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  • A ridiculous excuse for `makes no sense' cinema...
    It may possibly be one of the dumbest movies I have ever seen, but I cannot help but praise it for one very notable fact; Debra Winger is a goddess. Yes, `Urban Cowboy' is silly, predictable and unnecessary, but Winger is so good she should have won an Oscar; seriously.

    Take her out of the equation and there is no use for this ridiculous mess of a film whatsoever.

    The film tells the story of Bud, a cowboy who travels to the city to start over. He leaves his family behind (immediate that is) to move in with his Aunt and Uncle. He works in construction by day and immerses himself in the Honky-Tonk culture at a local bar by night. That is where he meets and falls in love with Sissy, a sexy young girl who could tame any mans heart. The only problem is that Bud is an unlikable controlling jerk and Sissy is headstrong and independent. So, like, they get married, fight and then split up; all because Sissy wants to ride a mechanical bull that Bud says is too dangerous for a woman. Their marriage ends bitterly; Bud shacks up with a pretty city girl and Sissy lets a local ex-con seduce her. The film boils down to a faux rodeo challenge where the men ride the mechanical bull for money.

    Really, a movie about an obsession with a mechanical bull?

    I am not a Travolta fan, but I have been known to enjoy him (especially when he works with Tarantino), but this performance was a mess. He tries way to hard to be a cowboy that he comes off comical. That and the character is just very off putting. He has no redeemable qualities, in fact he's so rigid and unlikable that when he and Sissy split up we are not upset nor do we want them to get back together. Sure, we like Sissy and we don't want to see her with that creep of a man she ran to, but we don't want to see her back with her creep of a husband either.

    Like I said; Winger is the only reason this movie is remotely watchable. She nails her portrayal of a small town girl who just wants to be loved and appreciated. Her love for Bud, no matter how ridiculous, is believable; and her interest in winning him back on her own terms is reaching.

    That, and she makes that bull look GOOD!

    So, I can't recommend this, although I wish I could since Winger's performance deserves a better movie. Anyways, this is stupid, truly, and I should give it an F, but Winger's performance is such a triumph for this film (really, superb characterization here) that I'm forced to give it a D. Still, I'd stay away unless you are a die-hard Winger fan. She has given superb performances in better films....more info
  • From One Abusive Man to Another and Back
    I realize that Travolta was at the height of his stardom and Winger was an up-and-coming and talented actress. I also realize that the honky-tonk mechanical bull-riding mentality had its season of popularity.

    Even so, it is horrifying to me that a popular cable station describes Bud as a "good old boy" when he hit Sissy twice. One abusive incident would have been enough to cost this character the "good" label.

    In short, Sissy goes from the abusive Bud to the abusive "real cowboy", then back to the abusive Bud. It is rather bizarre that Bud gets angry and outraged over somebody ELSE hitting Sissy, although he does not seem to have a problem doing it himself! What an awful example to put out there for young girls to see.

    Despite the star power and the short-lived mechanical bull craze, this is a movie about unprincipled men and a girl with too little self-esteem to seek relationships elsewhere. Young and impressionable girls: beware....more info
  • An 80's Honkytonk Classic!
    Fun love story that takes place in a Texas honkytonk. Some of the best music of the 1980s, country and pop are in this film! As an added bonus many country artists have cameos; Mickey Gilley, Charlie Daniels, Johnny Lee, and Bonnie Raitt.

    Great classic 80's flick. One of my favorite shots in the movie is a wide shot of Debra Winger and John Travolta sitting at a table, facing each other in a dark and smoky night club. ...more info
  • Best of Travolta's Early Films
    This was supposed to be the country version of Saturday Night Fever and was quite popular. It actually is an even better movie. The story was again taken from a magazine article on the popularity of a Texas bar named Gilley' where a new feature was the mechanical bull. The writers developed a fictional love story to tell the story of the bull along with featuring Mr. Travolta and country music. The movie was a great showcase for John Travolta's acting talents and featured two even more talented actors - Debra Winger and Scott Glenn. They blew me away then and had pretty good careers. Debra Winger left the profession for the most part but how can we forget her? Scott Glenn is still seen occasionally. The whole film jells into a fine fairy tale of love almost lost but found again. It is very moving and entertaining. ...more info
  • Urban Cowboy
    #3 in Travolta's trilogy of blockbusters. He dances to disco, rock 'n' roll and country. He heads to Houston to find work and love. Gilley's is the hot spot, and it is the time of the mechanical bull. Not to be outdone, I rode the bull at a club in Nashville. I saw this nearly forgotten film on television and remembered how good it was and what a good period it was in my own life. I wore a black cowboy hat like Travolta. Debra Winger was in her prime. She is sexy in her red top, and there is plenty of chemistry. Bud and Sissy are the ideal couple even if they are trailer trash. They split up just because it feels so good getting back together. The film has good music, Looking For Love by Johnny Lee.

    ...more info
  • A Slice of Real Southern Life
    John Travolta's performance in Urban Cowboy is truly amazing. Being from Oklahoma, and in the music business, it is easy to see that this production was right on the mark. I have known many Bud's and Sissy's and I am amazed at the realism of this movie. I have played in many honky-tonk bands since the early 80's and this is one of the the most believable scenerios I have witnessed on screen. I have seen it all; jealous husbands fistfighting with other men, wives dancing with other men to make thier husbands jealous, drunk "cowboys" riding the mechanical bulls, it is all here in this movie. Urban Cowbow changed many things in the honky-tonks and most of it was for the best. This movie shows a slice of true life that us Okies and Texans and other Southern peoples may choose to live if we want. I've seen this movie many times and will see it many more. Give me a twelve-pack and Urban Cowboy in the VCR and I feel like I'm right there at Gilley's with the rest of them. My Stetson is off to John Travoltla and the rest of the cast on this one....more info
  • And I don't even like Texas
    I grew up in New York state. I go to school and work in New York City. I don't know many cowboys and although I have been to Texas many times, I am not especially fond of the state. So, really, I can't relate. But there is something about this stupid little movie I find so great! Whether it is the bull riding, the beer drinking, John Travolta's cheesy accent, or the fact that Debra Winger's "Sissy" is one of the cutest things I have ever seen I am not sure. But every time it is on TV, I can't help but get sucked in. Because of this I am now the proud owner of this movie. I would recommend this movie to anyone you wants some simple entertainment with down home charm and a good laugh. But, remember- mechanical bull riding is a very serious matter...YEEE HAWWW!...more info
  • Good working class hero movie
    I am a little biased being from Houston, Texas but I have always liked this movie.This movie is of the slice of life variety.Working class guy in the oil industry's relationship with his wife, relatives, co-workers,friends, other women. Think of guys like this the next time you get gas.Houston is a city built on oil and gas.Some of the other reviewers said the actors did not try and do Texas accents. Are they deaf??? What do they think they hear, Brooklyn accents? Those are definitely Texas acents!! I like the honky tonk scenes. Where else but in Texas can a working class guy meet beatiful women in a nightclub who aren't golddiggers? Love that Lonestar Beer also!! Only bad thing is refineries like the one in Pasadena,Tx have given Houston the worst air pollution in the country.It smells really bad in Pasadena. Actual Bar burned down....more info
  • What's the big deal?
    This has got to be one of the most overrated movies in history. It's not that I don't like John Travolta either. It's just that I don't buy him as a country guy who goes to bars, line dances, and rides mechanical bulls. Debra Winger is good and so is the supporting cast, but that's not enough in my opinion. There's the music to consider, too. It's so polished and movie-ish that it has no edge whatsoever. It is the exact kind of country music you would expect some Hollywood moron would think was good. I highly recommend you watch this movie before you think about buying it. You might save yourself some money....more info
  • Urban Cowboy
    Had not viewed this flick in 10 years. In the last 2 months have seen it three times and enjoy it more with each viewing. JT seems to encapsulate an era (ie Saturday Night Fever) this movie and CD will not let you down. A must have for 70's survivors!

    B Fig....more info

  • Urban Cowboy
    Had not viewed this flick in 10 years. In the last 2 months have seen it three times and enjoy it more with each viewing. JT seems to encapsulate an era (ie Saturday Night Fever) this movie and CD will not let you down. A must have for 70's survivors!

    B Fig....more info

  • Depicts the late 70's whe I grew up
    I always liked this movie and was never a JT fan utill I watch him in Gilleys with Debra Winger. I was caught up in that crowd living on the Louisiana Texas border and have all ways related to this movie. It will go down as one of the best movies I have ever seen. It had it all and really relates how a man and a women react through love, hate and life. It is a must see movie...more info
  • Best movie of all time
    This was in my opinion, the best movie of all time. Maybe I am biased since I am from Texas, but I love the movie and can watch it over and over. I never got a chance to go to Gilley's before it closed down, but I sure wanted to. I still see the place everyday on the way to work and it just reminds me of this movie. John Travolta was awesome in this movie. It definitely made me a JT fan....more info
  • gilleys will never die
    i still enjoy this film in fact for me it was the last must own travolta film.i feel the chemistry of john&debra.and gilley's was the spot at the start of the 80's....more info
  • This is my all time favorite movie
    I love this movie so much. I think this is the world's most romantic movie. It isn't romantic in the traditional sense like Ghost or anything like that. It is romantic in a realistic sort of way. The characters are real, they argue, are insecure, and jealous just like how we are in real life. In the end when Bud fights for his woman you know despite all his faults he loves his wife more than most of us can ever hope to be loved. That is romance!!!!...more info
  • One Of My All-Time Faves...
    Everybody has a different reason for being fond of a movie. This movie came out around the time I finished high school. It brings back fond memories of my boyfriend and I seeing it at the drive-in. Those were the days...... Besides that...it was a great movie. I understand what the person below was saying when they said they appreciated the fact that the characters didn't try a Texas accent. I don't especially like it when actors try to do a southern accent either. It never does really sound like us down here...know what I mean Vern?...more info
  • Corny as hell but ive seen alot worse
    Mechanical bull LOL hehe Mechanical bull...more info
  • Good title, well done movie
    I, too, am from Texas. I appreciated the fact that Winger and Travolta did not try to use a Texas accent. Most of the time, when Hollywood tries to do a Texas accent, it comes out as a southern accent. Barry Corbin has it. Tommy Lee Jones has it (when he wants to use it). Ben Johnson had it (yes, I know he was from Oklahoma, but that's close enough). Anyhow, this movie is a good slice of life in some parts of Houston circa 1980....more info
  • EXcellent Movie
    This movie is from when I wasyounger and I always used to watch it!! As a matter of fact I still watch over and over. I think this movie is a classic...more info
  • This movie was great!
    I am from Texas and I feel that this movie adds to the stereotypes that texans get. We don't all go to a place like Gilley's and listen to that music and wear cowboy hats, but the movie is really great and it shows how some marriges aren't always happy and fun right from the beginning. It takes time. And yes, texans DO care if the sun don't shine....more info
  • I knew it
    I came to this site to find the alternate versions of this movie. Granted I was like 7 when I saw it, but I KNEW there were scenes that are not in the tv or new dvd version. Thank you, Connie.
    I remember the "dating" sequences, I think Bud did some rope tricks. I also remember that when his Mother called the day after he arrived in Houston, that after he explained why he didn't have a job yet, there was some dialogue about the vegetables she sent to Aunt Corrine. And, after Sissy road the bull, when bud sent her in the kitchen after a beer she bent down and checked for bruises - hence when she later reports to Jessie that she had bruises on her a$$.

    That being said, Urban Cowboy is one of my favorite movies - in my adult eyes I see the "cheese" but I still love it. If you really want some laughs watch it in French....more info
  • Urban Cowboy was great
    My husband looks a lot like John Travolta so I try to watch all his movies.. I would not have normally watched a movie like this but I loved every minute!
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    YEAH!!!...more info
  • what was cut
    I have the copy I taped off of the TV many years ago. Several scenes were not in the DVD that should have bee nand were needed. Doesn't make sense....more info
    I would recommend this movie especially if you are a fan of John Travolta or Debbie Winger. It'll make you cry, and laugh at the same time. It also has believable scenes of things that happen in real life to people. ...more info
  • Stupid movie
    How anybody other than rednecks would willingly admit to
    being able to relate to this movie I would not know. Why?
    Everybody in the movie are ignorant @ssholes just like
    alot of the rednecks I've met in my life. No doubt the
    characters play the roles to a T.... However, it's lame
    and it started off a lame decade.

    First of all, a real cowboy would actually be riding real
    horses and such and not machines. This started the fantasy
    land plastic cowboy that still plagues alot of the so
    called cowboys nowdays. Just look at "country music" for
    example and you should see what I mean.

    The movie stars John Travolta as "Bud Davis" that is really
    ignorant and and likes to hit woman and has a big fear of
    a woman doing anything better than him. It also stars Debra
    Winger as "Sissy" who seems to like to flirt and act like
    she is innocent. The rest of the cast is pretty much no
    namers with the exception of Scott Glenn, who is actually
    a respectable actor in alot of his other films.

    Why does this movie suck so bad?

    1.It has Mickey Gilkey turning B.B Kings "Stand By Me"
    into a pathetic pop country sound without any soul.

    2.It's laughable everytime they try pass a mechanical
    bull rider off as a real cowboy. Sorry! Real cowboys
    ride the REAL animals.

    3.It's just cheesy. The characters are cheeseballs.

    4.Bud just goes out and cheats on her and she accepts
    him back after he confesses to her that he still loves
    her. RIIIGGGGHHHTT! It's real believeable!

    5.Scott Glenn is just stale. How any woman would even
    consider getting with a character like him is just
    doesn't make alot of sense. He is a personalityless
    bore of a man that has crook written all over him.

    Simply put, this movie killed cowboys as far as main
    stream goes. It created too many wannabes and posers
    and it's still this way even now. The mainstream cow
    boy has been dead since this movie came out.

    In the 70's you could see Waylon Jennings as a cowboy,
    but who is the cowboy now? Tim McGraw? Kenny Chesney?

    The thing is that I'm not a fan of 99.9999% of country,
    but I know fakes when I see them... That's what most
    of the "modern" cowboys are, and that is what this movie
    really is aswell... A fake poser with decent acting....more info
  • Pure Guilty Pleasure
    Although many folks laught this flick off, I have to admit that I am extremely fond of "Urban Cowboy." My wife and I watch it just about every time it comes on television. Granted, Bud slaps around Sissy and that may turn off some folks, but deep inside, there is more love between those characters than most of the couples in film and television these days.

    With a giant honky-tonk as the primary setting, you get the expected rowdy crowds and rambunctious country music needed to set the stage. The entire story revolves around the trials and tribulations of a young couple brought together by the bull...mechanical bull that is, and how they're almost torn apart by it. They get "Bud" and "Sissy" license plates for Bud's truck. They are ecstatic over a new trailer house. They are pure white trash, and I love'em for it. Colorful characters such as Bud's aunt and uncle, Gator, the ex-con Wes, Jessie, Mickey Gilley and even the Charlie Daniel's Band make for a great movie. You couldn't make a film about a honky-tonk these days with characters like that. First of all, you'd anger someone for making the working man look like an idiot. Secondly, people will scream about spousal abuse. Lastly, there aren't many real country stars like they had back in those days. Can you imagine Tim McGraw onstage with back hair coming out of his vest instead of the incomparable Johnny Lee? I think not.

    Others say the acting is bad, that may be, but it is so bad that it is wonderful to see on screen. Travolta's bathtub scene where he fusses at Sissy(Debra Winger) for not being home when he needs her is just hilarious. Winger is at her sexiest as the somewhat tomboyish Sissy. She's probably the main reason I watch this movie over and over. When Bud's aunt enters the Dolly Parton lookalike contest, her entire character becomes the focus of the film for a few brief, funny moments. Barry Corbin was perfectly cast as Bud's well-meaning uncle. You couldn't have picked a better cast.

    Also, the characters are real. Admit it, you've seen a drunk guy at the local bar fall off of his barstool. In this movie, Gator just happens to fall off of a mechanical bull. There are always one or two fights at the bar. Also, I've seen plenty of angry drunks at the local Pitt Grill(an after-honky-tonk hangout with a great breakfast buffett at 3AM) throw fits like Bud did when Sissy gets a hat tipped to her by Wes.

    Watch this movie for the time trip it is. It's a perfect rainy-day, holdin' you're better half type of movie. Add it to your collection now....more info
  • I was Marshallene Mitchell in Urban Cowboy
    I played the role of Marshallene in "Urban Cowboy" and so to answer one of your reviewers, what was Sissy's last name? well here is the way it was. We didn't have last names; at least not assigned to us when we got our scripts. I actually made mine up when I needed one quickly in the Dolly Parton Look-a-like contest. You might recall that Marshallene was caught in the trailer with Wes, the convict. This film is such a "cult favorite" that it plays every day somewhere;my residuals attest to the fact that this film is loved by many. It made a fashion statement, (people went out and bought jeans and hats and boot and belts) it gave a boost to the Club business - where more and more C/W clubs sprang up all over the country and Canada. I had a motor coach bus and opened shows for Mickey Gilley and Johnny Lee and others for about 8 years - well into the late 80's. It was a magical time for all of us! It was a fun time for me and for fans. This movie is legendary and will last well beyond. Hope you enjoy viewing it as much as I enjoyed playing in it.By the way, there are a lot of versions of it. The edited for TV version actually is so different - (I have several more scenes in it) - and it shows Sissy and Bud actually"dating" before they got married. The scenes were shot on location on the grass of Buffalo Bayou in Houston, Texas. I actually like that version because the original had them meeting one night at Gilley's and getting married the next afternoon!!!Connie Hanson...more info
  • Yeeee Haaaawwww!!!
    Folks, you can almost smell the trailer park as you watch this movie!

    For some reason, I am drawn to this film--and I have no idea why. A post-Saturday Night Fever John Travolta plays Bud Davis, a self-proclaimed cowboy who temporarily relocates to the Houston suburbs to get a job and earn enough enough money to "...buy myself a piece of land." His uncle, played by the wonderful character actor, Barry Corbin, introduces Bud to the redneck version of nightlife--as epitomized by the huge C&W nightclub called Gilley's (3 1/2 acres in size!). While there, he meets the cute Sissy, played by Debra Winger, to whom he proposes on their first "date." Her ecstatic reaction to their new home (a trailer) is absolutely hilarious. You'd think they'd just bought a condo in Manhattan.

    Things don't go well in the marriage and they quickly separate--with the gorgeous Madolyn Smith-Osborne taking a shine to the unsophisticated cowboy and Scott Glenn, as a bull-riding ex-convict, shacking up with Winger. Throw in a mechanical bull-riding contest with a grand prize of (gasp!) $5,000 and you pretty much have the whole story.

    In the end, love triumphs to send Travolta and Winger galloping off into the sunset together.

    Oh, as an aside, I would mention that Gilley's, a real-life nightlife cowboy hot spot, burned to the ground under mysterious circumstances a few years after it was featured in the movie. Insurance fraud by arson was suspected, but I don't know if Mickey Gilley ever wound up behind bars as a result....more info
  • Poor social message, but still irrestible!
    I read some of the other reviews, and it's interesting the reasons that this movie was praised. Basically this movie presents very poor social messages. I mean, it implies that domestic violence, physical fighting with peers, drinking lots, and having sex with people you don't even know just because your mad, is the cool thing to do. So again, I don't approve of the social messages.
    On the other hand, if you are between 25-37 years old, you may have a fond place in your heart for this movie, as I do! The characters are attractive, and in the end, love wins out! You see, I love this movie, only because when I first saw it, I was at the age of wanting to find out who I was. And it did seem cool to be around family and friends, dancing, pushing life a little too far, etc. I also think it's one of John Travolta's best movies. He's handsome, strong, and likeable!...more info
  • A cowboy's must
    John Travolta,who became famous for his role of Vinnie Barbarino on the ABC sitcom "Welcome Back Kotter",had two prior megahit starring films,"Saturday Night Fever" and "Grease". In his third megahit,this film,he is Beauford Uan "Bud" Davis,an URBAN COWBOY who moves to Houston from Spur,a small Houston suburb. He lands a job at an oil refinery where his uncle Bob works. Debra Winger is Sissy,who Bud met at Gilley's,the real-life Pasadena,TX honky tonk. Bud and Sissy fall in love and get married at the hot nightspot. Scott Glenn is Wes Hightower,a paroled convict who steals Sissy's heart and keeps it while she and Bud are separated and nearly divorce. Madolyn Smith in her debut,at least on the big screen,is Pam who is Bud's girlfriend during the separation. Country singer Mickey Gilley owns the nightspot with Sherwood Cryer(both appear as themselves in the film). In addition to Gilley,country artists appearing in the film are Bonnie Raitt,Johnny Lee and The Charlie Daniels Band. All four artists have contributed to the soundtrack album. This film was directed by the late James Bridges,whose prior films include SEPTEMBER 30,1955 and THE CHINA SYNDROME. Bridges subsequently directed MIKE'S MURDER also starring Winger,PERFECT,also starring Travolta,and BRIGHT LIGHTS,BIG CITY starring Michael J. Fox. Sadly,Gilley's was burned down in 1989 by a kitchen fire and was later re-christened as Gilley's Mechanical Bull & Nightclub. Travolta would have no megahit films following this one until 1989's LOOK WHO'S TALKING. He won an Oscar for his role in 1994's PULP FICTION and is still going strong in Hollywood today....more info