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Dreambaby Extra Tall Swing Close Gate
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Product Description

Dream Baby Extra Tall Swing Closed Security Gate Value Package The Dream Baby Extra Tall Swing Closed Security Gate Value Package includes the Extra Tall Swing Closed Security Gate and two extenisons, one 3 1/2 in. and one 7 in. The baby gate and extensions come in two colors to fit just about any home decor. The safety gate measures 1 meter in height which is different than any other baby gates. Dream Baby makes baby gates which are durable and will last long to work with pets as well. The safety gate also swings closed automatically and features one handed operation for adults. The extensions for the baby gate from Dream Baby can make it even wider.

  • Fit an opening of 28"- 42.5" using the included extensions
  • Easy to install
  • Closes automatically
  • Larger extensions are available
  • One 3.5" extension and one 7.0" extension

Customer Reviews:

  • Definitely does the job!
    My 19 month old son would tear through every gate I had bought. With the exception of this one. He's tried everything including ramming his step two push car into it over and over. Not once did this gate budge! I ordered 4 more to put in other doorways. I just hope they get here soon, so he can stay out of his sisters' rooms. (he can open doors now) I highly recommend this gate to everyone! Oh, It's simple to set up - really durable - all around fantastic!...more info
  • Very good overall
    This is a great gate - too tall for a dog to jump over or for a toddler to climb over. It's easy to install. One small downside is the 2-inch-high vertical bar that goes across the bottom. Perhaps I'm just a slow learner, but I tripped over it MANY times going in and out of my kitchen before I developed the habit of stepping over it. I would definitely recommend the gate, though....more info
  • waste of money
    I have an extremely intelligent, high strung 2 year old who could just jump right over the standard height gates, so I looked a long time before I decided to get these gates. I read all the reviews and they were all good so, I ordered them. They are good quality but my two year old can just open the gate right up. He runs right through them. If we tighten up the pressure to keep them shut, He just goes right over and loosens the pressure so he can get the gate open. He's recently taught our one year old daughter how to open it. So, needless to say, I am very disappointed with this Dream Baby swing through gate....more info
  • Please read if you plan on adding extra extensions
    The product details for the gate say:

    *Extra Tall (40") and Includes 2 FREE extensions which fits openings between 28"-42.5"
    *Will fit any opening up to 53" with optional extensions (sold separately)

    I didn't pay attention to that second bullet point of a max of 53" (with extra extension) when I ordered the gate along with 3 extra 10" extensions in order to fill a 80" opening. I assumed that it would work. Bad assumption on my part. The included directions clearly state that you can use up to one extension on both sides of the gate, but no more than that. When I put the gate together, I ended up with more than one extension per side (I had to use the 3 extra that I ordered plus a couple of small extensions that came with the gate). This made the barrier (gate plus extensions) unstable as each connection point between extensions has a tiny bit of give. There is enough give that the gate does not open and close properly (if you push against the barrier, the entire barrier will bend and the gate pops open).

    I feel like the gate with extensions would work great for a space of 53" or less; however, if you have a space greater than 53" this is not the solution for you. I hope this helps....more info
  • Good for babies AND cats
    I bought this for my baby, and, because I'm very tall, I didn't want to bend over to have to unhook a gate, so I bought this tall one. Little did I know I was solving my cats-in-the-bedroom problem at the same time! We have young cats, old cats, lively cats, skinny cats, and none of them can jump over it or squeeze through. Also, there are two ways to install - you can use stickies on the wall or screws,so this is good for drywall, crumbling plaster, probably anything. ...more info
  • Great Product
    This is by far a really good product. It has the proper height easy to assemble and the extensions that come with the product make it an even better buy. Excellent product--would buy again/...more info
  • Dog gate
    Our neighbor has the short ones, but our Jack Russell could easily jump over it, so I got the extra tall ones, and they are great. Easy to install Vs door jam, dogs can't get into rooms with rugs. You may consider some foam like 8 1/2 x 11 inch sheets at WalMart to use as padding between gate and door jam so the gate doesn't make marks on your door jam. Felt that comes with it is not durable enough....more info