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An ex-cop and his family are the target of an evil force that is using mirrors as a gateway into their home. Studio: Tcfhe Release Date: 01/13/2009 Starring: Keifer Sutherland Run time: 112 minutes Rating: R

Kiefer Sutherland anchors this supernatural thriller from Hills Have Eyes (2006) director Alexandra Aja about an abandoned building that harbors vengeful spirits. Sutherland brings a degree of his 24 intensity to his role as a disgraced police detective working a security detail at a derelict building. A package from a former security guard--who commits suicide in the film’s eerie opening moments--alerts Sutherland to the building’s tragic past, as well as to the presence of dark forces with the ability to harm the living; once aware of their presence, Sutherland and his family become their next target. Mirrors works best in its first third, where Joseph Nemec’s production design delivers maximum chills. Where the film stumbles is its rush to provide a slam-bang conclusion filled with CGI and other effects, resulting in an unsatisfying, open-ended conclusion that does much to dispel the film’s impressively Gothic atmosphere. The unrated DVD presentation differs from the theatrical cut by mere seconds, and the alternate ending included among the battery of deleted scenes is a more satisfying conclusion than the one used in the film. --Paul Gaita

Customer Reviews:

  • 24 Meets The Amityville Horror
    The only real reason I watched this flick was because of Keifer Sutherland. Sutherland's acting is by far one of the best in TV, and he proves that a mediocre horror story can be taken somewhat serious with good acting.

    Mirrors, which is a loose remake of a Korean film (Into The Mirror) tells the tale of recently retired L.A.P.D. officer Ben Carson taking a night shift job at an abandoned Dept Store. In this dept store weird and untypical things begin to occur and manifest; mainly through the mirrors do we see the horrifying nature of the film.

    The movie does bring out some good horror elements..But in all it felt a bit short. I felt as if the movie lacked true potential, it could have been much better if the story was written much like the original. Instead it's done the American way, which never really works...And the ending is not very original either. Rent only

    ...more info
  • Worth watching
    I only watched this movie because I have been a huge 24-watcher over the past several months and now have so much respect for Kiefer Sutherland's intense presence and straightforward acting style. I couldn't help but thinking, throughout the movie, that this was like Jack Bauer in a Stephen King movie. The mirror "concept" at the end of the film made for a nice bit of ontological horror. But again, I would definitely say that without Kiefer Sutherland's persona at the center of the film, it would have been unwatchable....more info
  • yikes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    the only thing scary in this movie was the acting, whoever played sutherlands seperated wife was brutal, and kiefer was as bad an actor as the children, dumb plot too, this is a renter at best for a night with nothing to do, it will help you fall to sleep...more info
  • Not Believable
    Slasher / horror films have to start off believable to actually scare the viewer. Mirrors just doesn't set the stage with anything credible.

    The opening montage of the security guard running around a subway station and then being forced to slit his throat with a broken mirror, works pretty well. It's scary, the guard looks trapped, and he has no idea what to do. The second scary part is when Jack Bauer, oopsie, Ben Carson, played by Keifer Sutherland, a laid off police detective does his rounds at night in a burned out department store. The part that just doesn't ring true, he jumps every single time a bird flies. The director keeps birds flying all over the place. A trained detective, even nervous, would never jump the way Ben does. From there the credible details just fall all over the place. At one point, Ben just blindly fires his gun, nothing there, no mirrors, just fires it. Definately not something a police officer would ever do. Detail after detail just stopped adding up.

    So this viewer had a lot of difficulty being drawn into the story line of this movie. Production-wise, the film is done decently. There's some out of focus shots. The pacing, which is absolutely critical to horror films, just didn't work. No rythmn was built and maintained. The film lopes along between gory scenes, dragging its feet most of the time. Audio was well recorded and dialog clear. The blood, seemed real.

    This is an extremely gory movie. About every 20 minutes a person is killed or disfigured, and there is a ton of blood whenever that happens. The single worst one is the first bathtub scene. Frankly, that was probably a bit too far over the top. There's a fair amount of strong language. And there's two scenes of full nudity (Amy Smart one notable scene). Definately an R rated film. At one hour 50 minutes, this is a long film.

    The DVD has a single special feature, theatrical release and an unrated release. There is 1 minute difference between the two. It's virtually impossible to tell what was changed, certainly somebody has uncovered that useless bit of trivia. ...more info
  • Scary and Fun
    Reading some peoples reviews you would swear their Siskel & Ebert wanna be's ... I love Kiefer Sutherland so anything he's in i will probably like. I thought the movie was good, something new other than your typical slasher flick. I also really like Amy Smart, the Unrated version is a bit gory and Amy Smart's character dies in a bizarre creepy way. I enjoyed it, unlike The Unborn which was horrible and i just recently watched as well. I think Mirrors is worth adding to a dvd collection....more info
  • Bad Movie
    Just saw this movie last night and was bad. The story jumped all over the place and it went all wrong. It basically involved this guy, who was a cop, and was having family issues. He took a new job, and the mirrors were responsible somehow for problems that were going on. From there, our "main character" - goes all around to find answers and save his family. If the plot sounds confusing to follow, it isn't because my summary is random, it is because that is the way the movie is. Another problem was the music in the film - it totally sounded way too over the top. Another problem was the fact that the movie had like 3 plots happening at once, and not enough time was spent developing any of them.

    The DVD was made professional enough, and while the menu looked great with all the bonus features, it wasn't enough to save this mess of a movie. ...more info
  • Vengeful Ghost Deja Vu. Spotty.
    Ok. So here we go again with a "vengeful ghost" story.

    There were just some things that were a bit....inconsistent.

    1. How often do you really see a person running through a subway where EVERY SINGLE DOOR IS LOCKED? I understand that they needed a reason to kill the first character to get the ball rolling. But come on. That was stretching it a bit far.

    2. Can we really believe that this Dark Force (that was so omniscient that it could turn water into a death trap) who wanted back this nun was not powerful enough to find her in a convent?

    It was OK to burn up a couple of hours, but this is not a movie that you will want to see time and time again....more info
  • Unfinishable garbage
    The script sounds like it was generated by a computer, that's how lame and feeble the dialogue is. If you can get past the first half-hour of this puppy-piddle, either you have the patience of a saint or you are a blockhead. I am absolutely certain that no amount of spooky imagery that this movie has in it can justify making people sit through the lines in this junk. If you are tired of watching Ring-ish films with no plot or no-name directors who base a film strictly on CGI in that vein, then save yourself the rental money and just stay away from this and anything that looks like it....more info
  • Very Great Spooky Thriller
    I watch this movie practically every night. For two main reasons, first because Kiefer Sutherland is in it and second because I love thrills, chills and horror in movies. This movie was very creative when it comes to mirrors. I give it two thumbs up. The movie really opens up in a thrilling chilling scene where the prior security guard Kiefer will be replacing is running is the NYC subway station in Harlem from something creepy and winds up hiding in a locker room where he finds a small window which he hopes to escape through but to his "Oh F***!" surprise when he opens it he finds it is bricked up and he cannot get out. Being he has hit a dead end he turns around, apologizes to the mirrors and suffers the unthinkably brutal fate in store for him by the mirrors. And here is where the terrifying story opens! Watch on and enjoy!...more info
  • Not Bad
    I like creepy movies, and this one had it in spades. I even got to witness a couple of good Jack Bauer yells (Kiefer's trademark) along the way.

    My only, and biggest problem with this movie was the ending. I won't give it away, but let's just say I was not happy how things turned out.

    Otherwise, this was worth the watch, if nothing else, just to see Kiefer play a different role. Recommended....more info
    Keifer Sutherland has become a force to be reckoned with. Not only does he have one of the hottest shows on television in 24, he's made a series of films that have been hits as well. While his latest may not have broken records at the box office, it does offer some truly terrifying moments, something that is rarely seen in a world that prefers gore over scares in horror films. MIRR0RS may have a bit of well done special effects gore as well, but the story itself and the telling of it offer some truly scary moments.

    Sutherland stars as Ben Carson, a police detective down on his luck. Involved in a questionable shooting, he is on leave without pay. Drinking led to a separation with his wife and family. On medication, trying to get back on his feet, he takes a job as a night watchman in the burned out hulk of a building that once housed the biggest and best department store in the city.

    It seems that one of Ben's predecessors attempted to burn down the building a few years back, driven mad and killing his family prior to doing so. Now Ben steps into his shoes and those who followed, walking the halls of the blackened building making sure no one breaks in or damages it further.

    But something is strange here. Handprints on mirrors that seem to be everywhere in the building and visions of burning victims make Ben begin to question his sanity. Using the instincts honed by years on the force, he begins to investigate deeper into the building. The arrival of a package sent to him by the murdered previous night watchman leads Ben to look into the arsonist who burned down the building.

    The trail of clues gives Ben the sources that he needs to get to the bottom of things. But at the same time, the evil that resides in the building, in the mirrors, takes its toll. It murders Ben's sister in one of the most gruesome scenes found in recent years. And then it sets its sights on Ben's family, his ex-wife who thinks he's losing it and his two innocent children.

    As Ben races to find a solution to this puzzle, the evil in the mirrors gets closer and closer to his family. A discovery in the water filled basement of the building offers more clues, but time is not on Ben's side. With one way to put an end to the misery, Ben does all he can to save himself and his family.

    This movie works on so many levels. The mystery that finds Ben trying to find out what caused all of the happenings at this location is well thought out and believable in a horror film way. His dealing with his alcohol problem and trying to get his life together form an integral part of the story as well. And the family placed in jeopardy not because of his police work but because he lucked into the wrong job holds the viewer in suspense as well.

    The cast does a great job here. Sutherland shows torment and anguish well, working to cope with the most amazing scenes that play out before his eyes in the mirrors all around him. Underused is Amy Smart as his sister, offering solace and reaching a gory end. Paula Patton as wife Amy shows the biggest range going from shrill non-understanding wife to caring mother to supportive spouse all in one film.

    The effects are marvelous here. Not just the mirrors themselves that curve and poke when the evil is revealed but the gore effects are mind boggling. It's twisted but you can't seem to take your eyes off when Smart's death scene plays out. The sets for the store are magnificent and as much a part of the story as the rest.

    MIRRORS may not be for everyone. If you scare easily, tie yourself down while you watch. There are plenty of jump sequences and twists to give you nightmares of your own. The story unfolds well and the pacing makes you never look to see if you're close to the end yet. It's a well made horror film that offers scares. And that takes some doing in today's world.

    ...more info
  • Major plot holes, but not bad overall
    If you like horror films, and/or Kiefer Sutherland, you'll probably like this. If it had a younger leading man, it probably would have been a hit with the younger crowd. As it is, the story isn't really sophisticated enough for adults, but it's fun, anyway....more info
  • It has a surprising ending. That's the best thing about it.
    It has a surprising ending. That's the best thing about it. It also has a couple of startling scenes but not horrifying or suspenseful.

    Kiefer Sutherland can't save the film. If you miss it, you won't miss much.
    ...more info
  • More watchable than I expected
    Mirrors was better than I expected. It's as gory as I expected, but not as unwatchable as I expected. It's imaginative and creepy. The director would be perfect for the Nightmare on Elm Street remake.

    The story is decent and Kiefer Sutherland isn't bad but he's been better. The Amy Smart bathtub scene is over the top disgusting though. No, I didn't have a problem with her naked in a tub lol. But if you saw the previews, it's obvious what happens to her. I also wasn't crazy about the very end. But other than that, I was surprisingly entertained. ...more info
  • "Jack Bauer Vs. The Mirrors"---Decent but Flawed Adaptation of South Korean Horror film "Into the Mirror"
    Produced by Korean filmmaker Eun Young-Kim and directed by Alexandre Aja (Haute Tension), "MIRRORS" isn't exactly an official remake of the South Korean horror film "Into the Mirror" (aka. Geoul Sakeuro, 2003, directed by Sung-Ho Kim) but it does have pretty strong similarities (most specially the opening credits) since it is based on the Asian horror film. The "Americanization" of Asian Horror films are usually a miss more than a hit--with Aja at the helm as director, Eastern subtlety, slow suggestive, methodical creepiness is replaced by aggressive, grand displays of special effects--such a show-off approach does improve on the original when it comes to pace but doesn't necessarily make it a better film.

    Ben Carson (Keifer Sutherland, "24") is a problematic ex-cop, he has a estranged relationship with his wife, Amy (sexy Paula Patton), has two kids and he is bunking with his baby sister Angela (sexy Amy Smart) until he gets back on his feet. Ben gets a job as a watchman in a burnt out department store called "Mayflower". Strangely, the burnt out store has unusually well-preserved mirrors--there is something sinister about them. When your reflection dies in the mirror, then you suffer the same fate. Demons from the past want something from everyone who had ever taken the job as night watchman--now, Ben must get to the bottom of the mystery of "Esseker", before it is too late to save himself and his family....

    With Alexandre Aja at the helm as director, then the expectations from horror fans will be expectedly a little high. I suppose the best way to approach "Mirrors" is by lowering your expectations. Aja cleverly only keeps the opening act, the climax, and the main premise from "Into the Mirror". This U.S. unrated version is more visceral and does have more blood and gore than the original. "Into the Mirror" does have a relevant social commentary that added some essential "meat" to its plot. However, the original also does have quite a number of dull moments and too many missed opportunities, with a subplot that is totally underdeveloped. Aja's approach is kept simple, it approaches a more visceral and violent approach with more effective use of special effects. The computer-generated set designs in the American version is also a lot creepier than the brightly lit, newly re-opened store in the Korean version.

    The main premise of "Mirrors" and "Into the Mirror", you guessed it, are mirrors. There are legends involving mirrors as another walkthrough to an alternate world, and that mirrors can used to capture hidden "demonic" entities. This legend was partly touched on in the opening act of "Constantine" and this film further expends on this premise. The plot also hits on some medical theories about schizophrenia and demonic possession. The laws of the "mirrors" may not be totally defined or fleshed out in this film but it does provide a good idea for a scary experience.

    The problems with "Mirrors" begin with the script and the dialogue. Considering the assumed limits of Aja's English knowledge, the dialogue is pretty much obligatory and very dry. Also, the part with Ben's estranged relationship with his wife Amy is too perfunctory. I'm not sure, Sutherland managed to express some emotions but the style is too similar to his "Jack Bauer" portrayal that makes the "meant to be" scary scenes a little funny with a predictable climax after the encounter with the nightmarish ghoul. I really felt as if Aja meant for it to be this way but ended up hampering the film a little. The family tension also overstays its welcome after awhile and Ben`s trip to the backwoods was too formulaic and too reminiscent of Asian horror films. I rather thought that the powerful social criticism and the subtle doses of satire in the Korean version may have assisted the film's screenplay.

    Despite the uninspired script, the film is competently directed. I was impressed as to how Aja managed the shots, I would imagine that it would be a little difficult to shoot a film with a lot of mirrors (thank goodness for CGI) and Aja's set designs were creepy enough. The set ups for the gore scenes were well-directed and the film does have its share of unsettling images. The film's greatest strengths will have to be the opening scene, the one with mangled jaw, the flashbacks with a young Anna Esseker and Ben's first night in the burnt out building; accompanied by an ominous score by Javier Navarrete, the film does have its suspenseful moments.

    "Mirrors" is a more decent attempt at an Asian horror re-imagining despite its many flaws and the weaknesses of the script. I was just disappointed that the mythos of the mirrors themselves and of doppelgangers weren't more efficiently explored and settled to just become one more "visually inspired" horror experience. The climax is also very predictable. "Mirrors" is perfectly watchable although it is definitely forgettable and wouldn't stand out.

    Recommended with caution to horror maniacs, but a RENTAL to experienced viewers. [3 Stars]

    ...more info
  • The Unrated Version is "The Definitive" Version
    I rented this and it was pretty cool but a few scenes bugged me and I kinda laughed at how fake the fire looked in one scene in particular.
    The I said what the heck and bought it. I was surprised the version I'd seen was NOT the unrated version. I'll be honest the bath tub scene and the sheer scariness and brutality of it was enough to get me to purchase this dvd and for that I am not dissapointed, despite several flaw in both the script, the story and the effects. The thing that bothers me the most is this movie had the potential to be truly terrifying. From the trailer I saw it had potential written all over it and things got kinda fumbled on the potential part but i still an entertaining film thanks to Keifer and Amy Smart.

    If you had gotten to know his sister more, and really like her, perhaps she coudlve even had a bigger part? then the bathtub scene would have been that much more tramatic and gruesome and have garnered Keifer a bit more sympathy from us movie watchers. There's no reason at all togo with the theatrical version...Pity......more info
  • A Hodgepodge of Hauntings
    I wouldn't exactly say that "Mirrors" reflects badly on its producers. It does deliver a few genuine scares, including one really shocking scene involving a woman, naturally, in a bathtub. (It's amazing that any of us ever bathes or goes in a basement, considering the lessons of horror movies.)

    However, the hauntings in this movie are a completely implausible muddle. It's no use trying to figure out exactly how, why, or where the avenging entity appears as it does.

    Also, the movie doesn't take advantage of its own projected setting. The epicenter of the haunting is supposed to be an old, burned-out department store. There's no accompanying commentary on the disc, so I don't know where these scenes were actually shot. However, most aspects of the store look like extravagant, unconvincing computer generations. If some actual abandoned building could have been found as location, the movie would have had much more atmosphere. This sort of film cries out for its location to become another character in the unfolding action - just as the old, abandoned Danvers Mental Hospital in Massachusetts became such a portentous character in the thriller "Session 9."

    This film does try to capitalize on the inherent eeriness of mirrors, and on the suspicion many of us fleetingly entertain - that the reflection we see in the mirror has a life of its own. Again though, "Mirrors" ends up with less by doing more. There have been a few movies and TV episodes that played on this concept, but that featured reflections that moved just subtly out of synch with their fleshly counterparts. Just this shade of lag time made the reflections truly riveting and unnerving. However, here the reflections go off on radically different tangents. The obviousness of the mayhem they are going to launch detracts from the suspense.

    So "Mirrors" suffers from too many demonic manifestations that are too flagrant and ubiquitous. Nevertheless, this movie is good for a few chills and shudders....more info
  • Fun, but Predictible
    Watch it in a dark, quiet house and feel the chill!
    Predictible, but fun to watch.
    Warning: Might make you want to cover your mirrors!!!!...more info
  • 112 minutes of bad luck
    OMG, worst horror film yet! Plot holes so big you could toss a department store through them. Amy Smart, what were you thinking? Not so smart, I guess. Jaw-dropping stupid, more like. Keifer Sutherland, you deserve to stay forever in that ending for appearing in this movie. I hope your agent is there with you! Hold this up to a mirror, bub....more info
  • I'm Still Shaken
    This is a great movie I couldn't look in the mirror for a few days after seeing this movie!

    All I can say is whewwwwwwwwww!

    Bottom Line is I'm still shaken in my boots!...more info
  • I see reflected people
    I am a big horror buff. I have seen the best of them and the worst of them. I turned off the remake of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre because I found it excessively gorey. Other than Mirrors, my favorite horror movie was Boogeyman. I am not a fan of gore. I think the best horror movies are psychological and scare you either because you know it definetly COULD happen or because it is based around a subject that has some degree of mystery around it. Mirrors is based around the premise that mirrors are actually portals to another world and are able to control your body. The concept is frightening enough, but their implementing of the concept left me afraid to look at mirrors for several days.

    I'm not going to say that the movie is free of gore. There was a moment where I had to avert my eyes because the image before me was so gruesome that I simply couldn't watch. But the moments of gore are few and far between and they aren't the main factor that gives you fear. The film relies on getting into your head and planting fear of an everyday object to terrify you. And it succeeds. Beautifully....more info
  • srorriM
    This is probably not the most brilliant and original film, not to mention a couple of plot holes in it. I wasn't looking for the most brilliant and original story, and those minor holes imo were a way of leaving some things up to the viewer, for your own imagination. I'm really into creepy atmosphere and something that toys with the psyche and then leaves it up to me to figure some things out, suspense. This had all those elements. It's also an interesting storyline with a couple twists. There's really good acting, makeup and effects, and cinematography (not to mention I'm a Kiefer fan).
    In my opinion it's 4.5 stars....more info