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Dead Like Me: The Complete Collection
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Studio: Tcfhe/mgm Release Date: 02/17/2009 Run time: 1415 minutes Rating: Nr

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Customer Reviews:

  • An amusing concept of Death
    The complete DVD collection of "Dead Like Me" is well worth the money and time spent viewing. The series of two seasons is just right and offers a quirky insight on the after-life. The movie of five years later is not as well done and serves only as a filler. I know Ellen Muth personally and can attest that she was well casted and played to her own personality and quirky charm. Dr. Jim H....more info
  • Very addictive and romantic in and outsider's way
    If you see the first shows then you understand and want to see all of them and hunger for more. This is a show about struggling to be a young adult, the struggle of growing up and realizing you can't go home again . . . and waking up to the deeper struggle of what it means to be a human being....more info
  • Warning R rated
    On Amazon it is listed as "unrated". But The Movie is rated R on the back of the box. Also seasons 1 and 2 both have R content.

    My daughter and I had only seen rerun episodes on the sci-fi channel. We loved the show, thought it was funny and ended too soon. I got the boxed set for my birthday and popped it in to watch, I'm glad my kids were in bed because the movie had a lot of "F***", the finger, and some sexual content.

    As for the movie, it had everyone except Rube. (my kids know him as the guy who stole Elmo's Blanket!) I missed Rube. But I guess he needed to leave so George could grow-up. Daisy was played by someone else and she might have well been someone else her character was not the same old Daisy. I have mixed feels about the comic book style of the movie compared to the series. But I still enjoyed it.

    As for the series, I still liked it but I will not let my kids watch it, it too has "F***" through out , and sexual content in some episodes.
    I wished they'd have a button option on DVDs for watching with or without language, edited or unedited option would be nice. They edit for airplanes and network TV why not DVDs?

    Anyway I still give it 5 stars but with a "warning" on the "R" rated materials.
    ...more info
  • Good buy, funny, touching, many LOL moments!
    Great set, well worth the time and money. Have loaned it to friends and they think it's great too. If you're looking or expecting something scary, look elsewhere - this is just fun....more info
  • great product, A+++ seller
    DVD was great, as descibed. have watched it many times. was a pleasure to do business with. fast shipping...more info
  • great series -- fair movie
    one of the best series ever produced -- but the movie was not as good as the series!...more info
  • Dead Like Me: The Complete Collection
    "Dead Like Me" is a series like no other. It's fun yet sad with characters that you love to tag along with. "George" the main character is understated yet pleasingly sarcastic and weirdly humorous. While her fellow "reapers" seem to have accepted their fate (and new place in life), George cannot so easily cut the ties to her family and "keeps in touch" (although they don't realize it's her). We were sorry to have "Dead Like Me" go off the air on television. It offered a refreshing choice from the ususal TV fare.
    ...more info
  • Yet another great lost to reality TV
    This is one of my faves! It is such a shame that quality shows are being lost to CRAP reality TV. I mean, really, people! Get a life! Get out and live your own lives and stop watching reality TV!
    This box set is well worth the time and cost. Get it now while Amazon has it for such a fantabulous price!!...more info
  • Touching, Intelligent, Obscene, Thoughtful
    One of my all-time favorite TV shows in 50 years of viewing. It has double meaning for me in that my wife was dying of strokes while the show was originally airing on Showtime. The acting is excellent all the way around and the writers can take you from rib-searing hilarity to quietly contemplative philosophic moments in less than a minute. ...more info
  • money well spent
    Absolutely worth every cent and a great deal to boot. Could have scaled back on some of the curse words, would be my only complaint. Ok and the fact that some idiots cancelled this show, would be my only other complaint. I have waited for the complete set and watched prices. Don't hesitate, Treat yourself and others. Buy it!...more info
  • Product description mismatched

    So my wife and I started watching Dead Like Me on Video On Demand, and were both so caught up in it that we didn't want to wait for the second season to be made available that way... so we ordered the box set.

    The box set *includes* "Life After Death", the movie MGM made in 2008.

    Let me start with the DVDs of the ShoTime TV series:

    Disks 1 through 4 contain the series pilot, and the 14 episodes of season 1.
    Disks 5 through 8 contain the 15 episodes of season 2 and the bonus features for the series.

    Up through here, that's 5 stars. If I could have give 6, I would.

    Disk 9... contains the straight-to-DVD movie.

    If you're interested in DLM and reading this review (and the many others), I don't have to tell much about the series - they stand firm as they always did, in high, widescreen quality, uncensored and uncut (and the bonus features contain a bunch of deleted scenes and other fun stuff about the series.

    The movie, though. Oh dear lord, the movie.

    The movie was made to appeal to an audience that is not in the know about what DLM is about - so the first 15, 20 minutes are an introduction (with cuts from the series), done in comic-book style, with Georgia Lass (Ellen Muth) narrating about what the premise of the story is. After the introductions are done, we're introduced to a flaky storyline about Rube (Mandy Patinkin, direly missed in the movie) having gotten his light, and having been replaced by a Cameron Kane (played by Henry Ian Cusick), who... has... some sort of agenda, plan, whatever, and uses the merry band of reapers to... cause chaos... or something, by having them mess up their reaps.


    The role of Daisy Adair was performed by Sarah Wynter, who - I'm sure - is a great actress... just not a great Daisy. The series' last episodes had gone through great lengths to turn Daisy into someone with a secret that's eating her, a seemingly callous but very human, confused and hurt woman, who warmed up with every episode, showed fear, love and understanding.

    In the movie, however, Daisy is a callous, uninteresting, selfish, vulture-like and petty wanna-be actress, with no depth, no heart and no struggle. One of the bonus features actually tried to explain away the Daisy part, but regardless of the reasons, it was painful to watch, and did not do the part of Daisy Adair any justice - better they had had her "get her light", just like Rube. Callum, Ellen and Jasmin Guy could have carried it off by themselves...

    ... or maybe they just shouldn't have bothered at all.

    The storyline about the relation between George and Reggie (Britt McKillip) was done nicely, and actually allows for some feeling of closure.

    My initial plan was to get the series, and rent the movie to see if it was worth buying.

    If you buy this box, the movie is included... but if you already have the series, and consider yourself a hardcore DLM fan, do not bother with the movie. It felt like it was thrown together in a hurry (and the fact that *neither* of the writers of the movie had been involved with the series shows, big time), and feels more like an extended "crap, we need a finale" episode than anything else...

    Aside from the Reggie/George interaction, the only good things about the movie were:

    1. We finally got to see Murray the cat
    2. The very, very last scene, after some consideration (had to sink in for a moment).

    My wife and I... we'll toss in the series, every now and then, for a DLM marathon session... the movie will remain in its box, though. It's part of the set, but as far as we're concerned... only to keep the outside box from being too wide for the series' DVDs.

    And that's why the product gets only 4 stars... I'm not averaging (the movie would make the average be negative, and that's no good) because the series and bonus features are excellent, as expected. The movie just... takes it down a notch. Sad, but true....more info
  • Dead Like Me: Life After Death comes along
    When buying this item, the "Frequently Bought Together" list, made me believe the movie would be a different and separate item, so I bought the DVD - Dead Like Me: Life After Death also. Good, now I have a security copy!!!! And I think it was wrong, and I can't get in touch with amazon, and the DVDs are here, in Brazil. So, there's nothing I'll do about it but alert all of you - DO NOT BUY THE Dead Like Me: Life After Death, if you're buying The Complete Collection....more info
  • Great Service
    I have really enjoyed this TV Series and am sad to see it go off the air. But now I am happy again for being able to purchase the entire series in addition to the bonus movie. It is a little "quirky" of a show but that is what makes it so much fun to watch. It also makes you wonder if it really does happen this way....more info
  • The Flaming Toilet Seat That Started It All...
    If you are a fan of the show Dead Like Me then you'll love the complete collection. Not only does the collection include both seasons it also includes the new movie that just came out. If you have not purchased the seasons in the past you need to invest in the complete collection. It's a really good price for this set. You won't want to miss this box set.

    If you have already purchased season 1 and season 2 seperately then there is no need to get this set. You would be better off just purchasing the movie because there is nothing special about the box set.

    This show is grim reapers at their best....more info
  • Loved this show
    I totally loved this series. I saw a few episodes on Sci-Fi channel and the only way I could drag myself away from the TV was to get on Amazon and buy the box set! Ellen Muth was awesome, and hot, perfect in this role. I so wish this series had not been cancelled.

    My only complaint is the movie. I mean, it answered some questions, I enjoyed watching it, I would recommend it regardless. I was just disapointed with the replacement and omission of some of the key characters from the series. I would have liked the missing character to have had least made a breif appearance at the beginning before being dropped. I also think that rather than replace the other actress and keep the charater in the movie it probably would have been better to just remove that character as well. The fact that the actress had been replaced kind of bothered me throughout the whole movie :) (without giving anything away I hope)

    All in all the series ROCKED. I wish they would bring it back. I also wish Ellen would land some more acting gigs because I would totally watch anything with her in it. I'm usually not one to actually BUY movies etc. but I would buy this again if anything happened to the one I have.

    Ron...more info
  • Dead not like me.
    The dvd's are much more than the t.v. series. I have missed most of the series and this set of dvds filled in the missing pieces.Dead like Me Life After Death,the post series movie closes the book so to speak , makes sense of the rest of it and yet still leaves it open to go farther if the wrighters decide to. I highly recommed this set....more info