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  • Gotta Love Pink
    As always Pink is in her game when she's not the happiest. Since her and her husband has called it quits she's back in her element. ...more info
  • Great Breakup CD
    Almost as good as her last CD "I'm Not Dead," but close. There are some really good songs and you can relate to how she feels about her recent breakup if you've been through one yourself...more info
  • "Fun"house Indeed
    P!nk does not disappoint with her fifth album "Funhouse".

    So What - first single, her first #1
    Sober - second single, her best song ever by far
    Please Don't Leave Me - not the best, but it grows on you
    Funhouse - catchy, won't play on radio, well maybe
    Bad Influence - fourth single in Australia / UK / not in the u.s.
    Mean - one of my favorites (gets 5 stars for best song)
    One Foot Wrong - this and Mean have very classic rock feel to them

    4 out 5 just because not every song is fantastic...more info
  • pink rocks!!!!!
    If you love pink, then you will rock out to these songs. I love her music and so will you. Enjoy your cd. I am still rocking to it....more info
  • Awesome oncemore
    Oncemore Alecia Moore has done it! Creating an album of this magnitude! Hats off. I thought Try this and I'm not dead were TOP albums, every song on this album makes it the next HUGE succes. No wonder all tickets to her concert here in Holland are sold out! Luckily I already saw her perform live twice already. This girl has a voice, power and spice that is unsurpassed lately by any other artist!
    P!NK rocks! And don't forget the powerful ballads, awesome!

    Jack...more info
  • Love it!!!!
    This CD is great, Her music keeps getting better, She sings from the heart. She is the BEST!!!!!! ...more info
  • 14 year old loves it
    I gave this to my 14 year old niece for Christmas. She loves it....more info
  • So confused!
    I was so excited to see that Pink finally had a new album out and thoroughly enjoyed her previous work. I, like everyone else, has heard "So What" numerous times on the radio and figured that Pink was finally back to her old self. By listening to "So What" especially with it being the first song on the CD thought it was going to be all about her new life and "new attitude". I could not have been more wrong. While the other songs were nice, it was not at all what I expected and was more like a trip through her sadness and depression over ex. It was too much pity party and not enough rock or fun....more info
    Pink's voice is so powerful and soothing at the same time. This album ranks right up there with 'I'm Not Dead Yet'. I can almost feel her pain through her voice, yet am soothed by its vocal prowess. ...more info
  • Worthy Purchase
    I love Pink and this album does not disappoint. Yes, you can call this her break-up album but she kept it fun. Going through a rough patch in your relationship or not, this is a great cd....more info
  • Funhouse is correctly named
    This is a great cd filled with the get up and dance music, you come to expect from Pink, if you are a Pink fan I recommend you get this to add to your collection......more info
  • Yes She is a Rock Star
    I was lucky to see P!nk last year in her tour downunder .As we live in that tiny space called NZ we rarely see people like her.But She is all class and this album is brilliant.Here is the quick savvy P!nk with her usual infectious spirit.Love fun house and especially Please don't leave me so much of herself in this album.It is a raw album with her personal demons exposed in song.She is magic and I wouldn't want her to change.Awesome can't wait for the next album.She is my No 1 and I aint no spring chicken,in my supposedly wrinkley 50's I am still loving rocking out with P!nk !!!!!!...more info
  • Not what I expected from my girl Pink
    I was so looking forward to getting this CD based on "So What" and "Sober". I'm recently divorced and thought that this would be my anthem CD - you know to get me pscyhed to go out on the town, as a new single. I was disappointed however that besides "So What" and "Bad Influence" most of the song are sad , I wish I had my husband back crap. Not really what I was expecting, and my skip button on my dash is going to probably break from overuse. All in all I should have just downloaded the three songs that I liked and saved the $12. Better luck next time Pink....more info
  • Funhouse
    This is easily P!nk's best album. The songs are a perfect mix of slow, thoughtful songs (such as "Mean") and upbeat, fun songs that make you laugh (such as "Funhouse", and "Bad Influence".) I would highly recommend this cd for any Pink fan and any girl who just wants to listen to good, fun music....more info
  • P!nk always delivers
    I have been a fan of Pink for a long time. It seems like she always sounds new and fresh, but not so different that you can't tell it's her. This album is awesome. My breakdown:

    1. So What - Totally Pink. It is the first single that I'm sure most people are familiar with. In my opinion, it is by far not the best on the album (as often is the case with singles I think).

    2. Sober - This song is so rock 'n roll Pink. It's very raw with emotion. Her voice is so rock star in the chorus. It's her talking about giving up alcohol and the effect it has on her life. Amazing. Serious, but definitely not boring.

    3. I Don't Believe You - This song is also raw with emotion. It's about being in a relationship and the realization (and then subsequent denial) that the person you love doesn't want to be with you anymore. Another song that makes you feel something, but that is also fun to belt out in the car.

    4. One Foot Wrong - I LOVE this song. I think that many people said they didn't when reviewing it, but it has awesome lyrics, a catchy beat, Pink's awesome rock star voice. What more can you ask for?

    5. Please Don't Leave Me - A fun (beat), yet emotional song about the ups and downs of a relationship, the faults of one person in the relationship (not blame, but rather owning up to some of her own), and also a real vulnerability is shown.

    6. Bad Influence - In the spirit of 'Cuz I Can from her previous album, I'm not dead. It's very fun, very in your face, and not caring what anyone else thinks. One of the many reasons we love Pink.

    7. Funhouse - A fun song about tearing down the house because it's no longer fun (perhaps a metaphor referring to the home she built with someone she is no longer with). There is pain in the song, but it's funny at times as well (lyrically). And of course amazing Pink vocals.

    8. Crystal Ball - Slow song. Really good lyrics. And of course love her voice. This song is mostly about her voice and the lyrics. The music in the background is simple, but really fits the song. It's really almost got a rock ballad type feel to it... Not pop at all.

    9. Mean - This is so southern rock. It's about being in a relationship and realizing that you're taking each other for granted and basically just being mean now. Really good. Full of emotion.

    10. It's All Your Fault - I love this song. The beat is different--don't really know how to describe it even. It has a catchy chorus, but I wouldn't say the rest of the song is very poppy. I love the third verse. It really hits you. You will just have to listen to it for that--I'm not giving anything away.

    11. Ave Marie A - I feel like this song could be in a musical or something. It's very in your face with a good message about all the violence and just plain badness in the world. Really good.

    12. Glitter In the Air - A very simple song. Beautiful lyrics. Beautiful voice.

    All in all, a really good album. I would definitely recommend it and do to all my friends and family....more info
  • Pink is back at the top!
    Outstanding! I've loved all her albums but the last one, which only had one song on it that I liked. But this one is FANTASTIC! Great vocals, great style, great interpretations. Nice job, Pink! Keep it up!...more info
  • Awesome singing and a wide variety of genres represented . . .
    This is a very strong album with a little something for everyone. Pink seems to be channeling three sounds: 1) Janis Joplin-esque blues/roots rock 2) 90's singer-songwriter and 3) pure pop. I didn't enjoy some of the down-temp singer songwriter stuff as much, but Pink sings so well that even those tracks were a pleasure to hear. ...more info
  • Excellent Album!
    I bought this CD because I liked the songs that were on the radio. I have listened to the whole album a few times now, and really enjoy Pink's emotional depth! She can really combine deep, moving music with captivating, insightful lyrics....more info
  • love Funhouse
    I've never paid much attention to Pink before, so I can't make any comparison to previous albums, but this one is great. It's obviously about her problems with her personal life, but the songs are either fun or introspective, and all easy to listen to. Definitely a keeper....more info
  • Awesome deal
    Looked all over for the explicit version and couldn't find it anywhere. Got an awesome deal from Amazon and will keep looking for more...more info
  • Its a FUNHOUSE!
    Love it, bought it and enjoying it! my favs :

    So what
    I Don't Believe You
    Please Don't Leave Me
    Bad Influence
    Ave Mary A

    ...more info
  • Better then what she's been putting out.
    I personally liked Pink better when she first came out as an R&B singer. I was not a happy when she made the switch. I liked the 1st cd, I thought she was alot better of an artist, at the time. But when get the party started came out, I was like ugh? This sucks. So i haven't been a fan since she first started out. But with this new CD,I thought the singles were actually pretty good, upbeat, and very well done. She hasn't totally won me over, but she's done a good job of coming back. I'm really surprised shes been able to stay current after all these years. I saw this performed live on MTV and I was like wow this is a pretty good song. I like the concept and the idea. Plus, she stuck to more a rock sound,instead of trying to infuse techo/pop rock crap. ...more info
  • Marital angst and some fun too boot !
    Ok, first of all this entire cd is dedicated to her working out her pain, sorrow, anger and fear of her ending marriage. So with that in mind, I did find it a bit hard to listen to the whole cd without taking a break. Now if you find yourself mad or in crappy traffic, then heck this is just the cd to listen to and propel you angrily through traffic. Its fun at times and a bit much at times but overall a good mix of musical styles and a good time once you get going. If you enjoyed her last cd, then I dont think youll be disappointed here. If you didnt know she was getting divorced before you listen, you sure will after!...more info
  • Pink's Funhouse Official Review
    Heyy! It's me again. I haven't reviewed all day. This is my first time reviewing a P!nk album, so here it is.

    So What- This is a catchy song. It always gets stuck in my head. Half of the kids in my class hum it while they work. It's danceable if your a frikin' rocker!!! 10/10

    Sober- My friend Amanda loves this one. Me, Connor, Chrissy, and her were talking about P!nk. Everybody was voting for "So What" and then she's like "I vote for Sober.". So do I! 10/10

    I Don't Believe You- Probably my second favorite on the album. In concerts, Pink ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS forgets the words to this song. Not a single, but it deserves to be. 10/10

    One Foot Wrong- This song is so-so because I can't tell the beat, it has the weirdest time signature. I don't like it so much. 4/10

    Please Don't Leave Me- Okay, the first time I heard this song, I hated it and wondered why it was a single. But the more you listen to it, the more you grow on it, so, don't listen to this once and hate it, keep listening and then you'll be playing this one over and over. 7/10

    Bad Influence- This is my third favorite. It's about her boozing it up! Yeah, baby, yeahhhh!!! I was playing this REALLY loud and I looked in the other room where one of my family members were, and even they were rocking. 10/10

    Funhouse- No wonder this CD was named after this song!? It totally rocks!!! Not my favorite, but really close! It's like my 2.5th. The only bad part is, near the very end she says "...burn this f***** down!". 10/10

    Crystal Ball- The thing that I like about this song is that it's not mixed, it was recorded in one take, and is aue-natural. 8/10

    Mean- I don't like this one. It says the f word. Worse than "One Foot Wrong"! 2/10

    It's All Your Fault- Rocking. The past 2 songs are really slow and it's a shocker when this comes on and wakes you up, maybe gets you in a car crash. 6/10

    Ave Mary A- I like this one. That's all I can say. 8/10

    Glitter In The Air- THIS IS MY FAVORITE ONE!!!! It's a really cool ballad. Nic voice, nice music. I do't know why it's not the first single off the album. This song to me, is the highlight of the album. Rock on P!nk! 12/10

    Out of all 10/10...more info
  • Smooth transaction
    The right CD, wrapped and shipped promptly. Good music if you like Pink. What else can you ask for?...more info
  • Pink is the best
    This is one of the greatest music cd's that I ever heard, or purchased, I would recommend it to everyone. Pink is the BEST singer ever. I have every album she has made....more info
  • Great Album
    I am not originally a big pink fan, but this album is great. I like almost every song and can appreciate the writing and her singing. ...more info
  • Not So Much....
    I still don't understand why people keep flocking to this idiot and her music. But oh well......more info
  • No problems
    We recieved the cd quickly and without defect. Love the music, of course, and would use this vendor again!...more info
  • Nice Clean Version!
    I was glad to find the CLEAN version of this CD for my 7 year old daughter. I could not find it in stores....more info
  • She's a real Rock Star
    There's nothing I can add that the 143 other reviewers before me haven't said. When Pink arrived on the music scene, most didn't know what to make of her. Where did she fit in? Her sound was always great, but was she hip hop, R&B, which genre was she supposed to go in?

    Well, here we are years later, and Pink has proven that she doesn't belong in anybody's category; she's carved out a nice niche all her own. She's graduated from a gimmicky dance songstress, to a full blown Rock 'n Roll Goddess. This album is AWESOME!! There's not one bad song on this CD, and it stays on rotation in my car and at home. This woman was blessed with a set of pipes, and she knows how to use them. I love seeing talented people, define themselves, instead of letting others define who they are. I'm looking forward to her next album, I can't wait....more info
  • "Funhouse"- P!nk's best album by far
    have all P!nk's albums and "Funhouse" is definately the best of them (at least in my opinion). All the songs on the album are very good, which is something I didn't find with her other albums, like "I'm Not Dead" which started off excellently ("Who Knew", "Cuz I Can", "U + Ur Hand", "Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely)", etc...) and then was let down by a lot of boring songs near the end. It might just be that I prefer P!nk's upbeat songs ("Who Knew" is an exception) but this isn't the case on this album, "I Don't Believe You" is probably my favourite or at least one of my favourites on this album and "Glitter In The Air" is great too, as are the upbeat tracks ("So What", "Boring" (how is this a bonus track?!- it should be a single), "It's All Your Fault", etc...) and "Sober", etc...Basically it's all great. I liked P!nk's previous albums but I liked most the songs and found there were quite a lot of boring/not as good songs so it let the albums down altogether and I'm really happy she's finally beaten that: "Funhouse". I recommend this to anyone from a hardcore P!nk fan to an average P!nk fan, you will not regret it!! and if you can, get the UK or Japanese edition of this album, they include the video for "So What" (enhanced CD) and more importantly: 2 excellent bonus tracks: "This Is How It Goes Down" (featuring Travis McCoy from Gym Class Heroes) and the popular must-have "Boring". But even without the excellent "Boring", "Funhouse" is a must-have album and easily P!nk's best to date, any P!nk fan from large to small that picks this up will not regret it...more info
  • Great Album
    Love it. P!nk at her finest. Lots of catchy tunes and heartfelt lyrics....more info
  • I love Pink!
    Once again, Pink's lyrics speak the soundtrack of my life. At the moment, I am separated from my husband (Pink wrote these songs during her separation from Carey Hart), and all these song's reflect my emotions during this time. There is a nice mix of hearttugging songs, kick-a** songs, oh, I just loved the whole thing! ...more info
  • Music lovers....MUST BUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    WOW...i am a huge P!nk fan. By far, this is her best album yet. With every album she gets better and better. EVERY song is awesome. A must own!!!...more info
  • P!nk just continues to bring it!
    Pink is one of my favorite artists. This album, again, has a wonderful variety of pop/rock tunes with a few funky tunes and some slower ballads. Her tone is just flawless. These are just a number of the songs that really caught my ear:

    Please Don't Leave Me
    Glitter In The Air
    Crystal Ball

    Keep bringin' Pink! Great Album. 5 stars and worth the money!...more info
  • Pink-Funhouse
    Enjoyed the CD, mostly because I love Pink. Thought it was going to be more up lifting songs, not just slow types of songs. Would recommed if you are a Pink fan....more info
  • Pink "Funhouse" CD - clean version
    I ordered this for my daughter for Xmas. I selected the clean version because my two grandsons are usually in the car with her. Very pleased with the service....more info
  • Pink Produces Again
    Pink is a talented songwriter and vocalist. This release does not disappoint. She is clearly moving on after breaking up with her motocross husband and her songs clearly give him the finger. If you like Pink, this is once again a great showcase for a very talented musician....more info
  • Passed Expectations
    I got this only knowing 2 songs. After listening to this album I have to be honest, all the songs are good and you will want to listen to them more than once. I was never a P!nk fan until this album. I would recommend it to anyone....more info
  • So what?! This album is a lot of fun
    I have to admit I am not a Pink fan. My taste in music is anything but mainstream. I do like a few of her earlier songs from her first two albums but that is about it. I recently decided to check out her latest album FUNHOUSE after I heard a sample of the song "Please Don't Leave Me". Much to my surprise, I found myself enjoying FUNHOUSE quite a bit. Pink's brand of pop/rock is energetic and a lot of fun to listen to. There were a few duds on the album. I am not fond of most of the ballads. I didn't particularly care for the bluesy "One Foot Wrong". I didn't like the melodies. The one ballad that I really dug was "I Don't Believe You". Alecia Moore's raspy vocals really meshes well with the music and lyrics. My other favorite songs on the album are the uptempo tracks which I think is where Pink's strength lies. I especially love the song "Bad Influence" which captures Pink's spunky attitude perfectly. The pop hooks quickly got ingrained in my head. The same can be said about "Please Don't Leave Me". While FUNHOUSE may not be perfect, I still found the album immensely satisfying to listen to for the most part. ...more info