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  • I Love This Movie!
    Its amazing to see Hilary Duff play different role other than her pg 13 movies. I think this movie has it all, laugh, love, action, intense fighting sequences. You have to watch it for yourself, Its the only way to actually get the full affect....more info
  • War Inc. is a great satire piece - you should see it!!
    If you keep up on current events and have a little bit of history knowledge, you can't help but enjoy this satirical jab at the current corporatization of war! The use of a military technology conference as the basis for the setting was sheer genius. However, I have to admit that Hilary Duff's toilet bowl classic "I want to blow you.... up" probably won't ever climb the charts! :)

    The cast is all star, the acting is solid (Duff is the one character that, IMHO, could have been upgraded) the gags are priceless and the message is provocative.

    I highly recommend this film!!

    All the best,

    Jay...more info
  • Barely three stars
    I have to agree with the average of review stars. This movie wasn't that good. The story was supposed to be a sendup of CIA-type flicks, but it fell a bit flat, and didn't ever get the laughs it seemed to be going for. The black humor was more of a gray color... Joan Cusack, I could have done without, in her shrill, typecast role. I like Marisa Tomei, but she was not well directed as the "normal" one. You could be excused for confusing Ben Kingsley with Patrick Stewart in X-Men... This movie couldn't make up its mind to be one thing or the other, either a campy but semi-serious spy flick or a total crazy sendup, and it floundered for that reason. If you want a good movie of this type, try Wag the Dog, or Dr. Strangelove, or even Primary Colors (tho that does not include war, just politics). Or any of Pierce Brosnan's Bond flicks. Or even Sneakers. They're all better than this....more info
  • Grosse Blank
    I actually loved "Grosse Pointe Blank," even turning my very liberal son onto it, which DVD he then bought. This movie is a pretty "grosse" attempt at a sequel. I have a feeling that the question they asked when they casted this flick was, "who would most like to disrespect America and our troops in Iraq?" Where I was rolling in the aisles for the original, I found myself struggling to achieve a smirk in this attempt at humor. If you are one of the foaming-at-the-mouth haters of the last administration, you probably rated this 4-stars. As for this clear-thinking patriot, I thought it sucked!...more info
  • Greatest War Satire since Dr. Strangelove
    In the best satire of the military-industrial complex since "Dr. Strangelove," John Cusack is a hit man for a Halliburton-like company in the first ever completely privatized American war. Trouble is, he's starting to have moral questions about the job. Will an inquisitive progressive journalist be able to get him back in touch with his soul?

    This movie is dark, absurdist, and incredibly funny. It also covers a very important issue. Best movie I've seen all year....more info
  • War, Inc.
    It has been compared to "Grosse Pointe Blank" and with some good reason. Although they are distinctly different movies they have similar themes of an assassin that isn't happy with his work. Once again a female gives him some distraction from his mundane work of illiminating threats to his government, no matter how ridiculous. I'm a fan of Cusack and his sister anyway but I was not disappointed in the least in the action and comedy in this movie. If you can't draw any parallels to current world events and political blunders you aren't getting it. I recommend it. If you enjoyed this catch "Con Air".

    CA Luster...more info
  • Garbage
    This film is utter utter garbage. Just another reminder of the decline of the film industry ...more info
  • Good, not great.
    This was good, but not great. I think I need to watch it a second time, actually. I did find the actors to be absolutely wonderful. I adore John Cusack and usually not so much Joan, but her style of acting fit this part absolutely perfectly.

    I got a bit lost in the storyline, somehow missed the significance of the hot sauce (and am now obsessed with it actually)... but it's worth a watch - but pay attention to this one, I was a bit distracted. Will give it another watch when I can pay attention closer!...more info
  • Doesn't hold a candle to Grosse Pointe Blank
    This movie is an unofficial sequel to Grosse Pointe Blank, which is a true American classic. With a lot of the same actors and writers, War Inc. tries to be Grosse Pointe Blanke but with a quasi-political slant on today's events in the Middle East. It drives home some great points and decent comedy on certain events if you know about these things. For the average viewer a lot of the comedy will be lost because they don't follow NPR, or watch anything but Fox news.

    The movie as a whole fails completely, in cinematography, direction, and overall story. John Cusack's charm isn't enough to save it. You rent it and you'll see that if you're a really big fan of GPB, this comes off as like a spoof on GPB, instead of an unofficial sequel. It's an extremely odd feeling, after watching the same actors who graced us with GPB, to end up with a lame duck of a movie.

    I know that GPB's magic will never be recreated. And this movie is proof of that statement. ...more info
  • Tired: Been There, Done that
    WAR, INC. tries very hard to be a film of consequence - as though no one in this country has a clue of just how absurdly grotesque our military/corporate presence affects the countries we attack to help. The position is taken that corporate greed and manifold insanity is (surprise!) capable of taking over demolished countries and changing them into profitable adventures. That may be funny to some, but it has been written about and filmed and satirized so often that it is really yesterday's lunch.

    Joshua Seftel directs this m¨¦lange with a semi-spacey, overly active pyrotechnics team and relies on a script by the oh-so-obvious committee quality pasted together by producer/writer/actor John Cusack and Mark Leyner and Jeremy Pikser. Despite all the noise and kitschy bleeps in taste the cast manages to keep our attention merely because they are as good as they are as actors: John Cusack with his ever-present drink of Tabasco sauce, Joan Cusack playing Joan Cusack very well, Marisa Tomei as probably the most convincing character despite the script, Dan Aykroyd as a stand in for Dick Cheney, and Hilary Duff in a surprisingly good potty-mouthed central role.

    The jokes are old, the situation is not novel, the pr¨¦cis is sad - and if that makes for entertainment for you, then have at it. For this viewer it is one of the poorest scripts to be filmed in a long time. Grady Harp, October 08...more info
  • Alright movie, bit patchy at times, some good laughs
    This is the story of a hitman hired by a large arms company to kill a political leader of a small country that the company has major interest in financially. Basically, the small country is owned by the company and the Leader is possibly blocking the full potential. John Cusack plays the hitman, with (no surprise) his sister Joan being his coordinator. Dan Akroyd has a small part in this as well as a Retired Vice President of The US. Overall, interesting premise, good mix of satire, but overall choppy, and tought to track at times. I found myself easily loosing interest and having to re-watch a part to get myself back up to speed. This is available to rent at most movie places, or to watch here on amazon. As for investing in it, save the cash until you see it. ...more info
  • War is a smash mouth parody ....
    ...Smash mouth in that it doesn't try to be aubtle or discreet in its brutal assault on American foreign policy or consumerism in the world today. If you can get past its blatant attempts to punish America for its many shortcomings, it is a slightly entertaining story. Guy has unusual job, meets girl of his future, meets other girl who makes him react funny, and has a life changing series of moments. You also witness a haunted past from our Protaganist, and an antagonist you didn't even know existed at the beginning of film. The humor is there but its very dry and on its head....more info
    I have a confession to make: John Cusack is one of my all-time favorite actors.

    Okay. Now you know my bias. Proceed at your own risk.

    John's latest movie -- the much-hyped, limited-release, and all-but-banned -- War, Inc. is tremendous.

    But not for the reason you think.

    I bought the movie the minute it was released. I purposely avoided reading reviews of it (except for skimming its rating and a few sentences about it on Rotten Tomatoes) because I wanted to see it for myself. All I knew going into it was that it was supposed to be (a) a comedy, and (b) a thinly veiled, left-wing satire that skewers 21st century American warmongers.

    I knew the cast included John, his sister Joan, Marisa Tomei, Hilary Duff, Dan Aykroyd, and Ben Kinglsey -- a dream cast if I've ever seen one. I knew John played a hit man with conflicted emotions, a growing conscience that affected his performance. I knew Joan (another of my favorite actors) played his hit-scheduler. Together, John and Joan were (more or less) reprising their roles in another favorite movie of mine: Grosse Pointe Blank (1997), about a hit man who attends his high-school reunion.

    That was it.

    Well, almost it. I knew from reading the dozens of rabid fans on his MySpace page that War, Inc. was An Important Movie, a Stick-It-To-The-Republicans film that would surely expose the Bush administration for the turd-pile that it is.

    I watched it tonight. Apart from the hype, laying aside its flaws (more about that in a minute), forgetting its supposed anti-Bush bias, War, Inc., is a very good movie that offers far more than meets the eye.

    Here's the story:

    Brand Hauser (John Cusack) is sent to the fictional country of Turaqistan to kill Omar Sharif, a Middle Eastern oil minister, by the ex-Vice President (Aykroyd) who is now head honcho for a conglomerate called Tamerlane (read: Halliburton). Hauser's cover is to pose as a Tamerlane trade-show producer. On the plane to Turaqistan, Mr. Vice President says to him, "This is a historic moment, Hauser. The first war ever to be 100 percent outsourced to private enterprise. Tamerlane jets. Tamerlane tanks. Tamerlane soldiers." Marsha Dillion (Joan) constantly urges Hauser to focus his time and energy on Omar so that they can get the hell out of the country, mission accomplished.

    That's the premise of the movie. Ostensibly. There's more to this movie than that. So if that's all you expect from War, Inc., you're sure to be disappointed.

    When Hauser arrives in Turaqistan, he's dumbstruck by the advertisements plastered everywhere. Even a tank rolls by sporting ads from Popeye's, Golden Palace Casino, and FT Financial Times on its side. Turiqistan is one big product placement, all funded by Halib -- I mean, Tamerlane.

    Hauser meets and falls for a hot "left-wing" reporter named Natalie Hegalhuzen (Tomei). He also meets a Britney Spears-like sleazy pop star named Yonica Babyyeah (Duff) who tries to seduce him.

    The rest of the movie is, essentially, Hauser pursuing Natalie, avoiding Yonica, and tracking Omar. There's a backstory that slowly teases its way into the open about 3/4 of the way through the movie. It seems Walken (Kingsley), a high ranking member of the CIA -- who recruited Hauser to be a hit man for an op code-named "Operation Chickenhawk" -- plays a more sinister role...revealed at the end to be even worse than revealed in the backstory.

    A few key/interesting scenes:

    1. The Implanted Journalist Experience -- in which journalists are implanted with a chip, given goggles and ear buds and seated in a Disney-like thrill ride as they watch movies of the war. "We are now able to reduce the risk of journalist mortality to virtually zero. The Combat O' Rama implantation device will allow you to experience full-spectrum sensory reality...thanks and enjoy your ride." Surreal.

    2. While Hauser sits in his Humvee putting Omar in his cross hairs, a hopped-up tank full of American soldiers careens around a corner, shooting at everything in sight. One soldier approaches the Humvee carrying his dry cleaning. The solider eats a packet of dried coffee grounds, beats his head against the Humvee and acts like he's drunk on the sheer joy of killing. (I'll get back to this in a minute.)

    3. Natalie dancing with Omar. Marisa is a hottie and I enjoy watching her move.

    4. Yonica putting a live scorpion in her pants, then asking one of her handlers to reach in and get it while Hauser watches in disbelief. Yonica is also a hottie, albeit a sluttier-than-thou one. I enjoy watching her move, too.

    5. Hauser walking in on Yonica in her hotel room as she's singing a pretty song while strumming an acoustic guitar. If this movie had metaphorical overtones, this scene would be chief among them. It is the meeting of two people who are hollow inside, both struggling to come to grips with the worlds they've created for themselves. Whereas some would say this scene slows the pace of the movie, I say this scene is the movie. (I'll get back to this in a minute.)

    6. A line uttered by Hauser to Walken, the CIA man (Kingsley): "Whoever momentarily interrupts the accumulation of wealth we pulverize. I'm just not feeling good about that any more, Sir."

    7. Natalie, Yonica, and Hauser sipping wine (Yonica hates wine and requested milk) in an abandoned mansion. They get to talking, and ask Hauser if he's ever been married. This is where Hauser reveals his backstory: "I came home one night and my beautiful wife had been slaughtered." Plus, his daughter is taken, without a ransom note. So, in one fell swoop Hauser loses his entire family. It's enough to drive anyone to be a hit man. (More about that in a moment.)

    8. Hauser and Natalie running for their lives through a No-Go zone, hugging corners of bombed-out buildings, dashing in and around abandoned cars, diving for cover behind piles of dirt. Suddenly, a chopper appears in the night, hovers over the building, and sets machine guns blazing -- on the crowd of unarmed civilians emerging from the darkness. (I'll get back to this in a minute.)

    9. Kinglsey's character telling Hauser: "War is the improvement of investment climates by other means...The USA is a subdivision of Tamerlane. Democracy, the war on terror, the war on drugs: these are all focus-group slogans for Tamerlane." Again, this is supposed to be part of the movie's foundational premise. Tamerlane/Halliburton starts wars, then supplies wars with products to conduct the war, and even the products afterwards with which to rebuild the countries it destroys.

    After a surprise I didn't see coming, the movie ends with everyone getting his/her due. Roll credits. And that's that.

    Or is it? Let me see if I can explain what I think War, Inc., is really about.

    First, this isn't the blatant anti-war movie everyone -- including its creator John Cusack -- would like you to believe. Scenes of advertisement-torn Turaqistan, the ubiquitousness of Tamerlane, and the mercenary-like ex Vice President are few and far between. They, perhaps, comprise 35% of the movie. Maybe less. Sure, the movie is set in Turaqistan. Bombs and gun fire are heard occasionally. And you never forget that Tamerlane surrounds you.

    But I think War, Inc., is a movie about emptiness and what people do to fill it. Consider:

    * Hauser is empty, emotionless. He's a hit man.
    * Yonica is empty, emotionless. She's a slut posing as a pop star.
    * The ex Vice President is empty, heartless. He's a sociopath mercenary.
    * The soldiers are empty, without conscience. They kill at will, anyone and anything.
    * The people of Turaqistan are empty, without a country. They're surrounded by death on one side, and Popeye's on the other.
    * Marsha is empty, a fellow mercenary, killing for business.
    * Tamerlane is empty, a soulless company that lives for capitalism at all cost.
    * I would even argue that Natalie, the "left-wing" journalist, is empty, too. She relies on causes to give her life meaning.

    War, Inc., therefore, is not an anti-war movie. It is also not really a comedy, although it is billed as such. There are a couple of laughs in the movie. But, mostly, it's a movie about people struggling to find meaning in an insane world -- either the world of their own making, or the world thrust upon them.

    I realized that when I watched the scene of Hauser and Yonica in the hotel room. It was a touching scene, one that -- if you're watching for it -- revealed the movie's core.

    If you view War, Inc., as a rollicking good kick in the pants of Republicans, if you think it's a blistering satire about modern-day war making, you'll be disappointed. Or, even if you like it, you'll miss the movie's deeper meaning.

    War, Inc., is a metaphor for life lived without meaning and to what lengths people go to fill the void. Seen through that prism, War, Inc. becomes a movie that serves as a warning to all of us -- Republicans, Democrats, Liberals, Conservatives, rich, poor, black, white, male, female...whatever. Meaningless is meaningless. It can happen to all of us. Any one of us fights to keep from falling into the emptiness. At any moment we could be Yonica. Or Hauser. Or the head of a Halliburton-like conglomerate that feeds the war machine -- and reaps profit from it. This movie has less to do with Republicans than it does with people who ceased being human. And I know many from both parties who fall in to that category.

    The last thing I'll say about War, Inc., is that the scenes of rampaging American soldiers were ham-fisted, which is to say inaccurate and unnecessary to the plot. They were a slap in the face of the thousands of men and women who serve with honor and dignity, who sincerely believe they're helping the Iraqi people. Those scenes in War, Inc. dishonor them and threaten to reduce the movie to left-wing propaganda.

    Which is a shame. For War, Inc., is a very well made, multi-layered movie about the human condition that just so happens to be a thinly veiled jab at Halliburton and our propensity to make a buck where no buck should be made.

    Those two messages combined -- the emptiness of life and what people do to fill the void, plus the repulsive, highly questionable act of privatizing war -- pack a powerful punch. But I think one has to take both aspects into account for the movie to deliver the knockout its creators seek....more info
  • Film tries to be a black comedy, but is simply an "Ishtar" for the new millenium!!
    I thought "Wow, John Cusack as a hit man with issues, Ben Kingsley, Marisa Tomei? What the &%$#, it's a dollar rental." I was ripped off.
    When Dan Ackroyd & Joan Cusack appeared, I hoped I was in for a little "Grosse Pointe Blank" reunion, but no such luck. Ackroyd & Joan were fine, and Joan really sort of cut loose, chewing that scenery like we all knew she could. Ben Kingsley was wonderful, Marisa Tomei ditto. Actually, all the veteran actors were fine......too bad they had this script to work with.
    This was sort of like a "Wag The Dog" for MTV fans(those who don't know it used to be a music video channel).
    Watching/hearing Hilary Duff was excruciating, but all I know about her is what I see at the supermarket checkout line, or what [...] blares on its homepage. I can definiitely see some sort of Central Asian/Eurotrash teen pop star acting just like her character.....or Miley Cyrus.
    The corporate military operations aspect has been done far earlier & better in Catch-22 "What's good for M & M Enterprises is good for America". Some great casting, but I'm glad I only paid $1 to rent this, and while my favorite comedy is black, this wasn't a black comedy, it only aspired to be.
    The bottom line is the last line of the movie "Where are we going?" This flick had no idea, & I think the director(if there was one) was given this gig to pay off a bet...more info
  • If you want to think and laugh, too...try watching this.
    This film was awakening, so I must give them a thumb up for trying so hard to be a part of the War in Iraq and the presidential elections, while really being a political satire moving into the mainstream of comedy in the media by challenging reality with metaphorical drama. If there were a sequel, I think that John (Brand Hauser) and Marisa should have a baby so that Hilary (Kara)can have a sibling since not everyone likes being an only child. Either way, I think John Cusack is learning more about what he can do in film and how people react to him. He also made a record by not paying for advertising or marketing and using almost only MySpace. You can read from him and his brother William Cusack online at Huffington Post about political views....more info
  • don't waste your time
    This was nothing more than a waste of millions of dollars at a hollywood studio. people give this thing 5 stars?? For Dan Akroyd to deliver the plot while sitting on the toilet? For Cusak to ride Ben Kingsley's wheelchair to shoot at bad guys? For a girl to say "you'll never get me" only to make out with same person 20 min later ? To say this plot was disjointed and far fetched is an understatement. The movie tries to be cute w/ American 'branding' all over a foreign country (umm...how much did popeyes chicken give you for obvious sponsorship?), corporate gift bags, a Charlies Angels type of thing where you never see the commander you only get a constant morphing of celebrity faces on a screen.
    It is very sad to see Joan Cusak get 90% of her acting roles as a 'bonus' by her bro throwing her a bone with the movies he stars in. Gee, who would guess she plays yet another wacky jabberjaw w/ some mental quirks. Been there done that with all these actors basically. I was totally bored by the time i got to the 40 min mark and only finished it during a bout with insomnia. I'm thankful I got this on my $1 tuesday rentals at the local store otherwise I would feel even more cheated. AVOID!...more info
  • Not what I expected
    I saw the good reviews of this movie online, so I rented it. I figured John Cusack would be really good. However, the movie proved to be very crude and ridiculous. The satire was so strong and outrageous that it wasn't very good at all. It wasn't entertaining either. It was not funny, the jokes were just awful and most of the time not understandable, and I had to turn it off after twenty minutes. I regret spending my money on this movie. ...more info
  • Allegory, Inc.
    In star/producer/co-writer John Cusack's pet project War, Inc., one character delivers a throwaway line that must surely have been the pitch for the film: "This is like Strangelove in the desert." Indeed, one senses the ghosts of savage satires past, like Dr. Strangelove, The President's Analyst, Network and Winter Kills in this topical send-up of BushCo and the post-9/11 `murcan zeitgeist. Unfortunately, one also senses a lack of cohesion in an initially smart script that soon loses focus and goes awkwardly tumbling into broad farce, wildly firing its barbs in too many directions at the same time.

    Cusack's character is Brand Hauser, a hot-sauce chugging hit man with a tortured past who seems to be an amalgam of Jason Bourne, Captain Willard and, um, Chuck Barris. He has been dispatched to "Turaqistan" (ahem), a war-torn Middle Eastern hot spot ripe for reconstruction and corporate exploitation. He is there to terminate the country's Oil Minister (Lyubomir Neikov) with extreme prejudice. The minister is a spanner in the works for the corporate machinations of Hauser's employer, a former Vice-President turned CEO (Dan Ackroyd, doing a credible quacking Cheney) who now heads Tamerlane (a cross between Halliburton and Blackwater). The prospect of spearheading the "first completely out-sourced war" appears to make the ex-Veep harder than Chinese arithmetic. In order to get close to his target, Hauser poses as the event coordinator of a Tamerlane-sponsored trade fair being held in the capital city's "green zone". Hauser's front soon proves to be the tougher gig, as he juggles the demands of three women: his fellow operative posing as his P.A. (Joan Cusack), a tenacious lefty journalist (Marisa Tomei) and a petulant pop diva named Yonica Babyyeah (Hilary Duff). Hilarity ensues.

    Reportedly, the filmmakers have coyly denied that this is an unofficial sequel to Grosse Pointe Blank, but obvious comparisons abound, particularly in just about every scene that the Cusack siblings share; it feels at the very least to be a nod and a wink to the roles they played in that movie. Admittedly, it is great fun watching those two working together again, but it only serves as a momentary distraction from the film's uneven tone.

    I think the malady here is similar to that which plagued Lions for Lambs: an overdose of intent. Redford's film came on too somber and preachy, even for the choir. War, Inc. swings to the opposite extreme; it's too manic and overeager to beat us over the head with what we already know: Iraq is a shameful mess, Bush and his cronies have completely blurred the line between war and commerce, and the majority of the American public is too busy watching the sun rise and set over Brittney's thighs to really notice. I'm afraid that War, Inc. is another case of "I really wanted to like this, but..."
    ...more info
  • A Waste of Time and Money
    This movie is pointless, aimless and asinine. I am astonished that I made it through 20 minutes of this potential flea market resell!...more info
  • A must see, but bring your brain
    There are so many layers to this movie, all dead (pan) on target that even though it is a very funny and entertaining film on first blush it rises to comedic greatness with subsequent viewings. (A highly recommended exercise)
    I am a very active "peace worker" and I have planned a group pot-luck with all of my fellow activists. Any idea what I plan to whip out? (clean it up, now)
    Share the word, buy the movie. This one is golden....more info
  • Couldn't finish it
    I mostly like John Cusack's movies but this one was the worst. Not funny, even though it had been pushed so hard with a senseless and childish black comedy humor. For me a total loser of the year.
    Oguz Senol...more info
  • Not as good as expected.
    I wanted this movie to be good. As a member of Iraq Veterans Against the War who opposes our nation's militarism, I thought this caricature would be entertaining. Alas, it was not. This film failed to capture my attention and failed to provide any stimulation, intellectual or otherwise, throughout the duration.

    Although I believe it is worthy of watch, it is not the cerebral satire of contemporary American policy that I thought it would be....more info
  • Need the capability to give zero stars
    I had high hopes for this movie given the star power in it. John Cusack is one of my favorite actors, and his sister Joan is usually hilarious. Marisa Tomei is a comedic and dramatic genius, and of course Ben Kingsley is an acting ace. Dan Aykroyd is another favorite actor--loved him in Spies Like Us. In this movie, though, they all fall far short of their true potential. The plot is hard to follow, the characters are either muddied and incomprehensible or nothing more than cardboard caricatures. It was hopeless drivel, and after watching it for far more than I really wanted to, I finally just popped the DVD out and gave up. I would not recommend this movie to anyone but someone with nothing else to do and no prospects of ever having a good time anywhere else. On a scale from 1 to 5, it's a definite 0. Even watching John Cusack didn't make up for the lack of a credible plot....more info
  • Subtle as a train wreck
    Big budget. Big stars. Big bomb. And I don't mean the exploding kind, though there are plenty of explosions and firefights and a literal bombing or two.

    I have enjoyed many John Cusack movies. I thought his recent The Martian Child was very good. The producers were hoping in War Inc. to up the ante on Grosse Pointe Blank, with a higher body count and a higher level of mercenary insanity. Unfortunately lightning rarely strikes twice.

    There are several reasons the movie fails, and I can't list them all. First, the movie tries too hard to be clever -- it brims over with absurdities that are supposed to be amusing. But the emphasis seems to be on making an over-the-top political statement about USA's military-industrial complex (comparing it to the killer-for-hire business in Grosse Pointe), and the personal conflict of Cusack's character in War Inc seems less integral to the plot. It doesn't reach us on the same personal level, either in the comedy or the romance, that it did in Grosse Pointe.

    This movie might be very well-received in countries with the lowest opinion of American military power and foreign policy. It might also find a sympathetic audience among those in this country who view our corporations and hawkish politicians as evil killers. But the dialog isn't sharp enough, the skewering doesn't have enough resonance, to make this a great movie, or even a good one.

    What separates a black comedy like this from a classic like Dr. Strangelove? Sharper writing, better performances, and subtlety. War Inc. is about as subtle as its pop icon Yonica's hip-gyrating "I want to blow you... UP!" musical performance. This movie is as subtle as a train wreck. Better luck next time, Cusack & Cusack. ...more info
  • A good Cusack movie, worth seeing
    "War, Inc." is a good, solid John Cusack movie, but that's about it. It's not as funny or as political as I had hoped. Most of the funniest bits are in the trailer. The storyline is predictable but the writing is good.

    The performances are fine, and Marisa Tomei is irresistible on every level. Hillary Duff's character has a scene with a scorpion that, like Princess Leia's slave outfit in "Return of the Jedi," will haunt any hetero male's imagination for a long time.

    Worth seeing....more info