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Brianna Wyatt may be a victim of her father?s machinations, but one look is all it takes for Cole Masters and Tyler Cannon to offer her their own style of m?nage a trois blackmail.

Brianna Wyatt?s father is blackmailing her into doing what he wants by threatening to send her brother to an institution. She would do anything to keep that from happening, including go along with his demented scheme of her getting pregnant by Cole Masters?a man who?s been rumored to share a woman with his best friend, and who leaves Brianna?s innocent senses in shambles.

Cole is sure he?s about to be blackmailed?why else would a man whore his daughter? But there?s something about her that neither Cole nor his best friend, Tyler Cannon, can deny. They want her, and don?t hesitate for a second on making their own offer. Her brother?s protection for her body.

When danger flirts with Brianna?s life, there is nothing they won?t do to keep her safe. Including listening to what their hearts are saying.

Warning: this title contains graphic language, hot, explicit sex, bondage, domination/submission and m?nage a trois and is not for the faint of heart!

Customer Reviews:

  • Surprise surprise in other words Great Read
    I purchased this book as a hold over book.
    waiting for one of my other authors to release a book.
    BUt instead what I found was a new author to add to my list.
    Her book was perfect, her characters a delight and her writting was
    a pleasure to read.
    I cannot wait to read her others as well.
    I loved this book and tell everyone and anyone passing by seeing this
    book to pick it up.
    They will not be dissappointed.
    It is entertaining as well as erotic and fun.
    You will not be dissappointed I promise you.
    It is a fun light quick read, that you will hate to put down.
    Enjoy...more info
  • Very very Good!!
    I read this book in less than 24 hours. i just couldnt put it down.. when i thought it was a good time to stop, i just couldnt it was very well told. and kept you attention! will definitly put this as one of my fav books! Will read it again and again!...more info
  • Perhaps I'm just not into spanking...
    We have Brianna, a 26 year old virgin, who agrees to have sex with a stranger after her father threatens to place her 16 year old brother (who is blind and hearing impaired) "in an institution" unless she produces an heir. With me so far? Next, she's delivered to the home of millionaire Cole Masters, the chosen stud for this project. They, of course, immediately fall in lust and within a couple of hours, Brianna is a 26 year old un-virgin. The next morning, Brianna awakens to discover she's blindfolded, tied to the bed and Cole has added his best buddy, Tyler, to create a m¨¦nage ¨¤ trois. Lucky for the boys, Brianna takes to bondage, spanking, and having two lovers like the proverbial duck to water. Fear not readers, there is actually a plot of sorts to this book: it seems that someone is trying to kill Brianna. Until the last few pages, I assumed it was the National Organization for Women. Finally, the author, apparently a true believer in the happily ever after ending, manages to produce Brianna's mother (who had been missing for 16 years) at the end of the book. And they all lived happily ever after - Briana, her brother, her mother, and her two "husbands." Unfortunately, I did not. I purchased this book based on glowing reviews and it has now found a new my recycle bin....more info
  • Fabulaus Fairytail for the Modern Woman
    Two scrumpious hunks fall in love with you and want to give you mind blowing sex all the time. Plus they except your family for who they are and even protect you from an evil father. I only wish I was Brianna. You go girl.
    If you like this book I would recomend Emma Holly's "Menage" and "Strange Attraction". Women know the best Menage is two men and one woman not the other way around! ...more info
  • Blackmailed
    This book made no sense to me. I started reading it, was so confused and bored. I put it down. Picked it back up 3 days later. Was still confused and bored with it. I felt like I was reading a book written by a first grader. I still haven't finished it. Guess I will finish it one of these days. ...more info
  • blackmailed
    I really enjoyed this book. It was the first book by annamarie Mc Kenna I have read....more info
  • Blackmailed
    Cole masters couldn't believe his eyes when he read the papers couriered to him. What kind of man prostitutes his own daughter just to get a male heir? When he had a meeting with Andrew Wyatt, he had his answer. This man was a nightmare of a father, and when he realized he had forced his daughter into coming to this meeting while in the grips of an asthma attack, he simply wanted to kill him. Brianna Wyatt had of course heard of Cole. He was plastered on magazine covers, and in the newspapers all the time. She couldn't imagine what he would want with her because he was always with a beautiful stick model type, not someone plain and ordinary like her. When Cole was kneeling at her feet helping her through her attack, she was dumbfounded. When he more or less threw her father out, and told her she would be staying with him, she couldn't believe everything he was doing for her.

    Cole had invited Brianna to stay with him, not just to protect her, but because he had an instant and overwhelming attraction to her. He and his best friend, Tyler Cannon had shared many women in the past, but he had never responded the way he did just touching Brianna. When Tyler got a good look at Brianna, and spent a little time with her, he had a similar response to that of Cole. They were completely enamored with her, and decided that they were going to keep her forever. They knew it was going to be hard for her to accept this happening so quickly, but it was right, and they would convince her. The first hurdle that they had to get over was the worry she had over her brother. Scott was blind and partially deaf, and she had taken care of him his whole life. When they arranged legally for Scott to come live with them permanently, Bri found herself falling for both of them even harder.

    Bri had just started feeling comfortable being with her men, when one of Cole's ex lovers started making threats against she and her brother. Cole and Tyler wouldn't let her out of their sight because they were worried. They had a feeling that the other shoe was about to drop. When Bri was in a dressing room at a local boutique trying on clothes, a man showed up out of nowhere, and stabbed her. Tyler couldn't believe an attempt was made on Bri's life right under their noses. They would do anything to protect what was theirs.

    What a great story! Cole, Tyler, and Brianna have intense chemistry between them that is smoking hot!! The characters are well developed and written with heart. The secondary character Scott is especially endearing. I have never read another character quite like him. This book is definitely a keeper to be read over and over again....more info
  • Awful drek that felt like work
    It felt like it took forever to get through this book. Not only did I not find most of the scences arousing but I found every character except her blind brother unlikeable. I felt the book was amateurish and dull with the story being an after thought which would have been fine if the sex scenes were good. They were not. I was curious to read some of the Authors other books, now I think I'll pass....more info
  • What more could you want from an erotic novel????
    I LOVED this book! I won't go into the story, there are enough other reviews about that. This is my favourite book of this genre so far. The main characters were likeable and you cared what happened to them. The great story line makes the book worth reading, and the sex scenes are very hot. Put all this together, and you have a book that you will read again and again. I only have two major issues with the book - firstly, I didn't understand why Tyler was talking about maybe finding a wife of his own one day???? He says he loves Brianna, will never leave her, but hey, I might just find a wife of my own one day????? The author lost me there for a minute. My second issue, is only that I wanted this story to go on and on and on. I hope that there are many more books to come from this author. I will be buying every one of them!...more info
  • Fun characters, good sex scenes, needed another round of editing
    I feel like I should give this book 2 reviews. One as erotica or, well, porn and one as a regular novel.

    A while back I went on a short spree of looking for good quality porn that had some d/s, bondage. I was horrified by the bad grammar and really, really bad quality (epically bad quality!) writing in 99% of what I found. We're talking mixing past and present tenses in the same sentence and, in the really bad ones, spelling words wrong. Not to mention the level of, well, meanness in some of the books.

    Compared to those, this book is 5 plus, plus stars. Compared to the wider pool of all novels in general, however, I'd give it 3 stars. The characters are original and fun, the sex scenes are hot and uninhibited, the story paces well and it's an enjoyable read. That said, this does read like a first novel. There are some cliches (comparing the guy to Michelangelo, etc.) and the sentence structures are kind of clunky in certain places. More than anything I think this book could have done with another round of editing/beta reading.

    But I'm probably being WAY too picky and again, if you're just looking for a fun, sexy read that focuses on threesomes and mostly consensual bondage than I recommend this book....more info
  • Delicious!!
    This was my first Annemarie McKenna book, as well as my first book dealing with a menage a trois. I have to say, this book was delicious!!

    The plot is pretty outlandish. A domineering, bullying father blackmails his daughter Brianna into having sex with Cole Masters in order to take her son and pass it off as his heir. He uses the threat of sending Brianna's brother to an institution if she doesn't go along with his plans. Cole Masters at first wants absolutely nothing to do with the obviously crazy man until he sees Brianna. He's charmed, and aroused. Instantly he knows she's the one for him.....and his best friend, Tyler Cannon. After some pretty steamy sex, the plot thickens when attempts are made on Brianna's life and the men have to protect the love of their life from an unknown killer.

    Wow. Menage is hot. I've never read this genre before, didn't even know a genre for this kink was even available. I personally always thought menage was silly, an adolescent fantasy. This happy threesome makes it work though. They confront any problems, any possible jealousy and it's just not a problem for them. The men can have individual sex with Brianna or indulge in group sessions that left me panting! While the plot is pretty transparent, it gives just enough to make it more interesting. It also adds a little naughtiness, making Tyler a strong, gruff bodyguard and Cole, the protective businessman. What girl wouldn't give to be the jelly in this sandwich?!

    I can't wait to read some more from this extremely talented and inventive author!...more info
  • Was there a story?
    This was a little tasteless & gross for me, too much whoopy not enough story....more info
  • People who enjoyed this must be new to Erotica??
    Weak story, weaker and undeveloped characters ... it's an insult to sit through this. Once again, I have to say that this Samhain Publishing is a weak excuse for an attempt to copy the much more mature erotic fiction of Ellora's Cave....more info
  • Sexy read!
    When Cole Masters receives a stud contract from Andrew Wyatt to impregnate his recluse daughter, Brianna, Cole assumes impending blackmail. After all, what's a little blackmail between St. Louis millionaires--especially considering the decadent lifestyle Cole and his head of security, Tyler Cannon, lead.

    Wyatt, a misogynist and perfectionist, threatens to send Brianna's younger blind brother, who she single-handedly raised, to an institution unless she gives her father the perfect male heir--to be fathered by Cole--regardless of her will. But Cole kicks Wyatt out of his house, keeping Brianna and telling her that he'll return her and the signed contract to her father at the end of the week.

    Brianna must find a way to save her brother but can't help submitting to the immediate passion she feels for the two dominant, insatiable men who share very well. But when murder attempts interfere in their week of pleasure, Cole and Tyler must protect Brianna, while getting to the bottom of the blackmail.

    Blackmailed is a fiery and dynamic story of blackmail, power, dominance, submission, love, and the true nature of family. This tale of two heroes and their heroine lit up the screen with sizzling love scenes between likeable and believable characters.

    Reviewed by Regan Loyd ...more info
  • Two Sexy Men...Who Could Ask for More
    You don't buy this book for great writing. This is a fun, totally erotic read. This is about Brianna and her crazy dad's idea of getting her married and pregnet to Cole. He likes the idea but he also likes to share, and share he does with Tyler. Tyler is the darker, more alpha of the two. It seems thats how it goes with menage. They are usually in love with one a little bit more than the other and one that brings out a darker side of their sexuality. There is Hot sex, intrigue, and of course a happy ever after ending....more info
  • Wow
    This is the first of this type book I had read and I couldn't put it down. Have ordered many books since then but this remains at the top of my list....more info
  • make your own judgement
    I was prepared to be disappointed after reading all the bad reviews (I skipped all the good ones). Luckily I already bought this book or else those reviews would steer me away. First of all I would like to ask: What do you mean Brianna doesn't have a backbone? I was all prepare for some coward little girl who flinch at everything but instead what I got was a girl who was just a little scared and unsure. I mean how can she not be a little since she was abused and threaten by her own father all her life? For those who don't know what it's like to be abused by the person you are suppose to feel safe with, it's easy to say "Grow some backbone". Shouldn't criticize if you never walked in that other person's shoes. Anyways, beside that, I was pleased with the story. It wasn't the greatest but it wasn't the worst either. Deserving of 3 or 4 stars. The menage was a little lacking but wasn't so bad. It's not steamy like Maya Banks or Lora Leigh but it was good nonetheless. Cole and Tyler were hot tho and I love their dominate ways.

    Now the thing that didn't sit right with me was Tyler's comment about how he might find someone he wants to marry in the future. EEKK That totally didn't sit right with me. But I guess it might be because all the others that I've read, it ended with just the three of them. So with Tyler saying that, I can't help but wonder if Mrs. McKenna will write another story and have Tyler find his own wife. Gosh I sure hope not. Hey maybe she'll give us an answer in Scottie's story (which I will pick up this weekend). ...more info
  • *Shaking Head*
    Ok, there were a lot of great reviews for this book so I checked it out. The lead girl is pathetic. Grow a back bone. This is the 21st century. I don't care who you are, if by the age of 25 you haven't been able to stand up to your father.... There could have been many ways to get her out of the pickle her father put her in, instead she succumbed to the situation - not even putting up a fight or looking for alternatives.

    The bedroom scenes seem to be rushed and weren't very creative. The only interesting people in the book were Tyler and the little brother....more info
  • Really weak plot but really hot sex scenes
    Im a little unsure what to think about this book. The sex scenes were really hot but the story line

    Brianna is a 26 year old virgin and is blackmailed by her father to have sex with millionaire Cole Masters to get pregnant. If she doesn't do it he threatens to send her blind brother to an institution. Cole was about to tell her father to go to hell since he wasn't going to be part of that crazy plot but than he sees Brianna and he changes his mind.

    So this is about the time the book throws me off for the first time: Cole tells Brianna that he wants to sleep with her but there is no way in hell he would hand over his child to her father. So I was thinking "Ok, great he doesn't plan on knocking her up. Whataboy." Yeah. no such thing. He claims that he never slept with a woman without a condom but there is something special about Brianna and he wants her without a condom All other forms of birth control don't seem to be an option either. Ooookay.

    Cole also has this thing about sharing women with his best friend Tyler. Does he give poor virgin Brianna a heads-up? Noooooo He rather ties her to the bed, blind-folds her and than invites his friend in. After that the two morons blackmail Brianna into being their little sex slave in exchange of her brothers safety (who seems to be the only normal one with an IQ higher than toasted bread).

    I also hated that Brianna seemed to have no back-bone whatsoever. After being pushed around by her father all her life you should think that she has enough of that crap. But no, she lets those two monkeys control her life They talk about her like she is some sort of helpless 2-year old while she stands next to them. Everytime she wants to say somehing they just ignore her

    And than Cole comes up with this brilliant plan to marry her - after 4 days. But he is scared that she might say no (huh, why would she ) so he decides not to ask her at all. No, he has an even better idea! He just orders her to marry him! Gee, how romantic.

    However, the book still get's 3 stars from me just because I don't read books like that for their awesome plot line - if you know what I mean ;) If I should re-read it again I will just skip the whole plot and just read the steamy parts....more info
  • Blackmailed
    This book is fantastic. Could not put the book down - just wanted to know more about all the characters. ...more info
  • not my cup of tea
    Very dissapointed in this book. I love the idea of the female lead being dominated by the two males that are going to be sharing her bed, I really don't like the idea of the female lead being totaly and utterly spineless. Yes her character worked with the story, but I spent half the book wanting to smack her and tell her to grow a backbone! ...more info
  • Ok book.....
    I was disappointed in this book. I really tried to get into it but I found myself forcing myself to read the book just to get it over with.

    And that was too bad simply because I did like the characters of Brianna, Cole and Tyler.

    There just isn't any real emotion in this book especially between Brianna and Cole. I actually like Tyler and Brianna better.

    The character of Scottie was interesting but as someone with experience with blind family members, he just really didn't ring true.

    Which is I guess the problem with this whole book, it just doesn't ring true....just doesn't seem real.

    Dena...more info
  • Blackmailed
    This is the first book I have read by this author and I wasn't disappointed. The premise is a little inplausible, but the guys are hot and the heroine is believable. The sex is steamy and it's easy to see how these three belong with each other. ...more info
  • Mixed feelings on this one
    This was a good story. The erotic parts were incredible. Sure to increase your body temp and heart rate. I would have loved more of character development though. The main female character was somewhat of a dissapointment. She goes from under the thumb of one man to under the thumb of two men. While totally different relationships, she is totally submissive. Would love to see her grow in her self confidence and turn the tables, a bit. Throughout the whole book, she is constantly doing what she is told. In fact, I can think of only two times she disobeyed. But all in all, hot and fun!!...more info
  • i would tell friends
    I believe this book to have great twist's and it had me not wanting to put this book down.I dont think i have ever read a boko so fast in my life.

    I look forward to my next good book like this one. ...more info
  • Not worth the time or money
    I was so disappointed in this book I didn't get past the fourth chapter. I finally got frustrated and tossed the book aside without finishing it.

    ...more info