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Altec Lansing inMotion iM600 USB-Charging Portable Speaker System with FM Receiver for iPod (Black)
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Product Description

With its well-regarded inMotion system, Altec Lansing has raised the bar again with the iM600USB, offering full play and chargeability for all iPod models with a 30-pin connector. Featuring a myriad of exciting technologies, the iM600USB offers big, crystal-clear sound, and it folds up compactly for easy portability.

The Altec Lansing inMotion iM600USB:
  • offers incredible musicality and clarity with deep bass;
  • folds up compactly to offer great portability;
  • provides a dock for your iPod, charging it while playing music; and
  • features a built-in FM tuner.

With Expanded Sound Stage technology, the speakers sound further apart than they really are for a bigger soundstage. View larger. View Remote.
Superior Sound in a Small Package
Employing dual two-inch neodymium drivers that are optimized for high-frequency sound, the iM600USB offers unmatched musicality and clarity. Despite its compact size, the bass is punchy and has good extension, and with Altec Lansing's Expanded Sound Stage (ESS) technology, the speakers will sound further apart than they actually are, for a greater stereophonic image.

Elegant Design Matches the iPod
The iM600USB sports a distinctive thin and elegant glossy-black look. A spring-loaded button deploys the speaker's stand and reveals the iPod dock, power button, and volume controls.

Your iPod perches front and center, resting at an angle to display the current track information and album art while recharging. If your iPod model has the alarm clock and sleep timer features, they will work seamlessly with the iM600USB.

Various docking adapters are included, making the iM600USB compatible with most iPods. Also, an auxiliary input lets you connect any CD, DVD, or MP3 player using a stereo mini-plug.

Built-in FM Tuner
If you get bored with the songs on your iPod, the iM600USB has a built-in FM tuner, letting you listen to your favorite music and talk radio. Near the top of the unit is an LCD that displays the current FM frequency; buttons on top provide tuning controls. The tuner also features a memory for four presets and a telescoping antenna for better reception.

Change the Music from Across the Room
A small remote control is included, letting you change the musical selection from across the room. A storage slot built into the system itself makes it easy to store the remote, preventing you from losing it behind couch cushions and other inconvenient places.

Take Your Music To-Go
With a compact size that folds closed to a mere 11 x 1.7 x 6 inches (W x D x H), and weighing only 2.1 pounds, the iM600USB is easy to take with you to the beach, on vacation, or wherever you else you're going. The built-in rechargeable Li-Ion battery lets you listen to more than 7 hours of continuous play. An AC adapter is included for connected listening and recharging the battery.

The Altec Lansing iM600USB is backed by a one-year warranty.

What's in the Box
iM600USB speaker system, wireless remote, iPod docking adapters, power supply, user's guide and quick connect instructions.

The iM600USB will provide enough big sound to keep your party rocking.

Listen and charge your iPod at home, office, or dorm with this stereo speaker with iPod dock and FM tuner. Got another digital media player? There's a connecting port for listening as well! The Altec Lansing iM600 sound system offers stereo sound from dual 2-inch neodymium drivers optimized for high-frequency extension (better highs, in other words). It offers more power and output than any other system in its class and, what's more, it features another Altec Lansing engineering innovation called the Expanded Sound Stage technology: ESS makes the speakers sound further apart than they really are, giving the user a heightened stereo effect. The iM600 also features a stereo FM radio and can double as a clock radio when plugged in to an electrical outlet (AC adapter included). It includes rechargeable Li-ion batteries and a wireless remote. And it syncs and charges all dockable iPod models. Input jack - For second device connection, including CD, DVD, and MP3 players Weighs only 2.1 pounds (0.9 kg) For 4G iPods
  • Compatibility: iPod mini; iPod classic 3G, 4G, 5G, 5.5G, 6G; iPod nano 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G; iPod touch 1G, 2G; auxiliary input connects to any CD, DVD, or MP3 player using a stereo mini-plug
  • inMotion system offers big, crystal-clear sound for iPods
  • Dual 2-inch neodymium drivers optimized for high-frequency sound; Expanded Sound Stage (ESS) technology for greater stereophonic image
  • Distinctive thin and elegant glossy-black look to match iPod design; rechargeable battery offers 7 hours of continuous play; includes AC adapter
  • Measures 11 x 1.7 x 6 inches (W x D x H); weighs 2.1 pounds; 1-year warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • great sound for the price
    it did stop working after 3 months so I had to return it to the company for a new one. They were really good about the return and did it quickly. For the price, you can't beat it
    ...more info
  • im600 usb
    I purchased the lansing im600 Usb after doing alot of research and reading alot of good things about the unit. We needed something that was also battery operated. The unit does all they say. Good tones and lots of volumn. It also works well with my ipods touch 2nd gen.
    For a unit that is portable easy to take anywhere with you and looks great in the house this is the best choice I found. ...more info
  • bang for the buck(s)
    I purchased a similar Philips product prior to this Altec Lansing and had to re-box it and return it to the retailer the same day. The sound quality was laughable. There was some sound but I am not sure it was music! This model is excellent for the money spent. It's not a $1000 home theatre surround sound experience, but it has clarity, allows me to enjoy my ipod easily due to it's incredible portability and ease to operate. Great purchase, great sound, great buying experience. "Nuff said"....more info
  • Awesome for the price
    I had purchased the IM600USB from Amazon in December. When it came I thought they shipped me the last generation by mistake because the box didn't really distinguish itself from the prior version. Luckily I checked the ASIN and the product that was shipped was the correct one. This version WILL charge a 4th generation Ipod Nano.

    -Small and stylish.
    -FM tuner allows for radio listening.
    -Remote is handy for changing songs and adjusting volume.
    -The sound quality is surprisingly good.
    -Included battery allows for playback without the need for an outlet, a big plus when using it outdoors or just moving it around the house.

    -The bass response is not so great but it has decent treble and midrange.
    -Wish the remote had more functionality for navigating the Ipod. Now it only controls forward or back.

    In terms of form and function you really cannot beat the IM600USB for the price. ...more info
  • Graet system, my second purchase
    Great little system! Sounds superb and is very portable. Bought this second one for my son, Amazon price is very cheap!! Remote is a little flimsy but works most of the time, once you figure out how to get the battery in it. Radio is a big plus as well, cannot fault it for the money, highly recomend! ...more info
    Pros: great sound, ok bass. Aux input for non iPod mp3 players. FM radio.

    Cons: remote can't navigate through playlists on the iPod.

    We got this for our kitchen, and it's been loud enough for small parties. I was worried when I bought it about the sound, and that's been the best part. To navigate through the playlists on our iPod nano, you have to use the controls on the iPod. ...more info
  • Impressed
    Very impressed with the sound quality from such a small unit. Easy to operate and very convenient to use anywhere with the charge feature. Would definately recommend....more info
  • Good performance and good value
    Bought this after it was recommended by my daughter. I use it just about anywhere around the house. Maybe not a Bose but close enough and a much better value. Might get another one for my wife....more info
  • Very Good
    I bought this item for my wife for Xmas and she loves it. She uses it all of the time. The price is great. I agree the Bose sounds marginally better but for a portable unit around the house and work this is awesome. ...more info
  • Good speakers, bad radio
    The speaker sound is good and it's light and compact and easy to move around from room to room. But like a few other reviewers, I am disappointed in the radio reception. I live in a major metropolitan area and this radio picked up exactly TWO FM stations. Thought about returning it because the radio was a major selling point for me but decided to keep it because there are no other similarly priced systems that have a radio. Other than the radio issue, it's a very good speaker system with good sound for a good price....more info
  • It is what it is...
    Don't misunderstand, I'm not unhappy with the product, but it is what it is. You have to know what your buying it for.

    For me, the 7+ hours on an integrated lithium-ion battery was THE feature. My family camps and sometimes you would like to have some background soundtrack, without electricity immediately available. Voila!

    However, I would not use this as a primary, at-home listening device. The volume control goes to over 30 but once you pass 24-25, the bass starts to break-up and the sound quality goes WAY down. Out in the woods, where we aren't interested in blowing the trees down with our audio power, it's fine.

    It's everything it claims to be - small, slick, functional. If you think you're going to make your BOSE owning buddy green with envy... That only comes once you unplug it from the wall and walk away....more info
  • Feb 17,2008 - Performance is very Poor.
    - Ordered IM600USB. Received IM600
    - Instructions do not cover using connector on back of unit. Instructions are poor and poorly written. Cheap printing
    - Performance (sound) is absolutly HORIBLE !
    - Opening and closing unit fails and poorly designed

  • Good speakers, bad radio
    The speaker sound is good and it's light and compact and easy to move around from room to room. But like a few other reviewers, I am disappointed in the radio reception. I live in a major metropolitan area and this radio picked up exactly TWO FM stations. Thought about returning it because the radio was a major selling point for me but decided to keep it because there are no other similarly priced systems that have a radio. Other than the radio issue, it's a very good speaker system with good sound for a good price....more info
  • Nice Product
    Radio has great sound, we have it in our kitchen and it is pretty clear. It does get a little distorted the louder you go but you can't expect Bose quality for a little over a hundered bucks. My only complaint would be the ancient antenna on the unit. It reminds me of the '80s, we have all had these types of antennas and we have all had them snap off! Isn't it time to use a internal antenna and not have to worry about breaking it off.
    All in all it is a great unit for around the house!...more info
  • junk
    Sounds great(when it works)Bought from Best Buy,It quit working after a month.Returned it for another.It worked okay for a while.It will charge itself and the I pod but will not even turn on.Probably too late to return....more info
  • great deal
    my room mate has the bose ipod station i can say the sound quality is close bose wins out a little but not 200 dollars worth plus the versitility of this system is great with the rechargable battery built in and the fm stereo you can pretty much take it anywhere with you. ...more info
  • Poor FM reception, not an alarm clock, noise at regular intervals.
    This product could/should be so much better, for the money. For some reason I thought this was also an alarm clock when I ordered it. The manufacturer's web page is misleading. The radio reception is very poor. My ten year old alarm clock with built in antenna has much better reception on all stations, plus......a built in alarm. Now There are two items fighting for space on my nightstand. The LEDs are way too bright and not dimmable making it annoying at night. Audio quality is ok, but lately my copy has developted a noise that comes regularly about every 5 seconds. The best thing about this product is the built in battery. Otherwise it leaves a lot to be desired. This is one purchase I wish I'd checked out in a brick and motar first. I'm surprised by the high reviews. ...more info