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Mission: Impossible II
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  • This sequel really packs a punch!
    "Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to see this movie. Enjoy it, don't take it too seriously, and above all have fun. This review will self destruct in five seconds."

    Well, not really. MI2 is an action movie, plain and simple. People get shot, things blown up, and the effects are really special. From the title you already know that this is a sequel to the original Tom Cruise foray into the Mission Impossible franchise. Cruise returns as Impossible Mission Force (IMF) agent Ethan Hunt. This time he is after a rogue IMF agent that has stolen a new biological weapon, and Cruise and his team must track him down and retrieve it before he can unleash it on the unsuspecting public. The plot is straight forward, and contains none of the misdirection and mystery of the original MI or the MI television series. But all of this is secondary to the action that is brilliantly choreographed by Director John Woo.

    Woo brings his very unique style of action to MI2, and as action goes it is fantastic. The opening scenes with Cruise hanging from the side of a mountain are not only thrilling, but also breath taking. I don't know how high he actually was, but I have to say that it made me a little queasy. Woo's use of slow motion in the action sequences is artistic and exciting, and of course it wouldn't be a John Woo film if you didn't have birds (especially doves) flying around in slow motion here and there. Cruise has buffed up a bit, and looks a little more like an action star than in days past. He does a very good job executing the carefully choreographed stunts, which had to be extremely demanding. All of the stunts seem to almost believable, with the exception of the finale of a motorcycle chase that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

    Cruise is his usual charming self as the confident secret agent out to save the world once more. Though he is a very capable actor, he need not dig too deep to play a role such as this. All he really has to do is smile, run, kick and jump, and he does each one very well. Ving Rhames also returns as the Luther Stickell, the hulking computer wiz backing up Ethan Hunt on his adventure. I was disappointed with Rhames' role this time around. It was almost as if he was there only to say "Hey remember me?" But he tossed in his occasional one liner, and did a fine job for a guy who spent most of the film inside a van. Thandie Newton stars as Hunt's love interest, and boy did she do a great job. Not acting really, but just looking good pretty much all of the time. A relative newcomer, she has the looks, personality, and the sex appeal to get a lot more work in Hollywood. Anthony Hopkins has a very meaningless role as the IMF Director, and plays it a little too brash for my taste (he also seemed a bit too tan), but I didn't go to see this for the acting anyway. The real star of this movie is the action, there is plenty of it, and at times you find yourself saying "Whoa!"

    All in all it's a pretty good movie worthy of a five star rating. The good guys are good, the bad guys are bad, and the girl is beautiful. Do I recommend MI2? You Bet!...more info

  • Difficult is a walk in the park for you
    I've seen this movie in the cinema yesterday, and it's the best action movie ever made! It's by far the best work of John Woo! I've read from others that the slow-motion scenes will get boring after a while, but that's not true. They where beautifull to see! The action is so much better than the first "Mission: Impossible" movie (not that I didn't like that one, part one was also pretty good)

    Another improvement from the first movie is that this story isn't so hard to follow. With the first one you realy had to keep looking to understand everything, while this movie has a good plot but is not difficult at all. It is very easy to follow. Like Sean Ambrose would say: 'Is it that easy? Yeah, why not?' After all is it a summer movie, which needs great stunts, romance and humor. And "M:I-2" has it all! The story is also not bad at all, it even has some very surprising things!

    I think I can even say that this is the best movie this year!...more info

  • A good romantic action-adventure movie...
    In writing a story to fit the action in "Mission: Impossible 2", Screenwriter Robert Towne brought nuance, complexity and irony to the human interaction and to the characters... So greed is the animating force...

    Being an amazing filmmaker, John Woo wanted "Mission Impossible 2" to have a lot more emotion and romance... A romantic interest that can engage the hero emotionally, pushing him to exercise his skills... In this case, he's trying to save the life of someone he cares for and loves...The story revolves around three characters... The good guy and the bad guy in love with the same girl...

    John Woo's sequences were highly developed, completely mind-blowing, dangerous and exciting... Woo really pushed his elements to the edge, designing action that people have never seen...

    Tom Cruise and Thandie Newton looked very charming, proving to have a great chemistry with each other... They also looked very natural... I loved the scene when they meet, and how they meet... The opening scene came from Robert Wise's "West Side Story"... It is boy meets girl, girl looks at boy... No story telling was needed... With high speed and the judicious muting of sound, Woo made it a love-at-first-sight moment, isolating our two heroes in a very lovely way...

    Tom's character was a new kind of a hero... A person who really cares about people, and enjoys life... He has a great passion about nature, about love, about everything...

    Thandie's romantic life was very busy... She is involved with the character played by Dougray Scott, Ambrose who's the key for the Mission team... He is the one with the information which Thandie's character has to win back... Dougray was a really interesting bad guy, as complex a bad guy as you can get and with an impossible mission...

    Dougray's Ambrose becomes disillusioned with being in Ethan's shadow... In deciding to have more power, he turns to the other side... He forms a renegade band of ex-Special Forces people... But Ambrose couldn't even be himself... He includes his identity into Hunt's, when Ethan was not available... So if he needed to be something, he had to be Ethan Hunt...

    Ving Rhames' Luther was a balance in the team... He's a computer expert who brought the charm to his character... Outside of Ethan Hunt, he is the only returning member of the IMF team...

    "Mission: Impossible 2" gave John Woo the ability to really use his filming style, which is the slow motion on key moments... You can see Cruise slow-motion flipping through the air, walking through flames with a white dove sending a message to the evil, running and jumping out of a hole, climbing dangerous scary high cliff, jousting on a motorcycle, trapped in a gun battle, Kick boxing, and having a really sharp and pointy knife in the eye... ...more info
  • Tom and John Get It On (does that sound wrong?)
    I just got this disc after watching it years ago in its worldwide premiere. I wanted to see what I liked about it and the film holds up remarkably well.

    MI-2 features the creative and extravagant pairing of Tom Cruise and John Woo (more explosions! more cars!). Their signature presence is evident in every shot. Robert Towne's script, though no doubt rewritten, is actually tight with strong dialogue and a solid plot. In short, the film works well on all fronts. It doesn't force viewers to think or understand what the problem is - it just gets on with it, unlike many movies that try too hard to be cerebral and clever. People clamouring for the original Brian DePalma Mission Impossible film (which I found convoluted) will never like the subsequent MI-2 and 3 efforts which veered more into James Bond action popcorn territory.

    Considering Woo's mixed experiences in Hollywood, MI-2 is actually one of his most polished efforts. In spite of a couple of schticky moments which many people find justifiably hokey (I just had to watch the Audi-Porsche car spinning sequence again) - the film doesn't try to take itself too seriously WHICH IS THE POINT. Critics of Tom Cruise and John Woo will never fully enjoy the film, because of Cruise's cheeseball grin, and Woo's stylistic quirks. But put away those issues, and excuse the signature doves flying around, and you have a thrill-a-minute film.

    The casting of Thandie Newton and Dougray Scott makes the film even more intriguing, and puts MI-2 above many other films of this genre that almost reach for this but never make it. As an action film, this has some amazing shots that deserve kudos.

    The DVD extras are extensive and a good primer for anyone interested in how to do an action film. There are good interviews with the director and stunt supervisors. There's also a hilarious mockumentary with Ben Stiller from the MTV Movie Awards spoofing Tom Cruise as "Tom Crooze."

    MI-2 is underrated. Watch it and enjoy it. If you need a heavy down-to-earth thriller - heck, Mission Impossible was never about that if you recall the premise of "this message will self-destruct in 5 seconds..." It's meant to be fun.
    ...more info
  • Almost "2" Impossible To Watch
    "Mr. Hunt, this isn't Mission: Difficult, this is Mission: Impossible. Difficult should be a walk in the park." - Commander Swanbeck makes sure that Ethan Hunt is well aware he is in "Mission: Impossible 2"

    Tom Cruise stars in, while John Woo directs a lackluster sequel, to the original "Mission", that has so many outlandish action sequences it's almost too cartoonish to watch.

    Taking place a few years after "Mission: Impossible", "M:I 2" has a rogue IMF agent, Sean Ambrose, stealing the vaccine to a highly deadly genetic enhanced virus that can infect the world's popluation within a week of it's release.

    The IMF assigns Ethan Hunt to the mission. Ambrose disguises himself as Hunt early on in the film, to steal the vaccine from it's creator, making Hunt itching for some payback, & at first, making the IMF question Hunt's loyalties.

    Ethan must first, contact & hook up with Nyah Nordoff-Hall, a thief & former lover of Ambrose's. Second, Ethan has to not only retrieve the vaccine, but, also must get to the virus before Ambrose does. Easier said than done, after all this is "Mission: Impossible".

    "M:I 2" is easily the weakest of three "M:I" movies. Although, the plot is pretty solid, their are some holes. The big one for me, was at the end of the film when Nyah is infected. Her symptoms are nowhere near as bad as the scientist at the beginning of the film. She's concious, there is no blood loss, & she just seems to be stumbling around like a drunk (yeah, she looks infected to me & I totally f**king bought it).

    This is Tom Cruise's vanity project. I know between takes somebody had a mirror in front of him, making sure somebody loved him.

    Dougray Scott was originally offered the role of Wolverine in "The X-Men", but, due to over shooting on this film he had no choice but to pass on the role. Enter Hugh Jackman. Snikt! Exit Dougray Scott's career.

    The action is a bit much in this film & is the absolute big drawback to "M:I 2". A few action sequences mirror too much of past Woo films.

    The motorcycle chase reminded a little bit of "Hard Target" & when Hunt & Ambrose do the chest bump off the motorcycle's it reminded of a similar sequence from "Face/Off".

    "M:I 2" is a decent film, that I expected much more out of both Tom Cruise & John Woo, & if it self destructs in five seconds, I won't lose sleep over it.

    ...more info
  • It's just an action movie
    I think this movie was rated bad by people because it was so different from the first one. I went to watch this movie thinking it was going to be long, kinda drab but still in its own way interesting like the first. But instead it added a few things that the first one could have used like ACTION. I think this movie was a good combination of a modern action movie well balanced with
    technical expertise and suspense. This movie had a sexy feel that flowed smoothly throughout the movie that just kept you hook until the end. Tom Cruise is Ethan Hunt. Anthony hopkin and Ving Rhames where also good elements added for this movie....more info
  • Mission: Face/Off again (spoilers)
    This is a hard, hard film to review. Five stars is actually a bit high, especially when you consider the films' obvious flaws. Yet this is still great entertainment, and a bit underrated by many. The film kicks off, like Face/Off, with a pair of action scenes. However, MI2 is rather less impressive than its predecessor, substituting a plane crash and a bit of rockclimbing. But it's still got cool bits; Dougray Scott's villain pulling off his disguise to Hans Zimmer's excellent score, and Cruise jumping from rock to rock in slo-mo. Then the plot kicks in for about 75 minutes, which is long enough to point out some good and bad stuff about the film. What MI2 proves is that Woo can take pretty mediocre material, and make it interesting. For instance, there's a scene when Thandie Newton goes to meet Scott on his island hideaway (very James Bond). As she walks, her scarf billows in slow motion, until Scott seizes it, tying it behind her. Such a trivial scene is directed in a lavishly OTT fashion. For me, that is Woo's genius; to elevate film to the level of Baroque opera (contradiction in terms perhaps). Certainly, Face/Off and The Killer both have this theme, and MI2 does also. Yet this slow section also enables the film's flaws to come out. Newton is not at all bad in a thankless part, but Robert Towne mucks up the duality issue of all Woo's work in Scott's villain. Rather than a suave mastermind, he comes across as an aggressive thug, whose primary motivation for trusting Newton is that he is 'gagging for it'. Hell, if Woo wanted to have Liam Gallagher as a villain, why didn't he ask? It does spoil the meticulous theme of good versus evil; certainly, there is no scene of such simple brilliance as the 'standoff in a mirror' scene in Face/Off. Actually, the absence of Mexican standoffs does hurt the film slightly in its final third; there is little pause for reflection. But, hell, the final third. Woo arguably exceeds even Face/Off and The Matrix in the sheer kineticism of the action. Cruise engages in slo-mo two handed gunplay, skydives from helicopters, engages in shoot-outs while riding a bike on one wheel, dives from buildings after blowing out the walls, and, in one brilliant moment, blows up a wall......and a dove flies through it, followed by Cruise. Cooooool! Yeah, it's a five star film for the final scenes alone. I hope the DVD is up to scratch; if it is, I can see this one selling a lot of copies. It's good fun, with a strong performance by Cruise, and it's certainly Woo's third best film to date. Had it had a bullet-time standoff.........more info
  • Good intense action
    I love action movies and this is one that doesn't let you blink. Very good movie....more info
    This movie was not only stupid, but it also stained the MI series with a huge inconsistant sequal. The storyline is just plain shaky. Tom Cruise was NOT the Ethan hunt that he was in the first one. He turned into some into some guy who laughs at everything, he lost ALL of his charm that he had in the first movie. This was a TERRIBLE MOVIE!!! The characters were so differnet then the first one, and gosh the worst part of this movie was how inconsistant it was from the first one. Only buy this if you absolutly have to, but let me warn you, it is a WASTE!!!...more info
  • Hokey, Hokey, Hokey... but still fun.
    I saw this film a total of 4 times in the theatre. I enjoyed it a lot every time. I thought the plot was easy enough to follow, and the eye candy here is great. Performances were easily believable (with exception to Anthony Hopkins whom I thought could have been left out without any plot impact whatsoever), and the action is fast & furious.

    Truly, I have only 2 things I can really complain about with this film. The first is that it is very hokey in parts. By hokey, I mean cheesy, dumb, or pointless. Specifically, there were scenes placed in the film to make Tom Cruise look that much "cooler." Scenes that could have easily been left out.

    Second, this film took way too much time to establish plot, and to even have anything really interesting to watch at all. Matter of fact, the third time I saw this film, I actually fell asleep until the film got going.

    This film is totally worth a buy. I am eagerly anticipating it's release on DVD (well.. maybe. We'll see if paramount can actually figure out the definition of EXTRAS!!!), and I might go to see it again in the theatre.

    One last point I would like to mention here is about the soundtrack.

    Wait. Sorry. I don't mean the "soundtrack." I mean Hans Zimmer's original score. This has to be the best score in a film that I can remember hearing in a long, long time. If you like the music in this film, definately consider taking a look at the score on CD....more info

  • A somewhat energetic let down.
    I saw Mission: Impossible 2 in the theaters soon after opening day. I thought this follow up to the amazing prequel, Mission:Impossible, was a very entertaining and worhty sequel. This was before I read an article where the writer openly admitted to writing the story around the already pre-conceived action sequences. Why did they tell us that? I had great respect for Mission: Impossible 2. Tom Cruise, who also produced the film, had the guts to make a film completely different from the original, bring in a director that has little experience in american film in comparison to other great action directors, and really juist go balls out. I excepted the symbolic doves and crashing waves, and moody slow motion, but when I read that interview, I felt very let-down. However, to date (7/30/2000), Mission: Impossible 2 has grossed $209.9 million dollars, so obviously people don't really care. Now, I'm not going to just complain about the movie, because there were a hell of a lot of things that were cool about it. First of all, the gun play. The double guns are the snazziest thing to happen to action movies in a long time. It's so graceful and balletic, and when you throw in a little slow-motion, it leaves you kind of dizzy once the action speeds back up. Secondly, there is nothing better than when the $20 million star of the movie does his own stunts. Tom Cruise was so happy to finally have some work, he was willing to do anything. He jumped form cliff-face to cliff-face in a dizzying spectacle that leaves you breathless once he finally stands triumphantly at the peak. The final battle between Ambrose an Hunt, is amazing. Yes, the blows that the two men were taking should have incapacitated them shortly after the beginning of the fight, but who cares? When you go into a movie like this, you have to suspend belief. Lastly, the overall style of the film was great. Each camera move advanced the story, built tension and suspense, and just looked damn good. All in all, Mission: Impossible 2 was a good film, but it could have been better, and the production values could have been higher....more info
  • Please leave your brain at the door...
    John Woo has done to Hollywood, the same as MSG for our tastebuds. Instant gratifiaction. Bigger, better, louder seems to be at the order of the day. I have nothing against Mr Woo's talents, but why did this one had to go under the 'Mission Impossible' lable at all?

    Even if you take the title away, this movie simply stays a no-brainer. 'Mission Impossible' is supposed to be about out-smarting each other, great espionage, gadgets and most important, A SCRIPT! No, it does not have to be boring, and all the action makes for a great movie. But somewhere along the line, everyone seems to have forgotten the whole point to this movie.

    2 Hours of non stop action is fine, but here it starts getting very repetitive and unoriginal (the motorcycle chase is it's only saving grace). The slow-motion scenes are way overdone, there's too much similarity to Face/Off.

    All in all, no ground breaking work here....more info

  • A letdown after the hype
    Let me say, the trailer was good. Wetted my appetite for the real deal... Sorry to say that the film was cliche, the fight scenes could have been improved (should have hired Woo Ping Yuen as the martial arts director), the editing was not sharp enough to backup the action. Some of the scenes like on the bike was so unrealistic that the Hong Kong audience found it unrealistic (after being brought up on unrealistic martial arts film in HK, I would have thought we could have accepted this)... The MI team is supposed to be a hi-tech team with lots of gadgetry like in MI part 1, but in MI2, we don't see much of this. This is another run of the mill action film. John Woo's direction was disappointing, laboured over some of his trademarks such as the slow motion cam, plus the doves. The damn dove and the damn pigeons! There are some good new tricks (like shooting backwards on the bike by looking at the rear view mirror), but the emphasis was not there. It didn't look as cool as it should have. I can't put my finger on the thing that ruined the film... but it definitely could have been much much better. Gladiator is a better bet for the summer's action......more info
  • MI2: Revisited
    Yeah, I know. It's so easy to 'dis this flick. And hey, the first time I saw it, I was not a huge fan either. However, I happened to catch this movie again the other day.

    Now, I am of the opinion that a movie's first and foremost job is to entertain -- not to enlighten, not to inform, not to make us feel more intellectual because we have plowed the shadowy depths of a film's varied and multi-layered philisophical underpinnings. If a movie fails to entertain, then it has failed utterly. I don't care how successful it is on any other front.

    MI2 is a very entertaining movie. You can't take your eyes off of it. The action is completely engaging and there's just enough plot and dialogue in between. I know, I know; you guys all want to look cool and agree with the rest of the sheeple, er, filmgoers by dismissing this flick as mere fluff, but if you're looking for any sort of depth from this sort of fare, what in tarnation were you thinking???

    This movie is entertaining, therefore it succeeds....more info
  • Mission Impossible II
    Arrived in perfect condtition,& in plenty of time for Santa to put this DVD in a stocking. Since this was a gift I haven't viewed it - but daughter & husband said it was very good. ...more info
  • This movie ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I tried to review this movie before but it didn't work, so, and i looked for it in all of the 64 or whatever reviews. So I'll do it again. I read some of the reviews that people put down here, the ones that "ugh this movie stinks" well they aght to have there brains cheaked. I think they might have something wrong with them!!!!!!!!! Well I liked what (Mr. Woo?) did to this movie, tons better than the first M:i !!!!!! and the people who write say that Ethan won't be Bond, AND I'M GLAD!!!!!!!!! Bond stinks!!!!!!!! I like this movie much better than any Bond movie! I like the Karati (or karaty, or whatever) action, that made it cool!!!!!! so don't be fooled by any of those rotten reviews, the acters did there parts well, the speaciall (or however you want to spell that) affects were AWSOME!!!!! (Who-ever worked on those, GOOD JOB!!!!!) I didn't know what was going to happen next, and I like that, since in almost all movies I see I can tell what would happen next, I liked to be surprised. (No I'm not sikick.) but I really like this movie and I couldn't stand by and watch people make it look cruddy!!!!!! so If you don't like it, (You get to.) BUT I LIKED IT, and I sugest that you go out and buy it. SEE Ya 'ROUND....more info
  • DIsapointment is an understatement
    Oh, how the mighty have fallen! Mission: Impossible 2 is penned by none other than Robert Towne. Yes, the very same man who wrote one of the best flickers of the last century, Chinatown. I mean, come on! We expected so much from this line up: Towne to deliver the story; Woo to deliver the action. Unfortunately, only Woo delivers.
    But surely it is not all his fault? Re-writes up until 2 weeks before release! The action scenes already decided upon before he got to pen the story!

    But what an action, er, scene! Yes, there are more than one, though only one is standout. For the last 15 minutes Woo goes all out. Motorcycles have never done such things on this planet. This finale is quite simply stunning. If I were told that the delays in releasing the film (from its original December release date) were just so they could get this sequence in the can, I would not be at all surprised. And the great thing is that we can see Cruise on the bike! And that I could only see one digital effect in the entire sequence! Who would have thought a motorbike doing a forward-wheelie across a busy intersection could be thing of beauty?
    The plot...erm, not worth bothering about really. Some bad guy has something that Cruise wants to get back is the long and the short of it. And that this Scottish villain (Dougerie Scott) is a real disappointment. Come on, Cruise! If we've seen Alan Rickman (Die Hard) or James Mason (North by Northwest) in action you don't think you could palm this sub-standard tough off on us, did you?
    Bottom line is: I preferred De Palma's original; I really liked the grande finale (Cruise doing his own stuff really pays off - just check out the fight on the beach); screenplay was poor, as were a lot of the dialogue (last line from the villain - oh, come on, you thought he would 'win'? - "You should have killed me when you had the chance, Hunt"); this kind of talent should have delivered more.
    If Superman's tag line was: 'You'll believe a man can fly'. Then M:I-2's should be: 'Who gives a flying fig about the story, just check out all this cool motorbike daring-do'....more info