Journey to the Center of the Earth (2008)
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  • Journey to the Center of the Earth
    I like this edition because it came with the glasses and it looked more 3d and it was a very good movie...people got to get this edition...more info
  • Heavy on the Journey, Light in the Center
    Remember the old Journey to the Center of the Earth movie, with the optically enlarged lizards presented as dinosaurs (colloquially termed "slurpasaurs")? That was what passed for a nifty special effect in 1959. Today it's 3-D effects.

    Of course, audiences of today are far too sophisticated to fall for lizards with horns and fins glued to them; in the age of movies like Jurassic Park, only a digitally animated Gigantosaurus will do.

    This latest incarnation of Journey is surprisingly true to its roots: Trevor Anderson (Brendan Fraser) is an absent-minded volcanologist who is spending ten days with his nephew, Sean (Josh Hutcherson). Trevor's brother and Sean's father Max disappeared a decade before looking for the center of the Earth. Max left behind sensors that detect geological shifts in the Earth's crust and a cryptic series of notes in a Jules Verne novel (guess which one?). When one of the sensors fails in Iceland, Trevor decides to go on an adventure in 1950s fashion, bringing along his plucky nephew for the ride.

    Accompanying Trevor and Sean is the fetching Hannah ¨¢sgeirsson (Antia Briem), the daughter of another volcanologist and the only person with any spelunking skill whatsoever. While checking on the device, lightning strikes, our heroes dive for cover, and from there it's a lot of falling, screaming, and running.

    This is a 3-D movie, which means that at various times and for no reason whatsoever, something flies straight at the screen. Since you will likely not have invested in the expensive 3-D glasses and you may not have even had the good sense to rent the 3-D version, this makes the movie seem even dumber than it is.

    The other surprise is that despite the dinosaurs and the hottie, this movie is aimed at a younger set. The dialogue isn't very good, although Fraser does his best. Sean is meant to be a wisecracking preteen modern hero, but he reverts quickly to type. Scenes that are meant to be scary are played up for laughs: giant venus flytraps get pummeled in wrestling-style fashion, flying killer fish get batted away like softball practice, and there's a long and pointless mine cart sequence whose sole purpose is to show off the 3-D effects of the glasses you didn't buy.

    Did I mention the irritating glow-in-the-dark mascot? There's a bird. It follows Sean around. Only he can understand it. And it glows in the dark.

    Ultimately, Journey is more an amusement park ride than it is an actual movie. Because amusement park standards are much more family-friendly, Journey to the Center of the Earth is heavy on the Journey, light in the Center. ...more info
  • Earlier version much better
    The new Journey to the Center of the Earth has beautiful scenery but not a whole lot else to recommend it. The current version is not a remake of the 1959 movie starring James Mason. This is unfortunate because, in my opinion, it would have been a much better film if it had been more faithful to that version (the plot would have been better, to say the least). The current film stars Brendan Fraser as a geology professor who ventures down a volcanic tube, with his nephew in tow, and an Icelandic beauty as a sidekick. They are in search of Fraser's lost brother. The plot is totally predictable. There are few if any surprises in store for the viewer. The acting is adequate and the actors themselves are pleasant to look at. Unfortunately, the cast also includes a most annoying animated bluebird who tails the party for most of their underground adventure. Children under ten might enjoy this movie. I do not think an adult would think it worth the price to buy or even rent the DVD. ...more info
  • Feel good Movie
    It was a fun movie, alot like Indiana Jones.It was good from start to finish....more info
  • Not What I Expected
    I found that the Three D was very poor, The picture without the use of the Three D was much better and truer colors, this was a disapointment to me. I've seen better Three D films....more info
  • Christmas present
    Purchased this for my nephew for Christmas... hope he enjoys it... I love shopping with Amazon... !!!...more info
  • Was not sent the right dvd I wanted
    I was not shipped the right item twice, I am still waiting for you to credit my credit card with this purchase which I sent back. I was sent the wrong one twice...I wanted Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D, not blue ray...I wanted it in 3d, the person on telephone wasn't even listening to me when I re-orderd it again, and had to spend my time to send it back again, which I am still waiting for you to credit my credit card.....So I was not happy with my purchase....more info
  • Great Action Flick
    This is a great movie. I love that you can watch it in 3D or 2D. It's a good family movie. No junk!...more info
  • 3-D that WORKS~!
    Don't try to play this on an old fashioned CRT TV set - it won't work and will give you a headache.


    Put this DVD in your COMPUTER's DVD Player and get ready to be blown away. I upgraded monitors and both worked perfectly. My LCD HDTV would have worked better and be bigger, but I never got the colors to match up as perfectly as they did on my Computer's WS LCD (Media Center 2005). You get 4 pair of Red-Blue glasses, which, although, sometimes one would wish that the Set Directors would have chosen better set and costume colors for this Anaglyph version of the 3-D Polarized version that was shown in Theatres, the effect is surprisingly viewable for those who don't mind getting a headache from focusing on things as the scene changes.

    This should be a wake up call to all those 3-D movies that were released in Theatre's in the 50s. "Creature from the Black Lagoon" would be stunning. MORE 3-D, MORE 3-D~!
    ...more info
  • OK
    It is a good movie for the family although it was a little difficult to keep the 3D glasses on for the whole show. It was better in the regular format. My granddaughter liked it and I would recommend for a family movie....more info
  • Best of 2008
    I first saw Brendan Fraser's "Journey to the Center of the Earth", soon after its 2008 release, on a flight to Budapest. I knew in only a few minutes into this adventure that it is destined for greatness. I was simply delighted to learn that a 3-D version was to be released as DVD.

    The 3-D version makes this great flick better! Everything across the screen literally jumps out at you. You will want to retrieve you favorite 3-D specs and watch it in a dark room.

    Fraser, Hutcherson, and Briem give stellar performances with the Weiss, Flackett, and Levin screenplay that follows Jules Vern's original novel. As the characters progress deep down into the earth we learn applied science while being entertained by science fiction. We see diamonds galore in volcano tubes, luminescent birds, hungry sea monsters, floating rocks, and even a crazed T-Rex. 3-D adds to this excitement. (One hopes that these moviemakers will indeed make a sequel- hinted about Atlantis- in the final scene).

    With no foul, or even curt, language and a short flirtive, but not suggestive, romance this action packed flick is the best movie of 2008. It is a great date movie and recommended to adventure movie lovers of all ages.
    ...more info
  • great for the family- kids and adults
    We rented this for family night at our house. i wasnt too sure which way it would go. Another cheesy kid movie or one that my child couldnt watch. we were all glued to the tv, laughing and having a great time.
    I was really surprised I liked it. But two thumbs up for a great family film!!...more info
  • Yawner for me.
    I really like Brendan Frasier and that's what attracted me to this film. While I do enjoy his humor, in a nutshell it was sort of a yawner for me. I'm glad I watched it but it's not a movie I'd recomment to anyone over say 17.
    ...more info
  • Great Special Effects
    I am a fan of Jules Verne, which is why I wanted to watch this movie. The special effects are fantastic and storyline is decent & fun throughout the movie. It is also action packed and this is good. I think this is a good movie for children too.

    The acting by Brendan Fraser is simply awful. The poor man can't act (in my opinion) and the rest of the cast was alright in terms of their acting skills.

    ...more info
  • Journey to the Center of the Earth
    This movie is good. I have seen the origional (who hasn't) and it follows the plot, but I can't seem to picture Brendan Fraser in this role. Maybe I have him type-set for 'the Mummy' pictures. All the actors put on good performances....more info
  • great experience!
    This was a purchase of the year! The great movie for the great price! I received my DVD one day before it was released in stores. My folks hated!...more info
  • Great family movie!
    Great family movie! The 3D effects were cool! Not the best movie ever but I really liked seeing this with my son and not having to worry about the content!...more info
  • Great family movie
    This movie was just as entertaining to the adults as the kids, nice to watch a CLEAN movie with no suggestive humor!!...more info
  • Journey to the Center of a Mess
    Director Eric Brevig and star Brendan Fraser make a valiant attempt to update Jules Verne's classic sci-fi adventure novel for about the fifth time. No one no matter what the budget or media (TV, film , made for cable/satellite) seems to be able to improve upon the original film starring James Mason. Bregi and Fraser try hard and there are some marvellous moments in the film, but overall the film falls flat about half way through. Wooden performancesby the cast, a lackluster screenplay that bares almost no resemblance to the original Verne work, and 3D effects that don't really look all that three-dimensional in some parts. ...more info
    I thought the first 30 minutes of this movie was really slow and boring. The rest of the movie was fairly entertaining. There were some really good 3d special effects but not enough of them. My kids really liked this movie but I wasn't so impressed. ...more info
  • As New? MY FOOT!
    I purchased this item while in England because was the party fulfilling the DVD order. That used to give me confidence, but not any more. The DVD was NOT as new, it was scratched beyond being payable. I had to pay someone to professionally clean the disk so it would be usable. The most irratating part was that I was expected to pay international shipping to get the disk back to them. Grrrrrrrrrrr, because it was cheaper to have the disk repaired than to mail it back to the States. No compensation has been offered. Grrrrrrr again!...more info
  • Sophomoric Action
    I wanted to see this when it first came out, and I'm glad I didn't. This film seemed like one big advert for a universal studios feature ride. There was zero believability whatsover as the main characters fall for thousands of yards and like cartoon characters survive without bumps or bruises. Sled on the fossilized skull of some unbelievably large dinosuar, ride a broken coal cart like it was a roller coaster etc.

    The main characters were likeable. The absent-minded professor, the trailguide, the unhappy nephew. But everything was dumbed-down and cartoonized presumably to appeal to an audience of children.

    I found myself fast-forwarding scenes where characters were constantly yelling and screaming as they were being chased and hounded, an the really sappy scene in the middle.

    Kids might like the action-y bits. Myself, I found it got old about halfway through. 2 stars.

    ...more info
  • No where near the orginal. Get the orginal if you want a story.
    How bad can you get? This was so boring, where is the story line? He looks for his brother, they fall down a hole, sail across a ocean and gush up and are saved. Where are the bad guys? One lame dinosaur? I was very disapointed in this movie, how about some action and they want to make a sequel? Don't waste your money, buy the orginal now that was entertaining....more info
  • not all i was hoping for
    it was ok, kind of fun to watch being in 3D but u still see weird colors when you're watching it and it seems like the 3D animation wasn't done that well. I watched a 3D movie when I was in disneyland and it was done much better.
    The story line started out well enough but as the movie went on it got more and more unrealistic, to the point I was pretty much taken out of the movie and just laughed at how ridiculous it was. I would recommend this movie for children....more info
  • Great Entertainment for toddlers and 'adults'
    I'm not sure what all the fuss is about, there are far worse movies. This one was very good, yeah, a bit cheesy, but good nonetheless. Fraiser, charming and funny, the way I like him, unlike the mob role he was in before, entertaining, particularly the dinosaur bit. Not the 'best' movie but definitely not the worst. Have nothing to watch on a rainy day, pop this in, you'll be entertained! :)...more info
  • brendan frasher's bogus journey
    After wasting time watching this remake, I was made to appreciate the classic "Journey to the Center of the Earth". The 1959 version with it's comically outdated "special" effects and corny acting and dialog I was made to appreciate at least for the "gravitas" and dread that movie was so infused with. As a kid it was kinda heavy. You feel like your embarking on a very dangerous expedition. Which makes sense considering your going to the center of the Earth (although of course that is all that is sensible about this fantasy story). But if you do a story about people going through the Earth and repeatedly almost being killed you want to convey the emotion of people being terrified to death. Remember the music from the old movie? And the duck? No duck in this one. And no dread. Just a silly, mostly lighthearted second rate cgi roller coaster ride that isn't worth the price of a ticket....more info
  • Adventure
    Very well satisfied with service. Was surprised how fast I received the dvd. Would recommend this service....more info
  • The 3D on the DVD is really bad. Pathetic! Incompetent
    I bought the JTTDOTE DVD the day it came out and returned the next day.
    I only bought it for the novelty of the 3D and was astonished at color shifts during shots, only seldom working 3D and the ugly colors it produces. Truly awful.
    I saw it in a theater and I think this new 3D is in big trouble if theater owners insist on diming their projectors to save money on bulbs. It was so dark, thanks also to the polaroid sunglasses that must decrease the light by at least two stops (camera reference) I hope Cameron's Avator 3D epic doesn't have this problem.
    Spy Kids 3D works much better.
    I can't recommend it. And boy am I disapointed....more info
  • Journey to the Center of the Earth
    This is a very good movie, and being able to watch it in 3D was exciting. I wish they would make more 3D movies....more info
  • Hatred is brewing...
    This movie really stinketh!! Don't ever invest in such trash such as this piece of trash!!
    "I agree," added expert movie critic, Johnny J. Johnsonson.
    Don't ever buy this movie for your granddaughter/grandson .
    Don't ever buy this movie for your granny. Throw it in the fire and hear it crackle!...more info