally to feel sympathy for Connie because I know if the roles were reversed and Connie was being cheated on by her husband, my immediate thought would be "What a pig!" That being said, without giving too much away, I'll say that the ending had me a little upset because it didn't end the way I thought it should.

    The bottom line is this-If the storyline sounds interesting to you, I highly recommend watching this movie. However, as a warning, I will say that some will be disappointed with the ending....more info
  • Deserved Oscars
    In my opinion Diane Lane is one of the finest actresses around today and in this movie she is absolutely fantastic. What a wonderful performance. And then there's Richard Gere who never fails to deliver. Put those two together in a film sith a good script and excellent direction and you have a great film. The plot development is great, but the ending is what you will be talking about after you see this film. Did they or didn't they? It was great. Watch it and enjoy it. ...more info
  • Great Movie!
    This is a GREAT MOVIE!!! wonderful Blu Ray presentation. A must have for all movie fans. Dianne Lane looks great in this movie. I think she is so HOT!!...more info
  • A Forbidden Fruit.
    It's quite the same as Fatal Attraction,in fact the regista is the same,Adrian Lyne is superb,he sees things.
    In UNFAITHFUL instead,the WIFE jumped over the family fence!!
    I watched the movie few times to have fun watching
    a classical 'betraying fashion'...
    a naive housewife falls into a clandestine romance
    weak and shy,but after the first rendevous,
    she found it's hard to make a u-turn.

    After watching Pretty Woman,it's hard to imagine that
    in Unfaithful,Richard Gere,after being a loveable husband, turned into a little monster.
    ...more info
  • Insightful philosophy in the most unlikely of places.
    Well executed, beautifully shot and acted. The plot is pretty standard fare. Bored housewife goes astray with swaggering young French stud, husband gets suspicious, drama ensues. Nothing special, until....

    The climax. The husband (Richard Gere) follows Frenchie home and confronts him. "How dare you"/"How could you"/"Why"/etc. Then we get this exchange:

    "I guess she got bored with the suburbs."
    "She wanted us to move there....She didn't want to raise our son in the city."
    "Really? She said it was your idea."
    " TALK ABOUT ME?!"

    That got my attention! So many movies portray the jealous/betrayed spouse, without bothering to explore the source of those feelings; or else they chalk it up to some simple, easy, animalistic "if I can't have her" sort of nonsense.

    Gere's character is upset that his wife strayed. He wants to know how and why it happened. He wants to know what he was doing wrong. The situation upsets him, but does not devastate him. Finding out that they TALK about him is what ultimately delivers the fatal blow (hint!).

    Is one's lover a mere possession, or a signpost advertising one's self-image to the world? Or something else? Interesting philosophy in the strangest of places! Where would the movie take this?!

    Unfortunately, the writers dropped the ball. They either didn't realize what they had, or it was an accident, or they didn't know what to do with it. For about ten minutes this movie was really, really interesting; then it fizzled out into your standard, boring, cliched hide-the-body-lie-to-the-cops garbage. Oh well.

    It gets points for raising an intriguing question. It gets points for style and execution. It loses points for the cop-out....more info
  • Dostoyevsky writes one for Lifetime
    I caught the beginning of "Unfaithful" on TBS one night while flipping through the channels. At first I thought I had landed on Lifetime--you know, extramarrital fling, husband gets suspicious and hires a detective, etc. However, I kept watching because you sensed it was just a little better than its made-for-TV counterpart. I was tentatively hooked. Anway, the movie really steps up its credibility in the second half by infusing parts of "Crime and Punishment" into the mix to make for a really fascinating conclusion. I especially liked the symbolism at the end.

    I also recalled while watching this that Diane Lane had received an Academy Awards actress nomination. It was well-deserved. What she does with words and between them is quite good. I plan to rent this on DVD so I can catch the first five or ten minutes I missed. ...more info
  • great movie
    I was going to order this from Amazon but found it at Wal-mart for five bucks. What luck! But hey, this is really a good movie and worth the watch....more info
  • Diane Lane is AMAZING
    This, as many critics have said, is Diane Lanes role of a lifetime! So as many know, the story is about an unfaithful spouse, and it's really not much more than that, but what makes this so great is the desection you get of the human emotions involved. You see both Diane Lane and Richard Gere stripped of their cheary selves and get to see pure emotions. The first sexual encounter between Diane Lane and her seducer Olivier Martinez, you can real feel her resistance. She's shaking so badly, she knows she doing somthing wrong yet she doesn't know how to say no. It's unsettling if you've ever had a mate cheat, so I guess stay away if thats the case, but it's really a great movie to watch if you want to see pure emotion. Gere does an amazing job as a tortured husband dealing with his wifes straying, but it all boils down to Lane as she tackles the role of the adultress. She proves that she has more than enough to make it in the acting world...AMAZING JOB DIANE!!!...more info
    I really enjoyed this movie. I have it in my dvd collection. Both Diane Lane and Richard Gere render remarkable performances in their turns as husband and wife. In fact it was this movie that made me a fan of Richard Gere. This movie is full of lust, sex, raw passion and, of course, betrayal. Pampered housewife meets sexy French book dealer. Their affairs leads to tragedy.

    Diane Lane is absolutely gorgeous. I have always thought so. She is killer in this role and I was glad when she received an Oscar nomination for her portrayal of the lusting housewife. Her character engages in a torrid affair with a book dealer whom she literally runs into one day. At first she throws herself into the affair but eventually guilt pays her a visit. Unfortunately guilt comes too late.

    The husband, suspecting his wife is being unfaithful, has his wife followed. He then confronts his wife's lover. At first the meeting is calm, although the viewer can sense there is a sick morbidity underlying it. The first time I watched this movie I was unprepared for the scene with the snow globe. It was so unexpected and sickened me so much that I literally fainted. It is after this scene that the movie turns to slow decay (not of quality of film but of lives unraveling). The heaviness of death at first lingers and then becomes pervasive as husband and wife slowly confront the reality of their situation and begin to accept the consequences of their actions.

    It is a sad, tragic movie in the end. Some reviewers have compared it to Fatal Attraction although I don't see the comparison at all. At the end of this movie, everyone involved loses. There is a strong moral to this story. The film is in no way preachy. Rather it leaves you with a pang in your heart as you grieve for a family torn apart by adultery.

    Unfaithful is an excellent drama and I highly recommend it....more info
  • This is a HOT movie!
    I bought this movie because I love Richard Gere and want anything he is in. This is the first movie I have ever seen where he is not being the sexy character. But he is wonderful as the betrayed husband. Diane Lane was wonderful in her part as well. But, Olivier Martinez, I fell in love (lust) with. He is the sexiest man I have seen in a long time and I could listen to him talk about anything forever, what an accent! He and Diane Lane were so hot together. The sex scenes were every woman's fantasy. I totally loved it and will watch it again and again....more info
  • "A True Romantic Story Of A Woman Caught Between Two Men"
    Diane Lane received an Oscar nomination as Best Actress, playing a bored housewife and mother who has an affair with a young, hunky man played by Olivier Martinez. Directed by Adrian Lyne, who directed "Fatal Attraction, the movie is well acted and produced. One would think the audience would hate any woman who cheats on Richard Gere in a film, but this is not the case; we really understand why a woman would wander away from her beloved husband and home insearch of fufillment in the arms and bed of another man. The story explodes with a shocker as one of the 3, caught in this triangle, is murdered. I really love this film, and I have watched it over and over because it is a perfect movie.
    The DVD also contains a ton of bonus features with commentary from the director and cast, 11 deleted scenes, and Richard Gere, Diane Lane, and Adrian Lyne being interviewed on "The Charlie Rose Show". I also have to add that Olivier Martinez, who plays the boyfriend, is an absolute stud in this fim. ...more info
  • clues in small places...
    This film is not a perfect film but it has moments.

    A seemingly happy marriage for over 10 years, a couple can communicate without words, such as in Connie and Edward's case. Why she had an affair was not explained in the film but it was probably because of the usual: bored with suburban soccer mom life, bored having sex with the same guy, bored with routine daily life. Sure she's pretty and "has everything", but she may still feel uninspired, rightly so or not.

    When one spouse is having an affair, domestic life WILL BE different. Edward and the son both noticed small things that were jarring here and there until Edward couldn't ignore the bothering feeling any longer.

    In the mean time, viewers see Connie went from soccer mom get-up to increasingly sexy and feminine "tryst" outfits to finally, after she decided to end the affair, back to soccer mom sweather and jeans...

    This film can also serve as a cautionary tale: never to boast that an affair will never happen in your marriage, to you, or to your spouse. It never happens because the temptation hasn't been strong enough.

    Although most affairs may not end so tragically like in the film but the damage to a marriage (or the trust between the spouses) is almost always permanant.

    Hopefully those who've seen the film will think long and hard before "letting that cab go"........more info
  • Big Diane Lane Fan
    First let me begin by saying I have been a big Diane Lane fan since I saw her in an early career role in a made for TV movie. It was called " Touched By Love". When I purchased this movie, I did so on the basis of Diane Lane. I think this is probably her best work to date and it is definately over the top. She plays a cheating wife with Richard Gere in the role of her husband. The movie moves along quite well, and doesn't bog down and get overly talky. If you are a fan of Diane Lane this is a must see. I would like to see more of her work such as: " Ladies and Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains", "Lady Beware" and "Priceless Beauty" to name a few. The last two have been released on VHS, but to my knowledge not on DVD. Charlie S. Richmond Va....more info
  • Hypnotic
    This film deals with infedility and takes it to another level. The ending is pretty silly considering what lead to that point, however it is a very good film.
    Diane Lane is captivating. The scene where she's on her way home on the train and thoughts run through her head is incredible. The range of emotions she shows in those few minutes are unbelieveable. That is truly one of the all-time classic, non-verbal scenes in hollywood.
    Richard Gere is alright. But it is definitely Diane Lane who makes this movie....more info
  • Fantastic
    I really liked this show. At first, I thought it was a different show with Richard Gere as a dancer, but as I watched, this was fantastic! The scene in which Richard is in the apt of his wife's lover was pretty good too! The sexy scenes were hot!...more info
  • HOT and SEXY!!!
    I loved this movie. Like some of the other reviews said, and i definitely agree, this is a MUST SEE for the ladies. (and for some of the men out there for a "how to" in sex). If Olivier Martinez got within 20 feet of me, he would be in trouble; i would keep him. He is sooooo sexy in this movie and he does everything just right.

    The first sexual encounter between Olivier and Diane, she is feeling VERY guilty and he overcomes that by telling her to "hit me". WOW.

    I have to guiltily admit that even if the movie were a complete dud, the passion in this film and the way Olivier makes his moves, make the movie worth seeing.

    By the way, Richard who? LOL It is all Olivier....more info
  • Life in the fast (Diane) Lane!
    Much like her role as an adulterous wife in A Walk on the Moon, the lovely Diane Lane once again plays an everyday housewife (Connie) who strays from her husband (Edward, played by Richard Gere) after being seduced by a dude with an accent. {So that's what it takes to trump Richard Gere's GQ looks? An accent? Hmmmmmm}

    The reason why Lane is so absolutely perfect for this role as well as the similar role in MOON is pretty simple: she is America's sweetheart. It's precisely because she seems so decent & trustworthy (not to mention beautiful!) that she's ideal to play the destructive vixen. Gosh, I don't even know Diane Lane, yet I'd trust her to babysit my nieces & nephews in a heartbeat as she appears so likeable!

    While adultery stories are fairly commonplace, the switching of gender roles is what makes this film intriguing. Typically, it's the guy who cheats on the helpless wife (think Fatal Attraction) that comprise this genre. In this story, it's the wife who is naughty, and willing to risk everything for a few moments of bliss.

    Ultimately, the movie details much more than the story of a cheating wife & a cuckhold husband. It serves as a glimpse of what can happen when adultery intersects with the law of unintended consequences. Remember: riding a Romantic rollercoaster can be a lot of fun - so long as the rollercoaster doesn't break down!

    If you're a fan of erotic thrillers, this one is a good add to your DVD collection. If you're a fan of Diane Lane, it's a MUST have. If you're married and tinkering with the idea of having an affair, it serves as a cautionary tale. ...more info