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Studio: Paramount Home Video Release Date: 12/26/2008

The "cell phone thriller" is becoming a genre unto itself, and Eagle Eye should be considered a key example of the form. Frankly preposterous but compulsively watchable, this movie puts Shia LaBeouf in a mess of trouble instigated by a mysterious telephone voice. If he doesn't follow orders, dire things will happen--although when he does follow orders, the consequences are pretty dire, anyway. Also being blackmailed is a single mom (Michelle Monaghan) receiving similar phone calls. Why are they being jerked around by the purring female voice, and why is the road leading to Washington, D.C.? Actually, you won't have time to contemplate these questions, because director D.J. Caruso (who guided LaBeouf in Disturbia) keeps the action going at the customary breakneck pace. This is a wise move, because the real questions you'd likely be asking have to do with the plausibility of events on a minute-by-minute basis (most notably: how could Mysterious Phone Voice possibly know that the two pigeons would survive the hoops she makes them fly through, each one more death-defying than the last?). The actors tumble through this mayhem like scattering bowling pins, including Billy Bob Thornton and Rosario Dawson as government agents. Nobody has time to make much of an impression, and LaBeouf has much less room for puppydog charm than he did in Disturbia. Even that would be all right within the movie's berserk parameters, but the really irritating thing is the way the tacked-on final scenes reverse what would have been a heroic climax. No guts, no glory. --Robert Horton

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Customer Reviews:

  • Wamp Wamp....
    Terrible movie, saw it in theatres. Shi laBeof was good in Disturbia, but that doesn't mean he should play the exact same charecter the rest of his life...Plot is boring and extremely predictable, do not waste your time......more info
  • Pleased
    The movie is great and I received it expeditiously. I am pleased with my purchase....more info
  • Eye, Robot
    Is Shia LeBeouf in too many movies? He sure is in a lot these days. I guess that I'm just getting old and I don't see the "coolness" in this guy. Or maybe I'm just tired of seeing and hearing the same personality in every movie that he's in. That's not acting. Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight...now THAT'S acting.

    Anyway, the first movie that I really noticed LeBeouf in, albeit briefly, was I, Robot. And what a coincidence!...LeBeouf is now in a movie called Eagle Eye that steals the underlying principle of I, Robot. The rip-off was simply blatant to me. I don't want to spoil Eagle Eye for you if you're determined to see it, but, man, if you've not seen I, Robot and you're on the fence about Eagle Eye...just go with I, Robot.

    Eagle Eye has LeBeouf in the role of an ordinary guy that is suddenly thrust into the position of defending our national security...just like he was in Transformers. And like in Transformers, in Eagle Eye LeBeouf magically "transforms" into a super-soldier that can handle almost any situation. But it ain't easy being a super-soldier when you're up against a foe that can use anything...I mean ANYTHING...with a lens or something that can pick up sound waves to eavesdrop in on you're every move.

    Making a very good movie is certainly not beyond Eagle Director DJ Caruso; he just seems to prefer over the top lately. Eagle Eye is so far over the top it's at the bottom of the other side. Caruso's last movie, Disturbia, (that also starred LeBeouf) wasn't as far-fetched, but it was still over the top. However, Taking Lives showed that Caruso has it in him to put out a better film.

    Joining LeBeouf is a pretty decent cast, including Billy Bob Thornton and Michael Chiklis. But the good cast doesn't come close to making up for how unrealistic Eagle Eye is by the time it's all said and done.

    Like I said before: Eagle Eye is very similar to I, Robot...except I, Robot was very good...Eagle Eye isn't! Go with I, Robot.
    ...more info
  • Another rehash of Kubrick and 2001
    What is this, the 5000th remake of 2001: A Space Odyssey? "Open the pod bay doors, Hal. Hal . . . Open the pod bay doors." Even last summer's WallE was derivative of 2001, in exactly the same way. Can't someone in Hollywood be bothered to have an original thought? Apparently not.

    The whole premise is idiotic. Computers do what they are programmed to do. Humans are the problem. Humans are ALWAYS the problem. To paraphrase Shakespeare, "The Fault, dear Hollywood screenwriter, lies not in our computers, but in ourselves."...more info
  • Pretty Good
    This movie has been done before, but it is still an okay action adventure about a man and woman who start receiving strange phone messages from an unknown female.

    The concept itself is great, the unseen voice tells Jerry Shaw (Shia LaBeouf) and Rachel Holloman (Michelle Monaghan) to do rather extreme things, such as jumping out of windows or racing through streets, and is able to manipulate external factors around them so they do not get maimed, with some unknown plot behind it all.

    There is a strong tip off as to part of it early on in the movie at a funeral home, but otherwise the movie works well for the first half, then it falls down a bit as what is going on is unraveled and ultimately when the plot is revealed (or you figure it out) one rather famous sci-fi movie is VERY evident.

    This is not to say that recurring themes in mmovies are to be avoided, it is difficult to find very new and creative movies. And in fact Eagle Eye does have many good points and does some of these themes very well. The first half of the movie was done well enough that the lesser parts can be slightly forgiven.

    If it held up more along the way it could have been excellant, but it still winds up being pretty good and entertaining in its own right....more info
  • could it be?
    There is edge of your seat action, intrigue, you name it. It well written, well acted and in the back of your mind, you ask if it could be and how long in the future. Take it on it's own terms and you should enjoy it, try to read too much into it and you can spend your time analyzing it to death. ...more info
  • Really Good!!
    I watched this movie, not expecting to see something awesome, just something okay. But boy was I wrong! "Eagle Eye" is a very thrilling thriller (hence the name!) starring Shia LeBeouf and Michelle Monagan. I know some people don't like the former but I think he's a very good actor and was good in "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull."
    Anyway, Eagle Eye delivers an extremely fast-paced film that starts up and then never slows 'til the end. It's very interesting to watch and has a lot of relevance to current events.
    If you're a fan of Shia, like thrillers such as this, or just want to watch a good movie, you can't go wrong by watching "Eagle Eye." ...more info
  • No Charisma - None!
    Why is Shia Leboff being placed in so many movies? He has zero charisma and awful hair....more info
  • Great Action Flick
    It was a little slow getting started but, then it really got rolling.
    I would watch it again....more info
  • Eagle Eye
    Shia LaBeouf did it again. What a great movie! I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. This is a great teenage movie. I would not recommend this for children because of the violence and the plot might be too hard for a child to understand. Hence, the PG-13 rating!
    Eagle Eye [Blu-ray]...more info
    This was a really good movie! I recommend you rent it and download it to get the best quality because the roku thing sometimes sucks if you don't have an hd laptop (or PC) because even with a high-speed cable modem like mine, the gigs don't support it and it gets choppy, but when I downloaded it instead, it worked awesome! Amazon rocks! Eff netflix! I'm using amazon every chance I get! I love you Amazon! And Shia LaBeouf is pretty frickin good in this. I don't usually go for these types of movies, but it is pretty good. It's no Minority Report, but it IS very thoroughly entertaining! I highly recommend it if you like the thriller "don't know what's going on until the end" kind of movie. Sit back and enjoy with friends or a date - they will enjoy!...more info
  • Boy, Have We Seen This Movie Before
    Lots of spoilers here, but then, isn't this movie just a pastiche of a hundred others?

    Billy Bob channels Tommy Lee after Harrison Ford. Shia a scruffier Matt. When computers go bad, but this time with a creepy female voice. And don't forget, speaking of bad, The Patriot Act. Hundreds of Chicago police cars in spectacular pileups. Drones destroy with incredible accuracy. We're all being watched, we're all being monitored and it's all a seamless net of spying. Overachieving brother, slacker brother just waiting for his moment. And, of course, father finally recognizes slacker gold.

    How does it all end? The usual way, cleaning the couch of popcorn kernels still in the grasp of a pleasant mindless buzz. ...more info
  • Transformers meets Bourne Identity
    There's a very short, fairly lame, making of featurette on this DVD. At one point somebody says, we wanted to make the action real, we wanted people to live the action, we wanted people to remember the action in this fim.

    Well, action you get. Acting and story, you don't. Yes the chase scenes are amazing, there's some hair raising action. It all looks like another LaBeouf movie, Transformers, without the really cool CG effects or robots. So that does make these chase scenes lame or cool, depending on what you like.

    Story, well you don't get much. This film tried to be a Bourne Identity mystery. Instead, it's just another silly potboiler thriller. It tries to be all Washington DC, consipracy theory, all seeing movie. Sadly there are so many moments where the shark jumps, it's impossible to believe any of the nonsense that goes on. There just isn't enough space to call out all the non-sequitors in this film. It's actually like many reviewers have said, Shia, why didn't you just let those calls go to voice mail? Unknown caller? You don't answer those calls.

    Oh there are some really mornonic homages to 2001 A Space Odessy. Aria, the evil computer, has a red ball that looks like Hal's. She discovers the plot against her through wave patterns in a coffee cup. They try to dismantle her by removing her memory banks. She uses a crane to wipe people away. It's all too awful really. 2001 was a fabulous movie, it's sad when a piece of not so good film making does things like this.

    Shia is really tiresome in this film. He's done nothing of note since Holes (Holes (Full Screen Edition)). It's very hard to take him the least bit seriously. Billy Bob Thorton is decent in this film, be he's also hit that stupid stride with his music playing. And it just seems to rub off in this film. He jumped character way too often. The only bright star, Michelle Monaghan, and only because she is beautiful to look at. Acting-wise, well some decent moments in this film.

    Technically, yes it was well shot. Yes we learn in that Making Of featurette that the car crashes were "real", they avoided CG as much as they could. And that is supposed to make the movie more thrilling and "real." Oh just give me back the CG, there was nothing all that special about the crashes. In fact the tunnel crash of the truck flying in the air - I couldn't understand how that airplane, with very little clearance, didn't crash right into that truck. Real or not, the slo-mo was way over used.

    This film is about 45 minutes too long. You could very easily run this film at 4x speed during the conversations and actually miss very little of the plot line. The chases were fine, about the right length. All the nonsense inbetween, cut it away.

    The single disc DVD has really bad deleted scenes. They all belong in the garbage can. There were only 4 scenes, one of which, I found hard to figure out what was different from the film. The making of featurette is around 4 minutes long, and is moderately interesting.

    Rate PG-13, violence, some strong language here and there. No nudity. No sensual scenes at all. It's a very chaste film. But, a ton of stuff gets blown up and crashed.

    Just didn't care for this film very much. The chase scenes were fine. The rest, trash can. Don't waste your time, watch the Bourne series over again, it's time better spent....more info
  • familiar plot
    I get the feeling I've seen this plot before. Very similar to the movie "I Robot" and extremely similar to Isaac Asimovs robot series novel. Great action throughout but 'same old same old'.
    ...more info
    ...more info
  • My mom said...
    My mom told me that if I don't have anything nice to say, I shouldn't say anything.

    ....more info
  • Great, Action-packed movie!!!
    This was a great movie!! Great effects and acting!! Action-packed, well worth watching! Shia you rock!!! Great actor! ...more info
  • High paced Action!!
    The scary side of technology.We are there already so it is not such a stretch to think this could happen today.Great on-the edge-of-your-seat thriller.BUY!...more info
  • Superduper
    Exciting from the first moment thru the last shots! Non-stop, blood boiling thrills with Shia La Boeuf on his adventures to find out the source of his brother's death....more info
  • Entirely believable
    In the same tradition as Enemy of the State, this thriller was one of the best movies I have seen in a long time. I really enjoyed the blending of existing technology and the further step this film took. For all of those out there saying the technology in this movie is bogus, YOU ARE WRONG!! I have seen this technology with my own eyes and it does exist. I am refering to the tracking systems located in Department of Defense holdings. What is amazing to me was the intricate plot that the movie had. Anyone who thinks that this world of surveillance does not exist is living in a fantasy. Can someone say PATRIOT ACT??? But it was a cool movie with great action. I was glued to the screen in a way that I haven't been in a long time. Also a good film to display the great quality of your HD home theater. What else can I say, of all the newer movies out right now this is one you should buy. ...more info
  • I, Robot meets North by Northwest meets Terminator II meets The Man Who Knew Too Much
    Eagle Eye is based on a Spielberg concept and executive produced by him. Spielberg is famous for successfully incorporating technical elements from famous films and directors into his own films but never quite developing his characters equal to the masters. Taking a cue from Spielberg, director D.J. Caruso has decided to shoot a film that is virtually all action and has virtually no character development. Take Shia LaBeouf's character, 'Jerry Shaw'. LaBeouf's plays him over the top, constantly angry and fighting with everybody, starting with his father (who he hates), spurning his offer to pay his tuition and return to college at Stanford where he had dropped out two years earlier. There is virtually nothing likable about our protagonist from the beginning! When a secret Department of Defense computer named Aria goes berserk and deposits over $700,000 into Shaw's bank account and then dumps a cache of terrorists' weapons in his apartment, leading to his arrest by the FBI, Shaw has to figure out who has set him up. He ends up escaping from the FBI's clutches with the help of the computer and then being paired with Michelle Monaghan who plays 'Rachel Holloman', a divorced single mother.

    Jerry and Rachel are ordered about by this computer under pain of death to go to and fro to all kinds of crazy locations, fulfilling the computer's various commands that don't seem to have a discernible purpose. The computer stays in contact with our two protagonists by all means of computer connected gadgetry (principally cell phones) but also at times through electronic devices (such as LCD screens at the subway) that are not ostensibly connected to computers. At first Jerry and Rachel are yelling at each other all the time but gradually come to realize that they have been victimized by a common enemy. In addition to surviving numerous car chases (which are edited so poorly, it's often impossible to know what's going on), they suddenly find the moxie to disarm armored truck guards. Meanwhile, they're being chased by an FBI agent played by an unhealthy looking Billy Bob Thornton who injects no humor, charm or wit into the role. The same goes for Zoe Perez who plays a Department of Defense investigator who eventually discovers why the computer has gone berserk. It seems that the computer has decided to eliminate the President and his underlings after the Military fails to heed its advice to abort a mission to kill a terrorist utilizing a drone somewhere in Afghanistan (or some nearby terrorist haven). The computer was 'locked' at the last second by Shaw's twin brother who mysteriously dies in a car accident at the beginning of the movie. The computer needs Jerry to unlock the command and eventually summons him to her lair.

    Eagle Eye borrows heavily from superior films such as I, Robot and Terminator II where the protagonist must disable the computer to keep it from committing its nefarious acts. I can't remember the exact manner in which Zoe Perez actually disables "Aria" here in Eagle Eye but the computer 'takedown' by Will Smith and Arnold Schwarzenegger in their respective films is much more exciting and sophisticated than what is depicted here.

    In an awkward tribute to Hitchcock's "The Man Who Knew Too Much", Shia is given the Jimmy Stewart part where he must prevent Rachel's son from hitting a high note while playing the Star Spangled Banner on his trumpet at the White House. The note will trigger an explosion that will eliminate the US chain of command from the President on down (In "The Man Who Knew Too Much", Jimmy Stewart must prevent the assassination of a world leader while a symphony orchestra also hits a 'high note--masking the sound of the assassin's bullet). In addition to LaBeouf's one-note performance, my main problem with the film was that I couldn't understand why such a logical entity as a computer would be so illogical in constructing such a convoluted plot to accomplish its goals. What's surprising about Eagle Eye is that it actually starts out realistically (the botched terrorist strike actually looks like something that could happen!). I understand that action-adventure films aren't supposed to be 'realistic' but shouldn't they conform to some kind of internal logical? Unfortunately, logic is almost completely lacking here.

    ...more info
  • Action Entertainment
    I have always liked action/adventure shows and this one doesn't disappoint. Shia is rapidly becoming one of the sought after action guys and is doing well. One of the things I like about Shia is ... he's different ... and that's good. Hasn't perhaps found his exact niche yet (like Daniel Craig found James Bond), but will. Michelle Monaghan is not only beautiful, she is also outstanding in a role like this and has, no doubt, raised many producer eyebrows as to her career capabilities. The story is way out there, but entertains and that's what this is all about....more info
  • Please leave your phone number and i'll cal back...
    I did hesitate to get-it, 3.5 star, the transformer dude in it, well it's a Spielberg movie, it can't be that bad, I find a special, I did get it use for almost noting. I did put it on my monster entertainments center and I couldn't sit comfortably deep in to my chair. The movie keeps e me on the edge of my chair almost the all time. Well it's not like transformer but it's a most see. Spielberg did-it again. Man I wish there was movies like that coming out every week. Na it would be too expensive.
    Excellent story maybe kind of dj-vue but so well done I couldn't see it coming, nice acting, allot of fast action, no time to think, non stop just do-it or die.

    I don't know why this movie didn't get a lease 4.5 star and be a block-buster. I recommend-it to anyone who like allot of action, suspense, perfectly acted and put together by a master in the field. I can care less of critics this is a good movie. I should get it in blue-ray, it's that good....more info
  • Subliminal message
    "Eagle Eye" doesn't deserve the thrashing it got at the critics' hands, although at first sight, it certainly seems to. On the one hand, it's more like "2001"'s HAL gone postal on a national scale; and on the other, ARIIA is the voice of We, The People, as she stated in the story. In "2001", HAL did what he did based on what he knew and what he thought was best for the mission. Here, ARIIA also takes over for the purpose of protecting the Constitution and actually obeying it: when the executive branch endangers the nation, it becomes nil and void. The only problem is ARIIA took the violent route and became the villain through its destructiveness. Instead, she should have used her power to broadcast the opening scene of the story on the nation's TV screens everywhere and have patriots stand up to the executive peacefully. That would have been a true tour de force on the part of the movie makers. ...more info
  • OK But Too Far Fetched
    It's an ok movie with a bit of a tired story. Though it is moderately entertaining if you can look past haw rediciously far-fetched it is....more info