Seagate ST903203FGA2E1-RK FreeAgent Go 320 GB USB 2.0 Portable External Hard Drive
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Free Agent GO Drive - 320GB 5400RPM 8MB Cache USB 2.0 up to 480MB/s

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  • Seagate FreeAgent Go 250 GB
    Great Product, sleek and small for transferring large files. I use it to move large amounts of HD video from my PC to my laptop. Only works on PC but thats okay. Mac can't read the NTFS I haven't tried to convert it to FAT32 it might be possible. Otherwise a great solution for moving large amounts of large files....more info
  • Its good, Its Red, But It isn't 320 GB
    Its good, Its Red, But It isn't 320 GB - it is actually 298 GB ... So you will get 6.875% less space than as advertised on the site ...

    Beside that this is a fabulous product. Looks nice and feels robust... Value for your money (except that 6.875% loss :) ) ......more info
  • I'm Happy!
    I bought it looking at the reviews and of course the size, and I'm happy to say I havent made a mistake buying it. I installed easily, my computer instantly recognized it and it works perfectly fine....more info
  • Backup Device for Beginners
    I am fairly computer literate; however, there are many things that I still can't do. The Seagate portable HD is awesome! I plugged it into the computer and it did the rest. I can flip through the "pages" of backup like a filing cabinet. It is amazing! Well worth the money!...more info
  • Seagate 250GB Portable Works Great
    The Seagate 250GB software is easy to load and easy to use. Can backup on schedule or on demand. Powered by USB only - no ac plug needed! I use it to backup my laptop weekly and I also backup my desktop when needed....more info
  • Hard Drive
    The Seagate hard drive works great! Best feature is that it's lightweight and compact. I have all of my music files and movies on it with room to spare....more info
  • Died after just a couple weeks
    My Free Agent Go 500GB died after just a couple weeks of use. Worked fine for awhile and then no matter what PC I plugged it into, no lights, no drive detected...nothing. Tried a different USB cable and that didn't help. Went to Seagate's support website and that did not work either. Tried to post to the community forum for help but could not register. No matter what email address I used Seagate said "this email is already in use". If I tried a "forgotten password" etc. I got a message saying that Seagate's system was having technical problems and to please call or email support.
    Frustration at every turn. Will return this piece of junk to Best Buy tomorrow and try a different brand. I don't know which was more frustrating. The drive itself or their malfunctioning support website....more info
  • Small and to the point
    Perfect item if you're on the go or not. Everyone should back-up their important data and pictures, for we know that pictures are priceless....more info
  • Excellent drive
    The drive works great. I attached it to the back of my laptop monitor with velco so the short USB cable is perfect....more info
  • Great, compact product, even for a mac
    I spent a very long time researching tons of different kinds of compact travel drives that I could use with my macbook, and I was very put off by how expensive the majority of the drives for macs were. I read wonderful reviews of this drive, but the one meant for mac was much more expensive, when the only difference (other than inclusion of a dock and case) was that it had NO software on it. Basically, they were charging extra for fewer things. That didn't make me happy, so I decided instead to get the windows one and reformat it when I got it (I also bought the dock and case separately, and it still came out cheaper). I just wiped the drive clean as soon as I got it and it has worked perfectly (there are various tutorials online explaining how to do this. Here's one: I know you're not technically supposed to wipe this drive (it voids the warranty), but it works perfectly and I love it. The only problem now is that when I plug it into a windows computer, the drive is not recognized at all. That's fine with me since I don't need it to work with a windows computer. I highly recommend this drive; it's great quality, very compact, quiet, and not too hot. The drive is also extremely convenient and the whole package is attractive and a good price for what I received....more info
  • first external hard drive
    So far, so good. These things are a mystery to us, and so far this one is amazing in its ease of use and its capacity....more info
  • Very happy with purchase
    I bought this drive as a portable alternative to my LaCie d2 backup drives. I also have to admit liking the styling and build quality -- it feels solid enough (though clearly not a 'tough drive') and I saw no reason to have something ugly sitting on my desk when it was in use.

    It's a portable drive so you obviously don't get the sustained throughput of a full-sized HDD, but given that it's small and light enough to be negligible as a factor in carrying to and from work. I'm guessing that the power draw of the drive is sufficient that you'll want to check all of your USB ports when you connect it up: I found that one of ports on my laptop couldn't supply enough power, but the other one did. You also want to use the shorter cable supplied rather than one of the potentially more convenient long cables that you might have lying around.

    All in all, very happy with my purchase....more info
  • Windows - Delayed Write Failed
    I really wanted to like this drive but out of frustration, decided to destroy it. I've owned this hard drive for several months and this has been one of the worst Hard Drives I've ever owned, aside from a very cheap drive I once bought.

    I purchased this drive because of all the great reviews I found on the net, but I should have done a search for problems people were having with this drive before I bought it. Do a search on the net for, "Windows - Delayed Write Failed" for a true understanding of the problems people are having with this drive.

    I am very disappointed with this drive and Seagate as well, and will stay far clear of these in the future.

    I do not recommend this drive......more info
  • great product
    Great product. I didn't really care for the backup software but the drive is excellent....more info
  • Good Product - Bad Customer Support
    The hard drive it's self is good, although it has a 30gb partition making it only a 470GB HD but that is besides the point. The hard drive also "MAY REQUIRE 2 USB PORTS" this is not indicated on the packaging, and can become an issue for a mac user that only has 2 usb ports. Their customer service is just plain terrible.

    All in all the hard drive is great, it does what i need it too. I'm just not thrilled with the support and info that the company supplies to their customer base....more info
  • Quick, easy, and portable!
    After my last laptop crash, I promised myself to backup my data. In order to do so, I was looking for a portable hard drive with that transferred data fast, was easy to use, small enough to carry around, and could store a lot of data. The Seagate FreeAgent Go does all that smoothly.

    Weekly automatic backup of selected folders is easy to schedule and create for multiple computers, allowing me to use the same drive. I can also enter in windows explorer view and identify which backup folders correspond to which computer.

    Doing a sync also goes smoothly. I have used the drive to sync with one computer where all my music is and then bring the drive around to access music at another computer.

    The one minor hitch I have seen is that I cannot use the drive to sync between a Windows XP computer and a Windows Vista computer. I can only sync with one or the other. However, I can use it to backup for both....more info
  • Good Product!
    I'm very pleased with this Freeagent.
    It's small enough to put in pocket and pretty, and the speed is fast without losing the documents....more info
  • Don't ReFormat!
    It worked okay for the first few minutes before I tried to reformat it. The drive wouldn't reformat and ever since it is not recognized by my computer or any other computer I've tried. Retailer wouldn't take it back and Seagate won't warranty it for some reason....more info
  • Great little portable drive
    Smaller even than I expected, quiet, and fast. Just backed up the entire contents of two computers, barely making a dent in the 500 gb drive. I am also planning to use it as direct storage for large camera RAW files. Comes with a very simple to use backup/restore manager, that you can set up for automatic or manual backups and file syncing between computers. A perfect size to slip into a purse or even a pocket. Solidly made, with a rubber backing on the bottom; comes with a blessedly short USB cord.

    The one comment I have for makers of portable drives is that it would be a nice amenity if these came with a light case (such as a microfiber sleeve). ...more info
  • Good as a Movie and mp3 storage for Philips w/ usb input
    Seagate offer the same drive with a free docking agent and carrying case. Get an additional usb to AC outlet adaptor and this drive can be use as a movie or mp3 players on DVD players with a USB input like the Philips 5982. Just partition the hard drive as a faT32. The docking station has a separate usb power source which allows the hard drive to be use as a stand alone unit with a usb to ac outlet adaptor. ...more info
  • A Crack in the Dam
    The product is sleek, small and impressive. However, after working for 2 weeks, it stopped working in two areas. The toolbar icon would not turn off red; the automatic backup stopped working. Research on the web indicated that one of both of these problems had occurred with others who had purchased this Seagate model. Worse, I was on hold for over 2 hours with Seagate and still no one picked up. The buying/usage experience was a total downer. Bill...more info
  • Fastest bus-powered drive I've used
    I own two portable hard drives, a WD Passport 230GB and a new Seagate Freeagent Go 500GB. The Go, with the option of using a dock (sold separately) is the more convenient of the two. The Go is also significantly faster in read/write access times. The Passport tops out at ~7Mbs when writing, the Go has topped out just above 12Mbs when writing.

    Also, the Passport does not power down when the computer is turned off, the Go does. The Go replaced the Passport, it's even using the same USB socket, so that is not a factor in the differences....more info
  • I like it
    I like this a lot. I had gotten it for my netbook, so I could have more space to save my photos or home videos on and it works like a charm. It's fast and all. I would suggest this to anyone. It's a wonderful addition to a netbook user who wants more space :)...more info
  • Seagate FreeAgent Go
    So far so good, I have had this product for almost 2 months and everything seems to be good to go. The software is easy to understand and apply. It lets you know that it is in use by the lights fading on and off. I have mine set to auto back-up twice a week....more info
  • Great product!

    Plug and play, no directions needed (I haven't read them yet). It lies atop my tower accessable and attractive. I highly recommend this product.....more info
  • Not ready for Macs
    No Mac software and no on-line help from Seagate to get this up and running for my MacBook Pro. Fortunately Apple makes it possible to erase all the preloaded PC programming and start fresh. You might have to dig a bit to find it, though. I had to go to an older Lacie drive to find directions for setting it up on a Mac. It's easy once you know what you are doing....more info
  • Seagate FreeAgent Go 320 GB
    Three things:

    1. Looks great, functions great, and very portable. No complaints.
    2. 298GB, not the advertised 320GB. Insert "industry measuring differences... blah blah... bytes vs bits... blah blah... everyone does it... blah blah..." here.
    3. Seagate manager software is not compatible with 64-bit Vista; only important if you don't have a different "back-up" utility....more info
  • Delayed Right Failure
    Do not but this drive. I purchased it months ago and at first it worked great. Then I started to get a "delayed write failure" and the drive ultimately became unusable. I tried following the instructions on their site to fix it, but none worked and they were quite difficult to accomplish and understand for your average layman like me. I returned it to best buy for a new one, losing some data in the process (they wanted $200 to recover the data). The new drive started having the same problem immediately.
    But don't take my word for it. Many people are having this same problem and Seagate is sticking it's head in the sand about this....more info
  • Small, Fast, and Easy to Use
    Seagate has certainly come up with a great produect. With its various options for capacity and a simple, easy to use USB connection, this makes for a near-perfect digital storage.

    However, there is a detraction. The optional software that comes with the unit is old and out of date. It is not easy to use, and the automated back-up is choppy, confusing, and just not worth it. It is much easier to just copy/paste or simply drag all files desiring to be backed up into the drive folder.

    Outside of the software...a great buy for anyone looking for a small, portable, and fast external hard drive....more info
  • Nice unit
    This product is being used for data storage and photographs. It isn't the biggest (320 GB), but it serves the purpose. I am actually using it for both Windows and Linux systems.
    small size
    easy setup on both Windows and Linux
    sturdy construction

    The docking station requires 2 USB ports. Not certain why since it works fine without the docking station with one USB....more info
  • As portable as it gets
    Good thing is - I can carry it across countries without worrying about 240 volts, shape of the plug etc.

    This had better be tough and last....more info
  • Light and tough external hard drive
    This is my third external portable hard drive and it is also my favorite one. I like its artistic design. The white sparkles are very beautiful after I plug it in to my computer. It appeared smaller and lighter than I expected when I arrived. But it is quite tough. It survives many squeezes from hard objects. The only thing I would like to see improvements is that it is too easy to leave finger prints on the shell. I have to constantly wipe it with cloths to keep it clean. Otherwise, I have no complaints at all....more info
  • Great purchace
    I needed a back up drive because my other one was full. This is easy to use and has a lot of available space....more info
  • Sleek and Excellent!!
    I love this little Go drive. It's design is excellent. So small, so quiet and USB powered! I like the all black color as the other colors have white on the sides which I did not find aesthetically pleasing, but that's all personal taste. Product design that compliments the Macbooks nicely!...more info
  • slim & pretty
    seagate freeagent go 250Gb is small and attractive external hard drive. it comes with a USB and it doesn't require a power outlet plug. there is a program in side the external hard drive where you can create a 'vault" with your own password to protect your sensitive information. that is in my opinion a great offer! it doesn't get five start because it say it has 250Gb of free Memory space but in actuality it has about 230 or so. i this product on Deals of the day for [...] bucks. maybe you should wait around till it gets to be on your deal of the day. ...more info
  • smart back up
    Seagate FreeAgent Go 320 GB USB 2.0 Portable External Hard Drive-Royal Blue ST903203FBA2E1-RK

    I never write reviews, but this product is excellent! This hard drive is exactly what ext hds out to be in that it of course has lots of external storage, but also an outstanding GUI to sync your information. The management software looks for changes on you computers and if you set it accordingly (which is default) only writes the changes to your Seagate drive. For example, the first time you install it, Seagate asks what you want to save (My Docs, Desktop, etc.), it then saves this information to the drive. Then, the next time you plug it in, or on schedule, it looks for changes that you saved to your computer. This way it saves only the new files, and preserves your free available space on the drive and more importantly maintains a coherent view of your data.

    Another plus: it uses a mini USB plug for its connection and power (only one cord needed). This is the same plug size for Blackberry, Motorola Razor and other things. So I use these cords interchangeably all the time.

    Excellent, highly recommended!!!...more info
  • Nice companion to my black MacBook!
    I compared a lot of portable drives before this purchase (WD, Iomega, Toshiba, OWC, LaCie, G-Tech, etc.) and weighed the pros and cons. I debated over USB -v- USB/Firewire combo drives. I considered drives specifically formatted for Mac. Focusing on my particular setup and needs, a black MacBook, Time Machine backups and my esthetic, I opted for the Seagate. My experience with Seagate products in the past has been positive and there didn't seem much of a reason to go for a combo drive if I was primarily using the drive for Time Machine backups. If I was planning to edit video or audio from the drive I might have put more thought into a multi-connection. The drive powers just fine off of either of my usb ports and though I haven't benchmarked it or anything, I'm not unhappy with the speed. The color and finish is identical to my Macbook and compliments it well. Even the little spot pattern lights up in similar fashion to the apple on the back of my MacBook. The included cable is about a foot long, which is my preference. For a 5400 speed drive the 8MB cache is a nice step up from some of the competition and the housing is aluminum (good for cooling) unlike some of the plastic offered elsewhere. If I had one gripe it's that there is no case included, thus the loss of a star. If I could give it a 4.5 I would. I'm debating getting the docking station, as it comes with a case. A nice case alone is almost the same price as what people are asking for the dock kit. Not too mention, at the time of this review, they are offering free docking kits and free shipping if you order direct from the Seagate website. I got mine here at Amazon because I had a bunch of credit to use. Wish the docking stations came in black too. The Mac version of this drive is cool, but as I don't have a FW800 port, it didn't seem worth the extra cost and size. This drive comes formatted for Windows in NTFS out of the box. For those concerned about formatting it for a Mac, I plugged it in and opened Time Machine which found it and offered to reformat it straight off. You can also use Disk Utility directly to reformat. So there you go. We'll see how it performs over time. I'll post any problems if they arise....more info
  • Good Little Backup Harddrive
    I started backing up my data as soon as I took it out of the box. The included software worked well and the backup was simple. So far the drive has worked well, but I've only used it twice. I'll provide another review in a year and let you know if things are still working OK. ...more info
  • Easy
    The Seagate FreeAgent Go hard drive works excellent. I use this with my laptop on Windows Vista Home Premium. This only uses one usb port. I've had this about one month and no problems, I use this a few times a week....more info
  • Good Product
    I am satisfied with the quality and functionality of the product. I purchased this product from Amazon because of the price. I didn't realize, however, that it did not come with the travel case and stand as it did with the same product at Costco. So if I buy the travel case and stand separately, it will cost me more than the same product at Costco. This really was my error for not reading the details of the purchase but I expect to get the best price through Amazon and I did not....more info