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EatSmart Digital Bathroom Scale w/ Extra Large Backlit 3.5" Display and Oversize Platform
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Product Description

The EatSmart Bathroom Scale is the ideal way to track your weight loss quickly and easily. Simply step on the scale and in seconds you'll have an accurate readout on the EatSmart's oversized 3.5" backlit LCD display, allowing for easy viewing even in the most low light areas of the bathroom or home.

The EatSmart Digital Bathroom Scale is also both accurate and easy to use, engineered to the highest precision standards. The slim, tempered glass design fits perfectly in any surroundings and large non-slip platform allows weights to 330 lbs. The four high-gauge EatSmart precision sensors ensure that you will get an accurate measurement every time.

Stop guessing your weight and get serious about your weight loss and fitness goals. Get yours today!

  • Large 3.5" LCD display w/ Backlight - Easy to read from any distance
  • 4 high precision sensors - Consistant and accurate measurement up to 330 lbs or 150 kgs every time
  • Measurement in increments .2 lbs. / 3oz.
  • Sturdy tempered glass top and large 12" x 13" platform
  • Auto Calibated; Auto Power-Off; Runs on 4 AAA batteries (included)

Customer Reviews:

  • Accurate, easy to use, and dependable scale
    EatSmart Digital Bathroom Scale w/ Extra Large Backlit 3.5" Display and Oversize Platform covers all the bases. It is accurate, easy to use, and dependable with no onerous quirks. For the technically obtuse, please allow this electronic scale to set itself / zero out once you turn it on. I know this sounds simple but for some, (my spouse?) they readily do not fathom the complexities of sometime even simple devices and start weighing themselves the second they turn on the scale or even before. Of course if you do this you might occasionally get contrasting readings. If you use the scale properly you will be please with its consistant results. Again, as others have mentioned, the standard batteries used with this product put it in the 5-star catagory and that's the bottom line for me!
    ...more info
  • Good scale, excellent service
    This scale works as advertised, and I'm generally very happy with it. I do have a couple of quibbles--there have been a couple of occasions when it gave me inconsistent readings (but maybe I was shifting my weight around), and I do find it a little difficult to drag around the floor with my foot (which won't be an issue for you if you don't have to stow it somewhere that you can't actually stand on it).

    Given these things it might have been a four instead of a five, but I have to praise the customer service I received when I called with an issue. When I called, the phone was not only answered by a live human being, but this particular human being was fully able to address my issue without waiting to file a report or get approval for this or that, and he addressed my issue to my complete satisfaction. Perhaps its a sad statement on the world (though I doubt it's ever been much different in the past), but dealing with a company who stands behind their products and puts their customers first is such a rare joy that I not only give this a five out of five, but will prioritize their brand above others in the future should I have an opportunity to do so....more info
  • Not accurate
    I bought this scale because of high marks in the reviews. I like the way it looks. But, when I step on the scale, I can step on it 10 times and get 6 different weights. And the most frustrating things, is the weights can be 3 pounds apart. 3 POUNDS!!! That is a wide varient. I'm not happy whatsoever. I'm not sure I can return it, since i don't have the box anymore, but I'm not happy with the scale. And I so want to love it....more info
  • Very nice!
    I like this scale, it was delivered on time, easy to use and seems to be pretty accurate. The price is decent too. ...more info
  • Fit the bill
    If your reading this, you have no doubt been overwhelmed by the selection of scales. We bought this one after some searching around. It is very sturdy and seems to be accurate. We weighed a 20lb dumbbell, and it was dead on. Display is large and easy to read. IF you are looking for a basic, well built, easy to read scale, this is it....more info
  • Great value for accurate and precise scale!
    I recently purchased this scale and it was a great buy! It is consisent, i.e. if I get on and off I get the same reading and it is precise, i.e. if I hold a 15 lb weight, the results are exactly 15 lbs more. I am very impressed with the scale and am glad I choose this one!...more info
  • It Looks like a piece of art on my bathroom floor!
    I bought this scale because I was sick of trying to get an accurate weight on a non-digital scale. Done with trying to decipher which number the hand was swinging on, I searched for a digital and found this one. Not only do I feel assured of the accuracy of it, I love the appearance of it. It looks like a piece of art on my bathroom floor! Seriously, not only is it aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, but functional and accurate. A great deal!...more info
  • Great Scale at an Awesome Price!!!
    I bought this scale about a week ago & love it!! By far the best option for under $30. The glass & metal look is very sharp & modern-looking. I tested its accuracy using my other scale & it came up perfect. At first I didn't know how to activate it & was lifting it with my toe (which was awkward) but I figured out that tapping the display with my toe works perfectly. I would definitely recommend this item....more info
  • Simple, accurate, inexpensive...highly recommend
    I have had this scale for a couple of weeks now and I am very happy with it. I needed a digital scale because I was having trouble reading the dial on my old Health-o-Meter, and I wanted something more precise.

    I considered all the options, from the $150.00 body fat scales to others with memory settings, etc. Above all, I wanted the most accurate scale possible. After reading numerous reviews on Amazon and elsewhere, I decided those more expensive features were too inconsistent to justify the expense, so I decided to just get the best digital scale in my price range.

    I had also read somewhere that strain-gauge scales were the most accurate, and the Eat Right scale was one of the few that I was sure had this feature. I also have an Eat Right kitchen scale, and their deluxe kitchen scale has the highest ratings in that category, so I felt comfortable with another Eat Right product.

    So far, so good. I enjoy the precision of the digital readouts--I sweat a lot during workouts--with the digital scale, I can monitor the water loss more easily and ensure that I am completely rehydrated. The numbers are easy to see and the scale has an attractive appearance.

    Two small things keep me from giving it a 5 star rating (actually I would make it 4.5 if I could). One--the documentation is really sparse. Maybe this is such a simple machine it doesn't require any, but is was still disappointing. Two: I have still not completely mastered the "foot tap" method of activating the scale. The directions indicate that you just have to tap it with your foot, but it's not that easy. You have to actually bump it a little and I have not discovered a technique that works consistently. A couple of times I have pushed on the corner of the scale with my foot, tipped it and then it banged on the floor, knocking the batteries out.

    So far, the performance of the scale has been well worth that minor aggravation. I would highly recommend this scale to anyone looking for the best model under $30.00....more info
  • Great For the Money
    I was looking to replace my old Taylor scale with something that actually worked and I didn't have to squint at to see. This did the trick quite nicely.

    -large, brightly lit display
    -attractive design
    -weight seems accurate

    -have to tap it to get it to start, and when I didn't tap it the right way, didn't turn on... a little frustrating

    Recommended. :)...more info
  • Reliable & nice looking
    I've been using the scale for about a month now and it's great! Looks nice, gives me consistent numbers all the time and isn't super touchy.

    This is the first digital scale I've owned, so I don't have anything to compare it to, but it works well and does exactly what I need it to!...more info
  • Suberb Scale
    After moving out of living with my roommate with her intense scale, I decided it was time for me to purchase one. I always come to Amazon for reviews and discovered this one. The reviews were good and it looked like a really nice scale. When I recieved it, it was exactly that. A great looking, dependable scale. I had trouble in the past with scales that were always off, but I have tested this over the past month, daily. it reads true and correct and looks really nice. In addition, I tested it out with some light weights and it read true. I couldn't be happier and with such a reasonable price, this is a great scale and I absolutley would recommend it. ...more info
  • Works Great!
    I bought this scale because I am trying to lose weight. I didn't know what to expect, even though the reviews for this scale were good.

    For once, the reviews were right. This is a great scale and it is very accurate. I weighed myself 5 times in a row, and it gave me the same measurement each time. I also like the large display and the fact that I can switch between pounds and kilos.

    I would recommend this if you want a scale that is truly accurate....more info
  • A great scale
    TEatsmart Precision Tracker - Ultra Slim Weight Tracking Bathroom Scale with Oversized 3.5" Display
    This bathroom scale is great. It is accurate and easy to use....more info
  • BeSmart buy an EatSmart
    For the price and the quality this is a great scale. I had a question about the scale I bought and called on a saturday. The owner answered my call while he was at home and answered my question. Now that is service....more info
  • Smart Scale
    I gave this only one star as it only worked for one day. It is on it's way for return....more info
  • Precise and Repeatable
    This scale was rated by others very high, so it had an influence on my selection. I was not disappointed. It arrived from the vendor quicker/earlier than expected. It came with its own set of batteries, so I could start using it immediately. I am most impressed with its precision and repeatability. I weighed myself 5 times in a row, and it displayed the exact weight each time....down to the decimal point (tenth of a pound). Instructions indicate that it is to be used on a firm/hard surface, so I haven't tried it on my carpet, yet. I can't believe how much better this is than the old mechanical "spring" scale that I had used....more info
  • This scale is good - little hard to "tap"
    I like this scale over all. The display is easy to read and the platform is big enough for my big husband to get on. The only thing is that to turn it on, you have to give it a little tap....sometimes I have to try 2 or 3 times to turn it on. Other than that, I don't have any problem with this scale. ...more info
  • Great scale
    This scale turned out to be exactly what I had been looking for. It seems to be perfectly accurate. It's more than affordable, considering the functionality. And, it looks great too. Can't ask for much more out of a sub $30 bathroom scale....more info
  • Accurate and Clear
    I received this scale on time and it was ready to go. The scale is accurate and clear to read. The results are the same each time you weigh yourself unlike other scales. My wife likes it very much as it shows 5lbs less then our old scale even though that one was probably inaccurate. We got this at a great price and would recommend anyone to buy....more info
  • EatSmart Digital Scale
    The Eatsmart scale was purchased as a replacement for a misbehaving Tanitra body-fat tracking scale. The Eatsmart unit is exactly what a scale should be; it was out of the box, included batteries installed and in use within 5 minutes. It produces repeatable weighings in 0.2 lb increments. The digits are large and backlit so I can read them first thing in the morning without too much light and more importantly, without glasses. Thankfully there are no fussy adjustments and no Lb/kG selection procedure with this scale; it has one purpose (weighing) and accomplishes it perfectly, with just an upward tap of the toe to turn it on. I think it is stylish too, but that is subjective. Keeping it clean has been easy and it hasn't been at all slippery.

    Body fat tracking sounded good, but proved to be quite unreliable when implemented in our old consumer scale; better to have a solid unit like the Eatsmart than an expensive novelty item that becomes untrustworthy. ...more info
  • Seems very accurate. Easy to read.
    Agrees at least roughly, maybe perfectly, with 2 physicians' office scales. Displays weight to 1/10 pound. Gives perfectly consistent readings if I step on and off a few times. Changes in readings from day to day seem to correlate with food intake. Back-lighting and large digits make it easy to read. Blinks or turns off if weight shifts, but not a problem. I have no complaints....more info