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LaCie 301440U d2 Quadra Hard Disk 500GB eSATA/FireWire800/FireWire400/USB 2.0 External Hard Drive (Aluminum)
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Product Description

The LaCie d2 Quadra Hard Disk provides up to 500GB capacity in a relatively compact device. Fully loaded with all the best interfaces - eSATA 3Gbits, FireWire 800, FireWire 400 and USB 2.0 - it offers complete universal connectivity for PC and Mac users. Perfect for digital content creation, audio/video editing, DVD authoring, and web animation, etc., the d2 Quadra can handle multiple demanding professional tasks. It can be daisy-chained via FireWire or connected to your DV camera and is even bootable in FireWire for Mac and in eSATA for Mac/PC. Advanced features include 3-level power management (Auto/On/Off) and software RAID 0/RAID 1 potential when daisy-chained with other drives. The unique, fanless aluminum heat sink design with 60% more surface area for heat dissipation keeps it quiet and as safe as possible at all times. With fast burst transfer rates of up to 105-115MB/s via eSATA, this industry-leading hard disk delivers superior performance. Setup and use is quick and easy; the preloaded LaCie Setup Assistant helps format the hard disk according to your needs. Plug & Play LaCie Shortcut Button 500GB Hard Drive Capacity 7200 RPM 16MB Cache Buffer eSATA, FireWire 800/400 and USB 2.0 and 1.1 Interface Up to 115MB/sec Burst Transfer Rate with eSATA Up to 85MB/sec Burst Transfer Rate with FireWire 800 Up to 40MB/sec Burst Transfer Rate with FireWire 400 Up to 35MB/sec Burst Transfer Rate with USB 2.0 System Requirements - Windows 2000/XP/Vista; Mac OS X 10.2.8 (10.3 for eSATA) or higher; Available eSATA, FireWire 800/400 or USB 2.0 port Approximate Unit Dimensions - 1.7(W) x 6.3(H) x 6.8(D) Approximate Unit Weight - 3.31 pounds

With a unique ridged exterior that enhances the enclosure's cooling performance, and a quadruple interface for full Mac and PC compatibility, the LaCie 301440U d2 Quadra External Hard Drive is an all-in-one drive that's built with the professional in mind. Designed by internationally acclaimed designer Neil Poulton, this versatile drive offers extreme performance and an aesthetic touch that will enhance any work space.

The LaCie d2 Quadra Hard Disk offers:
  • eSATA 3Gbits, FireWire 400/800, and USB 2.0 for universal compatibility and extreme speed
  • 500 GB of disk space.
  • 7200 RPM spin speed and 16 MB cache.
  • Fanless ridged design for cool, quiet operation.

Unique ridged heat sink aluminum design increases surface area by 60% for cooler operation. (Shown here with the Little Big Disk Quadra and the 2big Network.) View larger.

The minimalist space-saving design will enhance the aesthetics of any work space. View larger. View back.

The d2 can be racked horizontally and set up in a RAID configuration. View larger.
Quadruple Interface for Unmatched Performance and Compatibility
The LaCie 301440U d2 Quadra External Hard Drive features one eSATA 3 Gbit port, two FireWire 800 ports (9-pin), one FireWire 400 port (6-pin), and one hi-speed USB 2.0 port that is USB 1.1-compatible. (Cables for each connection are conveniently included with the drive.) This quadruple interface makes the d2 Quadra ideal for demanding multi-media applications that require extreme speed as well as universal connectivity. The eSATA interface offers a blazing transfer rate of up to 300 MB per second (3Gbits/sec), while FireWire allows you to connect directly to your DV camera.

The LaCie d2 is compatible with Windows, including Vista, and Mac OS X 10.2.8 and above (10.3 for eSATA). If you have Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, the d2 Quadra works with Time Machine, which automatically backs up your Mac's system files, applications, accounts, preferences, music, photos, movies, and documents to an external hard drive and lets you easily go back in time to recover anything.

Superior Drive Performance for Power Users
Built for power users such as video editors, the d2 Quadra features a rotational speed of 7200 RPM and a cache of at least 16 MB. Perfect for digital content creation, audio/video editing, DVD authoring, web animation, and more, the d2 Quadra can handle multiple demanding professional tasks. It can also be daisy-chained via FireWire or connected to your DV camera and is even bootable in FireWire for Mac and in eSATA for Mac/PC.

With a capacity of 500 GB, the d2 Quadra can hold up to 500,000 photos, 175,000 songs, or 35 hours of DV video. If you purchase multiple drives, they can be daisy-chained and set to RAID 1 for data redundancy and protection, or RAID 0 for even greater speed. If you need more storage, you can also choose between the 750 GB or 1 TB version of the d2 Quadra.

The d2 Quadra also offers three power management options: "Auto" for energy efficiency; "On" for instant access; and "Off" for data protection. The drive also lets you back up files or launch any application with a simple push of the front blue button. This "shortcut button" can be configured to launch any document or application, or initiate the included EMC Retrospect Express software that offers automated backups.

Smart, Elegant Design and Loaded with Software
With the d2 Quadra, Neil Poulton has fashioned a unique, attractive and functional drive that offers excellent heat dissipation features and space-saving options for stacking. The fanless aluminum heat sink design features exterior ridges that provide 60 percent more surface area for heat dissipation, keeping the drive quiet and as safe as possible at all times. The d2 Quadra will sit nicely in an upright position alongside your PC or Mac machines, or it can be stacked horizontally with other drives or rack mounted to save desktop space.

Set-up and use is quick and easy, thanks to LaCie's preloaded Setup Assistant that helps format the hard disk according to your needs. For instance, the d2 Quadra lets you easily create a FAT32 partition for use with Macs. LaCie's Shortcut Button lets you easily launch any application with one push.

Included with the drive is LaCie's Genie Backup Assistant for Windows and Intego Backup Assistant for Mac. Both make it easy for you to back up your files including your pictures, music, and documents, and let you restore your files to previous versions in case anything happens to them.

The drive measures a slim 1.7 x 6.3 x 6.8 inches (WxHxD), weighs 3.31 pounds, and is backed by a 3-year limited warranty.

About LaCie
Established in France in 1989, LaCie is a leading manufacturer of computer peripherals for Windows, Apple and Linux users. With offices and plants in the USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, Europe, Singapore and Hong Kong, LaCie develops and manufactures external storage solutions and color monitors that help professionals and everyday people easily manage their digital lives. LaCie has differentiated its products through original designs and leading-edge technology.

What's in the Box
LaCie d2 Quadra Hard Disk; eSATA-to-eSATA cable; FireWire 800 (9-to-9 pin) cable; FireWire 400 (6-to-6 pin) cable; USB 2.0 cable (USB 1.1 compatible); external power supply; drive stand for upright desktop use; LaCie Utilities (preloaded); Genie Backup Assistant for Windows; Intego Backup Assistant for Mac.

  • External hard disk offers 500 GB with triple connection interface
  • Supports eSATA, FireWire 800/400, and USB 2.0 connections
  • Stylish enclosure by Neil Poulton reduces heat for quiet, fanless operation
  • Shortcut button on drive lets you launch any application
  • Device measures 1.7 x 6.3 x 6.8 inches (WxHxD); backed by a 3-year warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Very Pleased.
    Use this on my iMac for TimeMachine backup. I have it partitioned into 3 disks. One I use as a bootable drive with the Firewire 800 port.

    Bought this from BuyNow Incorporated. Seller shipped the drive by Fed Ex (at no extra charge) and I had it with 3 days....more info
  • I would give it zero if I could
    I saw all of the good reviews and decided to take a chance on the Lacie. I needed something that worked with "Time Machine." It worked nicely, if somewhat noisily for less than a year. Then it just stopped working. I have had to replace it. If I want to get the information that is there, I need to find a tech person who can retrieve it.
    Not a reliable or sturdy product. ...more info
  • LaCie does it right
    I chose this product because it had FireWire 800. It was a dream to set up and sits quietly on my desk backing up my work....more info
  • Just what I needed!
    I love this HD! After Entourage malfunctioned and deleted lots of documents I knew that I needed an external HD. The little blue light can be a shortcut button for lots of applications or folders. It's heavy duty and you can buy 4 of them and stack them! It's fast at backing up anything you want it to. Get it now!!!...more info
  • sturdy, attractive drive
    I've had this drive for about a month now, and so far it's performed perfectly. I have a Macbook, and I use this drive with Time Machine. When I bought it, it was definitely more expensive than other 1TB drives, but I wanted to spend the extra 30 bucks or so for 3 reasons:

    (1) It has all the different connection options (USB2, Firewire 400 & 800, eSATA).
    (2) I'm a sucker for the metal casing, which I find much more attractive than pretty much all the other options out there. Also worth noting is that the drive's feel matches its look -- it is heavy and very solid.
    (3) This hard drive's very similar predecessor, the LaCie 301827U d2 Quadra 1 TB eSATA/FireWire800/FireWire400/USB 2.0 External Hard Disk, had one of the best average star ratings of any hard drive (please note that when I bought this particular drive, there were only a few reviews up on this product page, so I trusted the 100+ positive reviews of the previous model).

    Since my purchase it looks like some 1-star reviews have been written about this drive (at the time f this writing, there are 4, 3 of which state that their drive has failed). The one-star reviews of this product make me nervous that my drive will crap out after a year -- but honestly, look at the reviews for ANY hard drive on the market, and you'll find those same 1-star reviews. I'll update this review if I do experience any problems in the future. For now, I couldn't be happier!
    ...more info
  • Very nice external drive
    This is a newer version of an earlier model that is very similar (LaCie 301827U d2 Quadra 1 TB eSATA/FireWire800/FireWire400/USB 2.0 External Hard Disk). I talked to a salesman at J&R Computers and he told me the only difference is that this model has 32MB cache and the older model has 16MB cache. The older model has over 100 reviews so you may want to look there as well.


    This costs more than some other external hard drives of the same capacity but there are good reasons: You are paying for the multiple interfaces (eSATA, Firewire 400, Firewire 800 with second daisy-chain port, USB 2.0) and the complete set of cables that come with it. The eSATA support is 3Gbits compared to 1.5Gbits for less expensive drives. The well-constructed case may also add some cost. I'd like to think that the included disk is of a higher quality too, but have no way to judge.


    The drive has been working fine for about a month now.

    It feels VERY sturdy. It is heavier than other external drives I am familiar with.

    It is only slightly warm to the touch when running. The all-metal construction with the exterior ridges seems to do a good job of keeping it cool.

    It is VERY quiet. If not for the blue light I couldn't tell that it was turned on. Even when I put my ear right next to it I can hear very little. Even when it is actively seeking it is basically silent. There is no fan.

    It does make a few noises when starting up or shutting down. I THINK one of the noises I hear is the heads parking and unparking.

    I am using it as a USB 2.0 device right now. I have an eSATA card on order and will update this review to let you know how that goes. UPDATE: The drive works just fine when connected via eSATA. I have not done any performance experiments.

    It does have a slot in the back for one of those Kensington cable locks. I didn't see this mentioned in the sales literature, although other external drive manufacturers make a big deal of it. There are a lot of those locks available, especially if you consider the clones. The following is probably the best: Kensington 64343 MicroSaver DS Notebook Computer Lock with Keys (PC/Mac).

    Oh, yes, one more thing. The blue light reminds me of HAL in 2001 Space Odyssey, except that HAL had a red eye.
    ...more info
  • Smooth Operator
    From easy setup to flawless operation, this is one product that deserves a top rating and offers future flexibility with numerous interface option....more info
  • DirectTV HR-21 eStata works great with this drive
    I use this drive using the external estata interface on my directtv HR-21 receiver and it works GREAT. I now have 1 TB to store HD TV. It has been working for months with my directTV receiver with no problem. All I did was unplug the receiver, plug the drive into the estata port, switch the drive to always on and power up the directtv receiver and the receiver now sees this drive INSTEAD of the internal dirve (you don't get both). ...more info
  • I've had 4, all have given me problems
    I've had four lacie drives, and every single one has given me problems. My fist was 1T, and it crashed from slightly getting bumped within the first two days. I have two 500g that just got corrupted and now need to be reformatted. My other 500 is working alright now, but it's acted weird in the past. I don't know why they're such a headache. I've never had any issue with the drive inside my macbookpro, so why can't they build them like that? I've also never owned a different kind of drive, so i have nothing to compare to. But my drives are all really well taken care of and don't really move much from my desk, so it's not like I treat them badly....who knows???...more info
  • I do not recommend
    LaCie 301825U d2 Quadra 500 GB eSATA/FireWire800/FireWire400/USB 2.0 External Hard Disk

    I do not recommend these Lacie Drives. I have 2 of them, both are bad. Their casings are nice, elegant and the device feels rugged, but they burn out quick. I have a seagate that I have been using for several years now. The Lacie drives are junk. They look beautiful, but will let you down when you need to restore from that backup you needed. Mine are door stops now....more info
  • Good value
    I'm using this hard drive with Time Machine on my iMac and it works beautifully. It has every connection you could ever use, but I am using 800 Firewire and I just forget it's there. ...more info
  • Power adapter not working
    This was the first time I went for a LACIE product. I wanted a really good external HD for TIME MACHINE in my Imac. Just out of the box, we started with the wrong foot. I'm getting a blinking blue light with no response at all. Never appeared on Finder. Called Customer Service and spent hours on the phone with no answer. Googled "lacie blinking blue light" and realized it was the power adapter that came faulty. If the drive works, I really don't know! But one thing is certain, I won 't purchase any LACIE product ever again....more info
  • One Sweet Hard Drive
    Fast. Sleek. Silent. This HD has been working flawlessly since we took it out of the box. We use it for all our video and photo storage, as well as backups. Never again will we buy a Western Digital or Maxtor external HD drive. LaCie has a great product! Impressive so far! I agree with the other reviewer- get one NOW!...more info
  • Fits my needs well
    I am a laptop DJ, using a macbook pro with one FW800 port and Native Instruments Traktor 3.2 software for DJing. My sound card is using the FW400 port while my midi controller is on USB port.

    My local hard drive is too small for my music collection so I decided to get an external drive for my music. The Lacie drive is sleek looking, solidly constructed, and quiet (fanless). It is working quite well for me, as I need the speed of FW800 for realtime DJing. The bus speed of 800Mbps allows me to load tracks as quickly as possible which is important when DJing live. While it's not quite as fast as the local drive, it is fast enough for my purposes.

    I bought two Lacie drives, one for playing live and the other as a backup. I really like that Lacie put 2 FW800 ports, allowing me to daisy chain both drives together for an easy backup. I use SilverKeeper 2.0 (freeware) as my backup software. V2.0 is compatible with 10.3.9-10.5.x. It is easy to use and I am quite happy with it. I did not use any of the other software that came with the Lacie drive.

    I am quite pleased with my purchase.

    ...more info
  • Excellent drive
    I've owned LaCie external hard drives for years and yet again fails to disappoint. Solid rugged construction, high speed, and much quieter than previous models. Both Firewire and the USB ports work as expected, and as soon as I obtain an eSATA capable interface I will update the review. The drive case appears to act as a heat sink for the device, but is relatively cool to the touch. LaCie has apparently improved every hard drive model that's been introduced.

    I also like the fact that LaCie has always included software on the drive, very easy and simple to install! It comes with the Genie Backup Assistant for Windows and the Intego Backup Assistant for Mac OS X (10.4 and 10.5). The software is very similar for both platforms, although I use Time Machine which is included with Mac OS X 10.5.

    Excellent buy!...more info
  • LaCie 500GB External Hard Drive
    After loosing a complete database with years of info as well as lots of pictures following another non-recoverable PC error I turned to my old backup. Didn't help. Nothing but programs without files.
    Now, after using a MAC for over a year, I've added a LaCie 500GB hard drive and I can actually find any backup file on it at any time. If you want simple and easy to use and you're also not a computer geek, it's the one to try. It' makes very little noise sitting on my desktop, it's fast and I have had no problems after 3 months....more info