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Panasonic PT-AE3000U HD Home Cinema 1080p LCD Multimedia Projector
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Product Description

While many LCD projectors suffer from a "chicken wire" effect, Panasonic's pursuit of the highest possible image quality has successfully overcome this device limitation through the incorporation of Smooth Screen technology, which uses the double refraction property of crystals to arrange pixels on a screen with no gaps between them. Smooth Screen technology is designed specifically to match the characteristics of the PT-AE3000's optical system, giving you the kind of smooth, vivid, and three-dimensional-like images you see in a movie theater. The PT-AE3000's new full-HD LCD panels have a double-speed drive capability that improves the projection clarity of moving images. These high-precision panels use vertically aligned liquid crystal molecules with inorganic alignment layers. When no voltage is applied, the molecules are aligned perpendicular to the glass substrate, so there is no light leakage and the substrate remains black (called "normally black" operation), providing higher contrast. The fifth generation intelligent iris system works by analyzing histograms to determine the brightness level of each image, then adjusting the lamp power, iris and gamma curve* accordingly to create the ideal image. The adjustments are made virtually frame by frame. This helps the projector achieve a wide dynamic range with swift smoothness for added beauty in both dark and bright scenes. Brightness - 1,600 ANSI lumens Dynamic contrast ratio - 60,000 - 1 Powered zoom (2x) / Powered focus, F 1.9 - 3.2, f 22.4 mm - 44.8 mm Power supply - 100-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz Power consumption - 240 W (Approx. 0.08 W (up to 220v) in standby mode with fan stopped) Panasonic 1 Year Parts and Labor Ltd Warranty

  • Full HD resolution (1,920 x 1,080 pixels)
  • Full-HD Optimized Lens Unit - Each lens is carefully aligned to assure a uniform focusing balance from the center to the edges of the screen.
  • Pure Color Filter Pro - This advanced filter system improves color purity, producing the deep, rich tones that distinguish movie images.
  • Pure Contrast Plate Technology
  • Full-HD LCD Panels - Double-speed drive capability improves the projection clarity of moving images.

Customer Reviews:

  • Extremely good home theater projector
    Well balanced bright film like images .I have a 1.1 gain 2.35:1 115 inch screen and I use it for watching movies primarily. Motorized zoom, lens shift and memory are great features. Good value for money compared to Epson. HD Sports images a little soft, but still very good....more info
  • Seriously Sick Projector!
    I looked at almost every projector that is comparable to this Panasonic. I spent nearly 6 months researching every bit. I finally decided on the PT-AE3000 and I wouldn't go back in a second.

    I am coming back for an edit after about 50 hours of screen time on this projector. I have been comparing many movies that I own to their Blu-ray counterparts and I will tell you that this projector still rocks! Reasonable 1080p that blows the doors off of most of the other projectors with price tags of 2 to 3 times this one. Don't buy anything else......more info
  • This is the greatest thing ever!!!
    So I am overseas military and I bought this projector to work on my PS3 and XBOX because there isn't really anything else to do in your off time out here. This is the greatest purchase i've made. It's every bit better then any tv/projector i've ever owned

    The clarity is second to none, I watched the Fifth Element the other day and it was amazing.

    I would recommend this projector at any price, but 2500 is cheaper then any other projectors that are not even as good. Just compare the specs and the contrast ratio and you'll be sold....more info
  • 1080p Magic
    this is a fantastic proj. right out of the box but with a few minor adjustments it is almost perfect.the cinema modes with a da-lite hipower screen with everything set on eco mode is plenty bright enough to satisfy anyone even with the lights on it is very watchable.i highly suggest the high power screen if you can manage to set it up with what it needs which is the light path as center of the screen and the proj lens as close to your head as will be completely satisfied.
    best proj out there for the money without a doubt...more info
  • Awesome projector!!
    If you have the means, I highly suggest getting is so choice!
    Setup was easy and yet you have TONS of options. Cool feature is the waveform monitor that automatically adjusts your picture to the input type for color, brightness, etc. 3 HDMI inputs very convenient no switchers needed. I've got it shooting at a 133" screen in my basement and it looks fabulous. Until 3-D becomes mainstream, this is the way to go until then.......more info