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  • truly a classic
    One of my favorite old time movies. Chevy Chase is a sometimes oblivious but loving father taking his family on a vacation to a theme park in California. A lot of wacky things happen along the way and while visiting relatives. The acting is superb and the writing is fun. This is a great family movie and one for your collection of dvd's. ...more info
  • One of the greatest movies of the 80's!
    Got this movie for my Husband for his birthday. It's one of his all time favorite movies and couldn't believe I found it for him!! Amazon has all what you are looking for and you can't beat the free shipping!...more info
  • Hay Wire
    National Lampoon's Vacation is one wild incredible movie. It is an insane mixture of side-splitting humor and unnerving adventure. Chevy Chase plays the part of the con-man father. Other actors include Beverly D'Angelo, Randy Quaid, Dana Barron, Micahel Hall, John Candy, Imogene Coca, and Christie Brinkley.

    There is one ridiculous scene after another as the family travels down the road to their vacation destination: the girl stirring the punch with her hand, the hamburgers with no meat, the biting dog, Aunt Edna in her hair rollers, the disaster in the desert, the dip in the pool. The fun goes on and on. Then there is the grande finale.

    This movie made millions. It's classic comedy -- a real hoot. Don't miss it.
    ...more info
  • One wild and crazy vacation that is well worth taking...
    As one would gather from my review of `Caddy Shack', there is just some humor that, while achieving much praise and cult status, I just don't really get. You'd expect that since I was not a huge fan of `Caddy Shack' that I also would find `National Lampoons Vacation' to be a bit of an overpraised comedy, but what you fail to realize is that Chevy Chase was my favorite thing about `Caddy Shack' and when you strip away everything I didn't really like about the golfing spectacle you are left with `Vacation', a film that I can very much enjoy.

    The film tells the story of the Griswold family as they attempt to travel cross-country to visit the amusement park Wally World. Along the way they meet with many obstacles that strain their relationships and prevent them from attaining their end goal, of having fun. They meet up with oddball relatives who hit them up for money. They get stuck transporting a crotchety old woman to another relative's home. They break down, break up, fight, make up, get lost, endanger their lives and pretty much fall into every type of hazardous condition imaginable and yet nothing compares to what happens when they actually make it to their destination!

    All of this is propelled by the hilarious performances by the cast, Chevy Chase in particular. As the everyman Clark Griswold, Chase develops a comical version of ourselves and this is a joy to watch. As he races up alongside the babe in the convertible, giving her the eye while his wife is asleep we can see what is running through his mind. Does he want to cheat? No. Does he like the idea of having the opportunity? Of course he does. Beverly D'Angelo is also wonderful as Ellen. She is the right sort of counterbalance to Chase's breed of humor and she helps ground the film and makes it more relatable. Imogene Coca is hysterical as the crazy Aunt Edna and Randy Quaid as a memorable cameo as bumpkin Cousin Eddie.

    The antics that happen are outrageous and at times even ridiculous (Aunt Edna on the hood of the car = laugh riot), but it never feels that extreme because we are so wrapped up in that `this could really happen' phase. We see so much of our own family within the Griswold clan that everything they experience feels that much more believable.

    Well, some may find it baffling that I enjoy this film so thoroughly yet found much to dislike in `Caddy Shack'. What can I say; they are too very different movies that leave me feeling very differently. The acting here is much more consistent in my opinion, as are the jokes and gags. I found myself laughing out loud here as apposed to concealing a halfhearted chuckle. I have not seen the other `Vacation' films, and I hear that they are not as good, but I'm definitely going to check them out because this one is a real keeper....more info
  • Very Funny Movie!!
    This is such a great movie. Chevy Chase is really funny in it. Actually all of the people in it are great. If you like funny movies this is one for you. All of the Vacation movies are funny. The one I really like is Christmas Vacation. The price isn't bad either....more info
  • 5-star movie, 2-star DVD!
    Probably my favorite comedy movie of all time. I've waited years for this to come out in widescreen DVD, and while Warners did an admirable job in the picture transfer, they failed again, as usual, in the extras and packaging departments. I mean, how many complaints do they have to get about their cheap cardboard snapcases before they get the point?! Their perennial classics, like this masterpiece, deserve better. Judging from the amount of time this movie spends on cable, they've obviously made enough cash on this flick to afford a nice, simple plastic DVD package. As for the extras - spare me! Where's the "making-of" feature? The out-takes? The behind-the-scenes featurette? A few piddling cast interviews and commentary are simply not enough for a 20th anniversary edition of such a fan favorite as this!!...more info
    Chevy Chase was once a funny guy. Now on DVD in a widescreen format, NATIONAL LAMPOON'S VACATION: 20th Anniversary Edition (Warner Home Video), the best of the Vacation flicks crackles with insane humor. Chase is at his prime in this subversive, dark, cynical and very funny portrayal of a desperate dad hell-bent on taking his family on a crazed road trip to Wally World amusement park in the hopes of fulfilling some demented psychological need. Best extra is the inspired commentary by the actors who play the grizzled Griswold family (along with director Harold Ramis). Recommended....more info
  • Best Movie ever made!
    In my opinion this is the funniest movie of all time. I am a huge fan. After you watch this one you will surely want the movies that followed. I encourage you to buy all of them you won't regret.

    1. National Lampoons Vacation
    2. National Lampoons European Vacation
    3. National Lampoons Christmas Vacation
    4. Vegas Vacation

    This one is the best but the rest are not far behind. Every one of these movies are hilarious. Chevy Chase is the funniest man on the earth. If you only had these four DVD's you would be happy for the rest of my life. You will watch these over and over again and never get tired of them. You will become an instant fan. This is a good start but get yourself the whole collection!!...more info

  • I'm whistling Zippity-Do Da out my...........
    It doesn't seem very fair that this movie was never available in letterbox until now, BUT I WILL buy this movie now and I'll have so much fun I WILL be whistling Zippity-Do-Da! Hail Marty Moose! Now what am I gonna do with my Full Screen DVD?...more info
  • First of Griswald Vacations...the BEST
    When I was first introduced to to National Lampoon's Vacations, I first saw Christmas Vacation and thought it was great. We then rented "National Lampoon's Vacation" and thought it was funny as hell! Chevy Chase is funny with his jokes and his looking at the hottie (Christie Brinklie) in the Red Corrvette! Beverly D'Angelo as Ellen Griswald is just as funny. The appearence of the memorable John Candy is hysterical. Imogene Cocoa and Randy Quaid are terribly funny. Wally World, d--n I wish it was real!!!...more info
  • Excellent American Comedy!
    One of my all time favourites, Chevy Chase was born for this role! It's not your typical "in your face" American comedy, it takes a different, darker slant to humour. The DVD is fine, the audio is Dolby 1.0 but here in Australia we've been graced with an anamorphic widescreen version. I wonder why Region 1 copped a full screen version?...more info
  • Chevy Chase at his best
    I loved this comedy. In fact, my ex-wife's family was alot like the Griswolds. This comedy is packed with lots of laughs and I'm sure anyone who's ever taken a family vacation by car can appreciate some aspect of this film. I highly recommed it....more info
  • Great film, but a bad dvd
    This is in my top comedies list, but this is a poor dvd transfer. Since I've worn out two vhs versions, and dvd doesn't deteriorate, and it's fairly cheap, I am happy I bought this disc. Sort of.

    Video: 2/5:Although it is better than vhs (slightly), the grain is too excessive at times.
    Audio: 1/5: Needs serious restoration. Awful fidelity, and too strident. And the mono sound is not my cup of tea.
    Special Features: 1/5 Really noting, unless you like trailers and still photos.
    DVD: 4/15 total. Needs to be re-released, and where are those missing scenes? Some are chooped up, so the dvd runs like a tv version.

    A great film to see, but watch the unedited one on tape. Thank you for taking the time to read my review and God Bless America!...more info

  • Comedy Classic--Chevy Chase at his best!
    First of the Vacation movies is by far the best. Truly original and very funny. I was laughing so hard the first time I saw this I hurt myself. Film chronicles the summer vacation of Clark Griswald and family on their sojourn from Chicago--the Windy City--to WallyWorld, California--a ficticious amusement park, sort of a cross between Disneyland and 6 Flags Magic Mountain (where the park sequences were filmed). The hard working and earnest Clark decides to take his family in the "family truckster" to California, making the pilgrimage to everyone's favorite amusement park, WallyWorld. Every calamity imaginable happens along the way, e.g., wife Bev Dangelo loses her suitcase containing birth control devices, an aunt dies, the aunt's poor dog is left tied to the back of the car, the car is wrecked. However, along the way we get to see Bev Dangelo naked in the shower, Clark's fling with Christie Brinkley, and many historic and amusing sites along the way. John Candy has a great cameo at the end of the film. Film is funny from beginning to end....more info
  • Just Like Then....
    I laughed until I cried. Just like it was my first time veiwing this movie. This is my favorite of the vacations movies. Chevy Chase is just delightful. When he will stop at nothing to show his family a good time. DVD quality is excelent too. Great Buy....more info
  • One of the best!!
    Hands down, one of the best comedies of the 80's. Chevy was at his best and director Harold Ramis was on a role. (Caddyshack and Stripes.)
    Many cuts and versions are out there but the truest I've seen, so far, is the anniversary edition. It's in widescreen (I've heard matted/cropped,not sure, but??), nice 5.1 mix, some decent special features but where are all those deleted scenes and the alternate ending?
    Plus, a big [..] I have. "I'm so exited" was the song played when Christie Brinkley pulls along side Chevy(Clark Griswald) in the original. Why, still is "Little boy sweet" a song also by the Pointer Sisters used instead?? Both songs were used in the movie. The latter in the truckstop sceen where Chevy eats the pissed on sandwhich.
    Is the copyright on that song that expensive to get it??

    Dunno. Great movie. Lotta fun.
    Best DVD of it yet. Agreed??...more info
  • Possibly the king of 80's slapstick comedy
    What can I say about Vacation that hasn't already been said? It gave birth to a thousand quotes, made Chevy, Randy Quaid, John Candy and Anthony Michael-Hall all stars.

    If you like articulate or less obvious humour, you won't find Vacation at all funny. If, like me you find stuff like Caddyshack, Bachelor Party and The Burbs funny but haven't yet seen Vacation, do yourself a serious favour and get it. ...more info
  • What's your idea of family fun?
    Vacation is the funniest movie i have ever seen. Chevy Chase and Anthony Michael Hall are great together. I have seen this movie probably about a million times, it never gets old or boring, never loses its brilliance. I think i have every line mesmerized. I love it, i remember watching this movie when i was a little girl, i would just laugh my head off til tears formed my eyes. The Griswald's are coolest family in film history. All Clark wants to do is take is family to Walley World for a nice vacation and see some great sites along the way, but things do not go as planned. A great family movie but it does have nudity so be forewarned. Even the late John Candy is in the movie as a fumbling, idiot security guard at the amusement park. Timeless, funny, and hysterically wicked, Vacation will have you gasping for air like a ninny. ...more info
  • Some trivia for true Vacation fans!
    In 1983, I was 20 and working as an usher at a movie theater that seated 1000 in San Diego. Hollywood used to test a lot of movies there and one nite, the original "Vacation" was premiering for the first time before a test audience.
    I saw a few movies that were tested there, but I never saw such a great reaction as that nite for "Vacation". The audience completely roared from start to finish.
    (By contrast, when the Steve Martin movie "The Man with 2 Brains" tested there, there was little audience reaction, and I saw Steve Martin leave 10 minutes before the movie ended looking very dejected.)
    During "Vacation", I had to go behind the screen to get supplies and I couldn't believe how freekin' loud the laughter was from the crowd!
    When the movie ended, I was outside setting up cones and Director Harold Ramis rushed past with an attractive woman on his arm. Like an idiot, I yelled, "Hey Harold, I loved you in "Stripes"!!!" He turned and smiled and waved at me, he seemed like a nice guy.
    ...more info
  • Classic
    This is a fantastic comedy. Though it is over 20 years old, it still holds up remarkably well. It is one of those movies like Caddyshack in which you might not remember it line for line, but you can rattle off nearly a dozen or so parts that made you laugh. The special edition is not so special, but the movie itself is 5 stars....more info
  • Son, take Dinky for a walk. -But he bites Dad!- Bite him back!
    One of the best comedies ever to be placed on the silver screen. One mans quest to give his family the ultimate vacation, only to find out their destination is closed,(Wally World....similar to Six Flags), Clark takes matters in his own hands for his familys sake, they think he is going nuts, the audience also agrees with that. The scenes that lead to the conclusion are blueprint Sat. Night Live material, funny, genious, and side splitting. Chevy was the man in the days, miss seeing him on film, Fletch, X-mas Vacation, Caddyshack, etc. We are introduced to cousin Eddie for a brief moment, but he steals the show. In X-mas vacation his role is much bigger and your smile will hurt after watching him preform. They just don't make films like this anymore, slap on the National Lampoons title and people exspect greatness, not any more, Van Wilder sucked and many others too. Check out Chevy at his best, possibly cocaine motivated, so what, he is awesome. Harold Ramis rocks also, check out Stripes and Caddyshack. Classic comedys that will make potential screewriters think of how can we come up with someting to this caliber, they can't, it has been done. Chevy rules, the God of S.N.L....more info
  • National Lampoon's Vacation (20th Anniversary SE)
    What can I say Chevy Chase Rocks and this movie is a Riot.
    Funny from start to finish. Don't own it buy it! Own it watch it again! Just don't laugh yourself to death.

    Ijamsville, MD...more info
  • One Of The Funniest Movies Ever And A Perfect Road Movie
    This 1983 comedy gem is one of the funniest movies ever made. Along with "...Christmas Vacation", 1983's
    "National Lampoon's Vacation" is the best in the National Lampoon movie franchise, as well as the best and funniest movie that Chevy Chase ever did.

    The plot revolves around an all - American family man named Clark Griswald (Chase) who takes his wife (Beverly D'Angelo) and his two kids (Anthony Michael Hall, Dana Barron) on a cross country road trip from Chicago to California to go to the world famous amusement park Walley World". Everything has been planned, all the essential stuff is packed, and everything is about to go wrong. It's Murphy's Law through the whole trip, as anything you can think of happens - death, car trouble, loss of baggage. Not to mention a visit to white trash cousin Eddie (Randy Quaid) and his crude kin (including a very young "Ally Macbeal" star Jane Krakowski), the addition of Aunt Edna (Imogene Coca), and, of course, Christie Brinkley. Ah, Billy Joel, you lucky, lucky man. All this plus cameos from Eugene Levy, Brian Doyle-Murray and John Candy.

    The extras are very entertaining. You get the standard extras (no original theatrical trailer), but they are all very entertaining, and this film is worth getting even without extras. A must see movie....more info
  • Lots Of Funny Stuff; Outstanding
    I've seen this movie many times. It's pretty darn good. Few comedies are better actually. Laughs at the beginning, middle, and end, with some good theme music too. Still, even with little to no identifiable flaws, I don't see it as quite making the five star list of perfection. It's very tough for a comedy to get there.

    The movie starts off with Clark Griswald's car getting smashed. Ouch. So he's forced into buying a piece of junk as a replacement. Funny already. They really want to go to Wally World, which sounds like a very cool place. Heck, I'm just as excited about Wally Wold as them. They stop by and visit some loser relatives, and Randy Quaid says two of my favorite quotes ever when they do. He says, "I don't know why they call this stuff Hamburger Helper. It does just fine by itself." Then when he asks Clark for money, and Clark asks how much, he says, "About 52,000 dollars." That man really needs a job.

    The movie remains unpredictable throughout. Then they finally get to Wally World, and there's a great chariots of fire type scene when they arrive. Turns out the theme park is closed. So the movie still remains unpredictable. Clark snaps, and it's funny. The film concludes with a happy ending, and the credits show as a song entitled, "Dancin' Cross the USA" plays.

    This film is a must-see. Still, it's rated R, so you have to be older to see it. Maybe that's why I didn't give it 5 stars. I'm tough on the R rated movies, even though I thought the Beverly D'Angelo shower scene was a plus....more info
  • Not Your Ordinary Chevy...
    For as much as Peter Sellers embodies countenancial dynamicism, sir Chevy Chase is every bit the dynamo witty zing-slinger. This movie's "got it all" (echoes of Dudely Moore in another Chevy classic "Foul Play), and it picks up right from the get go. No exposition (thrusting viewers all over the place in time past flattens a movie's start), no disposition (OK I lied), and a lot of BS! Who's life doesn't wallow after the beat of this different drum? The Holiday Road musical theme is treating and really allows Vacation to take the feel of a commonplace, balls-to-the-walls family vacaction. Family Truckster's were all the rave then; damn SUV's straight to Schwarznegger's garage! "Dad this isn't the car u ordered." "Please Rusty...Ed, this is not the car I ordered!" Where is there anything like this in today's comedy? Sure News Radio did one heck of job reviving sly but tactful remarks - then again a cast of Phil Hartman, Dave Foley and Andy Dick has been unmatched since. Clark Griswold, a man who plans a trip with PacMan spirit demons chasing, sleeps behind his family's wheel, has hubcabs stolen beneath his nose, and finally nearly takes a bullet in Dodge City Kansas from a supposed-to-be Wyatt Earp drinks-server turned lawman, yes Mr. Griswold has it all together, just as cross-country roadtrips require. After dealing with cousin Eddie and aunt Edna...well...Edna trails along, dieing on the her way to Phoenix with her little dog too, who also get's, shall we say, "skidmarked." - "Ewww. Mom, Aunt Edna just breathed on me. A dead person breathed on me!" Clark's eulogizing Aunt Edna brought teardrops to the eye, from laughter: "Barughata...Allelujah. Please Lord I implore you. Give, give her a break." The family starts begging Clark to head back home, tired of his obsession of getting to WallyWorld. Clark responds in kind: "You wanna know what I think? I think you're all F#@$ed in the head!" Favourite part of the movie comes when Clark looses his clutch on marrital affairs (close 2nd is the vibrating bed scene when Chevy points toward the restroom with Ellen's braw in hand - "Kids, go to bed. Rusty, the bed was very...soft.").
    Clark overlooking pool - "Oh her? Huh, she's a pool waitress...I was just getting you, your mom, audrey some...some fish."
    Rusty nearby - "Did she take your order, dad?"
    Clark's reply - "Ya. She took my order. Ya."
    Oh ho ho, what a scene! Throughout this and all of Chevy's major roles (Caddyshack, Christmas Vaccation, Fletch) he has a delivery and mixture of facial "twitches," plus just the right alteration of pitch and stare to make you think he's really talking to you. What else can be said for Chevy Chase, he has no peer, and no one makes me laugh quite the same. Back to the Griswolds, their arrival at WallyWorld fun park ends bittersweet. First Clark overhand righting Marty Moose, then purchasing the first family gun..."No it isn't!"...leads to Clark's armed takeover, holding John Candy at gunpoint.
    "Sit. Heel. Roll Over." were Clark's ensuing words to the guardsman. Again, having Candy at BB-gunpoint, Clark ensures the family is going to ride "the big ones." Do they ever. DO THEY EVER. Thanks for the ride Chevy Chase! ...more info
  • Classic
    VACATION focusses on a family road trip holiday to a fun park, and all the mishaps that occur along the way. At times, we can all relate to some of the things that occur. What is so magic about VACATION is the excellent characters (Rusty, Clark, Aunt Edna) and the places they visit. It is a classic for all the right reasons ie. there are many rewatch factor scenes, and one-liners.
    DVD SUMMARY - Originally released as a pan/scan DVD in Region 1 (USA), but now saved by a widescreen Special DVD Edition (even with its minimal extras) in that region. Fortunately I bought the original Australian DVD release which had it in widescreen, so I will just hang on to that copy. AS reviewers have stated, the new Special Edition isn't full of extras....more info
  • Take a ride in the Griswold family truckster!
    One of the funniest movies of all time, National Lampoon's Vacation tells the story of a bungling middle-class man's quest to provide his family with the ultimate family vacation. Complete with a series of laughable diversions along the way, and great casting that provides for a number of hilarious supporting characters, Vacation is a cult comedy classic. Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo form the perfect married couple comedy duo with a banter that is simply magical, and the comic screenplay is well-written with sequence of never-ending laughter...

    When Clark Griswold (Chevy Chase) decides to take his Chicago family on a trip to Wally World, his wife Ellen (Beverly D'Angelo), along with kids Rusty (Anthony Michael Hall) and Audrey (Dana Barron), try to convince him they should fly. But Clark is intent on taking the new "family truckster" (a brand new lemon he recently purchased) on a cross country drive so as to "see America" along the way. Clark wins the argument, and the family sets off on a nefarious and unforgettable excursion across the Fruited Plain. With a non-stop series of disasters - beginning in the driveway - the Griswold family struggles to deal with hubcap thieves, their Cousin Eddie, vibrating hotel beds, a dead aunt, a tortured dog, and Clark's insistence on viewing the world's largest pile of dirt.

    When the Griswolds finally reach the end destination of Wally World, Clark and Rusty race to the entrance against the background music for "Chariots of Fire". But to Clark's dismay, Wally World's notable moose character informs them that Wally World is closed for repairs. Flying off the handle, and intent on giving his family the best vacation ever, Clark takes his family on the ride of their lives...

    Sporting hilarious supporting appearances by Randy Quaid, John Candy, and supermodel Christie Brinkley (a Ferrari-driving blonde whose infatuation with Clark threatens to breakup the Griswold marriage), National Lampoon's Vacation is the quintessential comedy classic. If you're one of the few people on earth who has managed to miss this one, then I definitely recommend going out and renting it right now. Rated R (by 1983 standards; minus some brief nudity, it would rate as PG today), Vacation is a film you can feel comfortable watching with your children. After all, I saw it when I was five, and I turned out all right! Because of its status as a cult comedy classic, as well as its never-ending laughs, National Lampoon's Vacation is a definite must-see film. Don't miss it...

    The DVD Report...more info
  • One of the Best Comedy Movies of All Time!
    It is by far the best in the "National Lampoon's" series as well. Chevy Chase turns in one of his best performances, how can someone not love this movie?...more info
  • Family classic
    Successful enough to spawn a five-movie franchise, this was filmed at the height of Chevy Chase's career and capitalizes on his persona as a goofy charismatic family man. I can't think of any road movie comedies that came before this, and I can see why the success of this movie was emulated. Some of the jokes have become dated, but it's still fun to see young comedians like Randy Quaid, John Candy, and Eugene Levy ham it up for their supporting roles. Quaid is particularly funny as the white trash relative who hits the Griswalds up for cash. ...more info
  • Vacation(1983)*****
    Clark Griswold and his family wants to take a vacation to the great amusment park Wally World.They have to travel across half the country by car from Chicago to California in order to get there.Of course they run into a few minor problems like running into there cousin Eddie and are pretty much obligated to drive there Aunt Edna to Arizona(mean lady who hates everyone).But they wind up accidently killing her and her dog. However, they have to press on.Eventually they get to Wally World and suddenly realize that...I guess you will have to buy the movie to find out the ending.Anyways, you will get a buncg of laughs out of this classic movie.Definetly see it...more info