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Western Digital WD TV HD Media Player
List Price: $139.99

Our Price: $98.99

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Product Description

Combined with a My Passport portable drive (sold separately), this player is the most convenient way to play HD movies or user-generated videos, listen to high-quality digital music and show high-resolution slideshows of your family photos on your TV. Also works with popular USB drives, and digital cameras, camcorders, and portable media players that can be recognized as mass storage devices. Designed for My Passport, works with many other USB storage devices - Play content from most popular USB drives,and digital cameras, camcorders, and portable media players that can be recognized as mass storage devices. Full HD video playback and navigation - up to 1080p - Experience the spectacular picture quality of HD video and crystal clear sound clarity of digital audio. Use the included remote control to navigate through your entertainment choices using our crisp, animated HD menus. Collect without limits - There's no limit to the size of your media collection; just add more USB drives for more space. Access two USB drives simultaneously - Two USB ports on the player let you connect two USB storage devices and access them simultaneously. Media Library feature aggregates the content on both drives into one list sorted by media type. HDMI and composite video connections - The High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) port lets you connect to the highest quality HDTV or home theater. Additional composite (RCA) outputs ensure compatibility with virtually all television sets. Hassle-free playback of HD movies, home videos, digital music, and photos on your TV

  • Thumbnail and list views - Browse your content by filename or by thumbnails of photos, album covers and movie cover art.
  • Media Library - This unique feature lets you view all your media by media type in one menu regardless of its location in folders or drives. You can view content by categories such as genre, album, artist and date. / Search - Search by genre, title, artist, filename and partial filename
  • Create custom slide shows with a variety of transitions and background music
  • Movie viewing - Fast forward, rewind, pause, zoom, and pan; View subtitles - Search by filename, partial filename, most recently viewed and date
  • Music - Fast forward, rewind, pause, shuffle, repeat; Supported USB Device file systems: FAT-32, NTFS, HFS+ (no journaling)

Customer Reviews:

  • This is da bomb!!!
    Simply delighted and better than my media PC in number of ways. There is a brand new firmware 4/27 and I was able to play all sort of mkv, avi and iso files.... Awesome

    ask me anything......more info
  • Great media solution for digital music, movies and pictures
    The WD media player is a terrific solution to viewing all your stored media from an external hard drive or thumb drive. WD has great tech support, user forums and continuous updates through firmware. I can't find anything to complain about. I play stored music playlists without a hitch. Two thumbs up from this happy camper....more info
  • Great playing eveything
    This tiny media player is play almost anything I drop it on it. After I opened it I updated to the latest update and it was straight forward process. I connected my Kingston USB and my LACIE hard drive. and all my medial was online and running.. the idea to have international charger is good too.
    The only two things I didn't like, when you turn it off, the HD still on even if I connect my passport HD. It does not supports non-Latin languages for the subtitle and I hope this gonna fix soon with the new update.

    with the latest update 1.027, WD add the support to turn off the hard disk if the unit is off which cool, and also you can add a jpg image in the movie folder and it appeared as thumbnail, cool
    Still no support for Arabic, which is not big issue for me...more info
  • Minimum functionality
    The product does what it says, but the execution is poor. I wanted to use this device to view captured tv programs/movies. When I fast forward to skip commercials I never know where the play back will begin. Also If i mistakenly hit the wrong button I have to start the playback all over again. There is no "Go to" function which allows you to punch in a time to seek and start at. Very disappointed in this product...more info
  • Died after just a few weeks of light use
    Not a good product. 1080p high-bit-rate files would not play satisfactorily. Then after just a few weeks of light use, the HDMI output died altogether. I returned it for a refund and just ordered the EG-M34A Networked Media Tank from EGreat USA. It costs more money but if it actually works it will be worth it....more info
  • WOW
    wow, loading all the movies, photos, music is a huge job, but we split up the work with family and friends and built a library. Now, I can get rid of all those cds and dvds. This thing is great!...more info
  • This is an awesome product!
    I have been thoroughly pleased with my new media player. It's small, lightweight, sleek and plays a plethora of files. I really enjoy using my TV as a giant screensaver that has a soundtrack. The unit does tend to get hot so follow the manufacturer's advice of making sure it is in an area that has plenty of room to breathe. When power is on to the device be sure to not unplug drive as corruption of files can occur (there's an eject button for this.) It is an easy player to navigate and has several options on how to view and manage your files.
    There are, however, a host of annoyances that I have found. The remote is small and the button layout isn't well thought out. I have used it now for a month and I am still looking down at the remote to make sure I am hitting the right button(s). The remote is the only way of operating this device so if you lose it you are out of luck. However, in the owner's manual it says that the Logitech Harmony universal remote will interface with the player. I haven't used a universal remote yet so I have no idea how many different remotes will work.
    If you are going to be using this as a DVD player then be aware that the functionality of the remote lacks options compared to the standard DVD remote functionalities. Functions not present on the WD media player are 1/8, 1/16 or any variation of speed in slo mo. When fast forwarding a movie you have x2, x4, x8. That's 1 second, 2 seconds, 4 seconds. The screen has a difficult time keeping up so 9 times out of 10 either through impatience or misjudment you end up further into the movie than where you wanted to be. Rewinding is a definite no-no. When rewinding the media player has no idea which image to display in correspondence to the title bar's time display. If you are rewinding and the display says 1:23:48 chances are when you hit play you will end up @ 1:24:16 which is a real bummer considering when there's a cool scene you want to rewatch again you end up watching more than you want. There is zoom capability which is nice although there is too much button hitting. Instead of hitting "option," "+," and then using your arrow keys to navigate the scene you have to use the pan option. Big deal right? Well when you have a title bar at the bottom which takes up %20 of the screen and you now have an option bar at the top of the menu taking up another %20 of the screen quickly you realize that you're not working with much of a zoomed in picture. Also while zooming you have to manually reset the position of the screen as well as the default zoom level. There's no quick exit out and everything is normal. It is nice that when you stop a movie and come back to it that the player remembers where you left off and asks if you would like to resume.
    The music component of the player works well although I have been unable to solve a few simple issues. There is a picture display on the screen when listening to music and next to the artist's information there is a picture. Some of my files get artwork displayed and some don't. I cannot figure out why this is. To my knowledge the images are all .jpg which is a supported file format. Maybe it has to deal with the image resolution? No biggie considering I just play music and then put on a slideshow. Your standard repeat and shuffle are present.
    Pictures are easy enough. It recognizes and displays several types of images inculding .BMP, .JPG and .PNG. You can select how long the image will display, what transition to include as well aspect ratio.
    All in all the WD Media Player lives up to every expectation I had of it. I am just a consumer voicing my opinion on how I think it could be better. I would love to be able to customize the menu layout (wallpaper.)and I would also like to see individual buttons on the remote for picture, video, and music. For what you pay for the media player the value exceeds it! P.S. Be sure to update your firmware immediately and be cautious when installing the converter software provided. For me it caused system instability and I know this because when I removed the program everything went back to normal. Be sure to read other reviews and do your research. Be a conscious consumer and be aware of what it is you are purchasing.
    WD will give you $15 off your next WD purchase after you register this product....more info
  • Great gadget for the price
    I really like this product. I was tired of sitting in front of my computer watching TV shows that I missed. Now all I do is transfer the files to my USB drive (16 GB) and plug it into the WDTV. Within seconds I'm watching the show. I put a variety of media files onto my drive and they all seem to work and play fine. I didn't have audio on one set of VOB files from a down loaded concert, but other VOB (another concert) worked just fine.

    I'm planning to use the HDMI connection and go with an HDMI to DVI cable so that I can improve the picture quality with my TV. Using the red/white/yellow cable still provides a better picture than my cable reception(granted this all depends on the resolution of the files you plan on playing)

    For the price, this has really changed the way I watch TV especially for someone that doesn't want TIVO or a DVR or has their computer hooked up directly to their television....more info
  • Works for an hour then quits
    Works for an hour then quits. Called for an RMA and was sent another remote control instead of a replacement WDTV. Go figure...

    Still fighting with Western Digital...more info
  • You've Got To Be Kidding...
    Save Your Money! This media player doesn't compare to the others(tvix, mvix, lacie, etc.). Spend a little more or regret it later. It is extremely slow with large drives, only attaches external drives and relies on the remote. If you lose the remote, it's a paper weight. I attached a 1.5TB and it locked up. So, I attached a 1TB...worked, but extrememly slow, constantly buffering and the navigation display, requires a manual. Lastly, my remote to unlock my car has more options than this remote. What a waste......more info
  • it works but could use a few more features
    The WD TV HD media player works pretty well with the motley collection of avi and DVD files I have but a few more features would make it a better product. Since I had to collect files from 3 separate locations there are quite a few duplicates but the hard drive has to be disconnected from the WD and re-attached to the PC to delete or re-arrange them. Trouble is some files are better quality than others but it's next to impossible to figure that out back on the PC.

    There are also some VOB files which play on a DVD but won't play with the WD. The MPAA may come after me for admitting this but I've copied several favorite DVDs to preserve the original. When viewing "titles" there are tons of seemingly duplicate VOB_1_0, 1_1, etc. so I usually view folders instead. I can't seem to find a common link among the VOB files which will play and those that won't. Some VOBs play in sequence with no noticeable blips between files but others force me to select the next file to continue watching the movie.

    Griping aside I'd recommend the WD TV player simply because it's inexpensive, serves its basic purpose, and doesn't have any Microsoft DRM [...] which I hate. Windows Media Player often tells me I have to "go to the store" to verify my right to play a music file but my files have come from many different "stores" so frequently I'm informed I need to purchase the music again. As if... ...more info
  • I like this
    This product can play most of my video files. I was wondering Buffalo's MP4 format can be played, but no worry. It plays pretty good. VG2(xvd) is not supported, but no problem. XVD is not widely used....more info
  • it's like a magic box
    I love this Western Digital WD TV Media Player. I received it quickly and in new condition. I set it up using the directions, much easier than I thought it would be. I can dowload things on my computer, copy them on a flashdrive and watch them on my big TV. Great!...more info
    Why the great reviews is beyond me. This product is terrible. I have spent hours tring to view videos that my computer shows. I downloaded there stupid firmware. Still doesnt allow most of my vids. Cheap device.
    Awful remote control. Photos worked big deal! Yhe videos it did show are slow, just a lousy product. I saw all these great reviews and bopught from dell. Now i have to pay shipping to snd this crap back! thanks save your money and dont buy this garbage!...more info
  • Take your hard to your tv, NOW!!!
    I had a lot of videos, mp3s' and what not from years of backing them up on disc. I had just got a new usb hard drive so i copied these old files to it. Man,plugged that hard drive into the WD and wow! All of these files are now part of my home audio video system. This thing plays it all.Do your home work,read up on it,but I think you will find it's one of the best out there.HDMI, FULL HD,MPEG 4, USB 2.0, 1080P,DOLBY DIGITAL,MP3'S,COME ON!!!!
    ...more info
  • Can't beat it for the price!
    I researched this item quite a bit before pulling the trigger. I read many, many reviews, factored in cost, considered the "good" as well as the "bad" - along with other media players - and found this to be the best of what's available. After using it for a couple of weeks now there is nothing that has changed my opinion. I had been using my notebook to view my videos and listen to my music. The WDTV makes this a much more pleasant, and controllable experience. I use it with a WD 500GB Passport connected to a 46" Sony Bravia LCD HDTV via HDMI which is then connected to my Panasonic 1000w Surround Sound system using the standard dual RCA audio out jacks.

    Granted, nothing is ever really "perfect", and the WDTV has a few shortcomings as have been noted in previous reviews. The menu structure could use some work, but is wholly functional as it is. Certainly something that could be remedied through a firmware update should WD choose to do so. The lack of external controls on the case means you need to take care of that remote! The remote is simple and comfortable to use, but I finally programmed its functions into my learning remote and put the WD remote away for safe keeping.

    The picture and sound it creates are quite good. I have not viewed any hi-def material yet, but judging from the quality of standard def I doubt there would be any disappointments in that regard. I have a lot of my video (movies, etc.) ripped to 320x240 (saves space) for my Ipod Touch 2G (mp4 format), and the picture quality from the WDTV is what I would expect from that format - entirely suitable. Some material that is in a higher pixel format is understandably better. I was pleased enough with it to give my opinions through this review.

    One interesting thing I found is that although it will not play protected m4v movies purchased through itunes, it will play non-protected m4v's - I watched some podcasts I downloaded - I was pleasantly surprised to find that it would play the music albums downloaded from itunes, in protected m4a format I assume. It's really great to have my music library available at my fingertips this way!

    Although it supports a number of different video formats, I have found some files that it cannot play even though they are in the proper formats; AVI WMV MPG, etc. This is simply due to the variations in encoding formats. If you're into digital video you should already be familar with transcoding formats, so that is just more of the same. Not everything you get off the Internet, or even have previously created yourself, is going to be ready to "Plug and Play" in this device, or any other. Not a real issue. There is software supplied for this purpose, although I have not had to use it yet. Out of about 1200 or so videos it will take a bit of time to find them all!

    Overall, it does what it's supposed to, and does it well enough to make my cable box start to feel a little lonely!

    UPDATE: The Hi-Def video clips that come on the supplied disc look phenomenal! The same difference I noticed when first watching hi-def channels on my cable box.

    I had begun ripping my movies in AppleTv format (640x480 mp4) and the clarity was much improved. I then began ripping to AVI in 640x480 and found the same high quality. The switch to AVI was because I noticed that the few AVI's that I had did not "skip" after fast forwarding or rewind as most of my mp4's do. VOB's also don't skip. Playing VOB's does give a true DVD picture, but the files are much larger - 4 GB's or so. I find a 1 GB mp4 or AVI gives a very acceptable picture in a minimum of space.

    The Arcsoft conversion software that comes with the unit is a bit tedious as it converts in real-time, recording the video as it plays it into the new format. A bit too slow for me. I don't find that a negative since they do GIVE you conversion software!

    Nothing has changed my opinion of this little wonder. It will even play recordings made in Windows Media Center, which I use when I can to record movies and TV shows since I can't get them out of my cable box DVR without recording them to a DVD then ripping them. Being able to just copy over the Media Center recordings to my Passport and play them on the WDTV is a gift in itself!

    ...more info
  • good for play only
    only problem is that it does not fast forward or rewind fast enough.I like the way it's able to play all those formats though....more info
  • A very good idea, very poorly implemented
    View and listen to high quality media stored on any USB computer storage device (Hard drive, Pen drive, external CD Rom) on your HD big screen TV over HDMI or standard AV connections? Brilliant!

    There are however a number of issues that make this thing a very less than formidable or even barely useful Media Player ... Very frustrating.

    1. The biggest for me is that it CANNOT play Windows Media Video (.wmv) files! This is the most popular format for high quality and HD Video downloads. You have to spend countless hours using the slow conversion software included with the player to convert to an .avi (h264 only) format. Or, you can pay $40 or so to purchase a little faster converter with more features, flexibility and .more popular avi formats like DivX and MPeg4, files that will also play on most standard DVD Players these days.

    2. Other than starting when you press Paly and stopping when you press Stop, this player does little else. I consider Windows Media Player to be the STANDARD for Media Players - Media Library, Play List, Repeat, random and shuffle Play modes, sound enhancements and Graphics Equalizer. Can't a huge company like Western Digital write a better piece of software/firm ware to run on this potentially great little Box? Or, here is a plan for you.. Just license Media Player from Micro Soft and install on the thing!

    3. Connectivity - 2 USB Ports, HDMI, composite Video and standard AV connections, Sweet. But, don't you think that disconnecting and reconnecting your storage device when you need to update Media files is a Drag? Just one more connection please - a standard USB connection directly to a PC and the ability to access the unit's storage devices like external USB or network drives. DUH!

    There you have it. Just 3 little steps away from this Box realizing its real potentials - the Home Entertainment/Theatre System of the future.
    ...more info
  • Did not work for me
    Does not work completely as advertized. Would not play all mpeg files. I recorded 1 hour television shows using a Hauppauge WinTV-HVR 950q tuner. An HD show recorded from an analog signal created a 2+ gig mpeg 2 file that plays great. Same program recorded from HD Digital signal created a 7+ gig mpeg 2 file. Media player plays the file with beautiful picture and sound quality for about 2 minutes and them freeze frames for about 15 seconds then continues to play for about 2 more minutes and them the frame freezes again. This process will continue throughout the entire recording. I called tech support (got through to level 2) and was told to use their Arcsoft conversion software to convert file to a "more favorable" file format. Process took 6 ? hours and produced a 770 Meg avi file with a beyond crappy picture with no audio. Cake taker: Remote quit working. Tried new batteries ... nothing. Sent back to Amazon. By-the-way: The 7 gig Hd file does play without problem directly on my Vista based PC using Windows Media Player, HP QuickPlay, and a couple of other media viewers....more info
  • Great Device for HD Media Player
    This device works great, I haved played lots of AVI files downloaded from internet, even High definition works great (mkv files). Don't used USB hard drive with power adapter, only used USB Hard Drive powered by the USB port from the Desktop or Laptop....more info
  • I love it!
    There are some technical and very thorough reviews here. This is not one of them. I am so glad I bought this. It's small, light, and at $100 it's cheap. I have watched over a hundred movies on my WD HD TV and I have never had problems. With my old DVD based player, some movies would just not play, not to mention the need to burn DVD's. I can throw this unit in a bag and take it with me when I visit friends or travel. You cannot go wrong with this.
    Enjoy!...more info
  • Works Like A Charm
    Love this product!
    I had a DLO dock before and what a pain and the menus not very good. Then I saw this little gem and took a chance, I'm glad I did.
    Very clear picture, great menus that are easy to navigate, two usb ports, easy to use remote, hook up in less than two minutes.

    I am ordering another for the bedroom....more info
  • Great product for the money
    Other than needing more controls functions for playing DVDs, this little media player is great....more info
  • Does a OK job.
    It plays all my downloaded movies no matter what format except .mov files. I don't ever use apple software so it doesn't matter to me. I purchased the HDMI cable to use instead of the the 3 wire hook up, it does not work with this unit. I know it is the unit, the cable is ok because I tested it, so I use the 3 wire cable with the RCA connectors that came with the unit. I don't think you can get a true HD picture with this, but the images are pretty clear, not great but good enough to watch. For the price (pretty cheap) does what I want of it. ...more info
  • Good Little Device
    Smaller than it looks. Works flawlessly. Great picture. Compatible with a TON of formats. Only issue I had was its lack of compatibility with DTS audio. They did not include it due to licensing costs. Overall great product....more info
  • Why not use Apple TV?
    You can use Apple TV for much better user interface and Wifi Support.

    Caveats, Apple TV Cannot use external HD....more info
  • Awesome device! LOVE it!
    I have had this only a few days but I can tell you it is incredible. Imagine have all of your photos (in my case this is about 6 GB worth) and all of your DVDs available for viewing just as you would watch a DVD....but you can see it all without getting up and changing anything! I have at the moment about 35 disc images for movies and all my pictures on a WD Passport 360GB drive (storage is purchased separately) and the WD Media Player handles them all with ease. The menu is laid out logically and the options are intuitive and simple to invoke. What a fantastic idea! ...more info
  • Great when works
    The good: This product arrive on time and in good condition. The setup and use is very easy, interface simple.

    The Questionable: First time connect it to TV via HDMI cable, the device does not show up as active. First I thought it is the TV (Samsung A650) so I change it to another TV, same problem (samsung). Then I thought its the HDMI cable, but i used the same cable for my xbox 360 and it worked fine. I end up reconnect and restarted both media player a few times for it to finally be detected by my tv. This does not happen to any other device I connect to my tv, so think its the device. Anyone else has this problem?
    When I disconnect the external hard drive to add more content (when media player is off) and connect it back on,then start the player, many times it won't be recognized by the tv again. Had to do the unplug HDMI cable, restart over...etc This is very annoy and I don't think it should happen this way.
    I wonder if this is just my player being a lemon or its all like that?...more info
  • Great Idea - Bad Product
    What a great product idea, what a lousy product. It does pay movies, music and show pictures but the on screen user interface is awful. Either you keep drilling down into folders or you have to scroll through thousands of videos to find what you are looking for.

    For example, music can be selected by artist, genre, folder date and album. A nice feature. So, you decide to listen by artist. If you have a large collection (say a few thousand songs) you can have hundreds of artists. They are listed alphabetically and you can only scroll through 5 at a time. I have 586 artists on my hard drive (there's a lot of one hit wonders out there). So, to find say The Hooters I will have to click the down arrow about 30 times. That is if they are under "Hooters". If they are listed as "The Hooters", they are closer to the end of the alphabet, so I'll be clicking about 70 times. See the problem?

    If you have say 200 movies in a folder, same problem.

    One final complaint. When I registered my product I had to set up an account with WD. They asked for my name, address, phone number, e-mail and had a 15 question survey. All of it is mandatory, including the survey. This is an online security issue. Why do they need all of that?

    So, 4 stars for playback and not having to hook my laptop up to the TV anymore. 5 stars for the HDMI connection. 1 star for the online registration nightmare and all of this is overshadowed by the piss poor interface that gets 0 stars. Final result is about 2.1 stars.

    I'd wait a year or two and see if a better system comes along. I think this idea will catch on and someone will come out with a superior interface.

    If you do buy this player : I think the new players are being shipped with firmware version 1.01.02. I tried to update my firmware and nothing happened. When I looked at what firmware my system had it was already 1.01.02.

    To check your version: On the settings screen select system and then scroll down and select about. This will tell you what version you are using. ...more info
  • Excellent product with few limitations
    This is an excellent product for its price to have a media center in your bedroom/living room.
    It plays basically any video container format and codec smoothly. It can play ISO's, MP4s, and even MKV files with no lag -except protected ones. Plays different audio tracks and even subtitle tracks - Subbing is allowable. Nice looking unit, very small and quiet. HDMI works great -I haven't tried the analog connections.
    It doesn't include an HDMI cable out of the box only analog connectors. Remote feels a bit cheap, no manual controls so if you lose your remote good luck trying to operate the media player. Only allows you to connect two USB devices. It doesn't include and audio digital out for multi-channel sound, only a Toslink out, but that will only give you stereo sound, and of course the HDMI but if you don't have an A/V receiver you'll have to use your HDTV's sound, it still sounds great but more options would be better.
    Final toughs
    For its price you'll be getting an impressive piece of equipment. There are cheaper models out there but they don't play as many formats as this baby does and as flawlessly. There are more expensive models with a few more features but they're closer to a full computer media system, but for this price this is the best option yet. If you can live with these limitations this is the way to go, otherwise be prepared to spend more on a full HD Computer Media Player system....more info
  • perfomance
    This product is not good, is too slow the access to the drives with the pictures...more info
  • Uniquely perfect for music
    This is an update to my previous review, having purchased a second unit for a second home, and having greater experience with the unit(s). I use my WDTVs solely for music. If you're looking for a video review, check elsewhere. The WDTV is an ultra compact plug-n-play replacement for the CD megachanger in my home music system. It's advantage for me is basically limitless capacity via replaceable external 1 Terabyte USB hard drive. The WDTV has two USB inputs, and in the second input I've placed a small 16 gig flash drive that contains my favorites. I use the HDMI output to place the WDTV's mp3-player-like display on the big screen TV. I also prefer to use Universal Remote's RF20 learning remote, with repeater package, which allows me to operate the WDTV from anywhere in the house. Both WDTVs work flawlessly. Slight downsides: The WDTV's reactions to remote input are a little slow; I'd prefer immediate recognition of a command, if not immediate execution. Also, as in all mp3 players, initialization of a BIG drive can take a LONG time, I mean, over an hour, while the WDTV reads mp3 tags of artists, titles, genres into its search database. This is normal to all mp3 players; its just that this is a really big mp3 player. Thus the value of the smaller 16 gig flash drive. I often change the music on the smaller drive, but the WDTV only takes a minute or two to initialize it after the change. Fortunately, once a drive is initialized, the WDTV retains the info in a file on the drive. The WDTV seems to be the only device of its kind with features like an HDMI output, and I expect it to be the predecessor of$ the next generation of players for home music source material. I hope Western Digital stays on its game with the WDTV. Wish list? Immediate recognition of remote commands as previously mentioned, and a volume control in the remote. Fabulous, highly recommended....more info
  • Cheap and "portable" entertainment for the whole family.
    We bring this to work to keep our kids entertained as well as on vacations. We hook it up to any of our flash drives which will have some sort of cartoon or movie for them to watch. Plug and's really amazing--wish I would have had it earlier!...more info
  • Small box that does the job
    All the videos I throw at it plays smoothly. It's very easy to use as well- plug in any external memory filled with the media into this magic box and viola~!

    However, there are two cons I would like to point out:

    *Heat: The media player is slightly smaller than a DVD case. It generates a good amount of heat when it's on and I'm sure it's not ideal to have this placed in a narrow/stuffy area. With that being said, there is no "SHUTDOWN" option for this hardware, only standby. So even when it's on sleep mode, it can still generate quite an amount of heat (which caused my player to not wake up one time- easily fixed by replugging the AC adapter).

    *Buttons: The buttons on the remote works great. But my real concern is the lack of buttons on the player itself. For if I lose my remote or god forbid I break it by accident, then the media player would be pretty much useless unless I get myself a universal remote. Not much of a big deal but it's certainly troublesome for people like me....more info
  • Movie Nights are here!!
    This device works perfectly for the movie lover who wants to backup all of their DVD, HD-DVD, Blu-Ray titles while having the ability to play them from their own HD TV or SD TV. The product setup is very simple, just plug in a usb external drive filled with movies and then plug the WDTV into your television with either HDMI or S-Video/RCA cables.

    I have not had any issues that have been previously reported regarding the remote control, or horrible playback issues. Great product for the price and functions....more info
  • Good, but not great.
    First let me say that I bought this device for pretty much one reason.
    I shoot video at 720p60 and my computer drops too many frames playing them back.
    And friends and family have no way to watch the videos.
    With this device my 720p60 files playback great and I can take this little box on the go (most people don't have the means to play back 720p60).

    Now on the flip side, the device is super sluggish and picky.
    Pressing a button on the remote and seeing the effects on screen a second later is laughable.
    It is a pain to navigate for this reason alone.
    The player is also very picky about what it can do with what files.
    Some files won't even playback, others will but you can not resume or fast forward or rewind, and some do everything just fine.
    I was watching a movie and at about 80% through it exited out to the menu like it was over when it was not.
    And it wouldn't let me resume or fast forward the file.
    The zoom options are a joke too.
    Your options are 1/8th, 1/4th, 1/2, 1x, 2x, 4x, etc.
    Come on WD, how about zoom options like: "Fit To Width" or "Fit To Height".
    My TV has better zoom options than this player.
    The HDMI output doesn't support surround sound?
    Come on WD, that's ridiculous.
    You have to use the optical out to get 5.1 or greater.
    Thumbnails only work in folder view but not in media library?
    Well that's lame!
    I could go on and on.
    If little quirks drive you nuts, avoid this product, it has a million of them.

    Hopefully, WD will fix these issues with firmware updates....more info
  • Exelente producto
    Excelente producto lee casi todo tipos de formatos de audio y de video, ademas de no ser costoso frente a la competencia y casi cada semana actualizan el firm en su pagina web oficial que mejora ciertos fallos y admisi¨®n de formatos adicionales.

    Lo recomiendo...more info
  • Art
    HDMI Output is good, but composite ,,out,, and self coder not good . Good price for this quality mashin....more info
  • Neat Little Unit
    Great alternative to those super pricey linkup units for your pc, excellent, except wont let you use your original menus from you dvds and it wont let you into your extras like bonus features or anything like that just the movie, plus it wont let you go from chapter to chapter you can only watch the movie from beginning to end, the only thing you can do is fast porward rewind and pause, if it would i would give it 5 stars....more info
  • awesome little box
    Very happy with this little video player. For awhile I've been trying to figure out the best way to stream videos to my big screen tv and this video player does everything I want. Plays mkv, avi, dvd iso and a few others. The only disappontment is that is does not recognize ext3 partitions which didn't really surprise me. Tested it with a small USB drive formatted as FAT32 and it worked flawlessly. Reformatted the drive to NTFS and again, no problems. Eventually went out and bought a WD USB hard drive to go with it although any USB drive should work. ...more info
  • Fun New Toy
    I grabbed one of these just to see how easy it was to use and man was I happy to find out it's a no-brainer. Converting video files can be a chore but mainly time consuming more than anything.
    I sort of learned the hard way that it doesn't support DTS audio files so I had to re-do some of my work...I should probably read all you guys reviews before jumping head first into the pool.

    Bios upgrades are a breeze, HDMI is just as easy. I liked the thing so much I went and grabbed a second for another room.
    If I had one wish for the device it would be the ability to transfer files from one ext HD to another ext HD through the WDTV's interface. Otherwise It's all good....more info
  • Works as advertised.
    The WDTV is a great little device. I have used it in my home and car with the LCD screens and it works perfectly. The only thing I wish is that it turned off the mini WD HD that I use with it. The HD stays on when I power down the device.
    I have played all types of media on it form Xvid, Divix, AVI, MKV, and high def 264H AAC. It all played perfectly. Very hapy with this device....more info