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  • The funniest movie ever made!
    I think this was the funniest movie ever made. In this time of economic problems, people going through stress due to job loss and just the drudgery of everyday life, this movie does the job of distressing you. Everyone knows a line or two from the movie. It is one you can watch over and over again and still laugh. Get a group of people together and have a party. They all know what is coming in the next scene and still laugh hysterically. ...more info
  • The "One Scene"
    This movie was hilarious from start to finish. Scary Movie and the like were born from this movie right here. I never saw it in the theater. I, like many of you I'm sure, probably saw this in the very early 80's on HBO while it was being played over and over. If you were 8 or nine (and a male) like me when this was on you all know the "One Scene" that we sat eagerly by the TV waiting for. Now it seems trivial but man, that was the best movie ever then, and it is one of the funniest ever now. A must own....more info
  • A Classic Comedy That Is Still Funny
    Written and directed by Jim Abrahams, David Zucker, and Jerry Zucker; Airplane! is widely considered one of the greatest comedies of all time. Unlike many comedies that are considered "classics," this is a film that is still laugh-out-loud funny and brilliant.

    This film is basically 84 minutes worth of jokes manipulated into forming a coherent plot, but here's a quick synopsis: the movie opens at an airport (obviously) and we quickly meet Elaine (Julie Hagerty), a flight attendant on her way to work. Ted (Robert Hays) has found out Elaine has left him and boards the plane to convince her to come back to him. Meanwhile, Captain Oveur (Peter Graves) meets his new co-pilot Roger Murdock played by Kareem Abdul-Jaabar, who is actually Kareem Abdul-Jaabar! Due to problems with the airline food (namely the fish), Captain Oveur and his co-pilots are rendered unconscious, leaving the plane to be manned by Elaine and Otto, the inflatable automatic pilot. The day is saved by Dr. Rumack (Leslie Nielsen) who gets the idea to commission Ted, a pilot in the war, to take over.

    What I've just described is hardly the plot, but that gives you a general idea. You'll be laughing hysterically within the first ten minutes and there are so many great comedy bits in the film...From the opening shot (a spoof of Jaws), to the suicide of every passenger who listens to Ted, to Lloyd Bridges' "I knew I picked the wrong day to..." bits. It's all great.

    Of course, this is a film with some of the most legendary comedy dialogue of all time. And I stress the word "comedy." Truer words were, almost, never spoken.

    The jokes never stop. Every opportunity for a joke is taken, no matter what the subject is; African Americans' "jive" talk, young girls who need heart transplants, vomiting, bestiality, and pedophilia. Literally nothing is off limits. Every single thing is a joke. There's not a sincere moment in the entire movie. It works only because about 90% of the time, the jokes work.

    Viewers of Airplane! can be separated into two groups, those who find it brilliant and those who find it stupid. Whichever group you fall into, I doubt you'll be able to keep from smiling through most of it.

    GRADE: A-
    ...more info
  • Hilarious!
    'Airplane' is perhaps my favorite comedy, right up there with 'Caddy Shack' and 'Sordid Lives'!...more info
  • The beginning of it all...
    If you were to point to one film that probably had the biggest impact in actually launching a genre, it might be `Airplane!', a hilarious spoof on the disaster flicks of the 70's that paved the way for the cinematic parody. Thanks to the onslaught of gags and familiar jokes (granted, not all of them hit, but with this many thrown at you at rapid fire it doesn't really matter) this film rightfully become considered a classic, and will go down in history as one of the funniest films of the 80's.

    I much prefer this to `Caddy Shack'.

    The film tells of Ted Striker, a former pilot who no longer can work up the nerve to enter the cockpit due to an accident years prior. He gets on a plane where his girlfriend Elaine is working as a stewardess in order to try and repair their fraying relationship. While in flight the crew gets sick from food poisoning and so it is up to Elaine and Ted to save the day.

    With an array of off color jokes, outlandish performances and a steady string of perfectly parodied blockbusters, `Airplane!' rarely strikes a sour note. Julie Hagerty and Robert Hays are hilarious as the two leads, but it's the supporting cast that really stands out, all of them making the most of their limited screen time and delivering memorable caricatures. Leslie Nielsen is probably the most recognizable face in the group, and he works wonderfully, but it was Peter Graves who really made me double over in laughter. It takes talent to makes something as unfunny as propositioning a young boy funny, but he makes it work.

    At times `Airplane!' goes over the top, but that is half the fun here. The script is all over the place but it manages to have a handle on itself, making for a funny and crazy yet surprisingly cohesive film. It's nice, because many parodies today completely throw any real script out the window and just deliver a series of unrelated spoofs. At least `Airplane!' holds to a plot outline, and even if it goes off the page a bit it has the smarts to wheel it back in.

    What's great about a film like `Airplane!' is that, even though it's been almost thirty years since its release it is still very, very funny today. Sure, some of the jokes are out of date, and if you haven't seen some of the movies being spoofed the gags may go over your head in places, but if you are getting the complete experience then it is an experience you will not forget. I, for one, have never even seen `Airport', the basis for this spoof, and yet I was in stitches throughout the films entirety.

    With memorably hilarious scenes like the acoustic sing along (I was crying, it was so funny) and that risqu¨¦ blow up doll scene, `Airplane!' is a laugh riot and a sure fire crowd pleaser to any fan of genre it helped launch. It's possibly the best of its breed....more info
  • Fun for those crazy kids
    Wow. When this first came out, I thought it was the funniest thing since the Marx Brothers. I saw it again a few weeks ago, and I'm puzzled: it just wasn't the same. Maybe seeing it once was enough, maybe times have changed, and of course there's the possibility that I got older over the years. It's anybody's guess. For me, the jokes were nonstop, but I'd already heard them all. Anyhoo, it is a must-see film. ...more info
  • This is one of the best 10 comedy movies ever made
    This is one of the best 10 comedy movies ever made. I played this movie for a group of good new young friends and the result was explosive. They all laughed aloud, and when I told them the movie was from 1980, they could not believe it. They all agree as this is the best comedy they have ever seen. Myself, I have watched this movie over and over again, and I can't get tired of it, everytime is like the first time. My favorite parts are the "Saturday Night Fever" parody and "hysteric lady" at the plane. If you have never watch this, give it a chance, and be ready for the laugh of your life, you'll end up buying it, as I did. Wonderful movie and acting, the whole production deserves 10 stars....more info
  • Still funny after all these years....
    If you like silly humor along the lines of BLAZING SADDLES,then this is for you.For those of you who complain that it's too ridiculous and the jokes are exaggerated,I say "That's the point!" It's suppose to be silly and off the wall and maybe a little exaggerated.This isn't Shakespeare.Sit back and enjoy..This holds up better than the sequel......more info
  • funny movie
    Good and funny, you can watch this many times, picking up more of the jokes each time you watch it. ...more info
  • Just as I remembered
    This is an awesome, hilarious movie. I bought it to replace one lost in the floods of Katrina. It was reasonably priced, easy to find. The quality is perfect. We laughed for days. And in our circumstances, we need to find things to laugh about....more info
  • going down

    My son bought me this DVD for Christmas after it appeared on a recent list of the funniest movies ever made. Our family watched it together on Christmas night.

    This is slapstick humor at its cinematic finest. You only get one thing here: really obvious humor that is very, very funny if you're in the mood for it. My teenage sons laughed uproariously.

    Hey, it's not an art form. It's comedic satire.

    Good for one evening's fun....more info
  • Joey, do you like movies about gladiators?
    War pilot Ted Striker boards a flight for the first time since the war in order to stop his relationship with stewardess Elaine breaking up. Unfortunately the fish meal on the flight is bad and causes the crew to go sick leaving the plane on automatic pilot. With Striker the only man on board who can land the plane can he overcome his fears of failure stemming from the war? This without a doubt one of the best comedies of cinema, it is far and away the best spoof ever made - and it was made when this type of humour was still fresh. From the opening moments right down to the closing credits this is hilarious. The plot is a straight spoof of 1970's Airport disaster movies, and is only an excuse for a range of jokes. However the plot is bang on - it's detailed enough that it could be a serious disaster movie and allows the film to poke fun directly at the disasters movies themselves. The cast are perfect. For Robert Hays and Julie Hagerty this represents the best things they've ever done. Both play the straight men for the majority and are relied upon to take it all seriously and drive the plot while jokes occur all round them, that said they deliver many themselves but always straight faced. Nielsen and Bridges are also spot on as stereotypical doctor and traffic control guy who "chose the wrong day to give up drinking"! They are both so straight faced that they make the whole thing seem even more silly. Robert Stack is excellent as the man brought in to talk the plane down, playing the butch masculine figure ignoring all the madness around him. Also on the ground, Stephen Stucker is great as the camp controller who delivers many brilliant one liners as he walks through scenes. Peter Graves and Kareen Abdul Jabbar are great as two of the pilots that almost are in a different movie the things they say! The film is a spot on spoof of disaster movies, making fun of the many clich¨¦s of the genre - the nuns on board, the sick child, the "only man who can land the plane", the poisoned food etc. But it does more than just poke fun at these - it is hilarious in it's own right. All the cast deliver their lines brilliantly and the script! The script is excellent - I'm not going to start listing lines but they come so thick and fast that you usually miss something because you're laughing at the last joke.

    This is the mould for all spoofs - this is the one to beat. While many spoofs are hit and miss this is almost a total hit. Decades on and many viewings later this is still as fresh and as funny as it ever was. A brilliant, brilliant comedy! And if you don't like it, you can get the F#@K OUT!...more info
  • Comedy Classic
    The Zucker Brothers at their best. If you like this one, get the sequel and don't forget the Naked Gun Series!...more info
  • Not much extra...
    ..this is Airplane! You don't get much else except a clever menu to start the movie. The extras are also very limited. If you don't have Airplane! on DVD, get this one, it is still a classic. If you have Airplane! on DVD already, save your money....more info
  • What's your vector, Victor?
    This movie is hysterical! Talk about busting a gut! Who could forget the lines, "Don't call me Shirley" or "Yes it is, but that's not important right now!" The wordplay in this movie is sheer genius; something we don't really see all that often in modern comedies. I was a kid when this came out, so I'm not familiar with all the movies they spoof, but it's still rather funny.....even if you don't get all the jokes....more info


    When this film was first released I recall seeing the ads on TV, and the reviews with film clips. What I remember most is the scene of an hysterical woman on board the plane being shaken by the doctor [Leslie Neilsen] who was called away to the phone. Then another person took over the slapping while the cameras slowly panned toward the now forming line where people were carrying huge wrenches, pistols, baseball bats and crowbars - all oversized, to help aid this poor passenger in her moment of hysteria. This really sets the tone of what "AIRPLANE" is all about.


    When "Airplane" was first released in 1980 it was unbelievably funny from beginning to end. Yes, funny enough to forgive the recurring bouts of poor taste that would have sunk a lesser comedy. One of the keys to "Airplanes" success is in using traditional dramatic actors like Robert Stack, Peter Graves, Lloyd Bridges and most of all Leslie Nielsen as the venerable Dr. Rumack who travels wearing his stethoscope, even when he is sleeping.


    The tightest clump of comedy ever devised is here on DVD.

    ------ *- WARNING : PLOT SPOILERS BELOW: WARNING *--------------

    It goes something like this, but don't be surprised if my account doesn't sound funny at all!

    Ted Striker [Robert Hays], is a disaster as a human being. He is an alcoholic former single-engine fighter pilot who now has a total phobia of flying because of his war-time trauma where most of his squadron died while under his ill-fated command. Nevertheless, Ted Striker boards a jet airliner in an attempt to plead his way back to the good graces of his stewardess girlfriend [Julie Hagerty] who states, "I can't live with a man I don't respect".


    Fortunately for Ted Striker fate intervenes, as food poisoning incapacitates the passengers, and crew that had fish for dinner. This includes the entire flight crew. Now only Striker is available to land the plane. Enter Mr. Striker!!! Striker's former commanding officer [Robert Stack], is given the impossible job of talking down Striker, the reluctant hero.


    We meet a gaggle of disaster movie cliches, that we call passengers. They include the guitar-strumming nun, a sick little girl who needs a heart transplant, the frightened woman who gets it from a line of bat weilding passengers, and two African-American male passengers who speak "jive" and who have their words subtitled throughout. We also have Dr. Rumack [Leslie Nielsen] who takes everything literally and who states "You can tell me -- I'm a doctor" to equally straight Capt. Oveur [Peter Graves] the overtly pedophilic pilot.

    -* THE PLAYERS *-

    Robert Hays - Ted Striker
    Julie Hagerty - Elaine Dickinson
    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - Murdock
    Lloyd Bridges - McCroskey
    Peter Graves - Capt. Oveur
    Leslie Nielsen - Dr. Rumack
    Robert Stack - Kramer
    Lorna Patterson - Randy
    Stephen Stucker - Johnny
    Barbara Billingsley - Jive Lady
    Maureen McGovern - Nun
    Jill Whelan - Lisa Davis
    Jonathan Banks - Gunderson


    Jim Abrahams - Director / Executive Producer / Screenwriter
    David Zucker - Director / Executive Producer / Screenwriter
    Jerry Zucker - Director / Executive Producer / Screenwriter
    Jon Davison - Producer
    Howard W. Koch, Jr. - Producer
    Joseph Biroc - Cinematographer
    Elmer Bernstein - Composer (Music Score)
    Patrick Kennedy - Editor
    Ward Preston - Production Designer
    Hunt Lowry - Associate Producer
    Anne McCulley - Set Designer
    Rosanna Norton - Costume Designer
    Tom Overton - Sound/Sound Designer
    Bruce Logan - Special Effects




    To be sure, this is an excellent comedy. However, today, 26 years after its original theatrical release it does seem a little dated as it has been copied, and lampooned all too frequently. "Airplane 2-The Sequel" did nothing to strengthen the franchise as it sought and passed the limit of just how 'over-the-top' the limit of good humor was and still is. Having said all that, this is an adult comedy which is literally over all too soon. A single second is not allowed to elapse without the presence of overwhelming silliness which for the most part, works quite well to further the silly plot and to delight the audience.

    ...more info
  • My favorite
    Great one-liners, puns and sight gags, all played with deadpan perfection. Don't let my simplistic description mislead you, though: this spoof of disaster films is no standup comedy routine. Rather, I find it quite simply the funniest movie I have ever seen. The comedy is innovative and, at the time it was made, unlike any other comedy. While some gags in the movie appear merely silly or sophomoric, to make humor this funny takes a good deal of intelligence. It is almost surreal to see Robert Stack, Leslie Nielsen and Peter Graves deliver such hysterical lines. Often imitated, never equaled. ...more info
  • Can we get a DVD without a bunch of stupid previews?
    The movie is a classic, and the commentary by the directors is awesome, entertaining in it's own right. But the DVD is another Paramount foul-up. You have to fast forward through a bunch of stupid previews before you can get to the main menu like it's a video tape. Paramount is desperate to force previews on the viewer, and will do anything to try and make you watch them. Also, to see interviews and the very few deleted scenes, you have to watch the "long-haul" version, where you watch the movie and the interviews cut in at various points, some placed better than others.

    Of course if you know and love this film, this DVD is essential viewing. I just don't understand why the studio interns put the DVD together....more info
  • Don't call me Shirley
    Airplane is smart,funny,and uses spoof humor to create one funny movie.Robert Hays plays Ted Stryker,a former war pilot who has a drinking problem and a problem letting go of his fiancee Elaine(Julie Haggerty),so he boards the flight that she is stewardice on.Also on that plane is the pilot,Captain Oveur(Peter Graves),Rex Kramer(Robert Stack),Dr.Remak(Leslie Nielson),and others. The result is a spoof that no other film can top....more info
  • The funniest Disaster spoof ever
    Airplane is made By three of my favorite directors David Zucker, Jim Abraham, and Jerry Zucker. Airplane makes fun of classic airplane disaster movies. With it nonstop arsenel of jokes its garenteed to get you to laugh at least 1 time. Airplane is also #10 on AFI's top comedies of all time. Ithink any one with a sense of humor will love airplane....more info
  • Don't Call me shirley.
    Airplane! is a Classic. Hilarious ! Leslie Nielsen is the Best. Both part 1 and Part 2 are funny as hell. This movie came out two years before I was born but I've seen a Buncha of times and it never dies!...more info
  • The Long Haul edition
    The film should need no reintroduction, so this is more about the new extras on the 'Don't Call Me Shirley' edition. The audio commentary and trailer from the previous issue are retained, but because of the absence of any behind the scenes footage, rather than a new documentary there's a `long haul' option to view the film with cast and crew interviews. And it's a long haul indeed - barely 30 seconds, and sometimes less, seem to pass before you're taken to another interview, not always that relevant to what's going on onscreen. Indeed, on one occasion you're just taken to the directors clearing their throats. There are only three brief deleted scenes, but there's a fairly comprehensive number of surviving cast and crew, from the directors (who proffer such words of wisdom as "These days it's so easy to get a nun on a surfboard."), Leslie Nielson, Robert Hays, Peter Graves and various supporting players to the now grown-up little Joey (as in "Joey, have you ever been in a Turkish prison?") and the kid whose face appears on one memorable faked newspaper headline (the producer's grandson). Only Julie Haggerty seems conspicuous by her absence. The only annoyance is that it's not possible to access the interviews separately without watching the whole film. Among the highlights is a brief shot-by-shot comparison with Zero Hour!, the b-movie that inspired the film: not only is it every bit as inane as legend has it, including laughable dialogue reprised verbatim in Airplane!, but the directors even went to enormous efforts to match parts of it shot-for-shot! There is one tantalizing unanswered question - given John Travolta's enthusiasm for the film when it was in production, what did he make of Robert Stack beating up the Scientologists, Moonies and other cults soliciting donations in possibly the film's most memorable moment?...more info
  • One Of The Best
    I just gave a scathing review to the worst movie ever made -- "Soul Plane" -- and I have to clean my palate. And what better way than to say how much I love "Airplane"? I laughed uproariously when it first came out, and it still makes me laugh. There can be no greater praise than that. ...more info
  • Still Good For a Chuckle Despite the Years!
    Comedies have a notoriously short shelf life because there are only so many times you can hear a joke before it stops being funny and you start to feel contempt for it. That's why I'm really impressed when I see a comedy over 10 years old that still manages to entertain me and even so if it's able to get me to laugh more often than not at most of the jokes.

    "Airplane" is refreshing because I still found it funny although admittedly not nearly as funny as when I first saw it decades ago. This film is important though because of its impact and influence on countless comedies to follow that fit this particular sub-genre. I remember laughing until I cried when I watched films like "Top Secret" and the whole "Naked Gun", "Hot Shots" and similar comedies and even more recent films like "Epic Movie" and "Scary Movie" owe a great debt to this film. This kind of comedy sub-genre though is admittedly not for everyone but if you like your comedy totally screwy, corny and just plain silly then you'll enjoy this film.

    Hardly any comedy rewards repeated viewing for the reason I mentioned at the top of this review although this film does to some extent provided you view this no frequently than annually to give yourself a chance to rediscover it like an old friend. I remember I also enjoyed the sequel with William Shatner in it too.

    This dvd version is also pretty good in that the sound quality comes in a Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound option which is pretty good and although the picture quality isn't perfect, it's still pretty good for an almost 30 year film with very few imperfections such as white spots to complain about. No special features worth mentioning but overall this is still a good standard dvd format version to own. I can only wonder what a restored and remastered Blu-ray version would look like though.

    An original, crazy and some may say stupid comedy which I found still entertaining after all these years but it is certainly not for every taste....more info
  • A classic comedy, still funny today
    Who does not love this film?

    A comedy classic.

    Cast perfect in their roles.

    Well written of course with the memorable catch phrases.

    DVD package. Normal extras on it. Deleted scenes, commentary, trailer, that type of thing


    The film that got Leslie Neilson's career into high gear in comedy's. there would have been no Naked Gun series of films without this film.
    ...more info
    The grown man naked line has got to be the funniest line ever said in a movie. This comic gem is a parody of the disaster movies of the 70's and never stops with the gags. The main plot is about a war vet who is afraid to fly, and he is chasing after his ex-girlfriend. After the crew gets food poisoning, he is forced to fly the plain. This is the "holy grail of spoof movies!!! Fans of goofy, slapstick, parody-type comedies must see this movie. NOT TO BE MISSED!!!!...more info
  • Perfect antidote for our "United 93" world!
    I had seen "Airplane!" when it first came out and when I saw it on DVD knew I had to grab a copy. After 9/11 and the tightening of airport and airline security it was nice to see a funny, lighter film aboard an airplane and it's perfect antidote to the "United 93" world we presently live in. It's funny to think of food being the source of terror as opposed to the other disaster movies of the time where the plane itself was the danger ("Airport," "Airport 75," etc.). That alone was so funny...when was the last time you had a meal served on an airplane?

    Daresay we could use a film that pokes fun at the current situation with security although I don't know how many people would find that funny. Serious times tend to produce serious films (witness "United 93") and I don't know how well comedies like "Airplane" would do today.

    In a lot of respects "Airplane!" is a time capsule that evoked laughs for me too. I chuckled at how lax the security was in the film compared to today's super-tight security...remember curbside parking? Being able to meet people at the gates? Of course it was funny to see people being able to smoke in airports and on planes (no love lost there). Sure, some of the gags are getting a bit dated (not sure how many kids today will know who Ethel Merman is), but some of them are still just as funny. Overall the satire has held up pretty darned good as have most of the jokes. And please, don't call me Shirley!...more info
  • Great Movie!
    I purchased this movie for my husband for his birthday, and we absolutely love it! Very funny and entertaining. It's definitely a classic that you can watch over and over again....more info
  • Fantastic
    This movie has DEFINITELY held up through the test of time - the ridiculousness is just as funny today as the first time I saw it! Love this DVD!...more info
  • Very Funny
    This movie is a classic. It is silly, funny, and worth owning. It is your typical 70's and 80's humor. I loved it as a kid and still enjoy owning it as an adult

    "Surely, you must be joking. No, I am quite serious, and don't call me Shirley." ...more info