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Amazon Kindle Leather Cover (fits 2nd Generation Kindle)
List Price: $29.99

Our Price: $29.99

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  • Official book cover designed by Amazon for Amazon Kindle (2nd Generation)
  • Secure Kindle in place with patent-pending cover hinge
  • Sturdy and stylish genuine black leather exterior protects Kindle
  • Soft charcoal grey suede interior protects screen from scratches

Customer Reviews:

  • Much needed and easy to handle
    You deftly need a cover for your kindle 2. It protects it and you can read it on your lap. A must have!...more info
  • Works as advertised
    This cover does it's job. Covers my Kindle and offers a decent level of protection.
    ...more info
  • Great Cover!
    I really like this cover! It's nice that I can bend it back and still read my Kindle with one hand....more info
  • Leather Kindle Case
    I ordered this case and it is very nice. I really like how it has a hard cover on the front with a soft side inside to protect the Kindle screen. This cover looks very classy and makes a nice addition to the Kindle. I feel it was worth the money...more info
  • keiki o ali'i
    I received this leather cover with my Kindle 2 and am very impressed
    by its quality. I definitely think it will protect my Kindle quite well. Maybe a strap to keep it shut would have been a nice feature but certainly not necessary. I would highly recommend this to a friend. Very professional looking. Five stars for sure....more info
  • A must for the Kindle 2
    The Leather Cover is a MUST for the Kindle 2. It allows the Kindle to be carried in an attractive cover and protects the face screen. It fits in a ladies handbag or briefcase. I wouldn't buy one without the other....more info
  • Great Cover
    I'm glad I got a cover for my Kindle. It helps protects it and makes it easy to carry around. So far it is holding up very well....more info
  • Kindle 2 Leather Cover
    I bought this cover because I wanted something to protect the face of my new Kindle 2. The description says it's leather, but I'm not sure it really is. I've never smelled leather that smells like this product. It has a very strong petroleum odor that is very distracting. The smell may be coming from the inside liner--I'm not sure. But wherever it's coming from, it's very unpleasant. I've had mine for over a month now, and I the smell is a little better than when it was new. I still haven't decided whether I'm going to keep it or not....more info
  • Great cover
    This is a nice cover for the Kindle. It locks into the Kindle, so there is no chance that it is going to slide off. The top flap easily folds behind the base and that has been helpful to me as I read the kind the most while riding a recumbent bike. Great cover that protects the Kindle and doesn't get in the way of functionality. ...more info
  • Amazon Kindle Leather Cover
    I like this cover. Although hesitant because of several complaints that the cover caused cracks in the kindle 2, I finally chose to purchase.
    The metal prongs on the case insert into the kindle case openings and secure the cover to the kindle.
    I can see how the cover could crack the kindle case, but only if torque is
    somehow applied between the cover and the kindle, perhaps due to careless handling or by accidently dropping.
    I have use mine for over a month and so far no problems....more info
  • Great Accessory To Have
    The last thing I want is for the surface of my Kindle to get scratched up or have something spilled on it. A protective cover is necessary. This one was designed specifically for the Kindle and and it works great. It is really easy to snap the Kindle in and pull it out. It adds a little weight obviously and I often take the Kindle out of this cover when I read. But if I'm not reading the Kindle it goes in here. The price is pretty good for the protection it gives me....more info
  • Quite nice
    I feel like I am picking up a book, it helped to ease the transition from actual holding a book....more info
  • Kindle cover
    A great addition for my Kindle. My Kindle is completely protected as it goes in and out of my purse, yet is still light and thin. It also looks like a small leather bound book. I love it!...more info
  • Must Have Accessory!
    Love this leather cover! It protects my Kindle when traveling and while carrying it around in my purse. It is a definite "must have" accessory to protect your expensive investment! It also has the feel of a real book....more info
  • Not the greatest but okay
    It's an okay cover. The quality is questionable. However, the kindle is in there securely and it protects it. Mine has air/glue bubbles that looks a bit cheesy, but it works....more info
  • Excellent Cover
    The Kindle is an awesome device. It is lightweight and, in my opinion, a good size. It feels very balanced in one hand.

    The cover adds some weight, but not that much. The cover is great because you can fold it back around itself like you would a magazine, for one-handed reading. I like that it has the kindle logo on it.

    It also adds some thickness to the Kindle, but this is a plus because thickness equals protection. The case feels very solid and was well worth the money....more info
  • Kindle Cover
    The Kindle cover makes the Kindle more useful. It is the protection
    it needs. Holding the kindle is easier with this cover. It is a
    good quality of leather....more info
  • Great cover!
    I got my kindle as a gift and really enjoy it but I was concerned about taking it places. I was afraid I would drop it or something. This cover provides a layer of protection. It also fits in with the "feel" of the kindle. It feels like a leather bound or moleskin notebook. Great product. Definitely worth purchasing if you have a kindle 2. ...more info
  • Nice cover
    This is a nice cover that is well designed to fit the Kindle 2 perfectly....more info
  • Kindle leather cover
    This is a great companion to my new Kindle 2. I can't imagine not putting a cover on the Kindle. It looks sleek and feels good in my hand. Too bad it was not included in the initial price....more info
  • great item....wayyyyyyyyyyy overpriced.

    Like all things Kindle the quality is good but the pricing is way out of line...Amazon needs to reprice the whole line or the recession will kill it....more info
  • Works as advertised
    I like the cover. It is exactly as advertised. Soft inside, smooth outside. Fits perfectly and easy to flip around and hold while reading. Doesn't feel bulky. I'm quite happy with it....more info
  • The Best Cover for the Kindle2
    I looked around at a lot of different covers for my new Kindle2, and like this one the best. The Kindle fits perfectly into it, and I like the fact that there aren't any black straps holding the corners. The Kindle looks sleek and clean in this cover. The attachments that hold the Kindle in place are very strong. The device doesn't shift around at all. I recently travelled with the Kindle, and the cover -- because it's made of such high quality leather -- stood up to airport security and my baggage without getting scuffed or scratched. If you're looking around for covers, this is the best one!...more info
  • Kindle Cover is Great
    This is what I was waiting for. Well designed, light weight, does not interfere with reading and yet gives one the assurance that the Kindle is well protected. ...more info
  • Functional Style
    This is my first Kindle and I very glad that I purchased this cover. The design for securing your Kindle is excellent with the easy on/off hinge system. It offers just enough firm padding for protection when stuffed inside a packed briefcase and I like the fact the it's not obvious you're reading from a Kindle. Buy it, you will not regret your purchase. Oh, and it looks good too!...more info
  • Kindle Cover
    Whether you are using your Kindle at home, waiting in the dentist's office, or travelling, this cover is a necessity. The Kindle is a delicate device and needs and deserves the extra protection this cover provides....more info
  • Great Cover for my Kindle
    This is a great cover for the Kindle. I don't worry about it being protected at all. I think it's classic, and fits perfectly. I've seen other designer covers, but for me, no frills is better. I thought the price was good too....more info