Friday the 13th, Part 3, 3-D (Deluxe Edition)
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Studio: Paramount Home Video Release Date: 02/03/2009 Run time: 95 minutes Rating: R

The tender, tragic saga of Jason Vorhees, the world's unhappiest camper, continues when yet another batch of hormonally advanced teens decide to ignore past history and spend some time at the woodsy, pine-scented slaughterhouse known as Camp Crystal Lake. It may be a bit of a stretch to describe any of the entries in this interminable series as "good," but this creatively grotesque installment manages to come surprisingly close with a welcome sense of humor and some quick glimmers of real menace (courtesy of director Steve Miner, who would later go on to helm the far more accomplished Halloween: H20). Originally presented in 3-D, which explains the never-ending slew of objects (knives, pitchforks, yo-yos, cats, eyeballs, etc.) that are repeatedly thrust in the viewer's general direction. --Andrew Wright

Customer Reviews:

    Okay picked up the new re-issue of FRIDAY THE 13TH in 3-D recently and felt I HAD to share this with other fans who are waffling on whether or not to pick this triple-dip up or not.

    First, let me say I have a copy of the old Japan-issued Polarized version (this requires the powered polarized glasses not the current red/blue paper things) and while it was a dubdown (the orig release in Japan was only on VHS) the 3-D was leaps and bounds better then this new release. Ok to be fair, I know it isnt very practical to release the old 3-D version in that format as it would require everyone to go out and spend at least $60-$130 on a pair of glasses to view it. So, with the recent release of some 3-D films in the new 3-D versions on home video(JOURNEY TO CENTER OF THE EARTH, POLAR EXPRESS etc) I figured it won't be too awful when redone in the red/blue format will it? The answer is both yes and no.

    First off this new re-issue of the film lays claim on the cover to be from an HD Source? Well, where is the Blu Ray then (Grrrrrrr). And this new print of the film is FILTHY DIRTY! I mean the old one in the box set was speckly and dirty, but this print is waaaaay granier and just plain AWFUL. Somehow they have managed to make the film look like a bad VHS dub down on dvd! Setting aside the dirty elements problem, the new 5.1 mix on the audio? Sorry compared it to the box set original audio mix, didn't notice a dang thing that was any different.

    But what of the 3-D you ask? How was that? Well, for the most part it offers some good 3-D dimension and does remind me a little of what it was like in the theater (I saw the film in 3-D back in 1983 at least 18-20 times) but not even close to the clarity. You see ghost images bleed off to the other parts of the image and its kinda messy. But the worst sin of all?! If you saw it originally in 3-D in theaters, you know how ultra cool the opening credit sequence is as it shoots out of the decapitated eye sockets of Mrs. Voorhees' head on the table. The credits literally shoot out and are right in front of your face (I do not exaggerate, this was waaaay better than any other 3-D movie has done before or after). Well what did Paramount decide to do? Well since the beg of PART 3 is a brief recap of the end of PART 2, they put a brief note onscreen that the beginning is not in 3-D. So the 3-D doesn't begin now until AFTER the credits are over!!!! In theaters, the 3-D begins with the shot of Amy Steel and BF outside out of the cabin (they are in front of it) and then we cut back to inside of cabin as Jason gets wakes and grabs his machete and gets up as we go to Mrs. Voorhees' head and the credits pop out of her eye sockets straight at you, out of the screen. All that is gone now, not even recreated for this 3-D version. Sad, very sad indeed. Lazy actually is a better word.

    Now you are wondering, how are the extras? Well, on this release we get a trailer for the 3-D version of the film that ran originally in theaters. And, err... thats it. You don't even get the actor audio commentary from the box set and this is a stand alone release asking you to buy it again?!?! Huh?

    So, in short, until we get that new Japanese 3-D home television technology over here, this 3-D version will have to do. Still, with the disappointments, one would have hoped for more pimped up extras, but seeing how it is Paramount (AKA cheap and no extras) its hardly surprising.

    Hope this helps some of you decide on this one. My opinion, rent it if you can and then quickly return it!...more info
  • Disappointed that it didn't come with a 3D cover like the rest.
    The DVD is beyond awesome, everything is there that needs to be there, 2 versions of the movie one in 2D the other 3D. But, the other 2 movies come with a slip cover 3D case, this one did not. However, I've visited many other sites out there and even ebay, and they have the slip cover 3D. Why didn't mine come with it?...more info
  • If reviewing this deluxe version DVD and not just the movie itself, Its horrible !
    First off, Most of the reviews on here are before this version was released last week. This is a review on this release. Not of the actual movie or plot. I pre-ordered it off Amazon and received last week. Watched off a PS3 on a 73" Mitsubishi Diamond DLP and off a regular up kicking 1080i Toshiba DVD/VCR on a 40" Samsung LCD to see if it was just a bad feed. But no. Same result off both setups.

    Problem #1 only has 2 pairs of 3-D glasses. Would have liked to see 4 pairs in the box. But not the real problem.

    The real reason for the low rating is the transfer. This is the worst transfer to DVD I have ever seen. Spoiler (opening shots are from part 2 and not in 3D. Then titles come for part 3 and not in 3D.) I was hoping that the picture quality would get better when the actual part 3 begins but with no luck.

    Film starts in 3D after opening credits. I have Night of the Living Dead 3D (2006) and Journey to the center of the world 3D on DVD and just watched My Bloody Valentine in the theaters and Chuck on NBC in 3D so would rate the depth of the 3D as ok.

    The problem is the picture quality. It's almost unwatchable. I would say it looks like someone took a Pan/Scan version off a VHS tape and zoomed it to 16x9 and copied it to a DVD without cleaning up the picture at all. Every picture flaw is noticeable. There are ghost images which are super highlighted by the 3D. Let's just say grainy pictures are no better in 3D. I then tried out the included 2D version on the same disc. No better. Same horrible grainy picture just without the pretty cool 3D depth.

    As far as the movie goes, I liked the film minus I stopped watching it after about 20 minutes as it was bothering my eyes with all the picture noise. I have seen the non 3D version on both VHS and DVD years ago and prefer the picture quality of both compared to this.

    Sound was ok. I have a 7.1 setup so it faked the 5.1 to 7.1 speakers so that was a plus. However sound rarely makes a movie.

    You want 3D? You got it. You want decent picture quality? Wait for it be re-released again and restored this time. Or maybe hold out for it on Blu-Ray.
    ...more info
  • Extras may not play
    It is my understanding that the main feature will play since it's not region coded but the extras will be in PAL and won't play in US or any other NTSC player. Seems odd but someone who bought this from confirms it. Of course if this is a US version than there's no worries but I'm unaware of any US release for parts 2 or 3 on Blu-Ray....more info
  • Terrible Terrible Terrible!

    I saw part 3 during its original theatrical release and the 3D on this DVD is nothing like what was shown at the cinema.

    Paramount short change Friday fans once again as has gone for the inferior (cheaper) blue and red 3D glasses edition. The original theatre 3D glasses haD clear lenses.

    The quality of the 3D version of this film looks terrible. It looks like a bootleg VHS recorded back in 1989.

    Shame on you PARAMOUNT!

    ...more info
  • If You Saw the First 2 Movies This Will Not Be New To You
    As a rule in most sequels, they always need to be "bigger and better" I may agree with the bigger part...But better? If you are talking about sequels like T2, Aliens or Spiderman 2 I would agree, but this splatter sequel is just another body count ride.

    This sequel takes place the following day after the events of part 2; and even though they show news coverage of the victims of part 2, the survivors are not mentioned at all in this movie...What happened to Ginny and Paul? Who knows, all I know is this is another pointless horror sequel. This time around Jason gets his infamous Hockey mask and he is ready to attack this random farm. Now you might ask "why would he attack a farm? Doesn't he always kill people who stay or enter Crystal Lake? "All of this is true, unfortunately we have to ignore all this and just sit back and enjoy the gore.

    Upon theatrical release in 1982, the movie was presented in 3-D. the 3-D presentation was the main reason this sequel was so profitable. From what I have heard the 3-D effects were quite descent and well presented. The 3-D version of this movie was only available for sometime in Japan exclusively. Recently I purchased the new 3-d version, released by Paramount. Let me warn you, Do not buy It, It's an Insult, I heard that the theatrical looked nothing like this. The transfer is horrible and full of grain. Some sequences look ok, but nothing of this world. So I recommend you buy the original 2-D version.

    Body Count: 10

    Violent Content: Gory


    ...more info
  • Poor 3-D Release.
    This red/blue 3D version does not work. Period. You get a tiny bit of depth every so often, but its really bad. This is one of the worst 3D presentations I have yet to see, in any format. Like the other standard DVD's that have come out recently, the color is completely washed out. The print of both the 3D and non-3D versions are very grainy. No extras, except for the Trailer. Just a bad release all around. It's a shame that this couldn't be released in the non-red/blue, polarized version...I have that one - from a copy of a copy of a copy on VHS - and the effects are still superior to this one....more info
  • To Cement the Facts...
    I saw Friday the 13th Part III during its original theatrical run when I was 11, and it was, in fact, presented polarized with clear glasses, not in anaglyphic red/blue; anyone who says to the contrary has, sadly, a very poor memory. I kept the glasses for many years, only to lose them during an apartment move in the early '90's; to this day, I wish I hadn't been so careless.

    The point: Please be certain to have your facts straight about these movies before posting such rhetorical nonsense. ...more info
  • Jason wears the hockey mask for the first time
    This one along with parts 2,4 and 5 are my favorite of the FT13th movies...more info
  • 3D Review
    This new version of F13 3D has about as much 3D as the paperback novelization of the film.

    It really, really sucks.

    I couldn't get anywhere in the room where the 3D worked right. Close to the TV or far away from it. Lights on or lights off. Same deal.

    You could watch the old non-anaglyph DVD release with 3D glasses on and it would look just as crummy.

    This product really sucks, even for $15, because of course, you've already got it....more info
  • Some things you should know about the 3D...
    Please note that this is a review of the new 3D DVD release, and does not reflect the actual flm, but rather, the quality of the disc itself. Those who purchase this should be aware of a few things up front. Firstly, the opening titles are NOT in 3D! They are in 2D. The 3D does not begin until the credits are finished. This is a MAJOR disappointment, as anybody who has ever seen the titles in 3D knows that the titles themselves are a show-stopper. In the cinema, the titles flew out of the screen within inches of your face. Why Paramount made the decision to not include the titles in 3D is beyond comprehension, and a major letdown right from the start. Secondly, the film is EXTREMELY grainy, and that does not help the 3D at all. They obviously did no restoration work whatsoever on this. The box says mastered in high definition, but you wouldn't know it by watching the DVD. The transfer is anamorphic, but the grain makes the film difficult to watch. Also, the DVD only came with 2 pairs of glasses, so you can only watch this with one friend, unless you already own more glasses.

    As far as the 3D goes, it is pretty good, but because it is color anaglyph, the 3D is not the best quality. This was originally projected in theatres using polarized glasses, so the film was shown in full color, very similiar to how the Real-D cinemas and Imax 3D work. The conversion to red/blue anaglyph for home viewing is unfortunately not the best alternative. Some effects do certainly come right out of the screen on a properly calibrated monitor (LCD or plasma works best), and the depth is rather impressive, but the grainy transfer hinders the 3D effect at all times. It certainly doesn't come close to the 3D that was originally shown back in the 80's on the big screen.

    If you've never seen this film before in 3D, you may enjoy this, and I guess it is better than nothing, but with a field-sequential 3D version already having been released in Japan ages ago on the long-dead VHD video system, it is rather disappointing to see Paramount making such little effort to releasing this properly. Sadly, there is no ideal method to release 3D on DVD at this time, since field-sequential requires special equipment to view, and does not work on LCD screens, making field-sequential an unattractive option to most studios and viewers, even though it does provide the best results.

    NBC recently aired an episode of "Chuck", along with 2 Superbowl commercials, in 3D using the ColorCode 3D glasses, which are the same cardboard glasses only tinted yellow and dark blue instead of red and cyan, and the 3D was fantastic. Maybe this would have been a better choice for Paramount for home viewing, since ColorCode is more comfortable to view, and makes for a better 3D presentation, as there is much less eyestrain, and allows for full color viewing. Perhaps other studios will explore ColorCode for future home DVD releases.

    For die-hard 3D fans or Friday the 13th fans, you will cerainly want to pick this one up, but just be aware before you start watching that it is flawed presentation.

    ...more info
  • Coming out party
    By this time there was no suspence left as to who the killer is. The opening credits inform us right away that Richard Brooker plays Jason. Yes Jason is the juggernaut who slices and dices his way through a small group of unsuspecting people. They just happen to be unlucky enough to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

    The movie starts off with a local drive by store near Camp Crystal Lake. A presumed married couple reside there. We are introduced to a stalking figure who hides behind the hanging laundry. We cannot see his face but we presume the worst.

    This movie is undeniably Jason's movie. It is his coming out party of sorts. His identity is no longer hidden; just his face is. In this movie he recieves an iconic accesory which he will carry with him on the rest of his journeys.

    We meet other characters in this movie shortly after Jason's roadside shopping excursion. They are a group of funloving young adults who are picking up some friends and taking a drive to an area near the infamous Camp Crystal Lake where ghastly murders just took place. On the way to their destination they are not aware of all of the blatant warning signs of evil that are marked all along their path.

    They arrive and settle in. Not much happens for awhile except some socializing and a mishap at a nearby convience store. Night then begins to fall upon the area and that is where fun begins. It is Jason's area and he won't be denied.

    This movie soon turns into a typical stalk and slash movie. We are then left with a final act that is full of that previously lacking suspense. And we even get to see the big man's face - which is quite scary-looking to say the least. And what we are left with in the end is more questions than answers - which is almost as entertaining as the previous sequel.

    To add to the mystique of your usual Friday movies there are a few death scenes are quite good. And in this one Jason does not dissapoint...more info
  • Bad 3d for a home title
    This was released in 3d locally in anaglyphic. Doesn't transfer well from Polarized 3d. Still doesn't work well. The original print was clearly taken from the Eastman color print which has clearly faded over time. Color changes from full color to red through the print. Also the grain of the film is so badly shown. Not really a restored print. Just a regular release. Also, where are the extras?. There is nothing here but a trailer. No how it was made no how it lasted not even commentary tracks. Nothing. 0 Extras, bad video, what else do you need. A definit buy for fans of 3d but not worth it....more info
  • Jason in 3-D.
    Great movie for slasher fans, as this installment is definitely one of the best of the series. It beats the first two hands down and it was the one where Jason finally pulled on that infamous hockey mask and the Jason we all know and love comes to life. This film benefits from a decent script with some decent acting (O.K. so the acting was abit rubbish), as well as the fact that the body count is higher and the death scenes are much more elaborate. It seems more time and effort went in to the script especially for the murders, its the first one where Jason displays his inhuman strength as you'll see during the hanging scene or him crushing some poor guy's head like a melon. Also this film was originally shot in 3d, I'm not sure but it seemed like a sudden craze during the early 80's where this 3D gimmick was seen in alot of theaters. The glasses in the DVD package work just fine but you have to turn out all the lights for it to really work and become fully immersed in the experience.

    Directly after the events of Friday the 13th Part 2, Jason (Richard Brooker) goes to a store, kills the owners and gets a change of clothes. Chris (Dana Kimmell) is taking some of her friends (including a weird hippie/stoner couple that look abit out of place among the younger group), to her family's cabin in the woods for a weekend of partying. Chris was attacked by a mute and deformed man in the woods two years earlier and has not been back since. She's going on this trip to confront her demons about this incident (if she only knew, she would've just let her demons behind and stayed at home). She left town those two years ago and left her boyfriend Rick (Paul Kratka) and he's also meeting the group at the family cabin to try and reconnect with Chris. But what Chris doesn't know is that the weirdo that attacked her in the woods was Jason and he's also returned to the family cabin to carry out his killing spree. This time he takes the familiar hockey mask from Shelly to hide his accursed ugliness and it would become the symbol of horror for the next decade (kill, kill, kill, kill,haaaa) ;-).

    The 3-D version makes its home video debut here and you get some glasses with Jason logos to watch it with (just a tip, try and get the room as dark as you can for it to work right). There are some scares that worked better with the 3-D process though and some that don't. One that doesn't is a snake hiding in the rabbit pen because you can see the strings holding the rubber snake and one that probably wowed the audience back then was when Jason squeezes a fellow's head and his eyeball pops out towards the screen. Shelly is a budding "actor" and brings his makeup kit and provides some red herring scares, he was the annoying character that nobody liked and played alot of pranks. There's also a Tommy Chong dopehead/hippie wannabe to provide more comedy relief, the only thing that's missing is crazy Ralph. Steve Miner also continued with the series from part two and he definitely left a good impression as his directing skills were tight and showed some really menacing shots of Jason especially towards the last half of the film when he comes storming out of the barn. The final-girl showdown in the third act is actually very good and very tense, infact it's the best in the series. And Jason does seem most real here (unlike a stoic machine-like demon in future sequels) as he displays more than a few emotions including an evil mocking smile, screaming in pain when he's stabbed twice and obvious anger when he can't find something.

    Friday the 13th Part 3 is presented in anamorphic widescreen (2.35:1) and is enhanced for 16x9 televisions. The special features really only include the 2 minute trailer. I guess you'd have to count that they do put a copy of the 3-D version on the disc and give you two 3-D glasses (you wouldn't want to watch it by yourself ;-)) to view it with. However, the great documentaries and interviews on parts 1 and 2 made me hope for more of the same on Part 3. They don't even continue the "Lost Tales from Camp Blood" here either. Somewhat disappointing considering the effort put into the first two films, shouldn't be called a deluxe edition in my opinion. Anyway this film was great, it had some cheesy but fun 3-D effects and arguably the most realistic presentation of Jason, and perhaps the best climactic battle which all infuse Friday the 13th Part 3 as one of the more interesting films of the series. Highly recommended and two thumbs up!.
    ...more info
  • Happy Friday the 13th! A day where nothing happens to me when I walk under ladders!
    "Friday the 13th - Part 3" is one of my favorite parts of the series. Whether or not you see this in 3-D, this is a great slasher film. From the pranks and antics of Shelly to the rather goofy but entertaining hippie couple, the way cool but troublesome biker gang to Vera's death (that one was a doozy!), this movie delivers the goods. Also, this is the first "Friday the 13th" where Jason puts on the iconic hockey mask! Bloody chills and late-night thrills are flying like daggers your way on...Friday the 13th! So don't miss out on a classic slasher film, check this out as soon as you can! Thanks for the time, and peace....more info
  • Excellent Slasher Flick
    Of all the Friday the 13th movies this one is my favorite of the series and would possibly make my top 50 favorite horror films. You know those movies you like a lot more than you should? Well Friday the 13th Part 3 is that movie for me. Sure this is your typical slasher flick with the typical horror movie characters, but there is just something about this movie I love.

    By this time a formula for what worked well with this franchise was found and the makers were sticking to it. Even with the knockoff films that were being released around the same time the early Friday the 13th movies were able to edge them out and be a lot better. The biggest thing this movie has going for it is; this is the first time Jason wore the famous hockey mask.

    Screenwriters Martin Kitrosser and Carol Watson actually try and elevate the screenplay to be more than the typical stalk and slash movie. They seemed to have a few ideas, but it just wasn't quite there yet. I think this is one of the better written ones of the series, which granted isn't saying much, but Kitrosser and Watson do try and make more of the movie. There really isn't much in the way of plot, but than again this series isn't known for that. This one probably has the least amount of plot, but with that said is also has a little more than some of the others.

    The characters mostly lack any depth, but they do come across as real people and that helps make up for the lack of character development. There were some interesting ideas presented, but weren't explored enough. There was a back-story with the character Chris and how she encountered Jason a couple of years back. The concept seems like it's going to lead to something, but it never comes about. I did hear that an original idea was a sexual assault and if you pay close attention to the dialog early it does seem like that was a direction the movie was heading.

    But come a certain point the idea is dropped, which isn't a bad thing and we find out how Jason attacked her. Despite not really going anywhere it actually works in the favor of the movie and helped give Chris more depth. There was also a back-story with Rick and Chris, which normally in these movies feels very out of place, but it works rather well and adds some more depth to Chris and even a little bit for Rick that subplot could have been a disaster, but works well as does the story with Shelly and Vera; another one that could have been a disaster worked well.

    That is why I go back to the script having some decent ideas. Martin Kitrosser and Carol Watson had some good ideas with the Chris character and overall they had a good idea with the movie. It seems like they had some interesting ideas, but never fully developed it. The script though is simple and that is what helps it work.

    Director Steve Miner is able to create plenty of atmosphere and looming dread; he manages to use his setting to his full advantage. In Friday the 13th Part II, Steve Miner very much followed what Sean Cunningham did with the original. In Friday the 13th Part III it seems he took some influence from John Carpenter. The shots of Jason watching and waiting to strike remind me a lot of Halloween; instead of being a carbon copy, Miner is also able to add his own style. While I liked what he did with Friday the 13th Part II, I felt he did much better here.

    Steve Miner has made some enjoyable movies, but the problem with him is he doesn't really have an original idea he mostly follows what other filmmakers do, and this time around I do think he owes a bit to John Carpenter, but he is able to at times inject a little bit of his own style. Steve Miner has done some fairly good work in his career and while he isn't an Icon of the genre he has done a little more than people might realize.

    Horror flicks work best when the characters are isolated and Miner gets the job done there. The pacing of the movie was done quite well. Once things slow down too much there is a shot of Jason, which helps keep the tension going strong. The kill scenes were effective and set up quite well done as well.

    As stated before the characters come across as real people and I think are all quite likable. Friday the 13th Part III features my favorite characters of the series and some of my favorites in a horror flick. To be honest this is one of the few horror movies where I liked all the characters.

    The acting wasn't bad either; what people seem to forget is this is a slasher movie Oscar worthy performances really wouldn't fit. The actors all do a fine job with their characters and come across as real people and that for me made me like the movie even more since when they died I felt bad for them.

    Dana Kimmell who played Chris was by far my favorite character of the series and quite honestly might be my favorite character in a horror movie. I really just loved her character. Chris made a very strong and likeable heroine, while vulnerable also stepped up and fought back with everything she had in her.

    Richard Brooker made an excellent Jason; he was big and strong but still had some human qualities to him. Richard Brooker is by far my favorite Jason. In my personal opinion Richard Brooker was by far the scariest Jason. I loved his movements and even at times his fun in killing and his frustration.

    The scene with the spear gun was a classic moment. There are two reasons for that. For starters it's the first time Jason appears with the mask on and 2nd after he kills Vera he just walks away like it was nothing. I found Richard Brooker very creepy at times.

    When it comes to horror movies the final act is so very important. A great horror movie could be ruined by it and an average horror movie could suddenly become much better cause of it. In my opinion the final act of Friday the 13th Part 3 just might be the most solid of the whole series. The first sequel had a good chase scene, but it was pretty much shot for shot the same thing as the first, even the way it was edited was the same.

    The overall atmosphere for the final chase between Chris and Jason can be quite creepy. We all know horror flicks work at their best when the characters are isolated in a certain area and when you only have the killer and the intended victim in the isolated area it's even better. What made it work so well wasn't just Steve Miner's directing, but Chris being vulnerable, but not too scared to fight back, and Jason was quite creepy. The barn scene when Jason can't find Chris and he starts getting frustrated was a great scene, which now might look out of place cause of what Jason has become. But back in 1982 this was only Jason's 2nd outing so it wasn't out of character.

    Friday the 13th Part 3 is far from perfect; make no mistake it does have its flaws. But it's also a well made slasher flick with a creepy villain and likable characters. Something some of the later installments didn't have....more info
  • "Releases 2/24/09"
    This dvd has already been released on blu-ray in the UK, and as it says above, will not be released HERE in the states until Feb 24th. The box pictured above is the UK addition, not the one that is apparently to be coming out. Deluxe versions of this on regular dvd have been released this week, including 2 pairs of 3D glasses, as this was of course origially shown in 3D in theaters. Personally, I would not preorder this blu-ray without knowing if it will be 3D, and packaged with the glasses. Will the 3D even come across in a home theater? I don't know but can't wait to find out! Otherwise it could be like watching Jaws 3 on tv, really bad! The US release of this blu-ray is news to me, so i'm waiting on more info......more info
  • Hokey, in every sense of the word (however many senses that may be)
    If Friday the 13th: Part II was the original on speed, Part III is the slow-witted bastard child with a flair for kitsch. Available on the Deluxe Edition DVD, you'll find the film in its 3-D and normal versions. Sure, with 3-D films currently on the rise today - you might think, `Hey, an old horror film in 3-D awesome!' but you'd be wrong. Serious issues arose in the third installment of this classic horror series and the result is a subpar sequel.

    For those who choose to take advantage of the Deluxe Edition's included 2 pairs of 3-D glasses - you'll find the film certainly receives an increased and rather nice amount of depth to the scenes. To that effect, the third dimensional enhancement actually serves the feature well. However, that plus quickly loses favor as the two consequences rear their ugly heads.

    First, the old school red and blue 3-D glasses are as likely to give you a headache as they are to better your viewing experience. More likely in fact. I had to watch the 3-D version in 20 minute installments because the headache the glasses caused was so debilitating. Second, when the director uses the 3-D to its more kitschy effect - you can't help but roll your eyes. Characters poking poles, pitch forks jabbing and multiple characters holding things out towards the screen is the Director's idea of 3-D put to good use. The poor use of 3-D just doesn't make the headache worthwhile.

    Switching over to 2D, the problem with characters breaking from plot to take advantage of the 3-D still seems glaring but at least there's no headache involved. Instead, you can devote your attention to the lousy plot and ridiculous characters. Early on we meet three real bad biker dudes. They terrorize our chubbier prankster character and then, after he takes revenge by driving a car over a motorcycle, follow them to the camp. Herein does the killin' a'start.

    Friday the 13th: Part 3 marks the first in the series where our iconic slasher dons the hockey mask. Why? Because Jason gets considerably more screen time here than in any of the others that came before. Instead of spending all that time on the prosthetics and makeup, the director found it easier to cover it up with a mask. Honestly, I don't mind that so much as it gives Jason a better aesthetic and helped establish his visage as a horror legend. The whole road trip plot up to camp and the ensuing biker brawl all make for a laughable sequel.

    The part that draws in the fans, the creative kills, doesn't make an appearance. In fact, a kill in Friday the 13th: Part III directly rips off (or if you're feeling generous "pays homage to") one of the more gruesome kills in the original. Friday the 13th: Part III marks a notable disappointment in what had been, up until this installment, a promising series. The ability of a slasher film to take itself with a grain of salt certainly helps it survive through the generations; but in this case it seems to have tilted all the way to self-parody but without being funny - only disappointing.

    There's something awfully disappointing about this Deluxe Edition of a horror classic. Normally, I'd begin talking about the special features - but I can't. The disc lacks special features. I realize that having two copies of the film on the disc - 3-D and 2D - might make extra features harder to cram in - but the lack still startles me. Maybe I have a harder time with 3-D than most - I don't but let's just argue that for a second - but a 3-D copy of the movie as the only benefit fails in comparison to all of the cool features found on the Deluxe Edition of Friday the 13th: Part II - Deluxe Edition....more info
  • Fub to watch in 3d format
    The story really did not make sense and it was saturday the 14th 1982 I guess. The 3d was pretty awsome for the time and this is film where Jason get his hockey mask. as I said story line really suck as must of jason type films. Nevertheless, the 3d is awsome and it would be great to see it on big screen again. Horror movies never should try to explain itself, but they damage the film more. ...more info
  • Jason, Why Did You Have To Kill Poor Shelly And Take His Hockey Mask?
    My "Friday the 13th" marathon that began on Friday, June 13, 2008, continues with the next installment, "Friday the 13th Part 3." And Jason returns to slaughter more beautiful, unsuspecting young people who have ventured into his woods.

    "Friday the 13th Part 3" is very different from the first two. I envy those who saw it in 3D and wish it would be re-released at the theatres in 3D. Perhaps 4D and this time we can smell the fear of the victims.

    This film is also presented in a much wider aspect than the previous ones, 2.35:1 versus the standard 1.85:1. I believe I prefer the wider aspect.

    The characterization is much better than the previous ones. There is Chris who must've been attacked by Jason and survived. She still suffers from paranoia because of the incident and imagines that someone is watching them. The best character, and the most three dimensional of them all, is Shelly who likes to play dangerous practical jokes in order to get attention. We all can sympathize with his character. At one time or another, we've pulled stunts in order to gain popularity, only to regret it later. Unfortunately, Shelly never seems to learn that people like him for himself.

    I believe that I've always been afraid of hockey and hockey masks. They make the players look so ferocious and evil. And the ice skates they wear have blades that can slice your hands and face if they come in contact with them. Shelly must've found hockey masks scary. Why else would he be wearing one when he performs his last stunt to scare someone? Jason also must've thought it would be cool to wear a hockey mask when he killed people. Maybe that is why he killed poor Shelly and took it from him. From then on, he wore it throughout the rest of his stalking career. His competition, Michael Myers of "Halloween," had a cool mask; perhaps Jason felt that he needed one as well.

    Great characterization and some gruesome, unique killings give "Friday the 13th Part 3" four stars. Best scene is when the muscular gymnast walking on his hands is sliced in half by Jason's machete. What a gruesome way to die!

    "Friday the 13 Part 3" is a must have for fans of the slasher genre. In fact, the first four in the series are the best to own since they have a great story to tell of how Jason Voorhees became part of horror legend.
    ...more info