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Essential Pharmacotherapy Data at Your Fingertips! Pharmacotherapy Handbook delivers the essential information you need to quickly and confidently make drug therapy decisions for eighty-four diseases and disorders. Featuring a convenient alphabetized presentation, the book utilizes text, tables, figures, and treatment algorithms to make important drug data readily accessible and easily understandable. Features: Consistent chapter organization that includes:Disease state definition; Concise review of relevant pathophysiology;Clinical presentation;Diagnosis;Desired outcome;Treatment;Monitoring Six valuable appendices, including a new one on the management of pharmacotherapy in the elderly NEW chapters on adrenal gland disorders and influenza The ideal companion to Joseph DePiro's Pharmacology: A Pathophysiologic Approach, 7e.

Customer Reviews:

  • Pleased for the most part...
    Well formatted, concise, a great book to carry with and reference because I refuse to carry the giant Dipiro pharmacotherapy book. My only complaint is that it seems to miss lupus completely, other than to mention it thrice as an adverse effect of a couple drugs. I was kind of hoping that it would address SLE completely, as its own chapter, or even with any of the other immune diseases. I am otherwise pleased with my purchases, as I have actually bought a total of 4, one for me and for 3 of my classmates as gifts. As far I know, they're all pleased as well....more info
  • An essential book!!!!
    This is what I use to study in Pharmacy school, VCU/MCV.
    This is the bible of pharmacy according to one of our professors.
    And it is!

    I can't live without it!...more info
  • pharmacotherapy handbook
    gives a detail summary of the book... a must have for all pharmacy students....more info
  • great book for any medical/pharmacy student
    I bought this book hoping that it would serve as a shorter version of the larger and more detailed textbook. It turned out to do just that. I have used this book on many occasions to review the key things about certain conditions without having to read the lengthy chapters of the textbook.....this is a must have for anyone in the medical provides a concise summary and key points from the bigger version....more info
  • book is actually really helpful
    much more concise than Depiro; it's like ESPN for therapeutics, all the best highlights... but if you have a very picky professor they might bring up something specific enough that it isn't included in this book....more info
  • Helpful with Holes...
    This is a great quick reference for disease states. I use it for Pharmacy. Some essential dosing information missing. Good alternative to reading an entire DiPiro Chapter....more info
  • Pharmacotherapy
    This book is easy to use and fairly comprehensive for its small size. It is a helpful adjunct to more comprehensive pharmacology references. The charts and dosing guidelines are easy to use and very helpful....more info
  • Excellent service
    Got the book in great condition. Recommended them to classmates.
    Keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • great for any pharmacy student!
    Love love love this little book of end-less information. I have the HUGE regular DiPiro which isn't a joy to lug around. This handbook is the perfect reference for any pharmacy/med student. It covers the same topics as DiPiro 6th edition, but in a much more condensed, straight-forward way, including foundation & therapeutics. Very happy I purchased this book!...more info
  • Like Cliffnotes for DiPiro
    I have used the Pharmacotherapy Handbook as a substitute for the large 3,000+ page DiPiro textbook required for my College of Pharmacy. Now I am able to read the required readings in a few hours, rather than a few days, and I still feel that I am getting the same core information. The best analogy I could think of, is that it is like CliffNotes for the DiPiro Textbook. Good book....more info
  • The Bible of Pharmacy
    This book has all what is needed to do well on the Pharmacist licensure examinations. Gives complete details of drug therapy, clinical findings and much more. You cannot go wrong ever with this book. I was very happy with my purchase....more info
  • Pharmacotherapy Handbook-6th Edition
    An excellent resource, either as an addition to the full text or my itself...more info