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Booda Dome Cleanstep Cat Box
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Cat Litter Box

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  • Great for older cats and those with hip/joint problems
    I've got a geriatric cat with litter box issues and so far this has been the best box I've used with him. Here's what I like about it:

    - Low profile entry way with ramp
    My cat Steve's back legs and hips have been getting progressively weaker (he's over 18) which makes it difficult for him to get up and over the lip of traditional litter boxes. The low entry way and ramp on the Booda are great for him to get in and out of the box easily.

    - Big deep litter area
    Steve also has kidney problems which necessitates subcutaneous fluid treatments to help flush his kidneys. This means he urinates frequently so the litter box fills up quickly. The Booda's litter pan is big and deep so it can handle all the little stops he makes without getting too dirty.

    - Hooded for cleanliness
    We always kept our litter boxes in the basement, but once Steve was no longer able to navigate stairs easily he started to have accidents on the 1st & 2nd floors of our house. We decided to put a litter box in the dining room but it was always a big ugly mess. Litter would get everywhere and he would sometimes pee just outside the box even tho' he was standing right in it (lots of fun). The Booda solves all this with its hooded design. Steve is fully "contained" in there and the dining room smells way, way better.

    Still, there was one modification I needed to make:

    - The ramp has undulating ridges with little plastic nodules on it to (theoretically) de-litter-ify cat feet. In practice however, Steve runs down the ramp as fast as possible (uncomfortable on his pads I imagine) and usually ends up slipping a bit. To fix this, I cut out a section of an old bath mat and covered the ramp with it. This gives him soft traction and also rubs the excess litter from his feet. Bath mats are perfect since they have rubber backing on them that grips the ramp and doesn't slip down the incline. Also, when the mat gets dirty I can just throw it in the washer.

    Altogether the Booda Dome has been a great find for Steve and I. He hasn't thanked me outright, but I can sense he's happier......more info
  • Best Cat box I have ever bought!
    I love this cat litter box! It was a lil pricey but well worth it! I have cut down on smell, tracking and even saving on litter! I have 3 fat cats who i thought for sure were going to do aweful things to this box but it works very well. I no longer have them going over the side of the box or throwing litter half way across the room. I was afraid after reading some of the reviews that I was going to have to some how strap it down to keep the lid on but I have not had a problem. Hope this helps some other cat owners! Thanks Booda cool box!...more info
  • Shipping Cost is OBSCENE!
    I read the reviews and thought now this is what I need. I clicked to buy it and Amazon never took me to the page where shows the shipping costs before you confirm. I got the confirmation and shipping was $45!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thats more than the cost of the cat box, I'm sure not going to pay close to $90 for a plastic litter box!!!!!!!!!

    Time to go to the Pet Store...more info
  • Good product
    I purchased this product to keep the dogs out of the kitty litter. It works for this purpose.
    Thanks...more info
  • 3 years later still the best
    I now have 4 adult cats and a new kitten that we rescued from the sid eof the road, and this litter box is the favorite of all my cats. Mainly cause it is so large. The steps do a "good" not great job catching the litter. An extra mat just outside the entrance fixes that though. I bought this box when I got my first cat 3 years ago and it is still used constantly. I would reccomend this to anyone!...more info
  • Worth the buy, but a little bulky
    I have 2 cats, one that is unusually small (6 pounds, fully grown and healthy)and one that is unusually large (21 pounds)... this litter box does the job, it keeps MOST of the litter inside the box, and it reduces smell A LOT. I was amazed at how roomy it is... my big cat has no trouble at all getting in and out of it, and she even has the room to turn around in it.
    The only drawback to this box is that it is very awkward... the lid doesn't snap on, so moving it to clean around it is difficult, and it is quite bulky, and (of course) cannot be wedged into a corner, due to its shape.
    Overall, this is a good buy. Based on the reduction of mess and smell, this is the best I've found yet....more info
  • best catbox available!
    This is the best box for attractiveness and discreteness. It catches a lot of loose litter on it's steps which makes cleaning easy. It's the 2nd booda dome I have bought and I am really pleased with it....more info
  • Booda Dome Cat Litter Box
    This cat box works great! It has plenty of room on the interior for your cat to move around & gives your cat the privacy he/she likes. My 2 cats didn't know what to make of the steps at first, but quickly adapted to this new style of box. It holds plenty of litter & is easy to keep tidy. Only one thing that you may want to keep in mind when thinking about purchasing this box is its size. It does take up more room than most other boxes out there on the market. I bought it to use with an extra large cat litter mat & together, they make a great team. I used to have litter being tracked through my apartment all the time & now I don't have any. Whatever the steps on the way in & out of the dome don't catch, the extra large mat does. No more litter being carried into the rest of home! I would certainly recommend this product....more info
  • smelly litter on stairs
    This is no were like the Boda max that was truly order free. Cats use it littler gets on the steps and floor box smells .No matter what kind of litter you use. Even if you scoop each day like I do. Not worth the money. Please bring the boda max back....more info
  • Excellent Alternative
    I work in the veterinary field and am pretty familiar with many of the products available for various pets. When I recently adopted my first cat, I was in search for a litterbox that was visually attractive, reduced odor and litter tracking while still providing a place where my cat would want to go. The Booda Cleanstep provided all of this. I placed a mat under the dome and 95% of all litter stays out of the rest of my apartment. My cat loves it, I love it. I would recommend the cleanstep booda dome to anybody looking for an alternative to the traditional litter box....more info
  • Great, but a couple things to watch for
    This is a great box and I second all praise in the other reviews. The bullets points of my personal experience are:

    * Our 14 pound, taller than average, cat fits fine.

    * However, the lid doesn't lock well and our cat used to knock the lid off.

    * I now slip a 2.5 pound weight under the lid handle and it stays on fine.

    * My cat can fling litter around like crazy without making a big mess.

    * However, he still manages to track some of his Feline Pine out of the box. Booda's fancy stairs catch some but not all.

    * The box keeps the stink in pretty well, which is good and bad. We have to remind ourselves to change the box. It won't stink on the outside but can be totally rank on the inside. If we forget to change it, our cat won't brave the stink inside and will use something else.

    * Most liners won't fit this box. We buy the Booda brand made for this box.

    * We only change the carbon filter around twice per year. The filter does do something, but not so much that it's worth changing all the time.

    Overall, I join in with those who've said I would definitely buy this box again.
    ...more info
  • Shoulda bought 2
    I purchased the Booda Dome 5 months ago because my elderly cat kept peeing over the edge of the box. My cat loves the privacy of the box, not to mention it's easier for her to get into, she doesn't have to jump. I love it because it does contain the litter (aside from the entrance, but the amount you have to clean is minimal) and it cuts down on the smells. It doesn't completely contain the stinky ones (but I don't think there's anything that can cover up those). She was recently diagnosed with Kidney Disease so we bought another litterbox so she would have the convenience wherever she is in the house. I put the Booda Dome in the living room so when company comes, they don't have to see the litter in the litterbox, and the cheap one in our room where she stays most of the time. I wish I had bought another Booda though, cause the litter around the box is a mess on the carpet after shes been scratching. And, if she's up and moving around, (even if she's in our room) she'll go out to the living room to use the Booda. ...more info
  • worst cat box ever!
    -The liners are not big enough for the box.
    -the odor filters are no help
    -the ad states there is a handle..but it does not firmly attach to the sides so you cant pick the bottom and top up with the handle..just the lid only...
    -the traditional cat box with handle and side attachements are much easier to empty.
    -stairs were a bonus, but not for all the yucky mess that goes with cleaning this huge unhelpful box.
    ...more info
  • Good concept
    Dome, Cleanstep Cat Box, Titanium

    Purchased this for an arthritic older cat that was abandoned by the previous owner. She is a big cat, and has a hard time navigating a smaller pan. Was concerned that she would not like the confinement of it. I took the top off for about 2 weeks (have since placed back on.) The depth of the litter area was plenty big enough, and she didn't seem to sling the litter out. It is also wide enough that it does not tip over as a smaller pan did when she was trying to get in and out.

    I recommend this for households with older cats who eventually have a difficult time picking themselves up to get in the traditional pans. I would recommend double checking to make sure that the unit is sealed all the way around. Some have used a bungee to pull the two together, there is a lip on the pan in order to do this. I would be nice if they designed some sort of snapping system as with traditional pans.

    I do rescues and I own my own pet sitting business, so this will be a product that I will recommend to my customers....more info
  • Keeps my dogs out of the litter box
    I love this box because my cat can use it easily and my dog can't get into it. I tried the box where the cat enters from the top but my dog would just stick his head in the hole, get it stuck and then pull his head up and the lid would stay around his neck. This is the only box I have found that keeps the dog out!!!!...more info
  • Good, not fantastic.
    1. It's not a be-all, end-all solution. Maybe my cat is just 'special', but she still manages to get some of it outside of the box. Don't get me wrong, it's a BIG improvement...but don't think you're never going to see any on the floor. I'm trying one of the place mats that go in front of the litter tray that's supposed to catch stray litter, we'll see how that works.

    2. It really sucks that you have to buy special bags. I tried some of the regular store bought ones and they simply don't fit. So far I haven't found anyone who sells the Booda bags locally. Petsmart does have some Booda products, but they don't seem to carry this one, at least not in the sure. Not sure if Petco does but it's irrelevant since I won't go in there anymore.

    2a. The bags (even when you have the right ones) are awkward to fit the box. Some more thought really should have went into the design of that.

    With the exception of those few gripes, it's pretty nice. Constructed well, looks nice, seems to help with the smell and it's a definite improvement over how much kitty litter my cat *used* to scatter all over the floor. ...more info
  • Great Litter Box
    Great litter box. Clean-up is easy & my cats love it. The design also seems to keep the younger one from bothering the older one while she's using the litter box (which used to be a big problem). It does take up a lot of space but it's worth it. Color is kind of hideous in person but we hide ours in a closet so it's not a big deal. ...more info
  • Best I've Tried So Far!
    This is deffinitely the best litter box out there right now. I have tried the Tidy Cats Breeze and other covered litter boxes with filters and I just purchased my second Booda tonight. It does great with odor and the stairs do a great job of helping to eliminate tracking litter through the house. I didn't give it 5 stars because I have to place a book on the lid to hold it down because one of my kittens gets a little excited in there :), and I didn't like the liner that comes with it. My kittens (3) tore it up the first day. I had some large liners for another box that are much thicker with a draw string and they work just fine. I did put some tape on the liner for extra security of holding it down. I woldn't call it perfect, but it is close!...more info
  • Big, but nice
    First of all, this thing is BIG! If I were looking for something to put in a bathroom, this would not be my first choice. Lucky for me, I've got a whole room under my stairs for kitty to run around. The done keeps most of the litter inside, though I have set it in a shallow box to aid in the process.

    The litter liners are a joke, however, as my cat shreds them, making them completely useless. This doesn't matter to me as the sides of the dome are very slick and easy to clean.

    Overall, a good product if you've got the room for it....more info
  • Love It
    I've had my Booda Dome for over a year now and I'm glad I bought it. I have two cats and my original litter box was too small to accommodate both so I bought the Booda to supplement.

    It's a large box and the steps help catch the litter. However, like other reviewers have said the litter does accumulate and about once a week I either take a dust pan and broom to get the litter out or I vacuum it out with my Dyson. The steps help with litter on the floor but it doesn't eliminate it.

    Also a note, it's hard to find the Carbon Filters in the stores. I was able to find them at Petsmart months and months after I bought it but I think it's cheaper to look here to buy them.

    I'm glad I bought the Booda Dome. It was a good investment and I have recommended it to friends. ...more info
  • Less litter on the floor
    I bought this mostly for the privacy it affords to our most timid scardey cat. She is terrified of our two other cats, so I thought she might be more likely to use a box in which she can also be hidden while using it. So far, so good! It has helped tremendously on reducing the amount of litter on the floor. By the way, I just bought this exact box at BigLots for $10 if you're looking for a deal!...more info
  • Nice at first, disappointing in the long haul
    As an owner of three cats, my wife and I were not pleased with our open-air shallow litter box. We are sure to scoop at least once daily to remove the odor from our laundry room and to keep the kitties happy with a clean box. Unfortunately, one of our cats, in particular, seems to enjoy kicking litter as hard as he can, the result of which was piles of litter on the floor that would then get kicked and tracked around the tile floor. None of the various rugs or mats we bought was capable of containing the mess.

    Frustrated, we went to the local pet store to look for a closed litter box to reduce the potential for kicked litter mess and to lessen the inevitable smell. I put no price on products that ease litter box maintenance, so we didn't hesitate to spend three times as much as the typical shallow litter pan on this 'specialty' box.

    The design, at first, seemed flawless. The litter stayed in the box, very few granules found their way onto the floor, and the mat in front of the stair case was able to keep up with those that did. I noticed very little odor control improvement, even with the supplied filter, but we were happy with the litter control. Five months later, however, it wasn't "working" as described; Buddy, the messy cat, had begun to kick litter down onto the stairs, which would then inevitably spill out and make a mess. It became part of the daily routine to completely clean out the stairs due to all the litter accumulation.

    Last week was when we started finding pee in the stair case. Trust me, we keep the thing as clean as possible - I even completely washed out the box thinking that if I removed the odor from the stairs with cleaner they'd quit doing it. Nope. Then they began peeing in the stairs first, then scooping litter out to soak it up. Talk about a mess. I'm fine with scooping daily - but not with that nasty chore.

    Another terrible design flaw is the two corners of the litter area are impossible to scoop - and of course, our kitties loved using the corners. Even our narrow scoop didn't fit the contours of the corner, resulting in broken clumps and more frustration.

    A typical box-design enclosed litter box works far better and provides more litter space as well. I'd have to refrain from recommending this product.
    ...more info