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ASUS Eee PC 1000HA 10-Inch Netbook
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  • Buyer Beware
    Had my machine just under 3 months. Great when it works but I ended up losing everything. This machine needs to be backed up constantly because when it dies its dead. Customer service is a joke. Do yourself a favor and look elsewhere for a computer with service possibilities and potential for reliability....more info
  • The Triple "E"
    I guess I could consider myself somewhat of a pioneer of the netbook. My first one was the ASUS Surf. It has a 7 inch screen, 512 MB of memory, media card slot, 802.11 G. WiFi, 2 GB solid-state drive with a modified ASUS LinuxOS installed. The OS takes up about three quarters of the solid-state drive so you're very limited to what you can install. Usually after going online, I would have to delete the cache from the browser. As for e-mails, I would read them, reply to, and then delete them.

    Now a few years later a ASUS comes out with the 1000 AH. This little wonder comes with a 10 inch screen, one gig of memory, media card slot, 802.11 G. WiFi, 160 GB hard drive installed with Windows XP Home. It even comes with a soft padded case that you can stuff with foam instead of the computer and use it as a pillow. ;-)

    The netbooks have come a long way and this one proves it. It is so convenient to use around the house I can't imagine ever being without it anymore. It definitely doesn't have the capabilities of a gaming machine but for what it can do it is unbeatable. I even read an article in a computer magazine that they installed Photoshop on it and the results were pretty remarkable. There have been a lot of reviews on this little wonder so I'm sure I can't top any of them but felt it was necessary to write a review to tell you what a great little machine this is. I think one of the amazing things to me is that this little wonder outperforms some of the computers I had just a few years ago.

    While I'm writing this review I would like to thank the other reviewers for telling us how to upgrade from 1 GB to 2 GB of memory and how to make Windows recognize the extra gigabyte. Thanks! :-)

    One thing that concerned me in purchasing this is if the web browser would fit into the screen. It fits in there perfectly, just like it was a big monitor. Also, one reviewer mentioned that the buttons at the bottom of the touchpad were stiff. And they are. But not stiff enough that I would ever trade this for any other netbook.

    In closing I will mention that I have in ASUS G1 gaming laptop that I bought a few years ago and given the chance I think this netbook would have been my first purchase rather than the G1. Granted it doesn't have the horsepower as the G1 but then again the G1 doesn't come with all the mobility and fun....more info
  • ASUS EEE PC 1000HA
    Very convent size and at 2 lbs is easy to carry. Boots up fast and I like the Windows XP OS. Has a very solid feel and the battery will provide over 5 hours at bright screen operation. Has a large HD (160 lb) partitioned into C: and D: drives. I have added MS Office and Delorme mapping programs with lots of HD space remaining. It looks a bit like a toy but is a serious device. My only negative is the 1024 X 600 screen resolution. Some programs need 1024 X 768 or better resolution to operate properly....more info
  • A g0od product
    I bought the ASUS Eee PC 1000HA 2 months ago and use it extensively on the train to and from work. Its great with the 2GB upgrade and works well for single applications and web browsing. It works well whenm you don't need a full size laptop. The touch pad takers some getting used to, but overall its a great product....more info
  • Side by Side with Acer Aspire One AOD150
    Acer Aspire One ALD150: bright, sharp clear crystal true-to-life screen
    ASUS Eee PC 1000HE: longer barratry life & g/n wireless network.
    N270 and N280 make no real differences.
    ...more info
  • Review of Asus Eee PC
    Well worth the money! Could have a larger hard drive though. There's a 500 Gb drive that will work in this machine. Overall good purchase!...more info
  • Portable but Powerful
    The only complaint I have is that when I ordered the netbook it came with lines across the screen, but amazon inmediatly responded to my complaint and sent me a new one.
    Moving on to the good part of the review...This netbook is really portable, I carry it around everywhere, the battery lasts long enough so that I leave the charger at home. And what I like the most is that it actually can be used as a primary laptop because of the great memory capacity (160 GB)it has. I am very pleased with my purchase and I recomend this new brand of netbooks (ASUS Eee PC) to anyone. ...more info
  • Great Business Travel Companion
    I bought this little computer for use during travel. It was originally designed for kids but is a great business travel laptop. It fits into any standard brief case and does not add very much weight. The charger is also small and light and easily transported.

    The only limitation is the lack of a DVD-ROM drive. In order to load programs you need to buy a USB DVD drive. I tried to use the hard drive from a desk top in sharing mode to load programs through an Ethernet connection but it would not work.

    Once you load the programs you can add data through a flash drive or via a wireless connection. The wireless connection is good and the processor is fast. The screen is also bright and has adjustable resolution through a special tool bar located on the bottom of the screen.

    The computer comes loaded with MS Windows XP Home which is a much better program than Vista. You can say good bye to expensive ultra portable laptops and buy one of these little guys and a USB DVD drive for under $400.00. I would highly recommend it for business users. ...more info
  • I love it
    I ordered my 1000HA in January together with a memory upgrade to 2 GB.

    There are a lot of things, which i like:

    - Appears to be pretty solid.
    - The screen is not a mirror and has a very good picture.
    - The keyboard feels and works right, if you a familiar with small keyboards.
    - It can run the awesome Easy Peasy (a special Linux for Netbooks) directly from a SD-Card. If you get this notebook, You should run Easy Peasy, seriously!
    - It comes with XP, which i need once in a while.
    - It is easy to carry around in a backpack and the sleeve protects it when it it among other things.
    - You can scroll pages by moving two fingers vertically under Windows and Linux.
    - It just looks just awesome open or closed. but you have to peal all these ridiculous stickers next to the touch pad off ;)
    - The sound quality is better than you would expect from such a small device.
    - Enough USB ports to mess around with ;)
    - The Atom processor can change its speed, so it can save the battery when it does not need to work hard.

    There a only little things which i do not like:

    - When I am are working permanently with WLAN, the battery does not last as long as promised. Even though, the battery last still longer than most notebooks.
    - When my 1000HA is connected to a weak WLAN, the screen may start flickering sometimes. I think WLAN drains a lot of power in general.

    I would give the 1000HA 4.5 stars if i could. Since there is no 4.5 and a 4 would just not be fair for that great product, I give it 5 stars.

    I can really recommend this product. Think also about to upgrading the memory. I paid around 30 bucks for the 2 GB....more info
  • Great 2nd Machine, but not perfect
    After looking at quite a few other Netbooks I settled on this one because of the screen size and keyboard. The Netbooks with 9" screens are just too small.

    It does everything I need it to, including video playback and light web surfing. The 160GB hard drive is nice to have as well.

    While the keyboard is nice, touch typists (like myself) might have issues with the placement of the right shift key. I've been using this machine for over a month and I'm still not used to it. Also of note is the mouse, which can only be described as hyper sensitive without any way to adjust.

    While I don't think this would be acceptable as a full time PC, it gets the job done if you don't have to do anything too processor/screen size intensive....more info
  • Fits The Bill
    I purchased the Asus Eee 1000HA back in December of 2008 and absolutely love it! The shift key is a little lower, but that is not a major factor. So far I have not had a problem with this netbook. It is great for traveling and that's what I purchased it for. I got what I paid for. The netbook is not a laptop. If you want a laptop, get a laptop, but if you are looking for something to get online to do a little surfing or check email when traveling, this is the one for you. The only thing I would recommend is to purchase a external cd/dvd drive, if you need that accessory. But if I need that I can use my laptop. The Asus Eee 1000HA fits the bill....more info
  • Asus Eee PC 1000HA White
    I love this computer. The battery lasts the entire seven hours. Picks up wireless internet signal as soon as its turned on. Very fast processing speed. All I need for college. One downside for me was the lack of Microsoft Office, but that's no biggie. Comes with Microsoft Works. Love the carrying case that came with it!...more info
  • I've had it for about 7 months now
    I bought this back in September 2008 and was very happy with it right away. At the time, I also had an hp desktop. A month or so after buying this, my hp desktop died. I couldn't afford to get another desktop then, so I began using the 1000ha as my desktop, and it filled the job perfectly, and this was without upgrading the 1GB of memory.


    Long battery life, excellent wifi, zippy startup and shutdown, looks beautiful, uses windows xp, built in webcam, small footprint, weighs around 3 lbs, screen is bright and very readable from any angle, good keyboard


    Doesn't have a cd/dvd drive (netbooks don't), support site could be better, only one ram/memory slot

    As far as a case goes, I bought the Case Logic WDEC-10 EVA Molded 10-Inch DVD Player Case, and it fits everything perfectly (1000ha, cd/dvd drive, mouse, power brick, 5 cds/dvds, mouse pad, etc) with room to spare and good protection all in a small size.

    Overall, the 1000ha is an excellent little netbook that was able to function as a desktop for me for 6 months.

    I'm now in the process of getting a full size Compaq Presario laptop with a celeron 585 processor (to use as a dedicated desktop) after setting one up for a friend... runs about $400 and is another unusally excellent machine....more info
  • Happy Customer
    The Asus Eee PC 1000HA is a fantastic netbook. The purchase and delivery of the item was easy and quick. In fact I purchased another one three weeks later....more info
  • Hard Drive Crashed after 1-month
    This was a really neat little notebook. I bought it for my 11-year old for her birthday. Too bad the hard drive crashed after such a short time. I cannot recommend this to anyone! Since it has been more than 2 month's since the item shipped, I don't even qualify for a full refund. I don't think I will purchase anything "electronic" from Amazon again. I am a frequent Amazon buyer and have never had a problem before. ...more info
  • Everything you need from a netbook and much more
    After reading reviews of nearly every netbook available, the Asus EEE PC 1000HA seemed like the best choice. One month later it has lived up to high expectations. Battery life has averaged 4 hours with wifi and multiple application usage in addition to running an added bluetooth accessory. With the screen on its lowest setting and no internet I have approached 6 hours of battery life and could have probably have gotten more (6-cell battery).
    I added the additional RAM (2gig total)and can run Adobe creative suite without a problem. To address a couple of issues cited in multiple reviews: first, the shift key is in an odd spot but after a couple weeks I am used to it. Second, some reviews cited streaming video as an issue on the ASUS but I have no problem. In fact this computer is quite fast especially with the upgraded RAM.
    And the build quality is excellent - the EEE PC feels like a much more expensive laptop.
    I needed a computer that could perform for at least 3-4 straight hours with heavy internet and application usage while providing reasonable performance. The ASUS EEE PC is all of that and more for less than $400 - highly recommended. ...more info
  • Wonderful!
    I purchased this for my daughter and we both have been pleased with it. I plan to buy another for myself. She's not had any problems with it at all. I did purchase a 2gb ram stick to go with it and am pleased with that as well. ...more info
  • Worthwhile purchase of a little gem.
    I was never a big fan of the Windows operating system. I am a photographer who started out with Mac computers as soon as the technology went from film to digital.

    This purchase was strictly a gift to myself. It was not purchased out of necessity. I was looking for a small laptop that I could tote around without being bogged down by size or weight. I looked at the Mac line of laptops but was put off by the price tag. I checked all the line of netbooks and after an exhausting search, I went with the Asus Eee100HA. The 10.1 inch screen is the smallest I would find acceptable. After spending the day working on a 24 inch screen, using the Asus 10.1 takes a little getting used to.

    Right out of the box it took only about 15 minutes to get connected to the internet. It took only a few minutes to get used to Windows HP.
    I'm still checking out what the operating system has to offer. I also purchased the CD/DVD player. No AC cord required. It gets its power from both USB ports. One end plugs into the back of the player and two connected plugs into the Asus.

    I'm still a dedicated Mac user but if you are looking for a small netbook /laptop that is easy on your wallet and can be carried around by hand, in a pocket book or in my case a camera bag, then this little gem should be given serious consideration....more info
  • So far, so good!
    So far Ive been very happy with this computer. It does everything I expect it to do....more info
  • ASUS Netbook 1000ha
    Had some quality issues with the display. Had defective pixels which showed up as vertical lines down the screen. 2nd one was ok. the netbook is small and compact , but the keyboard is still easy to type on. I upgraded the memory to 2gb, and it boots fast and runs windows xp very well. Good unit for email, web browsing and general apps. like word processor and spreadsheets. Battery lasts about 4 hrs . I highly recommend this for traveling. I used on vacation for email and broadband ip phone connection and it worked fine. ...more info
  • It works
    You need a DVD drive to install some things. I bought one but you might be able to borrow one to install software. It's a nice little machine and after I stuck 2 gig of ram in it, I'd say it is adaquate for buiness. ...more info
  • Wonderful Machine of Wonder
    This mini is amazing. With its default set-up it is faster than one could hope for and since it is easily upgrade-able you can make it even faster; which I did with the OCZ 2 GB PC2-5400 667 MHz DDR2 Value SODIMM Laptop Memory (OCZ2MV6672G).
    As a college student who primarily bikes everywhere I don't like lugging around a large laptop along with my plethra of textbooks. I consider this mini-notebook the perfect solution for someone who operates on a budget and who cares about efficiency and quality.
    I really couldn't be happier!
    ...more info
  • It does everything I do with my macbook
    This is a great little netbook. I originally bought it to as a companion to my 1st gen. intel macbook which I use primarily at home and for use to work while commuting on the train. To my surprise, I found that despite it's lower processor speed, smaller screen, and windows OS it does everything my trusty macbook does, over a wireless connection including:

    - logging in remotely to my work machine
    - playing steaming video (netflix and hulu)
    - calling friends and family using skype
    - web surfing, online banking, etc.
    - creating and editing word docs and excel spreadsheets using Open Office
    - downloading and responding to email offline, then uploading my email when I have a wireless connection
    - storing and playing my itunes library
    - storing and editing my photos in iPhoto

    Obviously this machine is not a powerhouse -- if you're a gamer, graphic designer, doing video editing or using applications that require a video card, a lot of RAM and a lot of processing power, then this is NOT the machine for you.

    For the price, the 6 cell battery is excellent. It holds up for about 5 hours when using wi-fi and 7 hours when not. More than adequate for watching a film on a cross country plane trip or listening to your music on itunes. If there were books that were formatted to this screen, I'd love that as well.

    To my surprise, I had very few problems with the small 10" screen. Since there are multiple resolutions (800 x 600, 1024 x 600, 1024 x 768), it's not hard to find something comfortable to work with.

    I fixed the infamous "shift" key by remapping it to the page up key. In fact, I'm typing this review on my EEE PC 1000 HA right now. My only challenge has been working with the touch pad which, while sensitive, is also programmable. Other than that, it's worked like a charm.

    I look forward in 5 years, when these machines will weigh less than a pound, have slightly larger screens and cost less than $300....more info
  • Great for everyday use
    I replaced my Dell Inspiron E1505 with this 1000HA netbook from Asus. I have owned this product now for 6 months and I have to say it is one of the best electronic purchases I have ever made. I am running Windows XP Pro on this thing, with all of my programs (MS Office, Adobe Photoshop, and many other misc programs). It runs smooth and fast. It's very light and great for on the go use - I use it for work, so having a light briefcase is a plus. My only recommendations - 1) Buy the 2GB RAM module 2) If your going to use the 1000HA at home a lot, buy a +17" LCD monitor and keyboard to hook it up and your basically using a desktop at home.

    I highly recommend this netbook. It runs all of my day to day applications and never slows down and never lets me down. 5 Stars...more info
  • ASUS EE 1000 HA
    I bought it for my friend and she loves it. I gave 3 stars because Amazon did not mention the next version is due for release within 2 days. So, I ended up buying an older version....more info
  • This lil baby is perfect!
    First off, this is one of the best amazon purchases (let alone computer purchases) I've made in awhile. I wanted a 3rd computer (I have a desktop and a laptop which crashed recently) to take when I travel or just to sit next to me in bed while I surf the net. I was a bit hesitant ordering online, but those fears quickly extingushed after playing around on my new HA netbook. I went to several electronic stores and tried a few out, but never saw this one until going online. I was on the fence between the dell 9 and this one...I now can say I am very pleased with the outcome of my decision.

    Sure, the keypad is a bit's supposed to be, its a mini-laptop. Even compared to others, it is still a bit larger. I also got used to it, in fact, I'm using it to type this review right now, it's perfect. I actually perfer it to the larger, heavier laptops.

    I love the pearl white color...I chose white because I read other reviews on the darker netbooks that finger prints were a problem. I've had mine a week and still looks sparkling new. It runs great, very smooth, and very very quiet...something I've never experienced with other laptops.

    As far as how it performs while playing games, I wouldn't know. I wanted this basically for typing and going online. It plays youtube videos very smoothly and has good sound. If I have a problem hearing anything, I just plug in my headphones.

    Overall, I love my netbook and I highly recommend it. Haven't had one single problem thus far....more info
  • Good for students
    This is an perfect size for me to bring to school,the only thing that I don't like ,is the mouse not sensitive....more info
  • Exellent.
    excellent service, the only thing is that I feel that the battery lasts a short time about 4 hours only....more info
  • slow on watching rmvb file or youtube video file
    just kind of delay to watch the video file and youtube video file the rest is ok...more info
  • Everything I wanted and more
    I was a little nervous reading some of the reviews on this product, but I decided to go ahead anyway. I ended up dual booting it with Windows 7 beta and XP on the other partition. All I can say is it works beautifully. I carry it with me everywhere I go, use it at work, on my commute. I program on it, do documents, read email log in to my workstation. There are a few issues with respect Windows 7 but they are minor and I think its pretty awesome for a platform that never even thought of supporting Windows 7 to run as well as this one does. It has all the disk space I need, I put a 2 Gig Mem card in it and it rocks. I really find its size perfect for my hectic schedule and it works very well for my needs. My best advice, take it for a spin yourself :-)...more info
  • asus pc review
    Bought this machine for my wife. She was able to use it right out of the box for email, travel sites, and browsing online. It has worked very well. She is a two-finger typist and not very computer savy, but is very comfortable with this small machine. The only complaint I have is that the right-hand shift key is in an awkward place and hard to use. Other than that, it has been a great purchase. ...more info
  • Big things in a little package
    I bought this machine to take and use in school between teaching classes. It was easy to set up and use right out of the box. I love this little machine and it is easy on my back to carry around. I have had no problems and have been able create many things for my classroom without the bulk of a bigger machine. I am a loyal Toshiba user, having two laptops at home but this little guy is nice for the price!...more info