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Love Bites (Argeneau Vampires, Book 2)
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Etienne Argeneau's three hundred years of bachelorhood are at an end. He can only "turn" one human in his lifetime, and most of his kind reserved that power for creating a life mate. He has to save Rachel Garrett. He doesn't know her very well, but the beautiful coroner had saved his life. To save hers he would make her immortal. Rachel Garrett awakes surprised. All she'd wanted was to get off the night shift at the morgue; now here she is staggering to her feet naked and in a strange place. Then she sees the man of her dreams emerging from his...coffin? She just hopes he tastes as good as he looks.

Customer Reviews:

  • Uneven...
    The is the second Argeneau Vampires tale by Lyndsay Sands, if read in the author's intended reading order. This is the story of Rachel, a morgue attendant who is working her usual night shift when a dead man is brought in twice. Yes, it the same dead man. Etienne has been killed twice, once by a bullet through the heart and then again burnt to crisp. Rachel finds herself sickeningly attracted to what she assumes is a corpse. Things aren't as they appear of course and Etienne is a vampire. Rachel saves Etienne's life and then he repays the favor. The only way he can save her life though is to 'turn' her into a vampire. Etienne must than house her and teach her all the ways of the vampire. The portion of the book dealing with Etienne showing up in the morgue, revealing himself to her, and then saving and turning her is top-notch storytelling. I was enraptured by the book at this point and convinced I had found a winner. After Rachel is turned the book begins a downward spiral from which it never quite recovers. The tale becomes just plain silly when the focus turns to romance between the two vamps. This includes some of the cheesiest and just plain odd dialouge I have ever come across in my years of romance and/or paranormal reading. Even the sex scenes are yawn and cringe worthy. The end tries to recapture some of the book's earlier enjoyment with the showdown against Etienne's rival/stalker. But by this point, the book stumbles into another downfall. The ending delves straight into the old tried and true formula romance. There is a misunderstanding between the couple and one of the couple runs away. They spend some time apart, and finally come back together again, after both admit how miserable they were apart. Ok, I think we've all read that plotline a few too many times. Except for the beginning of the story, this book shows none of the comical fun and romance of "A Quick Bite". I must say, I am a little disappointed....more info
  • Good..but not the best of her work!
    This one is an essential it sets up some of the history....and KUDOS to her for coming up with the Atlantis twist....I love it!

    But after reading about 4 of her books I realized that some of the other books have a much more "nail biting" plot....more info
  • Great Series!
    I love this series of books! They are very funny and inventive! Great Read!...more info
  • Love Lindsay Sands Books!
    I actually started out in the middle of the series and then back tracked to start at the beginning. I have loved every book and this one was terrific. I enjoy the dark vampire books, but I also enjoy the light ones like this is. I thoroughly enjoyed the characters in this book and it actually made me laugh out loud and grin a lot. A vampire story doesn't have to be dark and full of angst for me to enjoy or love it. I'm just disappointed that Sands is discontinuing the series for awhile....more info
  • It was impossible to like this book because of too many stupid actions.
    Aside from the stupidity, I was not delighted or entertained by anything else. Story brief: Etienne is a 312 year old vampire. His mother, siblings and other vampire relatives live near him in Toronto, Canada. Pudge is a human who knows Etienne is a vampire. Pudge tries to kill Etienne three times and almost succeeds. On one occasion, Pudge is aiming an axe at Etienne, but Rachel gets in the way trying to stop Pudge. Her neck gets cut as a result. The only way to save her life is for Etienne to turn her into a vampire. Much of the following story is about her learning about and adjusting to life as a vampire. Some of my problems with the book follow.

    Etienne was unhappy that his sleep was getting interrupted every night due to a crank caller. He said he didn't want to unplug his phone in case his family had an emergency. This is stupid. He can change his phone number. He can get a cell phone.

    Etienne's family told him he must convince Rachel to lie to the police about the kidnapper. Etienne knew she would be reluctant, so he waited awhile before telling her. At a relative's wedding, Uncle Lucian, read Rachel's mind and saw that Etienne hadn't told her yet. Instead of discussing this privately with Etienne, Uncle Lucian says to Etienne in front of Rachel "You've been trying to woo her to your side in the hope that she would concede to your wishes." Well, of course, this is going to make Rachel mad. It was the worst thing to say. This causes a fight, with Rachel mad at Etienne and not trusting him. Since Lucien was a mind reader he should have known this would be hurtful to the cause rather than helpful.

    A kidnapper has Rachel and Mrs. Craveshaw tied up in his basement. The kidnapper is lounging around in an adjacent basement room. Etienne sneaks into the basement. Instead of first going to the kidnapper and immobilizing him, tying him up or knocking him unconscious, Etienne goes to the women. He talks to them, unties them, and gives Rachel something to drink. As he is doing this, the kidnapper comes into the room with a weapon pointed at Etienne's chest. Not only was this stupid, but Etienne's two brothers were outside waiting in a car instead of helping Etienne. They claimed that Etienne wanted to be the one to rescue Rachel. As a result, Etienne almost got killed. Again, stupid. I was mad and insulted.

    At the police station, Etienne and Rachel were taken into separate rooms to give statements and sign documents. Rachel came out first. When she came out, a friend of the family told her that vampires were only allowed to turn one person which they reserved for their life mate. Since Etienne had turned Rachel, he would never be able to turn someone else to be his life mate. Rachel assumed that she was not loved by Etienne and that he hated her because he turned her. Because she didn't see him in the hall waiting for her, she assumed he left without her. So, she leaves, goes home with her parents and doesn't see Etienne for a few weeks. Meanwhile, Etienne thinks she doesn't love him because she left without saying goodbye to him. Neither one contacts the other. This is one of my pet peeves, separation due to inaccurate assumptions about each other, when a brief conversation would have solved the problem.

    Sexual language: moderate. Number of sex scenes: six. Setting: present day Toronto, Canada. Copyright: 2004. Genre: contemporary paranormal romance.

    For a list of my reviews of other Lynsay Sands books, see my 5 star review of "Love is Blind" posted 1/22/07....more info
    Apparently Lindsay Sands is playing the Nora Roberts game of rereleasing a book with a different cover in order to trick people into buying it more than once. I am SO sick of that. This novel even comes up in the "new releases" list on amazon. It is NOT a new release -- in fact, it was only released in 2004 -- in paperback! -- so it's easily found with the old cover design in bookstores.

    Be sure to check your bookshelf and read the description of the book carefully before you buy! Sad when you can't trust that a new release from a favorite author really IS a new release....more info
    i loved this book, of course i wasn't able to read it in order which i will go back and do soon, but great book from the author. Nice story line. fun book, fast paced, light hearted, great romance. ...more info
    It seems that I am always starting a series out of sequence! Oh well no worries here - I looooved it just the same!! I just wanted to bare my neck and join the family!!

    LOVE BITES is the second book in the Argeneau series. It revolves around a family that are direct descendants from the lost civilization of Atalntis and due to an experiment gone bad, only a few of the descendants have survived and have become immortals - but to the world we know them as "vampires". A close and guarded clan, they protect themselves closely and try to engage in activities that will prevent them from exposure and discovery to the human race.

    This particular story revolves around Etienne and Rachel. Etienne is the youngest son of Marguerite Argeneau - a super cool mom who is able to read the thoughts of all other immortals and humans alike, is about 700 years old and looks like she is 30! Etienne has adapted to modern life after living for 300 years and has become a computer geek, who has developed a very popular video game called Blood Lust. One of his ex co-workers, Pudge has discovered that he is a "vampire" and is out to exterminate Etienne.

    Rachel works at the city morgue. The body of a very good looking man is brought in and she can't help but feel sorry for his death. What a waste of such a gorgeous male specimen! After she extracts the bullet from his heart, Etienne starts coming back to life. Recovering and about to leave the morgue, Etienne erases all traces of his encounter from Rachel's memory. A week later, Etienne's car is blown up by Pudge and he is again brought into the morgue.

    Great! Another crispy critter! Rachel is stunned to realize that this crispy critter's skin is falling off and new skin developing underneath! Impossible! Does she detect a heart beat?? Pudge rushes into the morgue at that moment with the intent of chopping off Etienne's head. As he swings his axe, Rachel moves to protect Etienne's body -and in doing so she is almost cleaved in two. As Pudfge rushes out of the morgue, Marguerite and Bastian, one of Etienne's brothers rush in to help. Etienne realizes that Rachel has now saved his life twice and cannot allow her to die! So he turns her into an immortal and brings her to his home to care for her as she undergoes the "change".

    I love Lynsay Sands historicals. Her novels have the right mount of humor, passion and tenderness. In the Argueneau clan, she has created a magical series. With the perfect mix of laugh out loud situations, easy going banter and steamy love scenes - these series have become a winner! In the same vein as Kathy Love's Young Brother Vampire series - (which by the way I HIGHLY recommend as Kathy Love's writing style is very similar to Lynsay Sands), I am looking forward in exploring all upcoming novels and reading about the sexy Argueneau clan. LOVE BITES was awesome and am now in the middle of Julian and Leigh"s story BITE ME IF YOU CAN- just as good if not better!

    ...more info
  • Argeneaua Series
    I'm in love with this family. They seem so real. Ms. Sands draws you into the story, their lives. Love to read this series. I hope she continues....more info
  • More of the Same
    I enjoyed the novelty plot of the first book in this series and ordered the others based on that fact. By the third book the story line was becoming predictable ... vampire meets and falls in love with human, turns them into vampire and then must explain origins and benifits of immortal's (vampire) life. Our hero must then survive the attack of a mortal who wishes to destroy all vampires. Be aware there are multiple graphic four page sex scenes. I'm not against an occassional sex scene, but these seem to take the place of meaningful conversations or character development. The male characters all have the same personalities; the author just substituted names, dark hair for blonde and change their jobs. ...more info
  • loving the bite
    The novel was great. I am in love with the Argeneau's and have read all of them now. This was actually the last novel that I read, and I found myself falling in love all over again. Sands does an amazing job bringing the characters to life, as well as tying the stories together. It was great to see an extraordinary family that is very much like the family that I have. I think Sands did a wonderful job bringing this novel to life, as well as the entire series....more info
  • a little hard to connect to the main characters
    Ms. Sands is a staple in our paranormal romance book swap at work-we all love her and have devoured her Argeneau Vampire series hungrily-this one ended up ranking a bit lower on our chart then the others in the series have cause it was a little hard to connect with the 2 main characters and sometimes they felt 2 diminsional but its still a good read-Ms. Sands never disappoints me. some of our group have commented that Ms. Sands is a bit predictable and her reads are no-brainers but we that hasn't stopped the love we have for her-our group has been converted to devout fans of hers and I highly recommend this book as well as the entire series-good, quick, easy reading that makes you laugh-read it and I dare you not to at least like it a little bit-LOL...more info