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Remington D1001 Ceramic Airwave Hair Dryer with Wave Attachment and Anti Static Technology
List Price: $29.99

Our Price: $20.99

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Product Description

Emi Airwave: Dryer w/ Wave Attachment

  • Unique AirWave attachment twirls hair into gorgeous loose waves
  • Airflow concentrator creates smooth straight looks
  • Static Control: Anti-static technology to diminish frizz and flyaways while boosting style control
  • 2 speed / 3 heat settings for greatest style control
  • 1875 watts for maximum power

Customer Reviews:

  • Great hair dryer
    It's worth the money as a hair dryer, we didn't have the best of luck with the twirly beach waves, though. My hair is waist length, and one of my daughters has thick hair and the other two have very fine hair, it worked best on the daughter with shoulder length thick hair.
    To be fair, my hair is a challenge anyway, it's incredibly limp. I'm not used to blow drying, I prefer air drying, and the intake kept sucking my hair into it. Other than that, I would say it's an excellent dryer, I like the variety of options, including the cold air blast button.
    Don't let the fact that the beach waves didn't work on me deter you, perms also fall right out of my hair. I am just destined to have straight hair. Can't fight destiny. I still like the dryer. ...more info
  • Another great option for waves
    As a mom to 5 girls, I spend a LOT of time doing hair. I'm always on the lookout for faster, easier ways to do hair. This dryer has earned a permanent spot in my vanity. I have to admit my first use started with a quick read of the directions. It's very straight forward, I pressed the attachment on, stuck a clump of my hair in, and watched for the swirl... nothing. My hair just shot straight out. It did take me a moment to realize I had incorrectly attached the attachment. I didn't realize it will snap on the end - I thought it worked like an old dryer I had that attachments were just fitted over the end. When I reversed it - my hair started spinning. Now, I have hair about 4-6 inches past my shoulders and it did an OK job giving my hair long, loose waves. The curls weren't as full as I was hoping for and the ends stayed pretty straight. The roots lacked body too. It also added a few tangles to my hair.
    I tried it on 4 daughters. The 2 and 3 year olds hair is too short, a few wispy waves. The 10 yr old has some natural wave, not thick hair, and just past her shoulders - and this worked well on her. The 9 yr old has thick hair, slightly wavey, and just past her shoulders and this technique knotted her hair awful. Won't do it on her again, and that experience has kept me from trying it on my 6 yr old with hair to her bottom.
    I will keep using it and experiment a little more.
    I like the temperature options, cool button, and high or low settings. One design "flaw" is the location of the cool button. It is too high up on the handle - a little akward while styling with a brush in the other hand. For me anyway....more info
  • Excellent, lightweight Dryer/Styler!
    I'm a guy and don't have long hair (though I do have very bushy, wavy, George Lucas-type hair when I grow it out), so my mother worked with me to review those aspects of this dryer I could not assess, and she loves it. It's easy to honestly say that this dryer not only looks great, but it performs everything it's supposed to very well too. However, as an added bonus, it is way lighter than our other hair dryer, even though this one might be a bit bigger. Having arthritis, my mother really likes the lightweight factor. And, yes, the two attachments that come with the dryer, the AirWave and the Concentrator, work well and come with simple to follow instructions. I found them easy enough to attach and remove also. This dryer has two speed settings, 3 heat settings, and a "Cool Shot" button. There's also a removable filter on the back (cleaning instructions are in the Use and Care Guide, it is a simple matter). A very impressive dryer from Remington, and the big package makes it look great if you want to give it as a gift....more info
  • This thing is the best!
    I should start out by saying that unlike the previous reviewer, I have a bob that is past my chin that I'm trying to grow out. It's getting boring, so I saw this in a magazine and bought it immediately, and it is the BEST investment I've made in a year! No more curling irons, straighteners, expensive product to give me that wave I like so much, I have the Airwave! It's super easy to use (even easier than using a round brush and regular hair dryer) and gives gorgeous beachy waves every single time! An 11-year-old could do it, and in fact, I'm planning on giving this as a gift to several young ladies I'd know that love that look! This is worth the money, because you'll get a lot of use out of it and love your hair! ...more info
  • Waves are too subtle, not worth the trouble
    I have medium-long medium-thick hair with some natural wave. This unit is a very nice hair dryer but I am not sure that the results from the wave attachment are worth the trouble. It takes considerably longer to fix my hair this way, because you have to separate the hair into small sections. Each section is twirled inside this wind tunnel which twists it into a rope - a la dread locks. But once you run your fingers through it the waves are very gentle/minimal/sublte, not strong waves and not anywhere near curls. I could get this same degree of wave by just applying product and scrunching with a diffuser or letting it air dry. If I'm going to spend 30 minutes styling my hair I would rather use hot rollers to have more of an effect. Maybe because my hair is already somewhat wavy this didn't make a big impression. If your hair is very straight and flat then perhaps the waves would be more noticeable. My results were very similar to the picture on the box (very subtle waves, but more volume) and the video example....more info
  • Loud and scary
    This was touted on online forums as *the* way to get lovely beachy waves. The machine does twirl the hair into the vortex area and it does apply heat while it's being spun. My super-long fine hair did not appreciate this treatment, and I was very afraid that the machine was going to snag the ends and cause breakage. If I had shorter hair (hair that I could gently feed a section into the machine) it might work better, but I don't... so it didn't. Use with caution, my long-haired lovelies. You don't want to ruin 6 months worth of growth on this contraption. ...more info
  • Long, fine haired chick loves it!
    I have long fine hair, and have had none of the issues the previous poster had. This works like magic, and takes the same amount of time as blowdrying my hair with a regular blowdryer. It's so easy to use, it's practically foolproof. I can't say enough good things about this dryer!...more info
  • Love the Hair Dryer. The Wave Attachment...It's Aight.
    The Remington Airwave Dryer is a great hair dryer. It's strong enough to blow dry my "near waist" long hair, and not loud enough to make me go deaf while doing so. When testing out the wave attachment, I found it hilarious to watch my hair spin round and round in the tube, however it really didn't make a huge different in my hair. I'm not sure if it's because my hair is too long, or if because my hair seems to have a natural wave in it to begin with, but it really didn't seem to significantly change my hair style. The wave attachment may work better for people with short to mid-length hair.

    I do love the hair dryer by itself. Recommended....more info
  • Powerful, cold air is cold
    Powerful hair dryer. The hi/low settings allow for different airflows. What really surprised me is how cold the cold air button is. Having had a few hair dryers I've never expected much. This one really is cold.

    Nicely balanced, feels good in the hand. Buttons and switches all logically placed and easy to use without reading the manual. ...more info
  • An excellent hair dryer for the cost
    I don't remember the last time I used a machine to dry my hair. Usually I just towel dry it or let the air take care of it. I am a guy with shoulder length hair and it's generally complimented on so I've stuck with my usual pattern for years at it's never done me wrong.

    I picked up the Remington D1001 to review simply because it was outside my usual comfort zone. Why not try something new? The price here on Amazon seems like a great deal compared to other hair dryers I have seen, especially with all the attachments that comes with this one.

    The hair dryer worked nicely. It never fried or frizzed my hair. However the fun came with the attachments. To test out the wave attachment on my already naturally wavy hair, I enlisted a few of my female friends to style my hair, which they have all been waiting to do for years "Can I put your hair in a french braid?" 'No, I'm a guy. Why would I want a french braid.' So my friends from the other gender persuasion loved the wave attachment and the following photos they now have of me for blackmail or other nefarious reasons. The wave attachment didn't really do anything more my hair but make it a bit poofier, but I generally have to straighten my hair when it's not in a ponytail, so I'm sure it will work better for others.

    All in all, an excellent purchase for the dollar amount, but it will probably be better off in the hands of a lady than a gentleman....more info
  • The best I've used, especially for the price!
    I love LOVE this hair dryer! It works great. The waves that are promised in the advertising, I was kind of skeptical about, but after trying it, it almost reminds me of those dolls I used to have where you use hot or cold water and their hair "magically" changes "magically" get waves! It has great drying time, and I don't get frizzies from it either! ...more info