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  • Not Bad With A Nice Twist
    My daughter rented this and I'd never heard of it. At first I thought it was just another slasher movie, but since she paid the bucks, I decided to give it a shot. It turned out a lot better than I thought.

    I know a lot of guys were going to watch this just to see Alyssa Milano naked, but if my memory serves me right, she refuses to do nude scenes, so what you are likely seeing is a body double. For me, I could care less about the nude scenes. I must admit though, they were used effectively (not just with MS Milano) to jump up the creep factor.

    There is a lot of gore in this movie, and in a way it was over the top, but at the same time, it was expected for a bunch of psychos (uh, I'm sorry, doctors) working in an autopsy suite. I was never quite sure why they were there, if they were supposed to become pathologists, or regular doctors doing an internship in the autopsy suite. Maybe I missed it, but I never heard why they were there, though it really didn't matter as it was just the premise for the film anyway.

    It reminded me, in a way, of Fight Club. Once you're in, you can't get out, and you can't talk about it.

    There is a predictably high body count, and plenty of gross-out scenes that would make any slasher aficionado proud. However, what I liked was the twist at the end. I thought it was a surprise, and well done.

    Overall, not a bad movie. Recommended for fans of gore.
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  • Pathology the Thriller
    Pathology is a great thriller movie. It'll keep you on the edge of your seat and guessing the entire movie. There are some gory parts in the movie BUT they are not too gory or too overdone. If you love medical shows then I recommend this movie. This movie is a hospital morgue gone WRONG. Pathology is definetely creative and twisted but it is a new movie with a new plot. I highly recommend Pathology if you like a good thriller. Also you can't forget the great cast including Milo Ventimiglia (Heroes) and Alyssa Milano (Charmed)....more info
  • Pathology or pathological....doesn't really matter
    I was very excited about this film and could not wait to see it. When I finally saw it, what a disappointment. The character development is week, the story line is contrived and predictable...I've seen it done better. The gore is up there and for a gore hound like myself..this is the only thing that saves the otherwise directionless mess....more info
  • Warped and twisted, but lacking in drama
    Pathology follows the path of Peter Petrelli-I mean Dr. Ted Grey, a recent medical student who becomes involved in a homicidal game among his new peers at the penultimate pathology hospital in the country. Compounding this is his affair with one of his psychotic new coworkers while simultaneously juggling his relationship with his now long distance fiancee, as well as a budding drug addiction.

    The acting in this movies is good, and by good I mean very disturbing. Grey starts off as a genuinely good guy, and is seduced by the prospect of proving he can solve the perfect murder. He initially soothes his conscionce by only killing "undesirables," a term which quickly loosens as the movie proceeds. He is also surrounded by people who, were there such a group in the medical industry, would send many screaming from the hospital. The interactions between the members drives home the creepiness of the film(The memory of two students playing catch with a human brain stands out in particular), though a few are so pushed to the back they might as well not be present.

    The movie lacks enough punch to be horror, and far, far too much to be a simple medical drama. It does manage to be very disturbing, though definitely not for its believability. The crimes are commited, and the police are rarely, if ever, involved. The characters have far too much with regards to luck and resources in committing the crimes, and theres not enough explanation of the vagaries of them.

    I would give this 3, or possibly two stars, but it manages to be what it appears, a slasher that is both incredibly unsettling, and contains enough good acting to be able to survive to credits. The ending also is one of the best I've seen for a horror in a very long time...more info
  • The lesser of the two evils!!!
    This movie follows Ted, a fresh internship grad into his first year at a very unorthodox pathology program. The stellar student soon falls prey to an unusual "game" being played by the "best" in the class. Can he recover from this?
    This movie was a pleasant surprise because the intensity did not let up, and had several plot twists that were predictable in some aspects, but how it got to it was different. Ted is not the typical good guy by anymeans, and despite some of the things he does during the movie, I found myself sort of hoping he would "win" the game. He is the lesser of two evils. I highly recommend seeing this movie if you like psychological thrillers. ...more info
  • flatliners meets hannibal rising
    Went into this one with tempered expectations, but was still let down. The implausibility of the story was remarkable; I came off my chair laughing when the professor expressed his concern to the main character regarding his extra curricular activities (drug usage, etc.) while totally ignoring the outrageous and amoral behavior of his other students in the pathology lab. Copious amounts of sex, nudity, drug usage, gore, and mayhem attempt to carry this story over the unbelievable circumstances, but to no avail. As one med student said to the other, "be careful not to cut into the poop tube." Unfortunately it's too late for us; this movie stinks all over....more info
  • Neat and Gross, all at the same time!
    This was neat and disgusting all at the same time. Half of you wants to keep watching while the other half goes "oh my god?!" and wants you to look away. This is an interesting look at life and death through the context of a murder-mystery thriller. Fans of Milo V. should check this one out and those who want a different movie experience and are not weak of stomach should watch this one. Overall: B+/A-...more info