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250GB Automatic Backup Ext HD
List Price: $159.99

Our Price: $102.28

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Product Description

250GB Automatic Backup Ext HD

  • Product #: HD225
  • Manufacturer: Clickfree
  • Manufacturer Item #: 225-1001-100
  • UPC: 817048003340

Customer Reviews:

  • Who calls THIS a backup?
    I see a lot of people who think this is a great thing for backups, I hope none of them ever have a hard drive meltdown! I have over 14gb on my system and this backup(?) thinks it did a good job by backing up just over 3mb of stuff...I could easily stick that on CD's for a few pennies!
    Unless they make a way to do a -real- total system backup they should be required to remove the word "backup" from this thing completely. I am most disgusted with myself for falling for this in the first place. And good luck downloading the "manual.pdf" from their website, hope you're not stuck with a dialup connection as we are here.

    May 18, 2009 update;
    Well I jumped the gun! The option isn't right up front where it belongs but one -can- do a total system backup with this Clikfree drive. The following is how to do it, (This gets 4 stars now);

    1. Plug in the ClickFree device to start the program.
    2. Once you get the Welcome Screen (where it starts to count down from 25)
    click on the Options button on the lower left hand corner.
    3. From the Options window click on Change Backup Settings.
    4. Ignore Step 1 and make no changes, then click on Next.
    5. Ignore step 2 and make no changes, then click on Next.
    6. In step 3, Put a checkmark beside "my computer" or "computer" if you have Vista). Then click on Next.
    7. Click on Close to the Change my Backup Settings window and then Click on Close to Options window.
    8. Allow the backup to start.

    This method will ensure the data you are looking to back up is saved.

    Please note: That if your computer does fail you will still need your
    Windows Recovery CD to install your operating system. Also, you will need
    the CD's from your programs so that they could be re-installed in the event of a computer failure. However, following this method will backup every single file on your computer....more info
    I recently purchased a ClickFree as I was experiencing problems with my computer and didn't want to lose my saved music and pictures. I did a backup with the ClickFree the night before the hard drive completely died. It was seamless...all I had to do was plug it in. A few days later after having replaced the hard drive, I just pluged in the ClickFree, selected my pictures and music to download and within a couple of minutes they were back.

    I love this item. It does all of the work for you, so not to worry if you're not computer savvy....more info
  • Click Free 250 Gb
    I did do a search for the best price an found it at the Company web site at $ 129.99 an free shipping an no tax, here its 135.00 an that is way too high, don't you think so....this will do a wonderful job, as I have crashed a few times an had to reformat the hard drive, took me over 12 hours to put every thing back on it an hope this works........more info
  • I Read the Manual
    Before I bought this I read the reviews and some concerned me that I would not be able to backup some of my files. This is exactly what happened, so I got online thinking that I would talk to customer service, but to my suprise I did not have to, I simply read the online manual and in a very easy to understand explaination I found out what I needed to know and backed up everyone of my files, even the ones with the uncommon extensions, like .~enc and I did not even have to add this to "other" file extensions. So this little drive does do it all, and by the way I handle our server backkups at work using a far more sophisticated software and it doesn't really offer anything superior to this little backkup. I'll be buying more as needed. Good luck and as has been said thousands of times, when all else fails read the instructions. :-)...more info
  • Convenient but slow
    I spent nearly 4 days trying to get it to backup the first time... but it finally did after many crashes. It should tell you to be sure and add any unusual filetypes, before you start, had to go back and redo all those. I do have a large set of files (150G), but if I want to do a restore, it takes about 5 hours to go through device and find them to do a restore... no idea how long to actually do the Restore.

    A normal hard drive would work better for me, I suppose....more info
  • Great Item
    Had a little trouble getting it started but they have have fantastic tech support. Everything is working good. ...more info
  • Easy to Backup and Easy to Restore
    Its easy to backup and restore files with clickfree.

    Simply plug the drive in and it starts to backup your files. The initial backup may take an hour or two. Thereafter it only backs up new or changed files and the backup goes really fast.

    When you need to restore files you plug the drive in, select options and then tell it whether you want the files restored to their original location or somewhere else.

    PS: I have two drives; one labeled Monday and the other Thursday, that I use to backup my my PC twice a week.
    ...more info
  • Clickfree 250GB Automatic Backup Ext HD
    This product works exactly as advertised with both my netbook and my desktop-replacement laptop. The back-up and restore functions work beautifully.

    However, the product works only sporadically with my desktop computer at work, because the Clickfree back-up software on the Clickfree hard drive tries to load and can't. I tried all of the FAQ and troubleshooting advice provided by Clickfree, with no success. I finally resolved the problem by purchasing one of the new Clickfree transformer cables (approximately $70), connecting the transformer cable to my desktop so that the Clickfree back-up software loads from the transformer, and connecting the Clickfree hard drive to the transformer cable, but not exiting from the software that tries to load from the Clickfree hard drive (the hard-drive software continues to try to load as the transformer software accomplishes the back-up). At the end of the process, I use the "safely remove hardware" icon to remove first the Clickfree hard drive and then the Clickfree transformer cable. The back-up works perfectly when I use the tranformer-cable/hard-drive combination. (The transformer cable also works with portable hard drives made by manufacturers other than Clickfree.)...more info
  • Very Easy to Use
    This item is great! You just plug it in and it does all of the work for you. I was a little concerned at first because I wasn't sure if it would get all of the file extensions that I wanted to back up. I use Paint Shop Pro, and I wanted to make sure I could get all the tubes and masks backed up. On initial back up, they were not gotten, but this product had great step by step instructions on how to add files that were not on the default list, and I was able to add them in less than 5 mins! Now any new ones I add back up everytime I plug it in. I would recommend this to anyone!...more info
  • Only problem is backing up external hard drives, not just C drive
    I like the ClickFree for what it does, and the ease of backing up is smooth and pain free. My only issue is that I have mostly programs on my C drive, but keep all my data on external hard drives, and take my various externals from computer to computer so that I always have all my files with me at work, home, elsewhere. The Click Free is only backing up what is on the C drive, and ignoring the other drives showing on the computer. I have 3 external drives hooked up at work, with data. Click Free ignored them and only grabbed what was on C.

    My only recourse, if this is the case, is to either return the ClickFree, or move all my data files into the C drive, which I really don't want to do....more info
  • Nice if it worked
    I'm returning my Clickfree because it will not backup my computer. It runs for a while and then stops. This happened multiple times. No Backup Complete Screen. After calling support the first time (nice, helpful, quick response), they sent me a power cord because some computers don't supply enough power through their USB ports. Alas it is continuing to happen. After calling support the second time (still nice, helpful, quick response) they said "uncheck your email, this seems to work." But I really want my email backed up; it is an important archive of interactions. Even if I can then back up my email as part of an incremental backup, this is no longer click free. Plus I must confess to a lack of confidence at this point.

    This is all quite mysterious because it worked fine on another identical computer (albeit with different software and data).

    So back it goes for a refund. I really wanted Clickfree to work because I'm lazy and didn't want the hassles of a Free Agent Go or similar device....more info
  • If you hate to backup but know you should...
    We have four computers in use right now. This device works exactly the way it supposed to. Simply plug it into the usb port on each pc and let it do its thing. Now the files for all four computers are backed up including years of digital pictures and hard to replace music files. Subsequent backups take only a few moments. Price on Amazon is a little high compared to QVC. Overall, I'm very pleased with the product. If you've been putting off backing up your hard drives because the task is intimidating, the Click Free will be a welcome friend....more info
  • Computer Back up
    It is a relief to get a piece of computer equipmemt and have it work just as advertised. I plugged it into two different computers and it did automatic backups with a minimum of input from me. An excellent product....more info
  • Easy and Fast...there's no reason NOT to back up with Clickfree!
    I have to admit: I was skeptical about this because it sounded to good to be true! But this Clickfree device has made my life so much easier and much more secure. I would always procrastinate on backing up, but now that I can just plug it in and watch it back up without doing anything more, I'm backing up at least a few times a week.

    For the price of a few flash drives, I have the security of knowing that all my important data is backed up. And since I don't actually have to FIND that data on my computer, it's much faster. What's great is that Clickfree does not slow the computer, either when you're backing up or restoring, so you can easily have that in the background and still do other tasks. I have a 500 GB and a 250 GB computer, and the one with the most data took about 30 minutes to backup the first time and subsequently took only about 15 minutes to backup. The 250 GB computer that had less data took about 10 minutes to backup the first time.

    Something else I was pleased to learn is that you can easily restore files, from this Clickfree device from multiple computers. When you have two or more computers, the device automatically calls them by their computer names. If you want to restore, you can choose all of the items that were backed up from a computer or just some of those items.

    There isn't anything that I DON'T like about's Clickfree for me! ...more info
  • A MUST buy for peace of mind!
    I had debated purchasing this, but decided it was likely a good idea. I had NO IDEA what a good idea it was! First my desktop hard drive crashed, then the hard drive on my laptop and then the motherboard on my other laptop, all within a 2 month span of time! Luckily I had used the ClickFree and had all three computers backed up. I haven't repaired my desktop yet, but I restored the files to the laptop with the replaced hard drive and then the records to the new laptop that replaced the one with the dead mother board. EASY, FAST and a LIFE SAVER! This is a must buy for peace of mind and it WORKS!!! I store mine in my fireproof safe, just in case of the unthinkable. Doesn't take up much room and I can breathe a sigh of relief. I have recommended this to everyone I know as almost everyone I know does not back up their files regularly. Really this purchase is a NO BRAINER! ...more info
  • Great Product
    The Clickfree is truly easy to use. If I can use it any one can do it....more info
  • Wonderful Investment...Easy to Use...
    Plug it in and it will back up everything, Clickfree said..
    I thought to myself, could it really be so easy... Well it is!!!

    Took about 10 minutes, at most, to back up my computer the first time.

    It really is a plug and play device and as easy as they say.

    What a great investment.
    I feel safe now knowing all my business information, pictures and music files are backed up.

    No more drag and drop, or burning my back up to a CD!! YEAH!!

    If you are thinking about getting this, don't wait any longer, it is well worth your money!!!...more info
  • Lloyd review
    I am quite pleased with the backup drive. I downloaded the entire instructions which was quite helpful. The product only mentioned the website whereas I think it should have referred to the instructions also....more info
  • 250 GB Automatic Backup EXT HD
    Never before had I experience such convenienced and reliability in backing up my PC. This product is a necessary addition to any computer system....more info
  • Clickfree worth it for me
    This back up system was great for me because I am not very computer savy. It was so simple to use - plug in and save!...more info
  • Not enough security
    Potential purchasers should be aware that there is no way to password-protect the Clickfree. I had just assumed that the product would come with such basic functionality. But apparently, only the 500 GB version has this security capability....more info
  • Simple Effective Solution
    This product is very easy use and is very flexible storage. My complaint is that the autobackup doesn't log files that were moved between backups it just saves another copy of the same file in the new location. I'd like to be informed of such a case so that my backups don't have a bunch of duplicate files lying around....more info