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Indecent Proposal
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  • Flawed but good
    A lot has already been said about the flaws of this movie, and I have to agree: Demie Moore is wooden (but then again, I never considered her a good actress, although I do think that she is a stunning natural beauty); Robert Redford just a tad too old (again - love the guy AND the acting, but still...), but above all, the plot has holes, the dialogue is flat and the characters lack dimension.
    However, I'd like to come to the defense of two instances, which everyone agreed to hate:
    1. Woody Harrelson's role. I do not think he was miscast. Although he is definitely no match for Robert Redford looks-wise, I think he pulls off the role quite well. Yes, he's not the perfect man that Robert Redford is, but then again, few men are... And one does not need to be perfect to be loved.
    The scene where he has the change of heart is quite touching, he is convincing throughout (the look he gives the tourist who jokes that his wife might not come back?!), and demonstrates enough emotions even without speaking to render the final scene poignant.
    I also did not find his character lazy or whiny (recession, anyone?), nor do I remember him doing too much cursing...

    2. The hippo thing. I thought it was one of the best things in the movie and one of its few redeeming features. I loved the line, and I loved the logic behind it: the money gained frivolously could only be spent frivolously (and, in this case, also wonderfully symbolically) to find redemption and forgiveness.

    I would definitely not go as far as to call this movie a classic, nor do I think that it's particularly mind-blowing (or immoral, for that matter), but it's an entertaining film, with some good chemistry and nice scenes. Above all, it sets the mood rather well, and if you happen to be in a mood that matches, you'd enjoy the movie at least once. As for owning it - I'd wait to watch it once first......more info
  • Typical 90s Glitzy Soap Operas
    Great cast. Imagine getting Robert Redford out of a semi-retirement to headline this predictable soaper. Woody Harleson leaped from "Cheers" barstool to the big screen and was quite effective as the third wheel in what was a financial deal that went wrong emotionally.

    Demi Moore is stunning, but was she worth a million bucks for one night? I don't think so. This is a morality play and nothing more. (Or should I say Moore?)

    Director Adian Lynne has crossed this area before, but not as interesting. The cast is beautiful, the locations are exciting, the performances are top notch. It's the story that only lasts 30 minutes, and the screenplay doesn't challenge the characters.

    ...more info
  • fantastic movie
    You have decide what is more important in life the real love between a man and woman or the material things that money buys. More importantly if a man and a woman really loves each other and respect each other know one should be able to come between them....more info
  • Provocative?
    This movie, and the main plot of it, have become the subject of many jokes to many a comedian, as well as the average joe next door. It has also become the subject of heavy conversation and question amongst many as well; thus meaning, more or less, this movie was provocative enough to get a reaction out of many people. You know the story: desperate couple runs into a problem with finances, so they go to Las Vegas to try to make some quick cash. In the midst of this, they run into a billionaire, who has his sets on the wife, and offers the couple one million big ones for a night with the lady. It should be noted that the couple went into this thinking (or at least hoping) that the whole thing would mean nothing afterwards, and it would be a walk in the park--in other words, easy money. But, then, the devils of mistrust, jealousy, and insecurity start to rear their ugly heads into the picture, and sends their marriage into a mess. Through it all, did the relationship survive? Did the couple end up divorcing? You'll have to watch the movie. Woody Harrelson and Demi Moore did excellent jobs in their respective roles, and likewise for Robert Redford....more info
  • This movie gave me explosive diarhea
    This is without a doubt the worst movie I have ever had the displeasure to sit through. Perhaps the most pretentious as well. May it burn in hell!...more info
  • No word can define
    Have got little to say in addition to the comments of Mr.D. Ehrenworth/Toronto dated 29th Jan. What is the message, what is the aim? Is it ''moral values come first''? Then, why not leave the rich guy to buy as many prostitutes of high society as he pleases at a cost of about one tenth of what he has offered the married woman, and then why not explain the importance of values in serious, reasonable stories? Certainly it would get some respect....more info
  • Indecent Proposal
    I love the movie for it's true meaning of love and the fine actors who played their parts so well....more info
  • Very thought provoking :-)
    Would you or wouldn't you?
    I really enjoyed this movie (although I found it did drag a little in some places), and it really gets you thinking. Of course, you probably know the story line by now but it's something you have to see. It was done well, and the acting wasn't bad; it was the moral delema that I found interesting. As much as David and Dianna loved each other, when they were backed up against a wall with no money whatsoever, along comes John Gage to 'save the day'. They had to know it wouldn't end well and even though they were fine for a while after the event, before long, the mistrust and regrets started up and eventually led them to go separate ways. I won't give up the ending; I thought it ended well and almost wished it kept going to see how they lived after it all.
    A really enjoyable film that I watch every now and then. I really love Woody Harelson in this. He was brilliant I thought and the best actor in this movie. See it for yourself and I hope you enjoy it too....more info
  • Indecent waste of time
    This movie came out 15 years ago, and I wasn't impressed back then, even less so now. So why did I watch it again? Because my sister and I had different memories about how it ended. My sister was right, but she's wrong about it being a good movie! But then, she pretty much likes anything with Demi Moore in it. Go figure! The movie is loosely based on the novel by Jack Engelhard.

    There are too many huge flaws in the story. Oddly, the word prostitution is never mentioned. The circumstances leading up to the "deal" are odd, too. We never actually find out just what it is about Demi Moore's character that the billionaire finds so appealing. He smiles whenever he watches the husband and wife together, as if he's getting some kind of kick out of it. But what is behind the smiling? Is he thinking that he'd enjoy being a wedge in the relationship, wondering if he has the power to break it up? I suppose we may assume he felt a purely physical attraction, but surely he has easy (and cheaper) access to women even more beautiful than Demi.

    We never learn why he offers a million dollars to sleep with Demi. Is it just because he is in a particularly mischievous mood that evening in Las Vegas, or is he really so hopelessly drawn to her? Even more mysterious is why this playboy bachelor in his fifties would fall in love with a happily married woman in a one night stand for which he paid a million dollars. We find out later that the playboy billionaire has a soft spot in his cold heart and for reasons we never discover he decides that Demi is the person who can bring love and happiness to his empty life and sprawling mansion.

    The billionaire frequently says how "amazing" Demi is, but he never says why she is amazing. We never see them have a real conversation, or even exchange tender words. As a person, Demi has no dreams of her own. She is a not-so-successful real estate agent, and she doesn't seem to have any ambitions other than to be the wife of a successful architect husband. The husband seems to feel the pressure from this and worries that his wife is feeling disappointed and frustrated. The billionaire criticizes the husband for allowing his wife to sleep with him, but he never criticizes the wife. I ask you, since it is HER body, who is the more responsible party? Not to mention the fact that it was the wife who really convinced the husband it would be okay.

    Yet another huge flaw is the unexplained and sudden jump from Demi hating the billionaire to loving him. Even after the deal was consummated, the billionaire continued to interfere with the couple's life in an obvious attempt to break up the marriage. The wife had good reason to hate him for this, because it demonstrated that he was willing to abuse power and hurt people in order to satisfy his selfish desires. But what does Demi do when her husband's anger and doubts get the better of him? She runs back to the billionaire and falls for his sweet talk, and before long they plan to get married.

    This movie only pretends to look at how gray-area moral decisions can affect our lives. One could just as well ask if it is moral to be a workaholic miser in order to make a million dollars, or the CEO of, say, a cigarette company. There are a million ways to sacrifice oneself on the altar of money and power. The moral component of this movie is watered down because the husband and wife are not "innocent" or sympathetic characters. They gamble all of their money in Las Vegas, in the idiotic pursuit of getting the money they want quickly, and even after winning a large amount, they gamble all of that on a single bet, which of course they lose. What do I care, and how surprising is it, if such a husband and wife then accept a million dollars for a one night stand?

    There are the old jokes about how the price of sex determines whether someone is a prostitute. This movie mixes up money with love. How might the story play out without the billionaire falling in love? How might a good marriage be affected without all of the silly complications in this movie? If a happily married couple were to accept such an offer, is it by definition a bad marriage? If a happily married couple were to make the mistake of accepting such an offer, how might they recover from the mistake? Is accepting such an offer worse, or more damaging, than an affair? Alas, none of these more nuanced topics are covered in this movie. Instead we get a simplistic plot that merely teases. I suppose "Indecent Proposal" was a good prequel for Demi's next movie "Striptease."
    ...more info
  • Indecent Proposal - Can Money Really Buy Love?
    Diana and David Murphy (Demi Moore and Woody Harrelson) are a young couple in love. Heck, their relationship is so blissfully perfect, you can hardly believe it. She's a real estate agent and he's an architect. After a quick synopsis of their relationship, we're told that they tightened their collective belts to take a loan out on their home to buy a piece of ocean-front property to build their dreamhouse...which David designed of course. But then the real estate market crashes and they're precariously close to losing everything. This is where the problems with the film really start. What do the Murphy's do to get the fifty-thousand dollars they need? Borrow five-thousand from his dad and go to Vegas! It would be funny if I was kidding, but I'm not. It's there that they meet John Gage (Robert Redford) and he offers to pay them one million dollars for a night with Diana. Of course they refuse and are offended at the offer, but it gnaws at them. The story really crashes when they convince themselves that she'll do it and it won't cause any problems with their marriage. "We'll just forget it ever happened and never talk about it," she says. Hello??? I initially looked forward to this film in 1993 because I think the "Can money buy love?" question is one that can spawn a lot of interesting conversation, but unfortunately the story just keeps taking turn after turn farther away from what I could consider believable in a situation like this like David donating a million bucks at a charity to buy a hippo at the end of the film! The film is able to keep the viewer's attention until the end simply because you'll want to know what's going to happen, but there's no question a stronger script could have definitely enhanced this movie despite the generally good acting on the part of Moore, Harrelson and Redford....more info
  • A treasure
    This movie is definitely a treasure, beautifully acted, beautifully filmed, its the kind of movie that stays with you. I can't say much about the movie that hasn't already been said except that I recommend the soundtrack also, the movie score is excellent....more info
  • Starts and ends on the wrong note
    It's an excellent idea - can a marriage survive a Faustian sexual pact with a millionaire? - but in this movie it doesn't work. Perhaps it's because Robert Redford and Demi Moore are not quite right for the parts, or perhaps it's because the dialogue is not sharp enough, but the viewer finds it hard both to figure out what motivates Redford and to sympathize with Moore. The portrayal of the young couple's marriage is fairly convincing, but the ending is bizarre and more appropriate to a Chevy Chase film....more info