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Escape From L.A.
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  • A Joke?
    When I first saw this film in the theaters, I really didn't like it. In fact, I was pretty let down! I had grown up with Escape From New York, and to my horror, John Carpenter remade his own film! I'm not kidding, REMADE it. Right down to Snake getting shot in the leg and limping for the last half of the film. Years later I revaluated my opinion. You can't make a film as corny as this on accident, especially if you're a veteran director like John Carpenter; It had to be done on purpose. I've read numerous interviews over the years and have found out two things, and I think these two things are the reason this film ended up the way it did. First, John Carpenter hates sequels. He never wanted to make sequels to his films. He never wanted a sequel to Halloween(let alone six! That's why he produced Halloween 3 which people hated so much, coz he was trying to take this series in a different direction and not retread the whole Michael Myers thing). I also understand that both Carpenter and Kurt Russell were under alot of studio pressure to make this film. I don't know what kind of favor Carpenter owed the studio, but he made this film. And my theory is that he made this film intentionally bad to say to the studio, "There, I made the stinking sequel you wanted, don't ask me to do it again!" I mean really, if he had wanted to make a sequel to Escape From New York, don't you think he would have struck while the iron was hot and made it at the height of the first film's success instead of waiting 15 years? Think about it. When I consider this scenario, I can watch Escape From L.A and have a good laugh thinking that John Carpenter may have played a big joke on the Hollywood studios. Really, there's no way Carpenter included that surfing scene with the intention of it being taken seriously. The film is just way too overblown, way too cheesy and obviously a carbon copy of the original to be anything other than a joke. Kurt may be older now, but he's actually still able to play Snake Plissken like it's 1980. The performance is great, it's just the film surrounding Kurt that's silly. Try watching it again and see what you think....more info
  • Worst movie of all time
    If this isn't THE worst movie of all time, it's in the top 2 or 3. It's almost unbelievable how badly this movie sucks. All involved should buy a spot in Prime-Time TV to apologize to the world for this putrid crap....more info

    Remake/Sequel of the 1981 super hit ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK...Snake Plissken (Kurt Russell) is back in this futuristic movie where Los Angeles is the home for the criminals (separared from the U.S. where the "good guys" live) and the President's Daughter is missing there with a "Black Box" that Snake is forced to recover.

    Recommended for Carpenter Fans....more info
  • Another Disappointing Follow-up to a Great Film
    Alas, another diappointing sequel to a wonderful film. I wonder sometimes, why writers take a classic character and reviev them into a role that in no way lives up to the original. If this was all they could come up with for a follow-up, they should never have made it! This film takes a well drwn character and gives him a bad name. Come on...Sake don't surf. I gave this film two stars for being a terrible sequel....more info
  • A Fun Action Film from John Carpenter
    This movie is an absolute pleasure to watch. It's fun, exciting, and extremely funny. Sure, the acting, the story, and the action is cheezy, but you cannot deny that it's fun to watch. "Escape from LA" is a pure action movie that makes fun of the "action movie" at the same time it's succedding as one. Watch it!...more info
  • This sux
    Escape from LA is one of the worst movies i've seen in a long time.Here are the things that make this movie a waste of time and money.

    Good lines repeated to many times.
    Characters introduced with out any introduction of
    who or what they are doing. badguys being badguys for
    no reason that you know of.stupid actoin scenes.
    characters introduced to late in the movie.the
    main character is put in captivity then he
    escapes then he gets caught in a different
    form of captivity then he don't
    get exilerated when a shootout is happening.
    all these reasons and many many more make this a bad bad bad movie.i would give this no stars but it's not an option....more info

  • "You gotta be kidding me.."!
    that was the exact quote from map of the stars eddie played by steve buscemi when he saw snake catch up to a sppeding car via surfing!(?) which i muttered that same quote after seeing this disapointing sequel. As a huge fan of the first movie, i was expecting so much more, especially since the movie was financed by paramount. but dammit L.A. was a rehash of escape from ny.
    but with a few added twists and cameos from bruce campbell,peter fonda and blaxploitation goddess pam grier. even yes, issac "the duke of new york" hayes has a 3 second part as one of the gaurds by the gate. speaking of which the main villian cuevo jones is very lame compared to EFNY's DUKE. the sergeon general as well as hershe shouldv'e played a much bigger part as major villians as oppossed to jones, too bad the gorgoues valena gordino lasted only 8 minutes in the movie , but it would be corny as well as comtemporarly for an anti hero like snake to have a love intrest.
    the fight scenes were sluggish especially between russel and caraface, i guess it was due to russel's flu while filming L.A.
    the music was cool, once again carpenter showcases his multitalent.(the surf theme was my favorite, but NOT AVAILABLE ON THE SOUNDTRACK CD!!!!) as for shirley walker's input;
    honey stick to scoring those batman cartoons. (sigh)
    Cliff robertson (spider-man) does a awesome parody of a self rightious and right wing fanatical president. (hence, republican) but wtf is up with pam grier playing a transvestite?!!? she couldv'e easily been a female rival for snake plissken, but instead the double entandra that is HERSHE is nothing more of a silly-ass sterotype ("carjack malone"??)
    all in all, escape from l.a. has it's moments and SNAKE PLISSKEN has the potential of becoming a great franchise. if handeled correctly (comicbook series, videogame and upcoming anime from the guys that produced GHOST IN THE SHELL>) ANYWAY LOVE IT OR HATE IT, IT'S GOOD TO SEE SNAKE BACK AFTER 15 YEARS!!!...more info
  • Escape From the [other]Reviews!
    First of All I would like to say that "Escape From New York" has bad music, bad effects, not a very good story, the only thing good about it was Kurt Russell. But now one of Si-Fi's coolest B-A is back, and Carpenter has composed a Broken Arrow like score which kicks butt, Kurts Weapons or bigger and better, and his como pants are gone so now he looks like hes came right out of The Matrix, Brain is gone(think God), so you know its alreay better. The story much like the first one is desent, the effects are not great but I wouldn't go as far as bad. If you liked the first one, like Kurt Russell, Si-Fi or action movies, you will like this. Plissken is as crazy as the movie its self, I love it....more info
  • A Cheesy Sequel To Escape From N.Y.
    ESCAPE FROM L.A. is a so-so movie, but was kind of a cheesy sequel to John Carpenter's ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK, even though ESCAPE FROM LA was more upgraded with more technology than ESCAPE FROM N.Y. was, plus ESCAPE FROM L.A. was less convincing than ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK was too.

    In addition, something that didn't make a lot of sense to me in this movie was when one of the thugs is protesting at the L.A. Coliseum, he says "You may have been able to escape New York, but you wont be able to escape from LA", because I think New York City would actually be harder to escape from than Los Angeles would, since New York City is bigger, more congested, more overcrowded, and less concerned about crime than L.A. is along with the fact that LA is like heaven compared to New York City.

    Therefore, having to accomplish a mission in L.A. would seem more like a downgrade of having to accomplish a mission in New York City, since things are usually quite a bit more challenging in New York City than they are in LA, despite the fact that it was kind of interesting seeing Snake Plisskin(Kurt Russell) go from being on the East Coast to the West Coast, plus it was kind of neat seeing them showing all those nice and interesting suburbs in the L.A. Area like Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Downtown L.A., Chinatown, etc., but ESCAPE FROM LA still wasn't as impressive or as significant as ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK was.

    What I don't understand is why did John Carpenter or Paramount took 15 years to make a sequel to ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK....more info
  • Tries to be Witty...
    But this one falls flat on its face. Kurt my boy you are over the hill buddy, please juist retire in style so the rest of us can remember your better and more crowd pleasing works(though I'll watch the movie anyway, I love Snake). As for you Carpenter you just TRIED to hard. If you had approached this with more of the attidude of New York you would have done well, but a SURFING SCEAN my God man what were you thinking? And finally I come to Steve, the only shining light in an otherwise dark tunnle. This is your best work since "Airheads" buddy.

    Basically-A good action film but nowhere near the classic that New York was....more info

  • Terrible!!!!!!!!
    Don't get me wrong. I like corny movies that are meant to look bad. God bless Troma. First off I know computer effects were not nearly as good as they are now. But, god I know they could had spent a little more time cleaning it up. Effects are sad and down right shameful. But, the most disturbing is that this movie is really no different than the original New York one. Infact its pathetic on how similar the two are. If you're going to write a sequal why waste your time if the two aren't going to be any different? For example, he's infected with a virus so he has to help the government in order to get the cure. There's a guy that drives him around. There's a chick that helps him out. Lets not forget the timer on his arm to let him know how long he has to live. Oh yeah, and the most abvious knock off is that he has to escape from some other island full of rejects and criminals. Sound familiar? It should. It was in the original also. Personally I never really pay attention to what people say about movies till I see it myself. So, if you must see it. Please save yourself the money and rent it or borrow it from some poor soul that actually wasted the money to buy it....more info
  • ''Escape from new york'' For the 90s
    That's right, This sequel [Which was released 15 years after the original film] is really nothing more than a remake of the original film! It's now 2013 and LA, which is now seperated from america, is simply a prison. The president's daughter gets hold of a device that could destroy the entire world and she flees to LA. And Snake Plissken [Kurt Russell, Reprising his classic role from ''Escape from new york''] is called upon to get this device back. Well, Even though the plot differs a bit from the first film, A lot of the situations that snake faced in this film are very similar to the ones snake faced in the first film. The action is pretty good but the acting isn't as good this time around and there really could've been more of a plot. Kurt Russell still had what it took to play Snake Plissken when he done this film. Kurt easily was the center of attention in this film. But, This film did have its moments. It's nowhere near as good as escape from new york, But i'd still say that i got some kinda satisfaction from watching this film. Let's just hope that this be the last time we see the snake plissken character in action. Cause i really doubt if a second sequel would even come close to improving on this already flawed sequel that does exist. Rent it, And if you happen to really enjoy it, Then go ahead and buy it. Hope the review helped. Be blessed. ...more info
    This movie follows Escape from New York, and it's just great. It's not meant to be taken too seriously. There are subtle jokes throughout the movie. A lot of it is tongue in cheek. So enjoy it for what it is. My favorite line is "This is LA, and this ****ing city can kill anyone!" There will be no Oscars, no awards given out for this movie... it's just mindless entertainment. You can tell Kurt Russell is having fun with the character. The whole movie is "over the top" and that's the point. Loads of fun, provided you don't take the movie, or yourself, too seriously. So lighten up, sit back, and enjoy!...more info
  • escape from new york on acid
    Escape from new york is a classic.It is a dark and moody action adventure with an 1980s feel,with a modest budget.Escape from l.a. is a big budget pumped up roller coaster ride that goes for broke and explodes with a wave of energy and the coolness of snake plissken.This follow up does tell the same story as the first,but guess what! thats what they had in mind.I hope they make a third....more info
  • shocked
    I never thought that Kurt Russell would make a sequal to the first Escape movie
    not only did he do a great job reprising his role as Snake Plisskin. but he made the second movie more moviing. more touching. more funny at times. both movies I have on dvd. they're both timeless. I could watch them again and again. Snake's lines and dialogue never get bored. like where the guy says get to the chase plisskin. and Kurt goes "Snake , call me snake" and the guy smiles. brilliant cinematogrophy
    amazing shooting locations
    brilliant plot
    amazing ending
    see this movie by renting it if you haven't already...more info
  • Escape from LA (Big Orange is a Deportation Center)
    In the year 1998, too many Mexicans are jumping the border and crime is continuously increasing. In the year 2000, a terrible earthquake happens separating California from the U.S. coastline. A presidential candidate decides to turn it into a deportation zone to send off illegal immigrants and scum not worthy of living in the country. In 2013, the President's daughter hijacks Air Force Three and sneaks off to the new island once split away from the states. Only one man has the skill for the job to bring her back and return what she has stolen and taken with her. Snake is back! Plisken has once again been hired by the police force of the future to complete an objective for the sake of the President. This time he does it in Los Angeles. 15 years later after New York. Snake Plisken did it once. He can do it again. Good Action Movie! But not as good as the first. Only better special effects and greater quality....more info
  • What a sequel !
    Escape From New York is one of my favorites I keep watching.But
    this so called sequel is just beyond criticism.It really takes great skill and ability to make such a bad movie after 15 years.
    Congratulations for nothing!...more info
    The whole concept of LA dislodging from the coast and becoming an island is a great concept; Carpenter's imagery of a decadent society and its repercussions likewise original and fun. Although we've been there and done this before in New York, there's still some fun goings on in this rather lame-brained and frenetic movie. Kurt Russell seems tired and plays Snake so laconic that I wonder if he was in it for just the dough? Anyway, Stacey Keach, Steve Buscemi, Cliff Robertson and Pam Grier particularly seem to be having a good time. The ending is pretty cataclysmic, and I doubt if we'll see Kurt escaping from anything in the future, unless it's Goldie???...more info
  • A movie that is soooo BAD, that its GOOD!
    One late night, sitting in my dorm, bored out of my head, I get the idea that I should go down the hall and bother my friend and ask for one of her movies. She lets me look at her shelf. I pick out "Escape from LA."
    "This doesn't seem to be your kind of movie," I tell her.
    "Oh. Its my dad's. I don't know how that got there."
    I slink back to my room and pop it into my vcr.
    For the next two hours or so, I watch in silent disgust, abject horror, and sheer delight. This movies is absolutely terrible...with the ... sub par acting, the cheesy script, lines, everything and yet...I look back fondly upon this movie as high camp and kitsch. Its just so bad, that its good! Snake as hamily played by Kurt Russel is hilarious and so is the scene with the stupid surfers and how they say "..." all the time...oh and of course lets not forget Snake surfing with a shark, and the ridiculously hilarious gun battles.
    Don't take this movies seriously folks. Yeah, I know this movie won't win any awards or what not...but hey its funny....more info
  • Escape From L.A.
    still enjoy this movie. it's one of those that need's to be in your collection if you like kurk russell...more info
  • Escape from ?
    I enjoyed Escape from New York, but Escape from LA is a stinker. Very obvious CG effects, some of which only look good if using frame advance, plot holes that suck the life out of the movie, and a very weak attempt at what - -- humor, wit, parody? What's with the "I thought you were taller"? Russell doing Eastwood doing Snake? Pam Grier, still delivering lines from a cue card. Buscemi was very good, the only character with wit and personality. Fonda? Cute, with a great surfing scene. Then there are the action movie cliches, every crashing vehicle explodes, etc.
    Overall I have to say this is one star above being a stinker, but I think that is totally accidental....more info
  • Snake Plissken-Solid Snake ?
    I heard this was one of Hideo Kojima`s favorite movies-Kojima is the producer/director of the Metal Gear Solid video games on the PlayStation consoles which i love-Other then by name Snake Plissken is kind of like Solid Snake(They are nor related by the way) he only devotes his work to himself has no interest in other peoples lives.Anyways this film is great but i have never watched the New York one.If Kojima ever came a Movie director he should make a Metal Gear movie-though a movie like that would be expensive as it has super-natural beings and those giant Bi-Pedal tanks(Robots) plus they need the right actors-the music is not a problem as they have Harry Gregson Williams make and direct music for the Metal Gear/Metal Gear Solid games.great movie...more info
  • B-movie action flick? or prophetic political satire?
    Escape from L.A. is a movie that may gain more in popularity as time goes by. Made a decade ago (before George W Bush even ran for President)it can NOW be seen as a sharp criticism of the culture war going on in America right now (making it some kind of prophetic political joke). The culture wars between the religious right and politically correct left were not so pronounced as it is now. John Carpenter, Debra Hill, and Kurt Russell targeted lots of groups with the humor (including militant vegetarians and superficial Hollywood, but the religious right and their political ambitions get the most abuse). Originally, the ultra-religious President (played by Cliff Robertson) seemed like an over-the-top caracature. But now, you can't help but see his similarity to George W. Bush (How much is exaggerated is in the eye of the beholder).
    On another level this movie provides good B-movie action and entertainment. By now we all know Russell (as Snake) is like a Clint Eastwood cowboy forced into service, invading an urban wasteland to save civilization (only civilization looks well beyond saving). Snake plays by his own rules and his loyalty is only as dependable as the leash they keep him on. The second he is released the simplest act totally knocks the power elite off the throne.
    It is, of course, the same formula as the first film (Escape from New York) and perhaps fans of the original sell this sequel short because of that. Bottom line: This one has a better sense of the absurd and has more biting humor, with just as much action. I prefer it to the first.
    Adendum: (11/17/05) Since writing this review I have watched part of the original Escape From New York again and I can see why many fans prefer it. If you want a more serious story with a creepy urban atmosphere, then you'll definately prefer the original. But I still really like this follow-up....more info
  • Not very good!
    This movie is very fairly slated I must say. Some may argue that Carpenter's point was to make a cheesy movie but I think that's just an excuse. He doesn't usually set the bar that low. It was just, plain and simple, a bad movie.

    The American public never warmed to it during its theatrical run either. When it came out America was in a feel good phase with the '96 olympics and the release of ID4. Snake's America-hating attitude wasn't really welcome at the time.

    They said the FX were bad but the surfing FX are far superior to that of the flames in the tunnel in ID4. Russell is brilliant as Snake and the whole movie is kind of lighthearted. The music especially. Carpenter always does great movie scores and it's a shame the soundtrack never got a decent release.

    There is more than just a pale resemblence to the first movie. LA is practically a remake of NY. It's the big orange instead of the big apple. The cameo stars this time around are bit hipper. It was cool to see Bruce Campbell and Peter Fonda but the Che Guevara clone baddie is not as mean as the Duke of New York.

    It's definitely funnier and livelier than NY (a film I found too slow and boring) but it has none of the class credibility. It's a shame really because Snake is such an awesome character.

    The DVD is in 2.35:1 non-anamorphic widescreen and in very cool Dolby 5.1. The very amusing trailer is the only extra on this barebones disc but this is to be expected from Paramount....more info

  • Not in the same league as its predecessor
    Escape from L.A.

    ** 1/2.

    This movie takes the original cult classic Escape from New York and tries to one up it. EFLA fails and quite badly.

    First, I think EFLA falls into that trap that it gets enamored with itself. So much so, it almost falls into camp. Its surreal. The underlying tone of seriousness present in EFNY isn't there. EFLA goes for humor or cheesy situations (Peter Fonda, Beverly Hills) in places where ESNY would've gone for darkness and death.

    Second, the whole idea of some gang lord of a criminal island getting the remote device that controls the satellites above is just silly. Everyone knows about changing a password. There are contingencies for such things. Makes for good plot, but real - no.

    Third, the larger social commentary that the Unites States as a "moral" nation. I can go along with the government premise in EFNY. It was believable. EFLA degraded into comedy. The US electing some perminent evangelist type President who hides under his desk at any resistance? pfffft. If Carpenter wanted to make the point that sometimes you have to pull the plug and start over. Fine. Writing it in a way where its almost utterly cheesy makes the story lose the impact that was intended. He could've kept it within reason - then that scenario would've had a real impact.

    Kurt Russell plugs in and does great. He's the saving grace. There is just something sexy about Snake and his F*ck off attitude.

    In short, if you liked EFNY you will want to rent this. You may or may not find this as enjoyable. For the willingness to go camp it loses me. This movie just doesn't pack the grit and punch of its predecessor....more info
  • Better than New York.
    Escape from L.A. is the flick New York should have been, wild and a hell of a lot of fun rather than being a snoozefest. Yes, Escape from L.A. is pretty campy, but it's intentional and it sure doesn't hurt the film at all. Plus, L.A. is given a much better exploration than NY was, resulting in a very fun adventure film....more info
  • one Terrible movie
    Where to begin... First of all, what is it with these people giving such great reviews?... this movie [was bad]. Next, the story line was nearly the same, so it was like watching the first all over again, though that would be a treat, but unfortunately, in this case, twice is not a good thing. Thirdly, to that time, special effects highly advanced, but this was still third rate SFX. Even kid films had better SFX. Next, that whole surfing on Sunset Boulevard was a bad and tasteless idea to get to younger audiences. Then with the President wanting his daughter killed, terrible idea. i could go on and on with this and i would run out of space. So in conclusion, dont even think about getting this movie!...more info
  • "Snake has left the building"
    I really liked "Escape from New York".Snake represents the true every-man hero.He despises the world politic that propels the ratrace around him.He'd just as soon Smash jane fonda in the face as he would Bill O'Rielly. When I heard about "Escape from L.A." hope rose fresh again.I've never been a big fan of Carpenter,(I find his "Ivory Tower politics" annoying).Nonetheless, I had high hopes for EFLA.But as Hollywood is prone to do,the whole thing was ruined by making the movie a celebrity sell out.
    Every micro star of the minute had to jump on board this "Glitz train". The appereance of Bruce Campell was a redeeming moment. But with slugs like peter fonda, and a bunch of other so whats,(and the not-at-all-an-improvement special effects), the movie became a complete wash out. Even the artistry of Russell,(who made Snake so real in an unreal world),couldnt save this Zeppelin.
    When "Escape from New York" came out, Barbeau(insert wolf whistles here.), Bourgnine,Cleef,Hayes,Pleasence,Russell and Stanton had no idea how much it would take off.But when EFLA happened, the previously mentioned "so-whats", used it as a vechicle to expose themselves in characters that they just couldnt pull off.
    Compare this to the performance of Issac Hayes (who basically had no film experience)becoming The Duke OF New York, right in front of us,and you'll see my point.Of course other stars in "Escape from New York" perform brilliantly as well. But there was no belief in the choas that was EFLA,It was more like "look at me with a gun,Im a gansta". I still think that Snake could get out of some of my old neighborhoods,but as to the rest of the EFLA cast,well...who'd miss em anyway...
    ...more info
  • Escape the negative reviews of LA!
    It was a remake but it had better effects than the original. It was more fun and showed just how bad people really are in this world today. Roger Ebert even likes this movie!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Camp-tacular Film
    What I cannot understand for the life of me why Kurt Russel and John Carpenter decided to revisit the charater Snake Plissken from Escape From New York. That movie was fun, it had an interesting story, and entertaining characters. It was bad, but good bad. The kind of bad you can watch and enjoy, knowing you don't have to take the film seriously. Escape From LA is more of the same stuff. The basic plot: The USA is a basic theocracy run by a man who declared himself President for life. The President's daughter steals a high-tech weapon and flees to Los Angeles, which has been seperated from the mainland by a massive earthquake. It became a deportation zone for undesireables, and now is a staging ground for an attack on the US. Plissken is called in once again to sneak in and recover the weapon before it gets used. Same old, same old.
    Not only is the plot the same as in Escape From New York, the characters are similar. Even Russel's acting hasn't changed from the original. This makes the movie simply look like a revamped version of the original, shot woth better film.
    This is an OK movie to do every once and awhile. Its nothing special, just really campy. Kurt Russel's performance isn't spectacualr, but what would expect for the role. Steve Buschemi (proving once again he'll be in any movie) plays a sleazy dealer in LA, who is either helping or tricking Plissken. He's a bright point to the movie, and makes it slightly more entertaining.
    All and all a mediocre sequal to a camp classic. Its kind of fun but can't meet up to the standard the original provides. If you must buy this movie don't take it too seriously. Its campy fun for a 90's film, but you would be better off watching Escape From New York. Not really a movie you'll find yourself watching over and over again. I would recommend watching it when it comes on TV, rather then paying money for the DVD. ...more info
  • Complete waste of time. Don't spend money on this.
    I don't think I've ever written such a caustic review. But after watching this video, I have to say John Carpenter's films are absolutely worthless. I've sat through a couple of his other movies like Vampires and Ghosts of Mars, and didn't really see the point in all the gratuitous violence.

    Like most of his other films, this film takes place in the future where the world a public junkyard and rusted out drums used as furnaces line the streets. The junkyard being Los Angeles (LA) in this film. Snake Plissken (Russell) has been blackmailed (injected with a toxin that will kill him in 10 hours) to do the government's bidding to reobtain possession of a Electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) targetting unit (a sort of detonator) which has been stolen by the president's daughter (who met up in a virtual reality world with a dangerous terrorist).

    As far as movie special effects go, this was just plain unbelievably bad. I've generated better computer generated imagery in school than what was used in the film. Equally horrible was the dialogue and acting of the actors. Russell just grunts most of the time. About the only guy who provided some comic relief to this film was Steve Buscemi.

    Please do not waste your money or your time on this film. I'm not kidding....more info

  • You cannot review this...
    OK, this isn't Citizen Kane, you put this in and turn your brain off and giggle... I would be shocked if John Carpenter took this movie seriously... it's just not something I can wrap my brain around.

    Anyway, it's a really fun movie, so bad its great....more info